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  1. Worth emphasising that the deck is the most difficult complex and longest time to build individual component. They only had to replace about the last metre of the deck. The rest was fine. The shame was they couldn't recover the mast and keel. Keel fin and mast were both deliberately destroyed during the recovery effort. Pretty much everything else on the boat was salvaged and reused. Which is a lot of pretty expensive gear. The new hull included a huge amount of newly built internal components - like new keel box, bulkheads and the like. Structurally there is a lot of new boat. Thanks for clearing that up. Though never saw any footage of them dropping the rig on the reef.
  2. I thought that the Vestas was a new build. From the reports I saw, In the end they threw away the wreck as beyond repair and built a new boat? So not a Frankenboat.
  3. Had a quiet afternoon in the office, so just watched re-runs of AC finals in San Francisco 2013 on You Tube. Still fantastic racing and video footage. Can't believe that next AC will be as exciting as the AC72's. Plus the difficulty in trying to watch it. I have not actually managed to find any full replays of racing from Portsmouth & Gothenburg. Still, looking forward to the Vendee this winter.
  4. Well done Abu Dhabi. You've won a waste paper bin from Ikea.