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  1. I've been wondering what to call them. So far I'm leaning towards "Trumplodytes" or "Trumpettes". Any other suggestions? As for the Cheetho Grande himself: Baby Duck (Donald Duck/Baby Doc mash up)
  2. ^^^^This^^^^^ Towed a 12.5' beam catamaran (Catalac 8m) from Galveston to SF on a utility trailer towed by a full size van. I got lucky and the hulls just spanned the fenders; a few timbers laid across the bed and off we go. Using one of these permit services, as noted above, gives you the exact routing and all requirements. It is comforting to know that you will not run into a nightmare of several possible forms if you just do what the papers say, and it was easy. They had me mostly on the old State highways, nice and scenic vs. the interstates. I needed a pilot car behind in California only (buddy with a light on top) - for the rest of the states just wide load signs available at any truck stop. Easy.
  3. I had a 1963 or so that I purchased and sailed on SF Bay, then towed it to Florida and sailed to the Rio Dulce. I left it there on the River and went back each year for some Belize sailing. Great boat, I had a Navik windvane on the back that steered pretty well, a cooler, a bucket and a camp stove. Instead of using the engine well in the lazarette we used a pram bow inflatable as a push boat on the transom. When it was sold I was told that it was heading to Lake Atitlan; I hope it is still there and will definitely try to find it if I get back that way. Leadbelly was the name. I did have to get the deck re-cored under the mast, which they did from below. That and one of the bulkheads which supported the mast had a funny bow or a wow in it but it didn't cause any trouble. In big seas when twisting it would emit horrific cracking sounds presumably as the bulkheads shifted, but I've been on several boats power and sail that do that.
  4. Modern warfare is done slowly via the burbs and breeding. See how the Mexicans have changed the language on street signs, in the UK see how powerfull the minority Pakistani have control over daily life considerations. Donald, is that you?
  5. Let's get serious.
  6. Just another liberal media stunt, probably going for government funding so that they can justify there global warming attacks on the coal industry as a way to take all of our guns. Theirs plenty of fish. When was the last time you didn't see a fish for christsakes?
  7. Lacquer rather than enamel you say! It will last longer? A lot of cans don't even say on them what kind of paint it is- I had to look online to see what Fusion is and even then didn't get it off the manufacturer's site. I wound up using Rustoleum Universal (the store didn't have Fusion), only because it was twice as expensive as the other cans and I'm a sucker. I used satin white and it went on beautiful- nice spray pattern, excellent leveling, really nice. I don't know what kind of paint this Universal is but it was toxic enough that I ran for the hepa respirator. I'll remember to heat it next time. I heard that also about putting it in hot water before spraying. Definitely a higher level of finish than old school spray cans but I think that spray can paint in general has come a long way. We'll see how it holds up.
  8. I had a boat that did this- a 1963 Cal 24. It was ridiculous. It would, on occasion and for no apparent reason, roll the rails under on each side, mast swinging wildly in an arc, while other boats in the anchorage sat unperturbed. Once while enjoying a happy hour beer at a waterfront bar someone asked "is that your boat"? I looked up to see it doing that. Embarrassing.
  9. Someone needs to publish statistics based on injuries/deaths of noncombatants. There are a lot of places, including my current hometown of Oakland, and also Mexico to some degree, that have quite bad crime rates but a LOT of that involves people "in the game". If you are not a drug dealer or gang member, and not in an area where such people congregate, I believe that you are quite safe- but there is no data on that. No one separates it out and publishes crime rates for regular civilians. That would be very helpful. And we might very well find that outside of a couple of neighborhoods in a couple of cities El Salvador is reasonably safe. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Keep Oakland Scary". Kind of funny, kind of sad.
  10. It's funny you mention that- I had used Fusion on the inside of a sportbike windshield to black it out, and it went on so nicely that I was just today wondering if it could be used on other materials; it is somewhat sold for use on plastic but looking now I see that it has all kinds of shit including "metal" on the to be used on list. And wicker. Further research indicates (from one source) that Fusion is an acrylic alkyd type enamel. I like it, I've heard some of those words before. No primer. One less can!
  11. does it have any place on a boat? After a recent struggle involving SS 1/4 X 20's into my aluminum steering pedestal in order to replace the control cables I am left with having to repaint part of the pedestal. I know that I could go with Awlgrip or Perfection and be safe from nuclear blasts, but in the real world can I use Krylon or Rustoleum or something and get decent results? I've done some research and found some happy users in the car world, but thought that I would solicit discussion here. Also what kind of primer? For metal I have a choice of zinc chromate or "self etching" primer (or both). For fiberglass I don't know yet. If this works out I envision keeping 2-3 spray cans on the boat for general touch up and repair, replacing I don't know how much crap of paint cans, thinners, mixing buckets, stir sticks, brushes, etc. and then being left with used brush cleaner to dispose of.
  12. Congratulations Z! I'm curious regarding lack of crew- it seemed like you had quite a few people during the farm days, did they fall away during the fit out process?
  13. Thanks Gentlemen. I've ordered the "XTreme" version of the Teleflex replacements. The shift cable is the larger 64 series. 1 foot longer. Those other ones look great but the click click click and they're on their way of the Teleflex was too much to resist. I'll report back on how it goes.
  14. I'm replacing the 1979 cables on my Cal 34. They fit (obviously after so many years), but the length seems just a little short, I'm thinking that if I add a foot to each one it will make for smoover turns and more joyous action. I'm thinking that the extra length will find its way into larger radius bends and not cause any trouble. Good/bad idea?
  15. I think I'm experiencing brain death- what's GGAC?