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  1. Author??? Fuck me, they must have paid the editor millions to get that UK Rules Book to publishable copy.
  2. Nothing on our favourite QLD yacht club's website. You'll have to provide more details @Livia
  3. (p)Irate

    Australia Day Honours

    I've been on Windeward Bound with Sarah. Her commitment is outstanding. My last two no nonsense Coxswains trainers with thousands of sea miles, power driven, tall ship and superyacht experience behind them have endorsed her whole heartedly. But, in this age of PC talk, on SA for fuck's sake, is no one prepared to even see the irony in her comment? "Every time we go to sea with a new bunch of kids, we come back with a completely different bunch of kids in the same bodies — that's what drives me," she said.
  4. Thanks but I was after any information as to the rumour that it was recently forced to be remeasured for IRC as the rating in the Nationals was suspicious. There's a Tassie boat which would have won otherwise.
  5. Anyone at RQYS have any Intel on a Benetau 40 called Ocean Crusaders? I've heard a rumour that there was an issue with an IRC rating. I thought it weird that a Thompson 7 was giving it time in the IRC Nationals last year, as was a pretty standard Sydney 36.
  6. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Now I see why @LB 15 refers to you as a cunt.
  7. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    The original quote was about anchors. I get your point about charts for races which spend more time sailing closer to shore. Geographically the S2H has more shoreline than Syd to Coffs. Do I win the quiz? What will I do with the Big Brass Mug?
  8. (p)Irate

    Launceston to Hobart

    And just now Alive has taken a huge shortcut overland.
  9. (p)Irate

    Launceston to Hobart

    This tracker is more than bullshit. 5 mins ago these were the placings.
  10. (p)Irate

    Launceston to Hobart

    The tracker is bullshit. Showing The Dog House (Austral 30) in the lead, well ahead of Alive.
  11. (p)Irate

    Launceston to Hobart

    Loving the blanket coverage by ABC TV News Tasmania. Nothing. Every year after showing S2H updates they show footage of the starts of the races from Melbourne and the L2H. This year fuck all. There is a world outside of Sydney!!
  12. (p)Irate

    Launceston to Hobart

    Letting Alive enter with some crew that left Sydney, spent a day at sea, then drove from the north of the State to the south to spend quarantine at home for less than a week makes a mockery of the whole isolation regime. Especially when other arriving boats were turned around by police, later amended to having to a port and spend two weeks in quarantine. Good luck to Duncan and the crew on the water though.
  13. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Just proving that there are at least two "qualified AS standard" keel and rudder assessors out there. How much will you charge the skipper who does one Cat 3 a year and how much liability insurance do you have if your assessment is wrong and someone dies?
  14. Might be another club mate. The CLUB only has about five boats racing and no divisions.