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  1. JimC

    DC Designs

    I used to put the trolley (dolly to you? ) up first, take the wheels off then pick the bow up and push her onto the cradles, so always well supported. The aluminium trolley was a very good Christmas present to myself...
  2. IME the trouble with reefing mainsails on modern rigs is that the gust response goes up the stuff, so a moderate sail area reduction does nothing to make the boat easier to handle. A big reduction, on the other hand, leaves the boat a total dog downwind. I tried a stumping mast on a single hander to try and get round this, but the results were disappointing. Although it retained the gust response the boat lacked sparkle. At the time I thought we might have had too low aspect ratio. It needed a lot more development than I was able to afford. Also although the stumping rig worked well enough it was a considerable pain to make, and I think would be v expensive on a production boat.
  3. JimC

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    No, I don't see the rules as especially complicated, and I think the framers have done a good job over the years. They are certainly way better than the mast abeam days. However its hard to argue with the premise that plenty of people do find them complicated in application. I don't suppose those people have read colregs either... I think the fewer special cases we have in the rules the better and there's little doubt that proper course is a concept some have trouble with, simply because it is so nebulous. 18.4 is another that might be worth thinking about. I'm not very convinced about the luffing arguments. The counter is that with the current rule the windward boat is motivated to do as little as possible to keep clear of leeward, whereas if you removed the proper course requirement on leeward windward might be inclined to seek as much separation as possible in order to get leeward out of their hair as soon as possible. That's why I'm interested to hear how the match race folks find it in practice.
  4. JimC

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Only as an argument for ditching as many complications as possible from the rules...
  5. JimC

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Is there anyone here who has actual real world experience of sailing without RRS17 in match racing? It would be interesting to hear how they find it.
  6. According to Scuttlebutt today US Sailing has made an agreement with the RYA to use the RYAs on line platform for Portsmouth Yardstick returns and calculation. Details are scanty at the moment, but it should be interesting. According to https://www.ussailing.org/news/weeklyupdate-june1-2020/ US Sailing are looking for volunteers to assist with this.
  7. JimC

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Well, yes. With the rules as they stand the leeward boat may not sail above her proper course while the overlap exists. I'm suggesting that perhaps this requirement is unnecessary, and the leeward boat should be allowed to change course provided the windward boat is able to keep clear.
  8. A thread elsewhere got me thinking about RRS17. Could rule 17 could disappear as an unnecessary complication? The point about RRS17 is that the leeward boat acquires ROW . When the overlap starts the leeward boat is the further back of the two and she cannot change course to windward without windward's stern swinging into her, so windward is protected by RRS 15/16. Once leeward is the further ahead and windward can respond to a change of course by leeward, subject still to 16.1, is it intrinsically wrong that the ROW boat is restricted? Would it be a good thing to eliminate the proper course debate/complication? The counter arguments in favour of 17 include, I suppose, that it is a traditional part of the game, and also that it creates a new protest situation with debate over whether the 16.1 protection applied...
  9. Would anyone like to give a precis for non subscribers?
  10. https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/229684/RS-X-IP-rights-transfer-keeps-the-class-still-open
  11. They've been turning people with replica sails away for years, so why would you think they wouldn't?
  12. Its much more complicated than that though because of all the shell companies (I nearly wrote shill companies. Hmm...) Laser Performance Europe is losing all the court cases and will be out of the Laser business and required, if I remember correctly, to firstly sell all the equipment to another Laser builder and only then return moulds and tooling. But Laser Performance Europe is nearly dead already, certainly doesn't have any money, and has already disposed of all its tooling and equipment to Laser Performance LLC who were an authorised Laser builder at the time, and are not party to any of the court cases. So LPE would appear to have already fulfilled its obligations with regards to that part of the contracts. And I don't believe Laser Performance LLC have signed any contracts with Global Sailing, Kirby inc or whatever, because the fundamental rule change in LPEs favour meant they didn't have to. I suspect to get the Rastegar empire out of the Laser game completely (even if its possible) would take many more years of court cases and very deep pockets. I imagine that Rastegar expects that no-one else will have sufficiently deep pockets. I doubt ILCA do. I don't disagree with your implied proposition that LPE are conducting predatory pricing to destroy the business for competitors, but I'm not entirely sure its scorched earth in the "I know I'm losing" sense. My guess is that its more subtle than that.
  13. She sure seems like too sweet a boat to make a half ass conversion of. As Steve says upwind is always going to be faster rowing. With the big skeg aft and a paddle for steering she might well go quite a way crosswind with a small rig. A left field option might be to get a small stunt kite - not a full size kite surf thing, just a little beach toy - and see if you could use that to provide some gentle wind power to go downwind and maybe crosswind a bit without changing the boat at all.
  14. But because the Laser championship figure is anomalous, those numerical comparisons above are pretty much worthless...