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  1. Results After 3 race on day 1 of the Italian Nationals. http://myregata.it/en/2017/2/italian-moth-series
  2. Race 3 http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkyEPe8SKbg0Pg586UXf__MqojnxuBpIS
  3. http://www.sail-world.com/NZ/JJ-Giltinan-18fters---Magic-levers-keep-Yamaha-competitive-in-Race-2/152058 Magic happens
  4. 2017 JJ Giltinan John Winning AUS Skippering "Yandoo" 2017 JJ Giltinan Howie Hamlin USA Skippering "Harken" 2017 Rob Greenhalgh Skippered "compass global markets" for 2 races of the Australian Champions
  5. CQS has lost the tip of one their foils in the crash tack according to sail-world
  6. Click on the team profile tab http://www.18footers.com.au/sailing/pick-the-podium/ptp
  7. Close but no cigar. AOL killed them. Smeg second to win the NSW Championship and a very fast finishing Thurlow 3rd
  8. Highlights from race 2 nsw champs including THAT crash
  9. All of the manly 16ft skiff races are being filmed live this year. Head over to their YouTube channel. 16FootersTV. Great commentary from josh McKnight and others. Killo jumps on board for the club Championship races. This weekend it's Race 1 and 2 of the state championships hosted by Middle Harbour 16ft skiff club and will be live on YouTube from around 2:30 both days.
  10. Photograph by Chris Cameron Photography
  11. It's on again this Saturday
  12. Ragamuffin 100 is the last Australian hope to take out line honours but it isnt looking too good for Syd Fisher's 100 footer. We spoke to sailing master Dave Witt and he explained that they have had their fair share of problems. We broke the port daggerboard off and are currently sitting in a hole, Witt told the media over satellite phone. The daggerboard is gone, snapped off. When asked how this affected their performance he said they cant sail without it so are using the other one on both sides. We pulled the starboard daggerboard out, drilled a hole, turned it around and drop it in the other side, upside down, he explained. The damage happened when they were sitting just 8nm behind Comanche after dropping off a wave. Ragamuffin 100 is currently sitting in a hole with about 167nm to the finish. When asked about the weather he said, Not too bad, been on the nose since I can remember. But they are in zero wind. (We are) expecting a westerly and will make our way through a cloud line so should get out of it," Witt said. Certainly cant give up hope." If we can some how manage to get there we are quite quick in the light, he explained of their hopes to catch the leaders. Syd Fisher is doing well on board and was bunking down during the rough conditions earlier in the race. - Kimberley Wilmot/ Editor Australian Sailing Read more at http://www.mysailing.com.au/latest/ragamuffin-stuck-in-a-hole-after-losing-a-daggerboard#3LzuUXTyDf2RB8gq.99
  13. For a selection of EXTREME SAILING images taken from the camera cat on Sunday https://www.facebook.com/michael.chittenden.79