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    Vintage cars, Large diesels, steam things...
  1. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Is that not all BS boats from one week onwards.. Rust stains.. confused.
  2. Turbo Etchells

    Ok.. so today we had a very great day.. but we had a small misshap.. One of the spreaders (port) broke, after examination, its been fatigued and had a small crack from a long time ago,, We were quite lucky to keep the mast up. We did finish the race, but were of course last. Anyway I am in need of at least a Port spreader, but would prefer a set and the spreader/mast fittings. So Help.... PM me if you have any parts. the next race is coming Thanks Oceaneer
  3. the most frightening engine in the world....

    Wow ABC diesel.. Are they still around? I thought that the new MARPOL regs were the end for them..
  4. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    What a shame... It seems so simple moving forwards. 1) all appeals are done online, and online only. In this day and age we all have computers and services like "go to meeting" or Zoom are free for the invitee and really not that expensive for inviter. 2) All ratings are harmonized at the mean average point for base ratings. 3) All modifications to base ratings are off of an agreed upon formula. (Open to review after a season of results) 4) Rating reviews for boats that seem to not be sailing to there potential... Sailors from the fleet can protest this in the first couple of years in a confidential manner as not to make to many waves. Or do we need another PHRF body to stop the bickering and take over from both.. ?? At some point, some people are going to get a worse rating and some better.. during the transition, but is that not the case now? My old cruising boat rates differently in PNW than BC. 108-123... I woudl say that PNW is closer to the truth, but If I had to sweat out a season at 115(is).. then OK Oceaneer
  5. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    If some silly SOB wanted to start an amalgamation move... Where would the idiot start?
  6. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    So you are saying that the "Border Wall" has been built, just to the north, and only under the surface of the water. And on the Canadian side, we are more salty, given our more manly/rugged nature... and all of this salt has not passed through the wall. Ok now I am understanding a bit better.
  7. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Ok, I am confused on the backstory as to why in BC we have BC PHRF and NW PHRF??? Can someone straighten me out as why I have to pay/join both? And why we just dont have one.. Confused Oceaneer
  8. Grey / Gray Dacron?...full Battens?

    Im surprised that people dont think that for uber light airs full battens work... as the main for sure works way better... I would have thought that the same would hold true. As in the airs that the sails are just hanging some people take down the genoa/jibs and sail only on the main.... Odd
  9. Grey / Gray Dacron?...full Battens?

    Yes like 1373... what material is that??
  10. Turbo Etchells

    So we finally got the new main.. and wow what a difference. The boat actually goes in light wind now!!! So the boat now only needs to point in the right direction, I think you cannot buy that! lol Oceaneer
  11. So I have been looking for a new Jib for our turbo Etchells.. As the old ones are really done with life. As we are not one design racing the boat we will make some PHRF changes to the shape. #1 Full Battens, the wind here is very light most of the time, and I am thinking of adding full battens to the sail to help it stay out in the light stuff... The Jib is only 100% as the shrouds go all the way to the sides of the boat so going bigger will mean upwind VMG may suffer. So stupid Idea or OK? #2 Color.,,,,I know this is super vain, but the new main is black poly, and I was thinking grey dacron would look nice.. is there any good grey dacron for a Etchells jib? Thanks Oceaneer
  12. Shit Brent Swain Says

    Damm he is gone... I was thinking that he could give Jennifer some good advice on the other thread. .. O well
  13. Snoop Trawler PNW

    And I always thought that trawlers are diesel powered.. I guess I was wrong
  14. the most frightening engine in the world....

    When I was in marine engineering school one of the instructors told me a truth... "if its green run away" still holds true today.
  15. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Slow boat guy if you are out there and reading this.. you are a total ass hat.