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  1. JimC

    Flying Dutchman cradle dimensions

    The FD rules do contain a lines drawing and a table of offsets, so if you have time and want to make a proper cradle for a dolly all the info is there. I would think centred about 12 ft back from the bow, about a foot front to back, and don't forget to allow for the thickest artificial grass you can buy as padding.
  2. JimC

    Who’s responsible for class rules?

    It depends... Ultimately the Class association is responsible, however they may have written into their constitution that designer and builder(s) also have a say. If they are an International class then ISAF gets a say. Naturally, even if the builder doesn't have a formal say its usually sensible to have the builder on board. After all if you change the rules to something they don't want to build then what happens? Builder and designer may own various IP rights that the CA can't operate without too.
  3. It works when I'm logged in. I had to reset my password to get in though and the process was rather more tiresome than I'd have hoped.
  4. JimC

    Racing Rules of Sailing, poster

    The colour coding is correct if it signifies which boat has Right of Way. The leeward overtaking boat still has right of way once she is overlapped, even though she is restricted from sailing above her proper course.
  5. JimC

    DC Designs

    Another advantage of the trunk rudder is that you don't have to go nearly so far aft to put it in. If you are a "more substantial" sailor then the extra foot or so means the stern sinks a fair amount under you, which in turn means you don't need to be in such deep water to put it in or take it out. Alternatively, if you put the rudder on before climbing on the boat, not having to go so far back makes it easier to keep the bow into the wind.
  6. JimC

    Racing Rules of Sailing, poster

    The current rule set is laid out in a very considered manner. Part 2 - the "When boats meet" part that everyone racing should understand is in 3 sections. Section A, Rules 10 - 13, governs who has Right of Way. Section B, Rules 14-17, is a set of rules that limit what a Right of Way boat may do out on the water in general. Section C, Rules 18-20, is a further set of limitations on what a Right of Way boat may do that apply near marks and obstructions. Basically if you have right of way you may sail where you like, subject to the limitations on you in sections B and C. If you don't have right of way you must give way to a boat that does.
  7. > What am I missing? Red and Green shows which boat has right of way, so colours swap as ROW changes. Windward is ahead of leeward, and as clear ahead has ROW. Leeward establishes an overlap from behind so now has ROW, but is not permitted to sail above proper course. Red has not come up to windward of green.
  8. JimC

    Crazy weight reductions stories

    I heard recently of a boat which had 30lbs of lead replacing foam in the core each side of the keel...
  9. JimC

    Someone has been naughty!

    I suspect its possibly foolishness. Its clear that there's a common perception in at least some sections of elite sport that you have to go to the utmost limits of what the rules permit to win. Just look at the fuzzy borders between illegal drugging, food supplements, therapeutic exemptions etc. Then look at the number of people posting in this thread who have trouble fully grasping the difference between SMOD rules and measured rules. Add to that various exemptions for experimental parts that seem to have been around the Nacras. I have an acquaintance who I understand (tho we haven't talked about it) dropped out of the Nacra scene because they foresaw that the foil development was going to be a considerable pain in the neck (and they had a very good job offer). Put it all together, hypothesise a driven personality, a healthy measure of self deception and some muddled thinking about what ought to be allowed and I can imagine someone letting themselves drift way over the line and not being altogether consciously aware that they've done it.
  10. JimC

    Someone has been naughty!

    People forget the Laser has had that rule for the last 200,000 boats and is it 40 years? Its not a new concept.
  11. JimC

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    The other thing you have to consider is that builders stop building a class when it stops selling. So what has changed since that class stopped selling that is going to make it start selling again?
  12. JimC

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    Not necessarily. The PC must make as fair a decision as possible for everyone. Tossing the race is rarely that. TBH by the sound of things appropriate redress would be to score all boats in their finishing places. I don't see anything in the OP that suggests the places would have been any different if the RC had called the shorten course correctly.
  13. JimC

    Someone has been naughty!

    That would actually be a foolish thing to do. As soon as you publish measurements you are effectively giving a carte blanche to optimise towards those measurements. The whole point of the SMOD system is that the measurers can measure anything they like against the pack, and if a boat is outside the pack its toast. Given published measurements there is a defense of "I comply with the published measurements". There is no such defense against "we found a measurement that was different from all the others". But its a hard thing to get your head round if you come from a background in measurement rule classes.
  14. JimC

    Someone has been naughty!

    Its the standard rule set for single manufacturer boats. You buy them from the one builder and don't touch them. If you don't buy them from the one builder or do touch them its cheatiing.
  15. JimC

    Someone has been naughty!

    Its not a measurement controlled class, so things like that aren't specified, you simply aren't allowed to alter them - even if supplied wrong! The conventional way to check these things in such classes is to measure a good number of boats and establish what the range is. Note that a measurer can pick any dimension on any component to check, she/he isn't restricted to listed components. That was done in this case, and for the picked measurement all the boats were within 0.5mm of each other, except the one, which was 4.5mm greater. Bang, I greatly fear, to rights.