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  1. 27 minutes ago, LB 15 said:

    Sure - After all it can hardly be claimed as being defamatory as it is a glowing endorsement of those mentioned (except for Mr Job obviously - although as I understand he spells his name 'Michael', like everyone else with that name, so maybe it was a different person he was referring to?).

    Also note that this is an exact copy of the complaint as sent by the General Manager - the punctuation, sentence construction and spelling are unaltered.

    On 1 Feb 2019, at 15:44, Peter Hollis wrote:

    Dear Commodore , as one of the Crew members on Beachball , in the subject WAGS afternoon & as a crew member who gave evidence before the jury , I must object strongly to various postings , including in particular by Micheal Job , describing Beachball crew & Beachball witnesses ( by inference in their actions as witnesses ) , as “ Muppets “ .! Brad Ginnivan , as lookout on the bow & who gave evidence , has sailed crew with me on Heaven can wait , ocean racer & I have had long association with his sailing career & his business . Whilst Brad would give u the shirt off his own back & is extremely loyal , he is no “ muppet “ .& he is an extremely accomplished sailor across many classes & a sought after crew hand / crew member . He has his own mind & opinions & is not afraid to air them . Likewise Steve Peel , a world champion sailor ,Olympic class sailor & highly regarded sail trimmer & keel boat rig tuner & likewise , is free flowing with his opinions .John Bertrand does not seek coaching / sail trim input from “ muppets who can not sail “!Indeed their experience & familiarity with Beachballit , was evident on this day & thus the yacht was performing exceptionally well to the windward mark area , in conditions above its optimum range . As to myself , well I am sure most people would agree that description is so far from the truth & as to needing to learn how to sail , I ll let the track record speak for itself . ( short summary below ). This abuse of members , in such highly misleading , highly damaging circumstances & audience & intentionally to cause distress & conflict & divisions , as well as being seriously defamatory & demeaning of many good members & volunteers , must be dealt with & ceased , once & for ever . It is directly in conflict with the aims of the Squadrons constitution . WAGS is a great institution of which I am proud to have been involved since it’s inception 40yrs ago . It deserves & needs to be nurtured & continued & developed , as it is a medium thru which many people are introduced to our sport & our Great Club / Squadron / boating family & for their / our future generations . Thanks to you & your committees for taking seriously these unfortunate developments by a very small but very vocal & destructive , negative , minority . Best regards peter Hollis . RQYS Member since 1957 ( continuously / no 351 ) ; Founding member no 1 Maroochydore Sailing Club 1957 ; RQYS Yachtsman of the Year 1973/74 ; Australian Yachtsman of the Year 1974 ( awarded for being the first Australian to win a world title in foreign waters & then Bach to back successful defence of that world title in foreign waters - International one man Contender trapeze class championships in Holland 1972 & in Italy open Mediterranean waters 1973 ; for services to Yachting - Administration , Racing Rules , Junior Training & Voluntary Coaching - member of Yachting Qld executive & chair of Its Racing Rules Committee ; member of Yachting Australia Racing Rules Committee ; Mainsheet trimmer Australia 111 World 12 metre champions America’s cup class Perth 1986 ; Bond Syndicate sole Rules advocate for that World Chsmpionship ; Kookaburra America’s cup tactician 1987 America’s cup defender selection trials & Defender 1987 Perth & Kookaburra Syndicate assistant rules advocate with Bryan Willis , UK Rules Book Author & International Juror . ; numerous Qld , Nsw state & National championships International & Olympic classes , pre Olympic rep , co opted assistant Keil olympics ( gold in Dragons & Starr classes to Aust . ; numerous ocean races including line honours in Brisbane to Gladstone . Sydney / Hobart race Heaven can wait . ; coach to Qld 505 world championship team ; assist coaching of para Olympic gold & silver medalists .

    Author??? Fuck me, they must have paid the editor millions to get that UK Rules Book to publishable copy.

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  2. I've been on Windeward Bound with Sarah. Her commitment is outstanding. My last two no nonsense Coxswains trainers with thousands of sea miles, power driven, tall ship and superyacht experience behind them have endorsed her whole heartedly.

    But, in this age of PC talk, on SA for fuck's sake, is no one prepared to even see the irony in her comment?

    A woman smiles while sitting near a wharf with a boat behind her

    "Every time we go to sea with a new bunch of kids, we come back with a completely different bunch of kids in the same bodies — that's what drives me," she said.

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  3. On 1/13/2021 at 11:56 AM, LB 15 said:

    It became Famous when owned by the now Commodore who named it beachball, it was then involved in a port/starboard resulting in it being written off and then purchased by the now rear commodore, who renamed it Dodgeball. One of his mates who owns a not for profit sponsored it but he has since bought his own TP 52. Dodgeball lost its rudder in the B2G. 

