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  1. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Excuse me? So my crew member who is a paid-up member of PESC needs to pay extra to sail on a PESC-registered boat to race in the Hobart Combined Clubs races? I know that I have to pay membership of a Hobart club to keep my boat there, but do my crew? Does the AS accident insurance (the carrot for joining a club) only apply to sailing in events organised by that club? And if so, is it clear in the fine print that AUSTRALIAN sailing insurance only applies to very small club-defined areas?
  2. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    There's an SB20 fleet outside Hobart?
  3. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    The SB20'S don't need more crew. They need less crew, or a change to the Combined Clubs' SI's which require 1.5m distancing and 3 crew minimum. GRS crewed on the FBYD640 all last year. Why would he want to step down to an SB20? Or ask on Facebook?
  4. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    AS approved equipment.
  5. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    I can't find it either, but you would presume that it might stick with national standards of 1.5m physical distancing. Not a problem on my T7 or the 20+ SB20's in Hobart. Sail 2-up. We do anyway in the annual Autumn Two-Handed Series. So why suddenly the additional clause in the Winter Series NOR, a minimum of 3 crew?
  6. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Looks like you need the Long Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency. Best and cheapest way is to buy the handbook from the AMC/OMC website, study yourself, test yourself on the sample questions and then contact an Invigilator to organise your exam. https://www.amc.edu.au/industry/omc/invigilator-search Exam cost is $89. I have seen people charged ridiculous fees for Marine Radio "course." There is no official course for LROCP Marine Radio unless you are studying the following units of competency with an RTO: MARC020, and MARO003 Do these and then send your Statement of Attainment to OMC and they will issue the licence without charging for the exam fee. But your RTO could charge you way more than that.
  7. (p)Irate

    Port Esperance Sailing Club

    Hi All Some of you may have heard of the recent destruction by arson of the Port Esperance Sailing Club, Australia's southernmost yacht club in Dover, Far South Tasmania. The Club has appointed a Working Group to consult and advise on the rebuild, and after 10 years away from the management of the club I have put my hand up again. So we are seeking opinions from far and wide, from club members, local community members, participants in past regatta and anyone who might have an interest in our little club at the Far end of the world. What would you like to see remain? What would you like to see change? Are you able to help and in what way can you do so? All opinions considered, and yes, I know this is anarchy!
  8. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Overcooked and cast aside in favour of prawns on Masterchef last night.
  9. (p)Irate

    Hobart Scene

    I just had that confirmed by a Kettering Yacht Club member. Does anyone know if they've had the common decency to speak with the Huon Yacht Club. I think it's ironic that a few whingers think it's too far to go to Port Huon but still go in numbers to Cygnet, only a mile or so shorter once you get up into the bay. With the PESC Clubhouse being torched we could move the Dover Regatta to Kettering too. That would boost the fleet and bring great benefits to the Dover community and businesses.
  10. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    The only formal members of AS are the clubs. You are a member of a club but not of AS.
  11. (p)Irate

    Hobart Scene

    It came in an email from the DSS. I presume it went to all DSS members. And, therefore not to RYCT, BYC, or HYC members.
  12. (p)Irate

    Hobart Scene

    I received an email the other day containing a survey about sailing intentions and preferences. One of the questions was something like , "Would you participate in the Pipe Opener Series if the function location was moved closer to Hobart?" The Pipe Opener is over 50 years old, not only opening the Hobart summer series, but also brought Hobart boats to the original Huon Regatta which dates back over 150 years and continues today with the Cock of the Huon, Race 2 of the Pipe Opener Series. Are they planning on moving Port Huon closer to Hobart? Or do they have absolutely no respect for the country club they partner with and an event dating back to 1852? Imagine if the CYCA sent out an email suggesting, "Would you participate in the Sydney to Hobart if the function location was moved closer to Sydney?"
  13. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    So a not so little birdie tells me that Yachting Tasmania is being wound up, and despite clause 24 of the constitution saying that all assets will be returned to the member clubs on wind up, the board will get around this by voting to transfer all cash to Australian Sailing in Sydney before winding up the incorporated association. And this just when one member club, PESC, has been burnt down and is desperate for support.
  14. (p)Irate

    Cunny Funt on the FP

    If you don't think he's got a point, he has got a point.
  15. (p)Irate

    Australian Sailing

    Arrest made yesterday apparently. Word is that the whole heritage building will be demolished. All gone. Some insurances were in place, whether these will be enough is another question Look we might slag off Australian sailing but here's an anecdote. Ten years ago the local council proposed re-routing a road through the public open space at Dover (population approx 500), cutting off the Port Esperance Sailing Club's direct access to the beach for our dinghy sailing. On behalf of the club (and as part of a wider community group) I led the campaign against the proposal. One Sunday night, and after I'd had a couple of reds, my phone rang. Unlisted number. On the off chance, maybe affected by those couple of reds, I answered it. It was Phil Jones, CEO of Australian Sailing, ringing me, Vice Commodore of a club with maybe 50 members, wanting to run past me a draft of a letter that AS was going to send to the Huon Valley Council in support of our tiny club. The CEO of Australian Sailing directly intervened in his own time on a Sunday night to help one of the smallest affiliated clubs in Australia. I'm not directly involved in the management of PESC anymore. I don't know if Yachting Tasmania or AS have reached out to help but it would be appreciated if they did.