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  1. i550

    Australian Rules--take em or leave em, I didn't write them Trailer Sailor Assoc requires a certain volume in the cabin--the long cabin meets the requirements. We have "camped" with Shazza and I found it noisy but ok for size but will try sleeping in the cockpit next time as we have just had a custom boom tent made. Aust Sportsboat Assoc requires a minimum length of 20ft and minimum speed of .800 (we currently get around .75 which is way too slow), there are exceptions to the length rule but not exceptions to the speed rule. A friend (Laurie, some of you may remember as having a lot to do with Shazza) and I are modifying an 18ft skiff into a sports boat so we don't have to push Shazza that hard. Local Club Racing couldn't care less what you turn up with --cabin/ no cabin etc doesn't matter. The clubs will just work out a CBH for you which wont be worth a thing at bigger open races who will tell you to bugger off with your cabinless boat for trailer sailor races and sportsboat races will do the same because you're too slow. With the cabinless boat the big races will base you PBH on previous hull performance --in other words your handicap will be the same as TTB, DBSS, Shazza for the first time out --.7500 Examples of Open (longish distance) races in QLD Surf to City-- all builds OK Bay to Bay-- all builds OK St Helena Cup-- all builds OK Bribie Cup -- all builds OK Moreton Bay Classic Cup--big cabin only Penalties apply for all the races above for any modifications outside the original design --mast height, boom length , spinnaker size/hoist point, water-line length, etc etc Isnt the cut off for Sports boats .75/.76???
  2. i550

  3. i550

    Glad, Thanks for your usual ringing endorsement. Success takes persistence, hope & a positive attitude. S&T Ditto , Why is it that the biggest knockers of the i550 concept are "boatbuilders" who want to build a production boat? Whinging will not get the job done. Knocking what you have will not encourage others to follow your lead. Promoting other designs on this thread or others will not encourage others to join the i550 family. As Tim & Susan say "nuf said" I am planning on producing a Sports 8 OD production boat, I think boats like the I550 are great, they have an awesome entry point into SB fleets. I would love to see ASBA in Australia introduce a div 3 fleet for the slower sporties like the I550, SB3 etc this is how we peomote our sport and increase numbers. The more 'entry level" boats built (I am not being derogitory here it is a reference to price point) built the more people may graduate to my Sports 8!! So please dont bag production builders as generally we completely support home builds etc as there is a hope that the need for speed results in sales of our boats. build as many boats like the I550 as you can and get ppl out on the water!
  4. Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Have not read the full thread yet so my comment may well be out of context, however many good designs have lifting keels, Adams 13, Inglis 47 (Wild thing has probably the most famous photo ever!!), I know these boats a alot bigger, however works for them and never compromised the design. They both had keel bolts that transversed through casette and keel in the keel locked down position. Sorry if out of context:rolleyes: