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  1. 1 All my designs have been extremely well proven ,over the decades of successful ocean cruising with zero serious structural failures at sea. What designs? 30 year old sketches.. 2) His boats are strong.. (Dis proven by MOM) Strong, proven by a single season passage thru the NW passage , 16 days of pounding on Baja lee shore, pounding across 300 yards of Fijian coral reef dragging back across the same reef in big surf, blowing ashore in the Mozambique channel in a hurricane, colliding with a freighter in Gibraltar, T boning steel barge at hull speed, several circumnavigations, all without serious dammage. Yet MOM simply drys out and looks like my beer can after being stepped on.. this does not makes sense... 3) His boats are cheap.. ( Yes cheaply designed, but not cheap to outfit and sail) 3 You are saying that my instructions for how to build blocks for $2 instead of $40, a 540 GPD watermaker for under $1,000 instead of $10K composting head for under $550 instead of $1,000, furler for under $150 , hatches for under $20, Anchor winch for under $75, wind vane for under $50 and reducing the building time for the average amateur by 90%, doesn't cut costs? Yes thats exactly what I am saying... When you finish with a BS boat you have blown a huge amount of time/cash and have a sailboat that in all aspects will not have good resale value. Your current designs do not have appeal to most cruisers, no appeal no resale value. No resale value= SLAVE to the boat. 4) His boats sail well.. (yup.. with the huge speed bumps under the waterline I think that IOR boats had less bumps) 4 Read my quote of Paul on "Opus" us who has been cruising the SW Pacific for decades on his 36 ft brentboat for decades. Sure... I read it and am unimpressed. Come on look at the boat out of the water.. not even a pregnant whale has curves like that. Brent Go and Draw. Before I saw this thread I thought that your boats when not my cup of tea were kind of cool, and I thought that you were a designer. Now, not so much. Please prove me wrong and do a new design.. No more BS about the old ones.. its time to start drawing again. As for Perfect 30 years ago.. come on.. you can lie to me but not to yourself.
  2. Ok Brent I would imagine the above is a very simple starting point for most cruisers today.. YET your boat makes non of them. If you are such a great designer then go and design. I have been told that you CANT I asked and pleaded with you to prove everybody wrong. But the bottom line here is that you have proven everybody right... Then you regurgitate the same stuff over and over again. If your boats are so strong why did MOM get damaged so badly?
  3. Smack.. At this point i am confused as to what point brent is making.. 1) He is a Designer.. ( Not proven) 2) His boats are strong.. (Dis proven by MOM) 3) His boats are cheap.. ( Yes cheaply designed, but not cheap to outfit and sail) 4) His boats sail well.. (yup.. with the huge speed bumps under the waterline I think that IOR boats had less bumps) 5) You can live cheap .. Ok he does have this point, but to what end. If he would put out some good design work than he has a chance at redemption. But regurgitating the same tired old design that clearly does not fit most of the true cruisers.. Umm. Again I am confused.
  4. Bob, What boats you designed would be SLOWER than brents boat? I am struggling to find one perry boat that would be slower than a BS boat.
  5. Brent is eating ice cream again.. and not designing...
  6. Surviving weeks of pounding on a lee shore and decades of trouble free cruising, is definitely "solid evidence" of structural strength ,far more so than theory based calculations on a piece of paper.... Did I not see MOM with a totally buckled hull.. Hmm sounds like BS to me.
  7. Let see brent.. It does not have a reverse transom, does not have a pilot house with a reasonable sight line, does not have a bulb keel and does not have 3 state rooms. so you are zero for 4.. and its not very pretty.. so no extra bonus points.
  8. It does not meet any of the above criteria.
  9. Once again BRENT WAKE UP... BOB CAN DO THIS... Can you???
  10. I just shot my coffee out of my nose at this one.. Brents Model "T" of boats ( and that is being very nice) ... being touted as "Far Better".. followed by some chest thumping. Come on Brent get serious..
  11. Brent,, any thing new of us?? If you are a designer they you design boats.. DRAW BRENT DRAW
  12. Yes Bob, I think where Brent Swain is confused is the word "Sails" To him that means the triangle shaped things that are hoisted with the cheapest stretchy rope available at Canadian tire. These triangle things go up and flap about until you use the other stretchy rope to stop the flapping and make the boat heel over. And for Brent I am sure that the amount of Heel directly correlates to the forward velocity. For you and me, Sails have a totally different meaning, more on a airfoil that makes lift... and... yes I can see brent has just tuned out.. its all Blah Blah from here on... Im tired of Brent.. Nothing new.. nothing innovative.. Before I saw this thread I thought that some of his ideas were cool.. now I just think that they are outdated and poorly executed.
  13. So another day and another and again nothing new from Brent. Yes again he says bob is overcharging... yet cannot deliver the simplest of sketches to us. BRENT DRAW
  14. Yes Brent I bought 3 jibs/genoas off of him.. That was 4 years ago. Today the all are toast. Used sails are great as stop gap, but for real sail shape or longevity not so much. It all depends on what you want. I want simple that is fast and I am not carting them back to the loft every other week.
  15. your 36 does not work for 99% of the world cruisers as you have been shown. And its all really old tech, things change.... and improve. Are we driving around for model "T"(s)... I dont think so.. I rather like power wipers, heated seats and a radio that works. ( in addition to allot of other things) So Brent really if you are truly a designer then you need to pony up.. DRAW!!!! PUT DOWN THE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM... You can do new.. you can do better. BOB does every single day.. so show the us you can too...