    It became famous after the much discussed Port/Starboard incident on a Wednesday afternoon race (not to be confused with the Port/starboard incident that sparked the brawl between its crew and another at the presentation for the B2G race or the Port/Starboard incident by the same owner at the start of the Sydney to Hobart race)



    Thanks but I was after any information as to the rumour that it was recently forced to be remeasured for IRC as the rating in the Nationals was suspicious. There's a Tassie boat which would have won otherwise.

  4. 4 hours ago, jack_sparrow said:

    Original maybe "about anchors".

    However the quiz was about "tougher the category" and "shorelines." You made no mention of anchors and changed my reply from "more lee shorelines" to "LESS shorelines". 

    You trickster.


    Yes Cat 1 S2H MORE shoreline, NOT "LESS shoreline." So sorry no mug.

    However to the supplementary question and maybe the handle at least.

    You "getting the point" only I would call half the correct answer as I didn't say Cat 3+ Syd Coffs arguably had more demand for 'official' and accurate charting than Cat 1 Syd Hobart and neither did you confirm. A traditional beach bashing race and bits of rock in the middle of the race track does that.

    I like you am sure are feeling relieved that AS has relieved everyone in a Cat 1 - 5 to not having an 'official' chart or even a list of lights on board for Cat 1 & 2, unlike now. Furthermore Cat 3 - 5 don't have to go through the tiresome task of only 'looking' at an 'official' one prior to the start, unlike for Cat 1 & 2.

    My guess it is a AS secret plan to increase race numbers. 

    Cat 1 - 3 competitors can be blind now. Those with a good sense of smell will pick up beach BBQ's while still with enough water under the keel, in fact smell sunscreen they will know it's daylight.

    It will also encourage participation from those with dementia or don't have a photographic memory. Those who can't comply with new Cat 1 - 2 'read only and remember' charts before the start minimum rule.

    AS ranks must be burdened with a lot of disabilities I guess.

    Now I see why @LB 15 refers to you as a cunt. 

  5. 10 hours ago, jack_sparrow said:


    So tougher the category (excl RTW 0) the less shoreline.

    Cat 3+ race Syd to Coffs and Cat 1 race Syd to Hobart.  

    Which involves the least shoreline? 

    Supplementary question.

    Which one with boats closer to shore and more race course obstacles and therefore more at risk of hitting them, and therefore should have a higher requirement/need for charting?

    Hint. AS disagrees with you.

    The original quote was about anchors.

    I get your point about charts for races which spend more time sailing closer to shore. Geographically the S2H has more shoreline than Syd to Coffs.

    Do I win the quiz? What will I do with the Big Brass Mug?

  6. 28 minutes ago, Livia said:

    Looking at the tracker, seriously nursing Alive.

    As soon as it turns the corner, all over.

    Any little boat needs to finish by dark tomorrow.


    The tracker is bullshit. Showing The Dog House (Austral 30) in the lead, well ahead of Alive.

    Screenshot_20201227-205142_YB Races.jpg

  7. Letting Alive enter with some crew that left Sydney, spent a day at sea, then drove from the north of the State to the south to spend quarantine at home for less than a week makes a mockery of the whole isolation regime. Especially when other arriving boats were turned around by police, later amended to having to a port and spend two weeks in quarantine. Good luck to Duncan and the crew on the water though.

  8. 8 hours ago, JasonL said:

    Grade 8 High Tensile Steel bolts and nuts, and put up with the rust, or coat them in Sika.

    majority of SS will be cut threads, not die formed rolled thread, and crevice cirrosion is an issue on cut threads.

    also torque to yeild is quite close to tensile limits on cut thread SS


    6 hours ago, jack_sparrow said:

    Better still nickel-copper Monel high strength and good corrosion resistance.

    Just proving that there are at least two "qualified AS standard" keel and rudder assessors out there. How much will you charge the skipper who does one Cat 3 a year and how much liability insurance do you have if your assessment is wrong and someone dies?

  9. 9 hours ago, Weyalan said:

    I am doing a little bit of casual racing in above club's twilight series. A couple of weeks ago, the yacht I was crewing on was pleased to be first across the line in our division.... at least until the results were published whereupon, miraculously, another boat (I think owned by a member of club) had, apparently, overtaken us. To be fair, we had only beaten them over by maybe 3/4 of a boat length, but even so, a little it disappointing.

    Might be another club mate. The CLUB only has about five boats racing and no divisions.

