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  1. I retract none of that. Willing to edit some of the other info. Have never been less proud of an extreme effort for a less deserving soul. Compare photos of the masts, tip locations and then add the significant weight aloft. Old rig had three heavy doublers screwed the entire length of mast. Mast is in sections now, not a single issue, just heavy and no bend. Just saying the boat should get the boot or a significant hit. There was clear intent to deceive and no reason for it. They managed to change Sailboatdata deleted old data for current. Certs are a joke.
  2. Hey John if you are in Newport swing by the shop and say hello, check out the dumpy dust factory. I'll show you where the secret weapon shit is hidden. We can measure and weigh the mast that arrived with the California boat. We can discuss in detail what went into Details and the incredible pack of lies the owner tossed around as the boat was being repaired. I think you might find it interesting. I was told to hide keels, keel shoes and anything YOU might be interested in, from " the Hustler spy" Sailman. Spirit of competition, my ass! He has been used as an unsuspecting pawn, don't hate him for being star struck. That bullshit chasing after J29 immersion info is fuktup, particularly since they swapped masts with huge weight delta's aloft. You are right about one thing, nobody will do a thing about it. I was actually told to "be careful!" Nut sacks have no idea how little I care about the warning. Was it a warning or threat? Hoping it was a threat, nothing would be more fun than standing toe to toe with that lying sack of shit...... If "he" denies doing it, he's a liar And I become very unsalable around pathological liars.........(hehe, he's gonna find out real fast how stable I am.) Call me, nothing worries the flock more than us being buds.............
  3. https://goo.gl/photos/2cgNzRG2ymm8bGkA6 Straps give you more control. Lift the boat and remove trailer, lower keel to padding on the ground. Maybe onto a rolling cart if floor allows. Lift boat off keel and decide where you want to do the delrin fitting. The delrins will not fit your keel, they need to be trimmed. I shave them with carbide razor blades. You may be able to get away with using the unbroken top delrin, it's just a spacer. Change broken one. If you are changing horizontal foil delrins you will need to change the vertical guides, fill existing holes and redrill new holes, current guides most likely off by 1/4" which blocks keel from fully seating. This process is daunting but done correctly yields a tight keel fit. You need to scribe the delrins, then trim to size. Over grinding will ruin them and cause keel to wobble. Don't force the delrins to fit, they will spread. Before installing and final fit of delrins check the keel coating. If you need to recoat, do it before fitting delrins Best fit is focus on first 1/4 of keel from leading edge aft. It's best to make this fit tight but leave a slight gap on remaining cord. The vertical delrins register the aft half of keel and locates leading edge. Leading edge controls keel wobble. Dry fit all delrins with keel out of boat, do not trim vertical delrins yet, they are long. Put bottom delrin on keel and trop to the bulb. Install keel, install bottom delrin. Lower and fully seat keel. Scribe vertical delrins, lift keel, pull vertical delrins, trim and install with sealant. When old parts are off, lay keel on it's side and drain the water.........they all have water in them. Good time to inspect the kelp cutter. Do it all once keel is out.
  4. Search for a drop forged eye bolt with the proper thread. www.kenforging.com
  5. Does anyone still use open cell core??? If you are going to ride the horse hard and put it away wet, you are going have a shortened shelf life. Same as it ever was and ever shall be..... It is simple, they did not fill the kerfs. Nothing to do with open or closed cell foam. This is nothing new. Have a feeling you would be shocked how much water the 24's are holding. Giving that dipshit another boat will not cure the open kerf issue. Since you like the way back machine news I'll throw one at you. When we built the Ultimate 30 Whale the hull was what we thought heavy. I was certain it was due to filled kerfs and a subcontractor from Noank Shipyard who loaded the boat with high build primer. We immediately started a shop boat thinking we were sailing for big dollars and knew how to shed weight. Did we deliberately use the sub knowing he would add weight, yes! Winning is winning and sailing for money was gloves off. I subcontracted the build of hull #2 and decided to fair the core and avoid the Norris shit pile approach. Another decision was to leave the kerfs open to save weight. Whale hull weighed 500 lbs. hull #2 weighed 385 lbs, same single skin S glass laminate. Get to Corpis for the '88 event late. For some reason a couple of 470 Olympic brothers were asked to sail the boat (uber dipshits) and on first sail proceeded to sail into the tightly packed spectator fleet with 12' draft and wide racks too large to pass the first boat. First panic tack in 10 kts and we capsized and swamped. Boat was a total slug, not limited to helm and sails. Back in Ct it was being modified for an Midwest event. Cut a bulkhead out and water began spraying out of the core. The boat was toast. Water got into the core through the single skin where it was not coated which was the entire boat below cockpit. The only way to get the water out of this type of wet core short of re-skinning is using gravity. To properly use gravity the boat would need to be on quite a pivot arm able to rotate and tumble the boat, treating the water like a Teeter Ball game which is not likely to happen anywhere. Drawing the swamp still leaves debris behind, salt, mold conditions as air replaces moisture........
