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  1. durell

    SailTimer wind instrument

    After many emails back and forth I have given up on SailTimer. The wind cups are defective and rub on the base. I have twice adjusted the screw so it rides correctly on the jewel bearing and it doesn’t stay adjusted. I fully charged the battery before mounting on the masthead and battery went flat. If the battery can't hold the charge while on the masthead what good is it for a boat kept in the water year round. Sailtimer replied back in emails that because I received the instrument in 9/17, it was now out of warranty and nothing they could do about the issues. I asked for a refund and was told that if they refunded everyone that had problems they would go out of business. Very telling statement. Installed a Garmin GNX wireless wind pack last weekend and works flawlessly out of the box.
  2. durell

    SailTimer wind instrument

    I must agree with everyone in that this is an instrument that if worked as advertised would be great, but keeps having issues. Now my wind cups are dragging on the base and not spinning. I will need to go up the mast to adjust the jewel bearing or adjust the metal arms that are around the base of the wind cups. I also agree that the customer service is terrible and condescending. Too bad, so sad.
  3. durell

    SailTimer wind instrument

    I finally received my sailtimer, after waiting a year. It isn't on top of the mast yet as the weather here in the PNW isn't the best to hoist my grandson up the mast. I did work well when I tested on shore.
  4. durell

    SailTimer wind instrument

    Are you running apple or android? I had purchased one about 16 months ago and in October went up to the boat and it was gone from my masthead. Should have used a thread lock to insure it wouldn't back off the post. I use me ipad and found that it took me about 3 months of sailing to understand what it can do. Just hope I get one sent to me soon.
  5. durell

    SailTimer wind instrument

    Has anyone who paid for a preorder to SailTimer actually received a shipment this year? I placed an order in October 2016 and have as yet to receive my wind instrument. Each email I send is replied back with a blurb someone copy and pastes into a response. The newsletters since January started with shipping soon to in June now shipping and July will be caught up on preorders. Sadly nothing for my money.
  6. durell

    Sailtimer Wind Instrument

    I have had the newer version of the sailtimer since January of 2016 and it worked well 90% of the time. There were scattered issues of dropping the connection between the wind vane and my ipad, but could reconnect fairly quickly. As to the noise level, I only heard the noise coming down the mast on quiet days, standing next to the mast in the cabin. My issue with the unit is that over the course of the last week it managed to unscrew itself from the mounting rod (with locking nut to secure it to the rod) and fall overboard. Either that or somebody climbed my mast and took it off the mounting rod. Overall it worked as described and became a valued tool on my boat.