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  1. Build a dinghy first by all means. Apart from anything else its affordable and doesnt take up space, and youll probably need one. But dont spend too much time agonising over what order you're going to do things after. Cross each bridge when you get to it. After all you may find you don't like boat building that much...
  2. 1937 Olympic **Canoe Sailing** !! That's a new one on me!
  3. Think you'll find that rule isn't in the ISAF book anymore. It got dropped, as I recall, because it was too difficult to define what a safe trapeze harness was. There might be a rule in your NA prescriptions or even national law I suppose.
  4. It shouldn't be impossible to find a similarly sized boat that has a scrap hull for minimal money. This would be an ideal source of all the bits you need. Until one turns up suggest just using it for rowing!
  5. Conventionally one of these:- https://www.westmarine.com/buy/sea-sure--rudder-retaining-clips--P011020104?recordNum=1 Fastened onto the transom above the top fitting so that the fitting on the rudder is held in place by it, and then you push it in to lift the rudder off. The cheaper metal one is probably the right choice. Another point. There should be a groove on the back of your mast, and the rope on the front of the sail should be fed into it so that the rope is in the groove all the way up. You'll find the sail works much better like that.
  6. The jury being discharged is the end for this trial. See http://ukcriminallawblog.com/what-happens-if-juries-cant-agree/ The case could be dropped or there could be another trial. 'course I have no idea how reliable that blog is.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40609661
  8. There must be hundreds of sailmakers who would make you a new kite for the 59er. Its just that you won't get one off the shelf, but so what. Hand over the old kite, and say you want one like that was when new.
  9. You can't change part 2 rules in the SIs. But if the line *between* the buoys is the continuing obstruction, do you need to? Brass is the man for this stuff, but would you be better describing the obstruction as a zone bounded by the marks and two points on shore?
  10. Its not strictly necessary to protest every boat that may have broken a rule, as long as there's a valid protest the PC really ought to invoke 60.3a2 to protest any other boats involved in the incident that may have broken a rule. Obviously it makes things easier if every boat that may be a party is listed. I do find it surprising that there's no mention in the facts found of Pronto versus Awl Wrench. They appear to have decided that Awl Wrench left sufficient room for Pronto and Kodachrome to get round the mark and give Rowdy mark room without breaking any rules, which isn't how the diagram looks.
  11. Approaching the *leeward* mark??
  12. Much more important, arguably, is epoxy versus polyester. Kevlar has some significant advantages, and one big drawback, but carbon is better in almost every respect and now affordable, which is why you don't see much Kevlar.
  13. Mmm, but Case 63: "At a mark, when space is made available to a boat that is not entitled to it, she may, at her own risk, take advantage of the space." I agree that it doesn't look as if Blue was setting up to make a legal rounding, and a lot's going to depend on the evidence, but with mauve/purple/red creating such comprehensive chaos I'd be inclined to believe a credible story from her victims.
  14. Presumably the prohibition of sticking your nose in. AIUI under vanilla RRS19 if you can stick your nose in and get an inside overlap you are entitled to room, but if its a continuing obstruction you are not.
  15. Seems to me that if you're going to disqualify anyone other than mauve/red then you have to demonstrate that those boats had an alternative with Mauve/Red steaming in. If we take position 3 - or maybe about 2.9: Blue will argue that it was still possible for her to luff across Green's stern to give green mark room, and that it was likely at this stage Red/Mauve would break a rule, which although she is not *required* to anticipate she is not prevented from so doing. Naturally if she takes avoiding action which breaks a rule and Red does not then go on to break the rule she is in trouble, but maybe better that than T boned. Yellow will argue that she could have taken black's stern or nipped between black and the mark if Blue hadn't been forced into her. That might have resulted in a position 4 like this, in which no rule is broken. You can imagine Mauve somewhere outside Blue if you like:-) Black and Green are unchanged.
  16. Red penalised for sure. I'd be inclined to exonerate Blue on the grounds that the chaos Red was creating left very few options, and if Red had not been charging in she might somehow have been able to manage to give everyone their mark room. Astonishingly harsh to penalise black, anyone's mark rounding might be a little less than precise with that massive clusterf*** coming up behind. And had black been closer to the mark it would have made next to no difference. What should black have done differently? Most likely her wide mark rounding had a lot to do with the bunch of idiots coming in fast with no mark room.
  17. Its a pretty reasonable assumption that if black had been overlapped with any boats when she entered the zone the model would have shown it. She's not overlapped with anything at position 1, and it would require her to have come into the zone at a considerable angle to her subsequent course for an overlap to exist. If that had been the case any sane PC would have included it in the diagram.
  18. Oh I agree, I was thinking of a Case 63 situation where Yellow wouldn't be breaking any rules by nipping between Black and the mark >> Green has not given anyone room to clear Black, although only Yellow has mark room. > The rules don’t provide anyone with an entitlement to ‘room to clear’ another boat. > As I’ve said, G is giving B ample room, if it were not for R being in the middle there. > Specifically what rule might G have broken, and how? The way I was thinking is that it would be perfectly reasonable for Yellow to take Black's transom in order to give mark room to Black. Even though there's potentially room for Yellow to turn inside Black I'm not sure that Yellow must. She is, after all ROW boat and may pass the obstruction (black) on either side. From the model I wasn't convinced that Green had left enough space for Yellow to comply with her Part 2 obligations, even if Red and Blue hadn't been there. But Green can argue that if it hadn't been for Red and Blue failing to give Mark room to Yellow she would easily have been able to give Yellow room, and as you say, by position 4 it can be argued that no matter what she wanted to do Yellow isn't going to be able to go behind black. I'd also be interested in contact, since the need to balance Red 4 on top of Black 3 may lose accuracy. The other thing is that it must have been clear to Green from position three that Blue was not giving mark room, and soon after that Red was not giving mark room either, so turning towards the mark in position 4 was a potential breach of rule 14. Its odd that in position 3 she has gone slightly wide, presumably due to the imminent chaos inside her, but at position 4 has closed up again. >> Blue will claim that Red piling in made it impossible for her to give mark room to Green without getting T boned, and may get exonerated if she's lucky > I don’t follow: B is nearly 1 BL away from G, and jammed up with Bl and Y and the mark, while G goes round the outside: > How is B not giving G the room she wants? The way I see it, if you take Red out of it, between position 2 and 3 Blue needed to luff up and perhaps slow down and take Greens transom in order to give Green mark room to sail much closer to Yellow. Otherwise she is not giving Green room to sail her course. But I think Blue would claim that she could see Red coming in, and it was very clear Red was not going to give mark room, so Rule 14 required Red to hold her course and become overlapped inside Green, even though she had no mark room.
  19. Try again... At Position 1: Black is in zone clear ahead of Yellow, green, Red, blue. Everyone owes Black mark room At Position 2 Yellow and Blue are overlapped Green is in the zone and overlapped with Yellow, Green owes Yellow mark room. Red owes Green mark room Green is in the zone and clear ahead of blue. Blue owes Green mark room Red is clear behind everyone At position 3 Yellow and Blue are in the zone and reached it clear ahead of Red. Blue owes Yellow mark room. Red owes everyone mark room Black has taken a wide mark rounding At position 4. Yellow has not been given mark room by Blue Yellow has not fouled Black (?yet?) due to wide rounding Blue has not given Black mark room, and is inside Green but owes Green mark room. Blue has not given Green mark room. Green may have contacted Red. Red has not given anyone mark room Green has not given anyone room to clear Black, although only Yellow has mark room. Red failed to give mark room to anyone and is penalised Yellow contacts Blue but is exonerated if there's no damage Blue claims she failed to give mark room to Yellow due to Red and is exonerated. Blue will claim that Red piling in made it impossible for her to give mark room to Green without getting T boned, and may get exonerated if she's lucky Green will claim that if it were not for Red and Blue Yellow had room to pass either inside Black or behind Black and so was given mark room. She would have to be extremely lucky to get exonerated. If she contacted Red and there was no damage she may get exonerated.
  20. or possibly some treated it as a mark and others didn't, hence confusion...
  21. > already exist is not a precedent we want to set. Doesn't set a precedent does it. It all depends on the circumstances of the individual situation. I don't see how 19.2c applies: the overlap was made before the boats reached the obstruction. The rules make no mention of zones for continuing obstructions, one must assume deliberately so. In the UK see RYA Case 1968/11. So the PC must decide whether in this case A (and B ) were able to give room when the overlap began. If A was able to give room and failed to they should be penalised. If A was not able to give room then C is not exonerated for breaking the SI and should be penalised. This will doubtless depend on (amongst other factors) whether the boats were travelling at ten boat lengths per second or one boat length per minute.
  22. It all depends on the circumstances really... And this is what a good local PC should know. Are we talking about an experienced crew trying to game the system, or is this just an entry level crew who declared NS with the wind whistling through the rigging on the way out to the start, but, when they got to the windward mark, maybe with the wind having diminished a bit, thought, that, this doesn't look too bad and it would be a shame to dog it down this long leg without the kite. I think the SIs need clarifying to say you can't undeclare NS, but if this was a tail end crew thinking "hey it will be more fun to put the kite up after all" that's one thing, but if its a front of fleet crew trying to game the handicaps for competitive advantage that's quite another.
  23. I imagine the idea when the SIs were written was that entry level crews who were frightened of setting the kite in strong winds would still go sailing, and it didn't occur to them that people might attempt to game the system for competitive advantage...
  24. It doesn't really matter what rule you protest someone under, you can list any rule you like. Its down to the PC to sort out what rule if any was broken. I'm with Pete_nj, SIs don't seem to prohibit changing from NS to S partway through the race, so accept it this time and change the SIs.
  25. Standard boat dolly wheels are also standard wheelbarrow wheels...