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  1. (p)Irate

    Hobart Scene

    As opposed to those fuckwits that other people can't be bothered sailing with? How is the 2-handed Sydney 38 Moreton Bay passage racing circuit going?
  2. (p)Irate

    Hobart Scene

    What is it with Hobart and its aversion to windward leeward championship racing? Bugger all local entries in the IRC Nationals, Combined Clubs Short Course Championships cancelled due to lack of entries and now the Tasmanian Yachting Championships cancelled for the same reason. Has Hobart become the cheese and bickies racing centre of Australia?
  3. Actually LB old mate, Astro was asking about what rule I had broken to be banned from a small country club after sailing as a crew member in one twilight race and one harbour race. Funnily enough they have told the owner (who wasn't on board at the time) and the skipper that I'm not welcome. But they haven't told me. I think I will write to them and politely ask why. Stay tuned.
  4. I think I just beat the @LB 15 /RQYS record. Banned from a yacht club after two races and not even being a member. I blame @Livia's over-rated shitter Deliverance.
  5. (p)Irate

    Cock of the Bay origin?

    There was the Cock of the Huon in Tasmania for racing yachts which existed for over 150 years. Then the DSS decided that after sailing their Pipe Opener Series to Port Huon for 50 years it was too far to go for modern racing yachts. And the HYC saw the light of Jesus, drove away all their long time local members, and threw history on the scrap heap. No more cock for anyone.
  6. Noticed yesterday that the said M32 has a new paint job. No name on the sides. Trump is gone, replaced by advertising for the owner's business. Envy Scooters website gone from the boom. Still sailing under the name Cockwomble which still appears on the transom. The power of the RQ threatening letter or an opportunity to promote his own business rather than one promoted by the other cockwomble?
  7. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Where do we start? Ocean Race, America's Cup, Fastnet, Vendee Globe, Olympics? I don't see AS having much to do with any of them. Now you probably meant WS rather than AS but in this case
  8. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Do you have a highly paid Executive Assistant to correct your appalling spelling, usage, punctuation and grammar? If not, then I'm happy to step in and will only charge half your hourly rate. Sorry, just noted the time that you posted. Lunch time. Forgot to factor in the inevitable pinot effect. All good. Situation normal.
  9. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Hey Hobart stalkers. As I explained to the recently retired sailing manager of the RYCT who phoned me this afternoon, the above comment was a CELEBRATION of the system that operates in Hobart where the three big clubs cooperate by running a Combined series which attracts and welcomes a huge fleet of competitive boats and crews sailing together, not a CRITICISM. So those weasels behind the scenes lurking and sending emails to the clubs about "complaints" made here by me should perhaps read the posts more carefully. People responding to my comment made the criticism, not me. The lurkers should realise that while my identity is obvious, so too should be that of 42 South. I mean, his boat is named that. As for Snoopy, he's still off fighting the Red Baron. Big thanks to Nick for phoning me. We were able to sort a lot of things out. I guess that if it was RQYS rather than RYCT (of which I'm not even member) they might have engaged the legal team, again showing that Hobart clubs can do things as they should be done.
  10. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    We have a Combined Clubs Series (RYCT, DSS, & BYC) for the Summer. Each club has it's own pennant within the Combined races. If you elect to pay more you can be eligible for a club's pennant no matter what club you are from. The Combined Clubs Pennant has greater status than the individual ones. In Winter clubs normally run separate pennant series. Anyone is eligible to enter and win. Last year our boat from PESC won the DSS Winter Pennant. This year there was a Combined Clubs Winter Series. A boat from Kettering YC won Div 1 and another came second in Div 2. Our PESC boat came 3rd in Div 2. Seems like Hobart is a bit more open-minded than some other places.
  11. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Oh Captain, my captain.
  12. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Behind the paywall. Can you cut and paste here please?
  13. I was told today that RQYS sent an email to the Tasmanian owner of the above Melges 32 ordering him to remove the Envy Scooters signage from the boom because the new name of the boat brought the RQYS into disrepute. YCMTSU
  14. (p)Irate

    Hobart Scene

    And again I can't enter the Summer Pennant not having a fitted VHF but there was no problem sailing in last weekend in the Winter Pennant in 40+ knots on the Derwent without a fitted radio.
  15. (p)Irate

    8 Bells Peter Campbell

    A great man. A humble man. With no airs and graces for who you were or might be supposed to be, commenting only on performance. I always appreciated that Peter would mention my tiny country club whenever he reported on our results. They don't make them like that any more. RIP