  10. 4 hours ago, jack_sparrow said:

    Not a member or anyone connected with the sport but a serial arsonist scum. Only been out of jail for a short while. The police know it was him but can't prove it. He also burnt down two other properties which they might be able to pin on him.

  11. Just now, (p)Irate said:

    So this what I sent over a month ago:



    I hope to hear from you soon.

    And this is what I finally received in reply.


    My apologies for not responding to your letter sooner but due to a
    recent injury to both my hands I have not been able to use the computer
    without some difficulty.

    I have been briefed by the club members involved in this unfortunate
    situation and discussions have been held at the management committee
    level to try and resolve any issues.

    The CLUB is undertaking a more proactive approach to
    attracting new members and one of the platforms we have started to use
    is Facebook which I believe has had around 50,000 hits since we started
    posting. As I am sure you can imagine, it was very disappointing to have
    such a negative post appear.

    I understand it was this post that upset many members of the club and
    caused some to voice their personal opinions to you on your actions.

    I can assure you this is not the normal way the club deals with these
    types of issues, The club tries to foster and encourage a respectful
    attitude between its members and guests at all times.
    If there are any issues or complaints that need to be dealt with you
    should refer them to me or the Secretary in the first instance.

    Thank you for removing the post in a timely manner.

    As far as being banned from participating in the club's activities, this
    is also not how we do things at this club, yes you may have upset a few
    people but I am sure this was a bit of a kneejerk reaction to a
    perceived injustice. We encourage all Australian Sailing members of
    other yacht clubs to participate in our activities whenever they can
    however, we also expect those members and their guests to be mindful of
    their impact on the host club.

    As you are aware we are a small club and like many other yacht clubs in
    Tasmania and in fact around Australia, we are finding it more and more
    difficult to maintain a viable membership base for many reasons.

    This club's main issue as far as membership retention and growth is
    concerned is many of the members you would have sailed with in the past
    are now getting to an age where they are not able to continue with the
    rigors of owning and sailing boats.

    2020 has been a difficult year for us and most other community sporting
    clubs due to Covid-19 and social distancing requirements which have had
    a major effect on memberships and the number of boats participating in
    our sailing program, however, we are experiencing steady growth in new
    members especially in social memberships which I believe will lead to
    more boats joining the fleet in the future.

    With all this said I do hope you, the owner and crew of DDDD will
    continue to be part of the CLUB's sailing and social program.

    Yours sincerely





    ... so it was all my fault after all.

    BTW This week in the local paper the CLUB made a big noise about welcoming another new boat to its Twilight racing fleet. After making positive comments about how well it sailed in its very first race and crossed the line in third place they said, "But as the handicap was temporary KKKK was excluded from the results."

    And they wonder why they can't get a viable fleet on the water.

  12. On 11/6/2020 at 6:14 PM, (p)Irate said:

    Actually LB old mate, Astro was asking about what rule I had broken to be banned from a small country club after sailing as a crew member in one twilight race and one harbour race.

    Funnily enough they have told the owner (who wasn't on board at the time) and the skipper that I'm not welcome. But they haven't told me.

    I think I will write to them and politely ask why. Stay tuned.

    So this what I sent over a month ago:

    Hi RRRR


    I don’t think that we have met before so I will first take a little while to introduce myself.


    I first sailed at the CLUB in the late 1990’s as a crew member with JJJJ on his yacht PPPP and later on his Adams 10. As a proud Dover resident I was a member of the Port Esperance Sailing Club and was never subject to any pressure to formally join the CLUB where I was welcomed with open arms. JJJJ is an outstanding sailor and I learnt a huge amount from him.


    JJJJ inspired me to buy my first boat,  which I sailed at the CLUB until 2002. I won a number of pennant trophies at CLUB  which I still treasure as they were the first sporting trophies I had won in my entire life until then. While I have sailed in Hobart since then I have always held fond memories of the CLUB and was very disappointed to see that the DSS had taken the Pipe Opener Series away from your club.


    I am good mates with XXXX who owns the boat DDDD which is moored in the Kermandie Marina. XXXX restored the boat and though he resides in Brisbane he had the boat delivered to Port Huon with the intention of sailing at CLUB when he visits his second home in Dover. With XXXX stuck in Brisbane due to COVID restrictions he asked YYYY and I if we could sail the boat in the first half of the series.


    YYYY and I sailed DDDD in your Opening Day sail past and visited the club immediately afterwards. I must admit that I was a bit put off by the way we were greeted, with one man saying that we were just there to steal all your trophies and another insisting that we would have to become full paid up members to sail with you. In Hobart though, a member of the DSS, I am freely permitted to sail in events organised by the RYCT and BYC.


