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  1. And a very nice rowing technique...
  2. I don't think that getting it done professionally will make sense financially. I don't mind spending a bit of time on it, I like fixing boats. I've already faired a hull but it was strip planking (so no gelcoat just epoxy and paint) hence the numpty questions. The boats was bought for very little money, I can afford to get it wrong but if I were to spend real money on it, I would buy new hulls!
  3. How much time do you reckon to sand a hobie cat 16 hull? Would you just add gelcoat in the damaged areas (mainly underneath from cowboy style beaching) or just redo the whole hulls?
  4. You actually just need 2 things : WD 40 to unblock things that don't move but should grey tape, to stop things that do move but shouldn't OK, may be I've spent to much time as a bowman.
  5. You can always go for the twin canting keel option I don't think that it ver got much traction!!!
  6. It is just a "dériveur intégral" with some external ballast to protect the grp from being scratched while drying out. The centreboard must be quite light (not a lifting keel), thus they didn't need the worm gear mechanism. Joubert & Nivelt used to desgin really nice boats, I have put many miles on a Gib sea 372 (same yard, same architect, a bit older, similar hull but with a fin keel, single ruder and a tiller) and we loved it apart from a few niggles.
  7. Westerly centaur keels are cast iron.
  8. It really depends how shallow your waters are but if you follow this logic, a wing keel isn't shoal draft either. Boats are compromise. if you take the example of one of the most built French twin keel, the RM 10.50, it is 10.5 m (34ft 6 inches) long for a draft of 1.6m (5ft 3 inches). Most "equivalent" 34 footers will draw more in the standard fin keel version, you might get a shoal draft version with or without wings but draft will also be around 5 feet and the boat will nearly always be slower than a well designed twin keel version. So to finish if you want a boat that can sail at a decent pace long distances and access areas where there is just 6ft of water (most would call this shallow), the RM is a good compromise that will work better than many 34 footers, be resilient and straightforward to use thanks to its simplicity even if it is much slower than a stripped out racer and much deeper than a cat with centreboards up. On the other hand, if you want to access a beach without a dinghy or win the Fastnet, well yes it is useless, but the wing keel would also be useless for these applications...
  9. Yes, I meant "turbine HVLP". So short of using compressed air, what would you recommend? Apply it with a roll and sand it?
  10. Twin keels are shallow draft without need for moving appendage that perform very well upwind for their draft and are OK downwind.
  11. Yes I can see your point about "racing pedigree" and I think that it is one reason why twin keels aren't more prevalent in France even if good designs are on offer. Going aground in mud or sand with a twin keeler at low tide is a non event, you just wait a bit for the tide to go up. Going aground with a falling tide while it is still high is annoying because the traditional trick of heeling quickly the boat doesn't work so you either manage to back the boat very quickly or you are stuck for a few hours. But then at least you are stuck upright. The very worst thing that you can do is getting stuck at very high tide while tides are going toward a neap tide... In the very worst case scenario it means no sailing for a few weeks (even 6 months if daft enough to do it on equinox day) but then common sense should stop you from taking this kind of risks an hour before and after high tide of a spring tide...
  12. Do the cheapish self contain HVLP guns work for this ? I can afford to end up with an average finish as it is just to make an old Hobie 16 sail again and hopefully pick up a skill along the way. I don't want to buy a big compressor. If somebody can point out to a good technical document explaining the process, that would be useful. Wen it comes down to DIY, I am more of a wood epoxy guy so I am a bit out of my depth here.
  13. IMHO, it is a shame that people who buy new boats don't consider twin keels so often. Because you can take the ground, draft is less critical as long as you sail in tidal waters, it is still lower draft than a fin keel, performance is better than with a centreboard or a wing keel.
  14. Yes, I think that getting it right is quite hard. During the plywood era good designers were producing much better boats.
  15. Chines are fast, they give you extra righting moment at low angles. RM is power. They also stiffen the hull. Adding chines to composite hulls has been going on for a while now.