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  1. Old fireball proctor mast trapeze issue.

    WD 40 would not be my lubricant of choice. To say the least. Assuming its old school plastic running on metal then a PTFE spray would be a better bet.
  2. C-Class Little Cup news

    I suppose the thing that most struck me about the Cs, after attending the event at Falmouth, was that really each boat requires a substantial team. In the development dinghies I used to sail the two of you were enough to rig the boat, put it away, repair it etc and the shore facilities required were minimal. The Cs really like having 4 or 5 people at least to rig them, they require covered wind proof accomodation on the shore, its all a lot more difficult. Its much more like motorsport where at any kind of high level the team is much more than just the competitors. I'm not sure an awful lot of this goes away if you scaled down to say B class. So to me a big question is how is it where can a culture change come from to have teams of more than the actual active sailors.
  3. Old fireball proctor mast trapeze issue.

    Is it just me Steve, or are the Fireball rules rather flexible on shroud attachment height? Seems to me that he can put T terminal plates in the (enlarged) holes where the shrouds exited the mast, and replace the tube and then put a bolt through for trapeze attachments and all will be legit. I would make sure that the tube is replaced so that the bolt can't crush the mast section. http://www.fireball-international.com/media/3569/2015 - IFCR.pdf
  4. If you go to the RYA PYonline site maps page - http://www.pyonline.org.uk/map-clubs.php - you can zoom in on an area and see which clubs in the area particpate in the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick racing, which in practice means active dinghy racing clubs.
  5. A case against colored lines?

    If looks are the number one priority on your boat then go ahead, make all the lines the same colour.
  6. Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    To my knowledge the RYA system has only ever had evolutionary change. I don't ever recall hearing of anything like the first boat in class only analysis that I've heard said is used in the US. I must say that sounds very eccentric to me. If anyone at US PY is reading this, your opposite number at the RYA would be Bas Edmonds. I'm sure you could have a very productive dialogue with him. If I were in charge of rejuvenating US PY? I'd talk to the RYA about their PY online system. As well as producing national level data it also gives clubs some analysis of their own data. Uploading data is usually done directly from results programs without analysis at the club side, so may not be too onerous depending on how well the classes etc are recorded. It is improving steadily. The clubs would be getting some value immediately from the analysis side. If clubs can be persuaded to upload their race data then there will start to be some fresh data that can be used alongside the legacy system, so numbers reflect what is coming from both sources. This would probably be a manual process, but not that much worse that what happens now. After a few years there would hopefully be enough data flowing through the on line system that it would dominate the data, and the old system would gradually tail off. The RYA is thinking about pulling the plug on old style returns now - they are down to single figures I think. The big question is whether there is enough handicap racing in the US for a statistically based system to work. If not its a bit trickier. We're of the opinion over here that a measurement based system is not possible at the current state of the art. The catamarans are a bit easier.
  7. Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    Good luck with getting a complete rating table that is completely accurate (even if you know what accurate is) and that sailors acknowledge is fair to all. That's kinda like social justice and equality. You just have to do the best you can. The RYA Portsmouth system stores data for all the catamaran classes that are reported to it, not to mention many dozens of other classes and configurations that don't get a published number. Don't confuse what is published with what is recorded. Numbers are only published if there's enough reasonable quality data to be happy that the numbers are sufficiently representative of the active fleets out in the clubs for the numbers to be useful to the clubs. If SCHRS is used and the results not entered into the RYA database then there's a bit of a downward spiral there. Worth noting that RYA PY is simply a representation of the observed performance of the active fleets out in the clubs. This is achievable. People get very hung up on thinking (and older PY documentation is guilty of this too) that there is such a thing as a perfect performance, and handicaps should reflect the relative speed of boats if sailed perfectly. Apart from anything else, this is a statistical nonsense. You cannot really find outliers with statistics. But what you can do is look at what is really happening. The other dodgy area is when people start talking about skill levels and variations between fleets. It might become possible to evaluate that in the future with enough data, I don't know, but its pretty much impossible now. But the main thing is its better to do as good a job as you can with the possible, and produce something that works bearably, rather than aim at the stars when you can't get there. Better to drive around in a truck and actually travel than end up as a crater where the launch pad used to be.
  8. I'm pretty sure that, over here at least, if the sale of the boat doesn't make the sum of the bill you are still responsible for the balance.
  9. "Elitism"

    Is that the problem? In the US you were building yacht clubs, while in Brit and Aus we were building sailing clubs? With no lead mines and whatever budget building could be managed, in the early days often by the members' own hands?
  10. J70, cheating and pros

    Perhaps because I've seen *all* the inside information for a similar incident in another class and so know first hand that there can be wildly different levels of culpability. The CA clearly believes there are vastly different levels of culpability in this case too, otherwise they wouldn't be handing out a two year ban to one person and a "be more careful in future" warning to others.
  11. opti's (sic) rule

    Yeah, but that's like saying paratyphoid is no worse than typhoid...
  12. opti's (sic) rule

    Which is why any kind of competitive racing should be prohibited until the kids are old enough to say shut up Dad/Mom/Whatever you're embarassing me.
  13. opti's (sic) rule

    Precisely. And by the time the kids have reached 15 they've sailed is some of the biggest events they're ever going to do, they've sailed in as many different countries and international events as they're ever going to do, there's nothing to look forward to unless one of the tiny minority that goes to the Olympics. Been there done that for a lifetime sport at the age of 15. If I ruled the world I'd ban international events for junior and youth classes and heavily restrict travel radius even for National events.
  14. J70, cheating and pros

    So from what you are saying it sounds as if the class got in a mess because "everyone knew" the first boat (or boats) was illegal, but no-one had the balls to protest. Unsurprising then if other owners decided it couldn't be as illegal as all that. So the moral of this sad tale is to follow the rules and protest, not bitch pathetically behind the scenes or after the event.