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  1. Panoramix

    The Future of Propulsion

    I apologise for such an imperialistic approach to science, in France we use ordinary Arabic numbers for thermodynamic laws!
  2. Panoramix

    The Future of Propulsion

    As a cyclist, I don't think that modern cars are safer, I wouldn't like being hit by a SUV. With the extra mass and speed, the kinetic energy must not be that far off from an order of magnitude. The max is efficient because it is low and powered by a small engine, it is also efficient despite being cobbled together by an amateur in a garage and powered by a rather basic engine. If people were to take the habit of lying low in their car rather than sitting high up, car would be more efficient. By the way that was also part of the reason why old Citroens were so efficient for their time and a joy to drive. Now imagine if the "standard car" was Lotus Elise styled with a 2 or 3 cylinder engine rather than a SUV powered by a 6 cylinders. The 2 CV engine was really inefficient, I suspect a modern minimalist 2CV style car would be a lot more efficient as the vastly superior engine would make up for the extra weight of the safety features.
  3. Panoramix

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    I haven't done match races but I've sailed a bit before the "new rules" ( was that 1998?) and I remember that it could be a bit scary at times. If you remove rule 17, effectively you reinstate the mast abeam situation (that is you sneak from behind far enough to "push out" the other boat. i can understand why match racers like this, as they are all about tactics but in a fleet, I quite like to have a race that is more about strategy and anticipating wind and current.
  4. Panoramix

    The Future of Propulsion

    1st 2nd or 3rd?
  5. Panoramix

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Is she a living advert for Barbie dolls?
  6. Panoramix

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Exactly. On top of this without rule 17 racing rules would become contradictory to COLREGS (rule 13 d) whereas now they are mostly complementary. Although theoretically possible, I think that's bad because it would confuse some.
  7. Panoramix

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Yes but that's not enough to make somebody broach!
  8. For a small campaign, the easiest route IMHO is to have a positive story to tell that they can associate themselves with. Then tell them that you are going to associate them with the story through various means (internal newsletter, local papers, social media). Get someone from the team to do the communication, it is as important as getting you shit ready before a race. For the ROI, it is hard to justify unless you compare to the price of an ad in the local paper/Facebook etc... which isn't especially cheap. And you can tell them that a positive story has more impact than a paid for ad. The only properly sponsored boat I was involved with, the story was "Bunch of students build a 30 feet boat after lectures", it got the sponsor lot of exposure (one last page in Ouest-France ) and I honestly think that the sponsor got value for money as there was lot of chatter that lasted more than a year!
  9. Panoramix

    The Future of Propulsion

    Did I break some rule?
  10. Panoramix

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Good luck passing underneath in a OD fleet then breaking the overlap. Assuming that you've managed this, why would you want to luff the other boat? I'd just use my superiour speed to finish ahead! If you go underneath downwind, you are going to get stuck at some point in the shadow of the other boat, so some could be tempted to start a luffing match to force the other to broach but that's prohibited....
  11. Panoramix

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Are you the kind of guy who keeps shouting at everybody imaginary rules and end up disqualified afterward ? Rule 17 is applicable when you pass underneath, so if you pass me underneath, you aren't allowed to luff me up if that's above proper course.
  12. Panoramix

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    It might happen in some border cases but 99% of the time : In VMG mode the proper course of an Asym boat is low enough for a symetric kite to be carried. On a reach from point A to B, the proper course is a straight line so unless the sym kite boat misjudged the wind angle there should be no problem.