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  1. Remember the first route du Rhum when Birch with his small trimaran overtook Malinovsky with his big monohull just before the line. No monohull has won the race overall ever. In 1978 it was cruising boat against cruising boat, after it was racer against racer. A much fairer comparison than the fastnet where the monohulls at the front are optimised whereas the multis are not so prepared. m.ina.fr/video/I10140610
  2. Can't see much from this angle but looks level to me. Bristol pilot cutter have some internal ballast, you would be pretty stupid to lift it up the ladder whereas it can be taken down from the quay after while the boat is fitted out.
  3. They have been busy in Bristol at the underfall yard I love the craftmanship.
  4. Good point, that seems more likely.
  5. Yes I wonder why there are so many broken masts. Is it flying debris hitting the masts, the sheer strength of the wind alone or even some weird aeroelastic effects like the tacoma bridge on a smaller scale?
  6. That was just an example of the rethoric, I put "loser" in the search function, it could have been another word, let's try another insult, like Trump, Bob seems to love "little guy"
  7. You should take lessons from your master, he actually knows how to be mean.
  8. Not what I meant, he won't let go so I might as well talk shit to use your words.
  9. I know, but why do you think the promised photo didn't arrive? Why did people go ballistic for showing the photo if it was normal? Bob might be able to draw nice boats but he isn't a white as you seem to think, he loves nastiness.
  10. In your dreams, get some cheap polish vodka, that will calm you down my dear.
  11. Even if Drakkar were fast our Erik Lerouge would have outsped them : He was ahead of his time, a cruising boat according to Mr Lerouge in the 1970s: Note the relatively light displacement and fin keel now common on cruising boats The cruising catamaran according to him in the early 80s: Note again how he was ahead of his time. He isn't as well known as people like finot, Fauroux or Berret, I don't think that he even tried his hand at IOR boats, he stuck to cruising boats and small series, he certainly contributed to modern designs.
  12. It is indeed very childish, but who do you think has a problem, is it the man who got banned from other forum for his behaviour who keeps getting into trouble online with different person or the one who find himself in this position for the first time? The reality is that I tried several time to end the feud and it never worked because Mr Perry has too big an ego to stop. I even tried to stop unilaterally and he kept doing his silly digs poking the dog with a stick like he says. Look if you are not convinced, the mob has already chosen its next victim : As for the boat not being on her lines being normal, come on, do you really believe this? Even me - who now tend to avoid to read the Bob Perry threads - was aware that there was an upcoming launch, he was even boasting that he was already preparing his camera for the occasion. Why do you think that he went suddenly quiet? If it had been normal he would have posted photos in many threads like he always does. It isn't such a big deal, they will move stuff forward but I am sure that something was wrong, chances are that it is not even Bob fault but his crowd is so paranoid that they went ballistic just for showing the photo.... I now can't have a discussion here without having the mob on my back, I might as well play from time to time. The personal attacks were quite fun to read, these guys have imagination.
  13. I mistyped. http://www.hisse-et-oh.com/articles/1233-erik-lerouge-50-ans-de-voile You might not know him but I didn't know Bob before coming here. Lerouge is a legend here for his 1980s catamarans which were really ahead of their time. It is as much about me as it is about Bob, once of my very first interaction with Bob, I pointed out nicely that he was mistaken about stuff that he had written about bending moments in rudder stocks ( that was structure 101), instead of admitting he started calling me names. I make my livelihood designing structures which seem to stand up the test of time and it is the wrong topic to bullshit me on. You can't expect respect from others and be arrogant at the same time. The boat out of its lines was quite funny and I couldn't resist the temptation, Bob had been going on and on for months how he could make super precise weight studies, was bragging in all threads about the launch and suddenly went very quiet.... Some time ago I actually offered him to stop the bickering, he refused and keep making disparaging remarks about me, what goes around comes around...
  14. I forgot when was the last time you showed a shred of respect....
  15. I think that you are a bit naïve. Whether it is the bikini girls who spend time and money to upload sailing videos so that you can watch them for free or google who build data centres so that you can have free e-mail, they don't do it just for you, they might not charge you but they expect something to (eventually) happen in return. There is nothing wrong with this, nevertheless you can comment negatively on the girl tits or on google services as long as you want and it won't stop them doing it because they are not actually doing it for you. In a similar way, Bob would be stupid to stop posting his photos, there is absolutely no risk that he does this. It is also not true that others architect won't chime in, for instance Erik Lerouge has contributed a lot on Hisse-et-ho.com