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    Vintage cars, Large diesels, steam things...
  1. do you think that after the next hurricane there will be any boats left in Florida??
  2. Yes I went to see it.. To much work for me... it needs quite a bit. but for the right price it may be great if you have the time.. Oceaneer
  3. you still need to protect the bus around the boat..
  4. So now that the great heap of excrement that Brent Swain is / was has been removed from this forum, it is time for anyone who was thinking of building an Origami boat to take stock. Brent Swain, his designs his motives and his personality are all poor. Look up this forum and see his drawings, his calculations and his personal attacks and total disrespect for anyone but himself. Run away from this man, and his reality distortion field before you get sucked in and loose years of your life building something that will never bring you joy. Oceaneer
  5. I have been out for the last month, still am. One Brent Boat, the one I posted, the lumpy as hell eye sore. Perry boats, Hmmmm... I have lost count, Winter Cove tonight, and there are 2 out of 10 boats. Shoot Brent your boats are like some kind of vodo cult, they only hang around you, the chosen speaker of the mud flat. Brent boats do not go far as they are slow and hit things when they venture out to the big hard world.
  6. Bob, I think for you to get the lofty and heddy heights that Brent Swain has managed to claw his way up ( down) to.. your boats need more lumps. I just dont see in your boats the huge ass hollow or the massive bow crease.. What gives? Lol. Keep up the good work, I am very happy to see the pictures of your boats after I posted the BS lump machine....My Eyes needed the respite. How many tons of farring would be needed to make that one fair?? ( the Aluminum BS) Oceaneer
  7. Its a little hunter, and even though I am not a fan of hunters I would rather have that hunter than any of brents death traps.
  8. thanks Lark I was out sailing so did not keep up.. I am not sure which Cat I like best.
  9. It looks the same on both sides. Poor bugger spent all that time finishing a boat but wow... I was shocked. Brents Lumps of mystery will continue to amaze and fascinate people for years to come. The boat also took "Years" to build
  10. So Update... is he alive??
  11. So wow look at the lumps of mystery here.. In the bow sections it almost looks like the hull is transitioning to a trimaran shape with Amas Brent your boats are just ugly, and In Aluminum origami seems to just not work.
  12. Brent you are not going to learn any thing new, not now not ever. You will wallow through the remainder of your life a idiot malcontent. Thinking that you are the smartest person on earth and wondering why no one understands you. My dog talks allot, she says much more sensible things than you type. I feel pity and sorrow for you and who ever cross your path. I for one give up, you really really are clueless and proud of it.
  13. Brent, I have done over 6 laps around the world with a spade style rudder or rudder(s), most ships fit this kind of rudder. Never any issues.. I dont get your resistance to them. If you design it correctly its not a problem. But you actually have to do some design work. On light weight racers, every pound is shaved off,, this is just not a good comparison. But you love to generalize, I guess thats all you have. Oceaneer
  14. So Mr Science.. (Brent) why do you think the spray foam separated from the steel?.... Hmmm can you say flex. Still does not solve the problem that the foam you use is very very flammable and the fumes are toxic.
  15. im in for 20..