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  1. amtdys

    Keel strike

    I know the KP triangle well, and have watched lots of people run hard aground at the stepping stone lighthouse. This was actually coming straight out of little neck bay on the way to city island for EBYRA. Made sure I was first boat in the water this year because my wife is due with our first in early July, so any sailing I get in this year will be in the next few weeks. There goes that plan. Don’t think it was mud because the strike was hard and loud. I’m blaming a boat that I just learned went missing/presumed sunk to the north of the Bayside mooring field. Guess we’ll see...
  2. amtdys

    Keel strike

    Motoring to Wednesday night beer can race tonight, and passed an isolated buoy on my way out of the bay. Thought to myself, ‘that’s kinda weird’ right before the boat came to a dead stop (luckily no crew injuries except my upper lip). No more forward motion so I put the engine in reverse but that didn’t work either - seemed to be hung up and pivoting on something. Heeled the boat to starboard and then to port and finally came free. No grinding noises to suggest rocks; no slow progress to suggest that I was stuck in the mud. Now I need to get hauled out and inspected. Fingers crossed. Feeling awfully stupid.
  3. amtdys

    Surveyor in CT Gary is extremely professional and does an incredibly thorough job.
  4. amtdys

    Laser sailing

    Just married a Texan and may be moving to Austin within a few years. Have been stalking the Texas Centerboard Circuit thread for a while in anticipation and am thrilled with what I've read so far.
  5. amtdys

    Laser sailing

    They had about 14 racers last season divided between full and radial rigs. Everyone starts together but they are scored separately. FB page here:
  6. amtdys

    Laser sailing

    From what I understand, frostbiting at Cedar Point has probably the most boats on the line and the best competition. Unfortunately for those like me who live in Manhattan and don't have a car, it can be a challenge to get to. Huguenot YC in New Rochelle has a growing frostbiting program which races every Sun from October through March. It's a 20 min train ride on Metro North from Grand Central (less if you leave from 125th St station) and cabs from the New Rochelle station to the club are about $5. Manhasset Bay YC on LI (also fairly easy to get to by train - about 40 min from Penn) frostbites interclubs and Ideal 18s. At one point they had a few lasers on the line but not sure whether that's still the case. Lots of District 8 folks go out to Seawanhaka YC in Oyster Bay, but for me, it's a little too far.
  7. amtdys

    Laser sailing

    Where in the Northeast are you? Check out the district website for wherever you live to look at its regatta schedule. Here's the site for district 8: And that doesn't include frostbiting all winter!
  8. amtdys

    Tactical compass recommendations for a dinghy

    I use the carbon parts tactical compass ( It's made for use on a laser, but could probably be mounted on any dinghy provided there's some real estate on the deck. Only one number to remember for headers/lifts on port/starboard tack, but also regular compass headings on horizontal scale to detect line bias, for wind shots, etc. Plus it looks sexy.