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  1. Its completely your privilege whether you choose to believe me or not.
  2. Appeal decision help

    Interesting, I imagine you're right, but I didn't read "only one" into it like that. And like you, I don't see why the Appeal body didn't request a new hearing/reopening with invalid evidence discarded.
  3. Appeal decision help

    That's not in the rules though. Rightly or wrongly every time a protest is held to be invalid through not following the letter of the law re flags/hails then someone is not held accountable. However I still find the appeal decision bizarre. Apart from anything else, as noted above protests are between boats, not between sailors, and it seems to me all the crew members of each boat must be parties, so the whole premise for the decision goes away.
  4. One time it happened to me I was borderline hypothermic by the time I got in. Obviously it depends on the size of the leak, what layers are underneath and any number of other factors.
  5. Appeal decision help

    Wouldn't a member of the crew of one of the boats be a party to the hearing rather than a witness?
  6. Elevating the rig on a Laser

    Mr Sawash has it. If you can't get under the boom, then, bearing in mind any mod to a Laser puts it out of class, you may as well just put a new clew cringle in. Has it occurred to you it may be just the sail leech stretching and the boom really is lower than it used to be?
  7. IME its depressingly easy to get a hole in a dry suit on a very high performance boat, and anyone who's done it on a sub zero winters day would be very glad to have a wetsuit underneath to get them back to base before hypothermia sets in.
  8. DC Designs

    A piece of something high spec and spliceable with a loop in each end, twice round the boom seems to work for me. Pull up one splice to make it taut. The very quick and dirty method for boom gooseneck fitting is to source a bit of hardwood, trim it to be a plug, and drill a hole in the right place for the gooseneck. Now I think of it a slightly less quick way might be to make the plug out of a suitable number of bits of carbon foam laminate glued together, with the two ends beefed up like crazy, but I haven't tried that.
  9. Asymmetric spinnaker vs poled out jib

    If one wanted to try something radical. On International Canoes we have started using club footed sails again, and my impression is that there's some evidence that it can be fast to have the jib wing and wing with the clew way out beyond the forestay so you have attached flow on the jib from leech to luff, and you can get a fair old way off dead downwind like that, so the main has at least partially attached flow as well. But if you wanted to try this on a keelboat with a poled out jib you'd want a really huge pole, maybe 50% longer than jib foot, so its quite possibly impractical.
  10. J70, cheating and pros

    Its an interesting one. I was tangentially involved in an issue at another class that was having measurement problems, and a culture of not observing a similar provision had grown up in the class, and that seemed to me a factor in some of the problems they were having. There are pros and cons with having a 'no changes, authorised builder and no measurement' one design rule, and pros and cons with having a purely measurement based rule, but if a class has the first, but gets in the habit of behaving as if it were the second then trouble will often ensue I think. But then there are plenty of posts in this thread that illustrate perfectly how sailors have trouble appreciating the considerable distance between the two styles of rule.
  11. ancient tasar

    Its an ex Nicky Bethwaite Cherub mast.
  12. ancient tasar

    I'd be very suprised if you can't spring the diamonds out of the spreader ends. I do that on my 45 year old wooden Bethwaite wing mast.
  13. In the UK at least the time when beach cats were most popular was the 60s, so any grand change in relative popularity now seems unlikely.
  14. J70, cheating and pros

    Only in the US I think.The ones with more limiting rules sets were historically called restricted classes, but development class has become a much more fashionable name.
  15. Why a wing mast?

    The drag bubble at the leading edge of the mainsail turns out to be largely a myth - see https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/209338/news/Ad_aerodynamics/index.htm That being the case almost everything written about the benefits of wing masts before, well certainly the 21stC is flawed, plus an awful lot afterwards. I haven't seen any work done on section shapes with latest generation theory. Its certainly a mistake to consider the mast and the sail separately: they comprise a single aerodynamic entity. So, yes, ideally you over rotate the mast, and no it doesn't upset the mainsail flow if you do it right.