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  1. Shop not taking more business, thanks though. When current group is done, party is over. Thanks.
  2. We were measured yesterday to "protect" us and make sure we were not accidentally cheating. Learned something. The keel in it's current position, 2" below sump, is the correct position. Dirty Harry's keel has been short by 2" for years. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Dirty Harry was the boat measured against Hustler, making Hustler's keel spot on but longer than DH hence the notion Hustler keel is deep.........
  3. Knock it off and learn to play nice.
  4. John, Ancient history. Looking forward to laughing about it over coffee and glass dust. I did get an earful on the way to and from Cleveland picking up that Melges 32. Figures, the old guy in the crowd (me) was the biggest jerk........sorry about all of that. Bring the boat, we'll try to find space inside. Just need to be able to get a couple of Melges 24's ready for Charleston which puts one of the bigger boats outside and it cannot be DH.The 24's have their own storage space in the back room and stay inside, heated. Seriously, I will feel better if we can help out in any way. I don't think the work is great, just as complete as possible. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. Deleted by accident trying to edit. John Esposito. Please save the boat and hide it in Bristol. Bring your broken Bike parts. We can work something out.
  6. This thread is just about the boat.
  7. Come take a look any time you like. (mine was a mounted cop in Central Park in the late40's/early50's, know the dismay thing well...somewhere along the line people figured out running to him was the best way to back me down)
  8. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNOQKOpJEk-azvNS5AzmYn0HtT63LLPRTIrPLraz8WRL2xFqWrutViAlGG3JTb5HQ?key=d0habnRxRDdxbkhESjFlSE1hU0wwLXFGOHlEU2Fn Some of the damage was caused by water alone. Some of the damage is the result of foam core and epoxy resin. Some of the damage is filler that did not bond to the epoxy. Some of the damage is the result of sloppy work from below deck. To be fair it had to be absolutely stink glassing upside down alone. This may be the reason for large areas with no glass at all on the core, just putty and paint. The compound on the keel was saturated 410. I think 410 may be above the waterline only........ We used vinylester resin and 3/4 oz mat to bond core over suspect areas that may have been epoxy resin. There are thermal rates of expansion to deal with and in the case of Dirty Harry, epoxy failed everywhere it was used.
  9. If there are pictures, like before and after, would love to see them. This is the type of project where I always learn something. It's threads like this that make SA worth visiting. I'll work on it but will be a google Album. Just viewed the first few and it is actually quite amazing how close Dirty Harry was to dumpster heaven. There are hundreds of photos so far. One thing will be quite obvious and interesting as you see the progression. The boat had been extensively repaired some time ago. Incorrect core, resin etc. I'll explain some of this if you are really interested. Dirty Harry is truly a classroom of sorts.
  10. Thanks John! Jack's brother Josh was there with Jack, never stopped for three days. He spent hours on the bottom of the sump and top of keel. Both were shocking bad. The aft keelboat has some decay that may have become an issue if we hadn't done this. Thinking late April for hardware. Those full length tracks go on after hull color, before nonskid, probably hardest part of the restoration. Day two they could no longer smell the styrene............ We are all excited now, the boat is tired of being in the dust factory. Talked about using same color as Jack's Farr, baltoplate bottom and some Dirty Harry inspired graphics.
  11. Came apart easily. Shop heated night and day for the boats. 40 at night, 50 during day. Almost too warm to work but heat is needed for proper curing. Thermostat at ground level, boats get direct heat blown on them around 65 degrees. They got all the core done on the deck and glassed the difficult starboard quarter. Jack finished working the sheer and found one last bad spot at the stem. We can now say the boat was toast from stem to stern. Before the crying game starts I'll address the reason for the separation. The sump was altered, poorly. The sump is heavily damaged. The sump can only be repaired with keel pulled away. The sump shows signs of original gel coat forward of first keel bolt. We will adjust the sump to the forward height/depth. There is no need to increase depth or add a lead shoe. Fairing the keel and sump is key. Those keel and rudder offsets are a nice reference but not needed. We are going to fair what is there. Try to resist the armchair commentator thing if you (those who opine without a clue) do not do this every day for a living, such as it is. Great fun having an owner (and his sibling(s))get so involved and see his progress on the boat. Makes my job (such as it is)so much easier and I did not have to pay him. I was their helper for the weekend.
  12. No matter how long, they would be well worth the wait. Coolest boat I ever owned. All of the boat's parts are amazing. Doug Lord's work should not be shrugged off so quickly.
  13. Search for a drop forged eye bolt with the proper thread. www.kenforging.com
  14. Thanks John!!! Jack, his brothers and friend were on the job last few days. Boat really turned the corner. Great fun seeing another boat's crew get as deeply involved, makes such a difference as you know. Bill, thanks for stopping by and checking the boat out. His brothers' efforts to remove the full length tracks paid off when Jack was done sanding years of repairs. Somewhere under that washboard mess was the original sheer and it now looks awesome! The 32 is not really for sale. Cannot let it leave with keel trunk and hull/water issues. Repairs will have to wait until late spring when customer boats are gone.
  15. [quote Peter - are you working at the shop this week? I can stop by and take a look at Dirty Harry if you are. Yes Bill.