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  1. Forum masturbation. If no-one else will play with you you can have a flame war with yourself.
  2. Just ignore it. Its some crap some sad newbies thought up relatively recently. Its a dichotomy in SA. In some topics you'll find some of the smartest most knowledgeable people in the sport who you can learn immense amounts from, but in other topics you'll see some of the saddest misogynist f*****s that ever put someone off a sport...
  3. A pretty good clue is on http://www.rssailing.org/, where they list their supported class associations. My guess is that if they haven't set up a CA for a type they probably don't see it as a significant class racer.
  4. Turbo Opti

    Thing is that's 1500 straight down the pan. What's the exchange cost for Oppie -> intermediate boat? Especially as hopefully you end up with something designed for the job, not a half ass cobbled together lashup.
  5. Square heads

    They can also do stuff with "lateral" bend we an only dream of...
  6. Square heads

    Julian, do you think there's any difference in the way the sails depower and blade off? My guess is that what we want, ideally, is a sail where anything up to the top third of the sail will flatten off and blade out as the gust hits, but the leach of the rest of the sail will stand up so that pointing etc is unaffected. Full battens help with this of course, but in my experience the lower leech still sags to an extent. In your experience does the way the sail depowers change, and how would you think this affects usability? The other thing that puzzles me is how the current fashion in the UK for square head sails with short battens on singlehanders works, I don't pretend to understand those at all.
  7. Remove DSQ boat from race?

    Scarcely a problem these days when so many use IT scoring programs that recalculate after every race as a matter of course. With most systems it would be considerably harder *not* to recalculate the DNCs.
  8. Square heads

    My imaginary dream IC rig had a level deck back to the front of the sliding seat and both jib and the front part of the main deck sweeping. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way to implement it without hideous compromises in other areas that killed more than was cured.
  9. Square heads

    I always felt the Park Lane boom was a bit small to get much benefit in proportion to the sail. Julian's comment about pressure differential is interesting. Its a concept I've never thought much about, but it makes complete sense that different boats vary. The question is why, and also how much do sloop rigs change things. There must be significant differences between a sloop rig where the foredeck endplates, one where the foredeck is a bit more open and the worst case, the catamarans. I wonder if Cat folks are considering whether their chute/snuffer things have potential for endplating jibs. The other thing I'd be interested to hear opinions on are the weight tradeoffs. When you look at those extreme 18 rigs it seems to me that you've got big heavy battens and stiffer and thus heavier mast up where it does most harm. Are the numbers likely to be significant? Trouble is the 18 rigs are now as rule influenced as anything on the planet, there aren't many pure design rigs left - if indeed there can be such a thing. It would be interesting if someone could figure out a way of closing the deck gap that could be opened out for manouvers/handling. After all there are classes where the one design sail no longer fits the boat due to increasing mast rake, so they have to release the kicker to tack, so presumably releasing something else to tack would be feasible...
  10. Square heads

    My understanding is that the big challenge is the need for it to operate on either tack. These things have pros and cons, but you'll notice they are all asymmetrical. a sailboat rig needs to be symmetrical, so there has to be an almost useless drag creating plate on the wrong side as well as the useful one on the right side. Then when you add to that that most classes will require them to be measured in as sail area and factor in the effects of twist then it seems to me it will take someone very clever indeed to make it work. In addition there's much lower hanging fruit at the other end of the sail which is commonly an aero disaster area. Even that's subject to tradeoffs. Convinced about FBs evaluation of the "cuff" at the bottom of the 49er sail, I made a detachable one for the bottom of my IC rig to clean up that area and get the aero interactions. It lasted about two races. It meant that I couldn't see the jib clew, which in turn completely psyched me out about jib settings and trim, which I regard as crucial. It so distracted me from the task of sailing the boat better that it seemed to me it was doing more harm than good to my race performance. Probably that could have been addressed somehow, but I never managed to get round to doing it. Of course we're now seeing a lot of attention to that area on Moths, and previously on the Cs.
  11. Youth evolution in sailing

    No, their parents do...
  12. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Its gone awfully quiet... Have they managed to patch things up?
  13. FP Lawyer up bro

    So, were the protest committee all lawyered up and everything or was it only Mr Witt? In other words did he choose to bring a gun to a handbag fight? I suppose we've all got the right to spend $40,000 in paying lawyers to attend every misconduct hearing we might be involved in if we so desire, and it would probably be wrong to prohibit it.
  14. Most clubs would say that their safety boats are there to mind every club member who's out there sailing. We were all beginners once. If you persistently go out in conditions which you can't handle and monopolise the safety boat then they might have a little word, but as long as you are sensible... Check with the club secretary or whoever if you like, but that would be conventional policy.
  15. Well I dunno, I've capsized a Vortex. It don't recall it being a big deal to get upright again. You just had to figure it out and do it steadily. The big thing about all the stability is that its pretty reluctant to blow straight over again which is the biggest irritation with singlehanders. I don't, however, recommend trying to do the "wild thing" downwind in one which was how I contrived to make it fall over in the first place. Leave the kite in the bag and I reckon it should be a reasonable training platform. The other thing to do is to see if you can invoke the assistance of a second person for early trips. There is room for a second body for coaching purposes. I certainly don't think there's a more suitable platform for entry level trapeze helming However the one thing that makes me ponder a bit is experience and venue. On a nice docile lake I'd be inclined to say have a go, but if you're going to sail on Southampton water which kicks up a bit and has serious tides and shipping maybe I'm thinking that an intermediate stage would be good and get a few months in a sub trapeze boat before going on to the wire. (Michele - the "wild thing" is a technique used by very advanced level Catamaran sailors of sailing the boat downwind with some or all crew weight on the lee side so that only one hull is in the water. The Vortex is too narrow for it to work).