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  1. Interlux Ultra Bottom Paint in SoCal?

    Oceanside Marine Center used Ultra a lot. I had it on my boat for a few of seasons. Worked really well for the first year and not so well in year two / three. Not my favorite paint but adequate.
  2. Gel Coat Source J22

    I doubt you will find an exact match for a boat that is almost 30 years old. Just get white gel coat. Make up some small batches and add some tints until you find an approximate color match. Some people are really good at this and could be worth hiring someone depending how perfect you want it. Or try it yourself and if you don't like the results it can always be redone by you or someone else.
  3. Finn sailing

    New boat arrives in a few weeks. Just purchased a trailer to bring her north. Thought about different options for transport and decided to get a trailer now as will need it either way. Boat is coming to and will be sailed out of Alameda.
  4. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    I owned a Moore 24 and like all the people above there is nothing bad you can say about the boat. Maybe the interior but you do not buy this boat for interior comfort. There is no comfort below on a Moore. I regret selling her and may go back some day. I bought a J27 after the Moore. Great boat also and much greater availablity in your area. Still camping down below but a huge step up in the amount of room. A Moore has great value on the west coast. But not so much if you took one east. Someday you will sell her and the value will not be there in your location. I would look for boats more common to your area . Maybe a J27? I have not heard anything about Webb's Moore since the hurricane. Did she survive down in the Keys?
  5. Trinidad SR for a racing bottom in Puget Sound?

    I have used Baltoplate on several boats and really like the burnishing properties. Though not the greatest on antifouling properties especially after the first year. Used Trinidad a long time ago and a much better antifoulant but really not as good at burnishing. I have heard Trinidad has not been as good in recent years. Would be great to hear about Black Widow but probably too new for real life long term results.
  6. Fair price for a J92?

    I have seen the boat in SF and she looks really clean. Not sure what the story is on that boat. Been on the market for some time. There was an offer but something went wrong. Price a little high?
  7. Finn sailing

    Boat is actually coming out from Colorado, just picking up in San Diego.
  8. Finn sailing

    Trailer will be a future purchase. I like the old Hobie trailer idea. Boat is a 2013 Devoti on trolley. This is a one time move without a trailer. Boat will be going from San Diego to San Francisco.
  9. Moving up from a Hobie 16

    IMHO, your price point of less than $5k is limiting your options. Not a bad thing just reality. The Prindle 19 will steer and act much like the cats you listed at half to 2/3rds the cost. That puts it in your price point. It is also a huge jump from a Hobie 16. I am not putting down the 16, I have owned several and they are the true beach cat, way more fun in the surf than just about anything. When comparing the 19 to the boats you listed, it is several generations behind in development.
  10. Finn sailing

    Looking for opinions and options, no better place than here to get. Just bought a Finn and need to bring her home (about 500 miles). The boat comes with a trolley but no road trailer. That will be a future purchase. I see 3 options. The easiest at the moment is to put the boat on the trolley in the back of a full size pick up. With the tailgate down there would be about 5' of boat hanging out. Seems like an option with proper strapping. Anyone do this? Photos? Option two - rent a small flat trailer and place the boat / trolley on the trailer and tow home. Option three - attempt to borrow a Finn trailer for a weekend. Any other options I might be missing? My car will not support a car top option with the centerboard removed. I have heard that has been done. Thanks.
  11. Moving up from a Hobie 16

    I moved up from a Hobie 16 to a Prindle 19 many years ago. That was a big step up and a great boat. One design racing isn't going to happen with that boat any more but you said that was not a priority. It will keep your interest if you can find one that has not been beaten and easily fall in your price range.
  12. I agree with sailorman44. Much better to do 3-4 thin coats with roll and tip for many reasons. First it allows you to practice. You will get runs at first as the paint is different than standard paints. But because it is so thin it goes a lot further than you would expect. Not a big deal too sand out the runs on initial coats. Second the more coats you apply (but not more than 3-4) the deeper and better the color looks. I am a fan of Awlgrip over Perfection but there is a price difference. So that will depend on your long term plans for the boat and now long before you will need to do it again.
  13. J 105 spin block

    I have never had issues with the black magic air blocks, more than enough safe working load (2500 lb). But if you are thinking of the carbo air blocks (750 lb) that could be a concern in heavier wind.
  14. J-27 vs J-80

    I have raced on both boats and both are a blast to sail. I own the 27 but would not hesitate to own an 80 either. I primarily race light air beer can races with a crew of 2 or 3. Depending on who I can get to show up. I also fly an asymmetrical spinnaker during those races and it works fine with 2 or 3 on board (I do have roller furling to assist). The sprit on the 80 is far more efficient though. Both boats will beat up much larger boats in PHRF especially in light air. So maybe it comes down to sprit and a racing cockpit or a daysailing friendly cockpit with something of an interior. There is no wrong answer, both boats sail great.
  15. Delivery from San Francisco to Ensanada"

    Does any of the advice change if the trip was completed in late November in a similarly sized boat?