  6. Duratec products are air dry, no need to add wax or cover with pva.
  7. Duratec Hi Gloss 904-040 clear mixed 30-40%, thinned with MEK will easily pass through a preval and flow nicely needing less color sanding. Min quantity Duratec 904-040 is one gallon and short shelf life once open. MEK is a great reducer, the mix reacts well to it. Duratec makes a Duralaq thinner for the product, not lacquer. The Duratec/gel coat mix yields an awesome sprayed topcoat. The stuff is volitile and requires frequent full gun cleaning for large areas.
  8. I hear ya Sloop. Most of it does have the flavor of copy and paste though and I have never seen confirmation he has hands on knowledge which is far more reliable than lab testing or reading tech sheets. Agreed some of his stuff is very useful and correct. I am extremely guilty of angry retorts based on my arrogant feelings I know best at the time. Getting older and being badged bitter old man sucks ass, particularly when the younger generations are becoming puddle brains. Looking out for us aging knowitalls is all. When we're gone, it's over
  9. The big Lee bow ski, perhaps there is a way to convince people you are the know it all, done it all last voice of methods and materials you claim to be. Take any one of the topics you have been bloviating about. Go to your shop/lab and start the process. Show us your testing methods and results. Then give all an example of practical application using all samples/examples you tested in the environments and conditions they may endure. Videos help, pictures an absolute must. Include many pictures of you and the work you have personally done through the decades. This helps validate the very bold statements you've made. Include your name. Very difficult supporting your positions, many I may agree with, if there is no confirmation you actually know from hands on experiences. Pictures or it didn't happen sort of thing. Not slamming you, giving you the chance to validate yourself. Assaulting and insulting gets old, just add facts and photos and thank those who do not get it.
  10. Beautiful work, Peter! Where is your shop? Thank you for the compliment but I can take no credit for the boat. John, his dad Bill and friends did all the hard work, including 3 hours (if no traffic in PVD) travel time to and from the shop. I supplied the shop space and assistance from time to time. The boat was painted by Yacht Coatings Pete Conary from Warren RI. https://www.facebook.com/YACHTCOATINGS/photos/a.231568090240172.63389.231459336917714/231568143573500/ The shop is in Bristol, former Ocean Scout Marine. A bit of a filthy dust factory.
  11. The boat is very solid, structure was and is in great shape. Most of the glasswork on John's boat was related to deck core repair. Some glass was used to clean up keel bolt backing plate pockets (purely peace of mind and appearance) and some glass/bog to create a solid mating surface for the keel. Beautiful boat with a very loving new owner who will no doubt be the boat's perfect steward. Photos were loaded carelessly, start at page 10: http://s375.photobucket.com/user/Tynaje/library/Andrews%2030?sort=3&page=1
  12. Looks like a Ranger 37 parked next to it... more pics of that boat! http://s375.photobucket.com/user/Tynaje/library/Ranger%2037%20Resolute?sort=3&page=1 Slight moisture issues.
  13. My shop is in Bristol, RI The boat's very capable owner is putting everything back together at his home in CT. He managed to soda blast the bottom over the weekend. Very nice boat once he's done.
  14. I love cutting boats up but this was not a candidate. http://