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  1. Boatguy30

    US Watercraft/Waterline in receivership?

    Randy told me a few weeks ago Waterline will be opening at a new location. He inferred the bankruptcy of US WATERCRAFT was primarily caused by problems with his business partner not contributing in agreed upon way.
  2. Boatguy30

    Black Dog Dash July 22

    NEMA is hosting a great multihull day race July 22nd at Martha's Vineyard. Open to any type of multihull. Pursuit race; start at anchor! for more info. Last year we had 28ish boats and it would be great to have 40 this year!
  3. Boatguy30


    The strop on Deviation had no noticeable bend. It's my theory that the actual attachment bar in each boat is in a slightly different place. We do believe out strop is not exactly centered in the drum and are planning to shim the lower toggle in an attempt to get the furler to work 1/2 decently. An interesting option maybe for some boats to convert to the Euro setup with no furler and Hank on sails. Jeff Goff
  4. Boatguy30


    I am making up some shorter lower headstay strops if anyone needs them. Also going to attempt to solve the misalignment issues many boats have, but I think all boats have the cross piece glassed in a slightly different orientation. Also have complete sets of lifelines of 5/32" wire if you need to replace your dyneema prior to NAs. $430 delivered. Jeff Goff 904.495.1894
  5. Boatguy30

    July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    Are any of the great lakes boats doing the regatta in SF. I've recently retooled my one design management business and available to transport any 111s with "bumper pull" trailers. Jeff Goff 904.495.1894