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  1. Yep 12 in a 40ft - tightly packed of course...
  2. Weta number 1000 has landed in Atlanta, Georgia. Apparently they had to work in 100 degree heat, think they earned their beers that night! http://www.wetamarine.com/about/news/763-weta-1000-arrives-in-the-usa
  3. Check out Bruce at the Wine & Roses regatta....
  4. I was on holiday last week sorry guys! Miles (boyfriend) at Cardrona in the South Island.... Anyway I never race with the furling jib, to slow upwind, but I would recommend furling unless sailing on quite a high reach. But like Pete said the main and not over sheeting the screecher is more important...
  5. Thanks!
  6. I have just made a new video on gybing the Weta, I've tried to give some tips for all levels. Let me know what you think!
  7. WetaFresh racing and sailing through channel from Muskegon to Michigan
  8. WetaFresh was pretty successful, 8 boats where last year there was one keen owner (Tim Wieringa, who did a great job organizing the regatta). The report and link to results is up on the Weta website - http://www.wetamarine.com/about/news/730-wetafresh-goes-off There was also a drone there, who did a little whoopsie while filming the beach...
  9. those chipmunks at the end of the video are pretty funny!
  10. i'd be interested crewing with you or in a rental boat last time i did that route was over 3 days with the military in a fleet of montague whalers montague whaler.jpg Cool! I've gota convince Roger or someone to drive chase boat and someone else to drive the road trailer and dolly's up the coast. If we have two boats it would be better to have one each, bit faster if it's off the wind. PM me your email and I can keep you in the loop
  11. haha love them!
  12. The Notice of Race for the US Weta Nationals has been released. You can check out all the info and register for the regatta on the Richmond Yacht Club website. Roger Kitchen is going to visit on his way to the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, he'll be doing an informal Q&A on Friday night about all things Weta, this is a great opportunity to hear all the stories from the founder of the Weta himself. Chris and Phil from West Coast Sailing will come down, they can deliver parts and help out with rigging and tuning, contact West Coast Sailing to order parts and ask about charter boats. Charters will also be available from Pierpont Performance Sailing. ScheduleThursday 10/2 -- Weta Rigging and Sailing Clinic: Sharpen your skills on and off the water with veteran Weta sailor and San Francisco bay local, Dave Berntsen, who will offer rigging advice and some smooth water practice races inside the Richmond Harbor jetty. Friday 10/3 -- Golden Gate Dash Hit the water, if you dare, for an informal long-distance adventure race all the way to the historic Golden Gate Bridge and back, beginning with a rabbit start in Richmond Harbor. Then it’s up through Raccoon Straits, taking in views of historic Angel Island and Tiburon. Venture into the rapid currents of the Golden Gate, where if the weather is nice, we will regroup and continue to the Marin Headlands. A second start will begin the downwind ride – through the slot between Angel Island and Alcatraz, jibing around the island to the finish at the mouth of Richmond Harbor. Support boat will be provided by Dave Berntsen. This is a hi-wind skilled sailors only event and will not count towards the Nationals trophy, but prizes will be provided for the cumulative results. Tie goes to the upwind winner! Saturday & Sunday 10/4 & 5 One-Design Weta Racing Around the buoys courses, hosted by Richmond Yacht Club as part of their Multihull Invitational in the challenging waters of San Francisco Bay in the area of Southampton Shoal, Keller Cove, or the northern portion of the Berkeley Sailing Circle. If it’s windy, local Dave “Davo” Berntsen is the favorite to beat. If it’s light, Marc Simmel is one to bet on. How many visitors can we get to shake up the scene? Promises to show up have been made by Jim Leonard, Mike Mead, John Luzius, and the Austin crew! The Richmond Yacht Club Multihull Regatta is a local favorite, with great race management, and casual club dinners Saturday and Sunday for reasonable prices. Lodging optionsBerkeley is a cute town on the East Bay, about six miles from RYC, or you can cross the bridge to Marin, (Marin Valley, San Anselmo, Tiburon, Sausalito area) would be ideal for people wanting to get the most out of the area and be close enough to the sailing venue. The cheapest options are definitely found at airbnb.com from 60-150 per night. https://www.airbnb.com/s/berkeley-CA?checkin=10%2F02%2F2014&checkout=10%2F05%2F2014&guests=2 The only drawback here is that you can't cancel out easily, so you have to be committed to the event, which is not a bad thing. But hotels are easier to check in and out of and you don't have to deal with hosts - a price to pay for that, ranging from about 150-300 per night. The good news is that this is low season, so while those prices may seem high, they are low for the area. If you want to stay in the city, there are many hotel options there. Trivago, Orbitz, Hotels.com will be your best guide. Camping is on the other side of the bridge as well (talking the Richmond Bridge here in all cases) at China Camp State Park. You can reserve. Nice bike trails if you have the energy for that. http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=466 Slumming options could include a yacht club member's boat if you can arrange that with Davo, or even Van Rental crashing. Renting an RV or van can be found online with many options with an RV had for about 200 per day. Of course, if you drive from Texas or Florida in an RV or Van you will have your digs right there or in your toy trailer. The parking lot at the YC is gated and seems very secure. While Richmond is no sight to see, the YC itself is on the other side of the mountain bay side in a beautiful harbor, which leads out onto a great harbor to sail flat water in, which leads out to SF Bay and the best racing site for sailing Weta's this side of Alabama.
  13. Hopefully someone will complete the Everglades challenge on a Weta one day. I'd guess that with an angle cracked sheets to broad reach you could conservatively average 8-10 knots over 100 miles, provided there was wind of course. In ideal conditions you could probably average 12 knots. The boat will get to 13-14 very easily and top speeds of around 18-19 knots. I'm pretty keen to do the Coastal Classic (unofficially) on a Weta it's about 120 miles, on the 24th of October from Auckland to Russel, anyone want to come down and join me?? http://www.coastalclassic.co.nz/
  14. Going, going....
  15. haha would be cool to see the speeds! Can't quite read it in the video