    I understand that CLUB has a system of finalising handicaps after three races have been sailed but I was surprised to see that in the first twilight race that we were to start 8 minutes behind the very similar AAAA in a one hour race. XXXX (an experienced race handicapper) had recommended to CLUB that we be about 4 minutes an hour faster. Nevertheless we sailed the race and came predictably last and knew that the handicap would be reduced for the following week, which it was, at 1 minute behind AAAA. Unfortunately we were unable to sail in the race due to other commitments. On the following Saturday for the first long distance race we expected that the handicap would be the same as there was no performance reason to warrant changing it. We finished the race just in front of AAAA and believed we were in with a shot of beating her on corrected time. To my great surprise the handicap applied to us was 13 minutes in a hundred, or 8 minutes an hour. We finished last on corrected time by 20 minutes while the other 5 boats finished within 2 minutes on CT. I would have suffered that quietly if the club hadn’t made a point of posting on Facebook, “and in final place DDDD. Good old handicaps hey?”


    To me it was one thing to be not welcomed at the club on Opening Day, another to be accused of wanting to steal all your trophies, another to have the handicaps randomly and unpredictably changed in what seemed to be a deliberate intent that DDDD did not win, but to gloat about it on Facebook was the final straw. I posted a blunt but not offensive reply which I later deleted.


    I have since heard that I am either “banned from the club,” or “not welcome at the club.” This has been communicated electronically to YYYY, and verbally to XXXX by your Vice Commodore. No communication has been made by any club official to me directly.


    So, sorry for the long preamble, but could you please clarify and advise:


    a)       If I have indeed been banned from the CLUB?

    b)      If I have been banned, was this a formal decision of the CLUB Committee and if so has it been minuted and could I be provided with a copy?

    c)       Again, if I have been banned, where does this ban extend to? And;

    d)      The grounds for the ban and any of the RRS which I have allegedly breached.


    Unfortunately I will not be available to sail with XXXX this Thursday evening as I have a prior commitment.


    I hope to hear from you soon.

  13. 2 hours ago, Livia said:

    I am going with the people who always push windward leeward racing in clubs are usually selfish fuckwits that other people can't be bothered sailing against.

    As opposed to those fuckwits that other people can't be bothered sailing with?

    How is the 2-handed Sydney 38 Moreton Bay passage racing circuit going?

  14. What is it with Hobart and its aversion to windward leeward championship racing? Bugger all local entries in the IRC Nationals, Combined Clubs Short Course Championships cancelled due to lack of entries and now the Tasmanian Yachting Championships cancelled for the same reason.

    Has Hobart become the cheese and bickies racing centre of Australia?

  15. 6 hours ago, LB 15 said:

    The club claimed the competitor was banned because he were in breach of rule 69 - despite the competitor having never had a rule 69 complaint made against them nor having ever been found in breach of rule 69.

    And they have never had the stones to actually attempt to bring a rule 69 complaint against the competitor (a professional sailor) because they know that he would drag them into a court and layout all their shit for the all world to see - without there usual threat to sue anyone who dares to complain about their behavior.

    That day will come...

    Actually LB old mate, Astro was asking about what rule I had broken to be banned from a small country club after sailing as a crew member in one twilight race and one harbour race.

    Funnily enough they have told the owner (who wasn't on board at the time) and the skipper that I'm not welcome. But they haven't told me.

    I think I will write to them and politely ask why. Stay tuned.

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  16. There was the Cock of the Huon in Tasmania for racing yachts which existed for over 150 years. Then the DSS decided that after sailing their Pipe Opener Series to Port Huon for 50 years it was too far to go for modern racing yachts. And the HYC saw the light of Jesus, drove away all their long time local members, and threw history on the scrap heap.

    No more cock for anyone.

  17. On 9/6/2020 at 5:30 PM, (p)Irate said:

    I was told today that RQYS sent an email to the Tasmanian owner of the above Melges 32 ordering him to remove the Envy Scooters signage from the boom because the new name of the boat brought the RQYS into disrepute. YCMTSU

    Noticed yesterday that the said M32 has a new paint job. No name on the sides. Trump is gone, replaced by advertising for the owner's business. Envy Scooters website gone from the boom. Still sailing under the name Cockwomble which still appears on the transom.

    The power of the RQ threatening letter or an opportunity to promote his own business rather than one promoted by the other cockwomble?

  18. 3 hours ago, astro said:

    Tell us about the "international yacht race" that was not under AS documentation?

    Where do we start? Ocean Race, America's Cup, Fastnet, Vendee Globe, Olympics? I don't see AS having much to do with any of them.

    Now you probably meant WS rather than AS but in this case

    3 hours ago, astro said:

    Grow the fuck up and admit when you are wrong.


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