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  1. JimC

    Ideal mast angle to wind

    As someone who has played with these in monohulls the only thing to add to what Steve has said is that the mast rotation profoundly alters gust response of the rig. There's a point at which a small change in angle produces large changes in gust response. My opinion based on a limited amount of experience is that this is why sometimes wrong settings are right. TBH there is probably more experience in getting this style of rig working on a lightweight kite equipped mono in the MG14 fleet than the whole of the rest of the world.
  2. Don't forget a key characteristic of the troll is their desperation to think up anything that will annoy, irritate or disrupt. What they really think is quite irrelevant. I remember an early insight into this abberant mind set was when I looked up the participants in a rather nasty flame war on an in house forum, and discovered that both sides of the argument were being conducted by the same person. In the absence of anyone rising to his bait he was trolling himself. Wess has admitted on a number of occasions that he is just trolling in this topic, so it's quite pointless to pay any attention to anything he posts. As the poet said "He only does it to annoy, Because he knows it teases."
  3. JimC

    Playing with my 49er - what to do

    Or this... How much money do you want to spend and how much change the boat? Seems unlikely you'd get a 29er jib to fit, you'd probably need a custom one. The boat above has Styrofoam core bouyancy/comfort pads on the end of the wings which gives some teabag proofing and a better hiking position.
  4. JimC

    18ft Skiff Cuff Luff

    Yep, its spectacularly easier to feed the sail from the top down.
  5. If I were ILCA I would have written something into the builder contracts that prohibited claims of superior boat speed.
  6. JimC

    16ft skiff jib on a 29er?

    Theoretically yes, if you recut it so its the same profile as the 29er jib, but what would be the point? Because its self tacking the clew position is critical, you can't bung on a bigger jib as you can with some conventionally sheeted sails.
  7. JimC

    29er kite hoist system new

    Loose wire is probably less prone to wrapping round limbs than loose rope.
  8. JimC

    29er kite hoist system new

    Five heads permitted counting the sails and the sailors...
  9. JimC

    29er kite hoist system new

    You do realise who you are talking to don't you? Its *that* Julian B. In any case even if someone managed to persuade a protest committee that some piece of logic chopping meant something like this was not prohibited you can be very sure in any well managed class - and the 29er is well managed - that a clarification would be speedily issued. Actually I wonder if someone has been winding you up with a mythical system. 1:2s are all very well in old school boats with tiny pole kites and the helm pulling the kite up, but getting enough throw in the 29er might be difficult, and the sheer effort challenging for the crew.
  10. I don't think it's a safe assumption that LP are including a conventional margin. When they introduced their boats without plaques the differential was, as I recall, vastly in excess of the cost of the plaque, the sail button and the designer's royalty that they had stopped paying anyway.
  11. That was before a) you started using all those stupid knots and loops when you should have prohibited them and b) you voted for the new high purchase gear to replace them. The rest is the inevitable consequence.
  12. You'll be telling us next that he doesn't leave his sails flogging with the leech unattached on the beach...
  13. Because people *perceive* differences that may or may not be there. I've been involved in managing a proper structured trial to look at boat speed differences in an SMOD, one of few people who have, and I plain do not believe that its possible to make the sort of distinctions people try and make from sailing alongside each other in races. TBH I have grave doubts about the sort of two boat trials the RYA Olympic people do. But a proper structured trial that gives real statistically reliable answers is a really big deal to organise and very rarely done.
  14. Centre of effort is something the cruising boys on boat design.net get enormously excited about, but as racing sailors we are used to raking our rigs all over the place without the slightest concern. In practice what happens is that the centre of lift from the foils is somewhere between rudder and keel, and if the rig ce changes the helm automatically makes a minute change to rudder angle which compensates. In addition, in your particular case the extra rag is on/off roughly in the area of the rig CE, so the chances of it making much difference to trim are small.
  15. It considerably reduces the scope, but there are other vital factors in customer service, and there's a good case to suggest that its neglect of factors like quality of supply, delivery time, customer engagement and the like that have been significant factors in generating LPs poor reputation in the Americas. But it seems to me, from what I've casually read and seen, that specifications and processes are a particular strength of the business you've created, and going into an area of business where you can't take advantage of your company's particular strengths certainly doesn't sound like the very best plan.