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  1. Its an interesting one. I was tangentially involved in an issue at another class that was having measurement problems, and a culture of not observing a similar provision had grown up in the class, and that seemed to me a factor in some of the problems they were having. There are pros and cons with having a 'no changes, authorised builder and no measurement' one design rule, and pros and cons with having a purely measurement based rule, but if a class has the first, but gets in the habit of behaving as if it were the second then trouble will often ensue I think. But then there are plenty of posts in this thread that illustrate perfectly how sailors have trouble appreciating the considerable distance between the two styles of rule.
  2. Its an ex Nicky Bethwaite Cherub mast.
  3. I'd be very suprised if you can't spring the diamonds out of the spreader ends. I do that on my 45 year old wooden Bethwaite wing mast.
  4. In the UK at least the time when beach cats were most popular was the 60s, so any grand change in relative popularity now seems unlikely.
  5. Only in the US I think.The ones with more limiting rules sets were historically called restricted classes, but development class has become a much more fashionable name.
  6. The drag bubble at the leading edge of the mainsail turns out to be largely a myth - see https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/209338/news/Ad_aerodynamics/index.htm That being the case almost everything written about the benefits of wing masts before, well certainly the 21stC is flawed, plus an awful lot afterwards. I haven't seen any work done on section shapes with latest generation theory. Its certainly a mistake to consider the mast and the sail separately: they comprise a single aerodynamic entity. So, yes, ideally you over rotate the mast, and no it doesn't upset the mainsail flow if you do it right.
  7. Didn't say that at all. Read it again. I am completely comfortable with all illegal boats being denied entry to every event. What I am saying is that there are circumstances where a crew might be completely ignorant of there being anything wrong with their boat, and suggesting that if you go handing out lifetime bans for a first offence in such circumstances that you would probably be reversed by CAS. Some recent CAS hearings are here. http://www.tas-cas.org/en/jurisprudence/recent-decisions.html to give you a flavour of how they operate.
  8. By definition all boats are legal as they leave the factory.
  9. It can though. This is based on a true story, but I've changed things and it should be unspottable. Please don't attempt. Fred buys a second hand boat from someone well known in a class' estate. Whilst working on boat finds a quite horrendous piece of cheating that cannot really be properly rectified. Calls up class measurer, long associated with class and buddy of Bill, the late boat builder. Measurer feels really bad for poor bastard stuck with useless piece of junk that can never measure properly, and also doesn't really want scandal in his beloved class, and besides old Bill is dead now, and what good can it do digging up a scandal? Says to Fred OK, supposing you do this and this, I'm sure the boat isn't going to be any quicker than one that is built properly. Next year dodgy boat, superbly sailed, is near the front at the Nationals. Different measurer takes a good look at it... Now consider a different and *completely imaginary* scenario (yes, completely imaginary, this isn't based on anything I've heard). Boss of 'best yard' (BBY) is a wonderful craftsman, but was never near the top of the class when it came to anything intellectual like reading or writing. Some years ago Cheating Bastard came to BBYs yard and said I want you to make these changes. BBY says "are you sure that's allowed"? CB puts his best used car salesman voice on and says, "of course, don't you trust me". CB wins big event with illegally modified boat. Next year two of CBs competititors come to BBY and say, we want you to modify our boats just like CBs. BBY says "I'm really not sure that's legal". Competitors say, "of course it is, especially as CBs boat went through measurement fine at the big event" (Although actually they just checked sails and weight). BBY says, "well, OK then", and does the work. Next year a few more follow, and by this stage BBY hasn't got the slightest doubt left. After all he's not that good with words, and haven't all these boats been through measurement?. Now Mr Zillionaire wants his son to race in an event opposite him. Buys boat, sends it to BBY with the simple instruction: do the best job you can on this, no expense, its for my son to race". Boat is modified illegally, like all the others. Zillionaires son and his mates step off the plane, and take the boat to the event, never having seen one before or having the slightest idea its been modded let alone illegally. Cheating Bastard isn't even at the event. Timber gives Zillionaires son and mates lifetime bans. Zillionaire takes Timber to CAS. How long do you reckon the hearing will last before the ban is overturned?
  10. Must be nice to live in a black and white world like that... I sailed with an illegal boat for several years, misread the rules and didn't trim a bulkhead enough so the foredeck was 2mm too high.
  11. That's kinda the point. If I read it correctly you're saying that all the boats that failed had a very similar illegally modified profile. It seems unlikely that all those owners specified the exact same illegal profile utterly independently. Then if papa was tweaking a boat for his son, you'd expect it to be the same spec as his own, that is presumably as optimised as he can get it. Instead as one passed and the other one didn't: they must have been pretty different. So I doubt papa supplied the yard with detailed drawings showing to the millimetre what changes he wanted made. I bet if one could find the true story of how these boats came to be illegally modified it would involve poor communication, misunderstanding, false assumptions and goodness knows what else as much as a desire to cheat. If the organisers wish to RRS69 people, they'd need to establish who gave what instructions, all the rest. Fairly recent AC history illustrates the difficulties in establishing who was responsible for deciding to cheat. Fortunately to exclude illegal boats from the event you don't need any of the history, you just need to demonstrate the boat fails measurement.
  12. Yep, there are some astonishingly naive posts on this thread for those who've studied something of the history of measurement/compliance issues. Its interesting that one of the Mascalzone boats passed measurement and the other one didn't. Makes me wonder if there's an element of cockup in this sorry tale.
  13. Imaginary conversation... > I want the keel done the same way as xxx >> OK, there you are that will be n euros > the Jury said its illegal at the worlds >> Never said it wasn't. You said same as xxx > Did xxx ask for an illegal keel? >> xxx only races under measurement handicaps, its not illegal in that situation > you never said it was illegal for one design events >> you never asked or specified. Didn't you know?
  14. It would be interesting to see the measurer's report on what they found to cause them to exclude the boats. Especially interesting to know why, if keel modifications are as widespread in the fleet as some posters have suggested, only 7 boats have been excluded.
  15. That's a lot of load to somewhere that wasn't really designed for it, and on a rather old boat. Its not an option I would ever take. It should be a quick enough job to rerig the jib halyard to the highfield in the way I indicated. Might have to watch chafe if you use rope though. All the main halyard really needs is a cleat on the side of the mast.