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  1. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Or the USA hasn't managed to realise that they aren't alone.; -). It all depends on your perspective.
  2. A dollar per mile

    Bear in mind that the economy we all have in mind are for glassy conditions as otherwise we sail. If you have no sails, you will have to motor in windy conditions and the economy will be worse, also the motoring will be slower than sailing. To be fair you have to compare motoring at 6 knots in not glassy conditions and I would be surprise if you get similar economy, on top of this you probably need a bigger engine For a boat that doesn't sail much I can believe that motoring is cheaper as sails will suffer relatively more per mile from damp and UV and will have to be replaced at a relatively low mileage. Also heavy boats strain more their sails.
  3. A dollar per mile

    Depends if you are into travelling and the boat is just a tool, it might make sense.
  4. A dollar per mile

    Yes, those hydranet sails are pretty impressive.. Before hydranet I remember some people were making sails that were a mix of dacron and spectra (can't remember the commercial name), those were lasting quite a long time also.
  5. Rimas is alive

    Yes, at sea you are only under obligation to save lives. I know that they will quite often not charge somebody who they know can't afford to pay for salvage especially if good seamanship was shown. Even when they charge, they don't charge that much (running cost of the lifeboat plus a bit). The SNSM is private NGO run on very tight budgets by volunteers who tend to be very brave and some have paid the ultimate price. I think that if they were to intercept Rimas for the second or third time, if in a bad mood they might well pick him up and let the boat adrift, if in a good mood they would organise for another sailboat to tow him. They don't run after the money nor act like vultures, quite often they will assist a boat and ask a passing boat if they are willing to give the other boat a tow. I remember an article about 15 years ago in Practical Boat owner written by an Englishman who was quite offended by this, he was asked to give a tow and got later than expected in port. I wouldn't have liked to be the boat in tow as reading between the lines he was towing with his big motor boat a seasick family in a 25 feet sailboat with a broken rudder at too high a speed. I think that this way of doing things is good as it pushes boats to look after each others instead of calling the emergency services as soon as something isn't quite right. Tradition is that when you are given a tow, you give back a good bottle of wine to the other boat and they may well offer to share the bottle if you are lucky.
  6. A dollar per mile

    How long do your sails last? For the sake of argument, we were talking sails vs diesel here. So how many gallons can you buy with a set of sail? I will tell you why I said that. I am sure that my dad owned fully battened heavy Dacron sails that lasted at least 10 to 12 years despite being sailed between 1500 and 2000 NM per year. As the battens shape the sail they last quite a long time. If we say a conservative 18 000 miles and assume 2 sails of 45m2 @ 3 000U SD each (6000 total) for a boat that displace 15000 lbs, that's not an awful lot of Diesel to sail 18 000 miles. From google in the USA I got about 2.5USD per gallon so your set of sail buy you 2400 gallons, to do your 18000 NM, you need to find a boat that runs on 0.13 gallon per mile. That's 0.6 litre per mile, anything bigger than a 3GM will burn more fuel IME so you really need an efficient hull to do it. On a sloop it will be different as furling genoas become too baggy very soon.
  7. A dollar per mile

    Thinking laterally, the cheapest sailboat to run might well be a cat ketch with full batten sails. I said might because I never had the opportunity to sail one but I imagine with just 2 sails that never flap thanks to the battens, assuming you make sure that the masts are tall enough to avoid running the engine as soon as wind exceeds 5 knots and without standing rigging to care for, that must be a setup nearly impossible to beat in term of running costs.
  8. A dollar per mile

    It is very much dependent of the size and displacement of the boat and the quality of the sails. Some sails will do 20 000 NM and cost much less than 20 000USD some sails will last 5000 NM and cost much more than 20 000USD. Also to cross oceans a motor boat needs to be bigger to have enough available payload to carry the fuel. In many places fuel is much more expensive than 1USD per gallon and you won't choose where you refill.
  9. There was that time when I screwed up...

    As a teenager, I was sailing a boat similar to a 420 singlehanded. One day I just sailed away with my rudder stilli lying on the beach where I had initially left it. Wind was light (10 knots may be) but pushing me offshore and I did quite a few 360 and provided free comedy to passer by before managing to come back and pick up my rudder. I managed to avoid capsizing though.
  10. SCIENCE!

    Probably yes, as seen from the other side of the Atlantic, USA politics are a bit weird and it is easy to be under the impression that Republican politicians are all barking mad but yes I probably got carried away. No it is not. Here no party would dare to go against established science, that would be suicidal. So no it isn't politically motivated as no party I could like or vote for would benefit from it, the science manipulation at political or commercial ends that goes on in the USA is just shocking to us.
  11. SCIENCE!

    At least we agree on something Please explain why humans have to be the only one able to increase CO2 levels for GW to be man made. It doesn't make sense to me that's like saying to a judge "I am not culprit of arson as somebody else could have done it". That's why it is called climate change. You can't mesure global warming by just looking at isolated places. You don't even understand the meaning of a theory in the scientific sense of the word and you are lecturing people who have dedicated their life to science. Don't you think that's a bit rich? A theory in Science is something that is accepted as true as it has been thoroughly tested. Facts are for lawyers. As for the taxable bit, why? I didn't know about this petition, if you look at it, a whopping 0.5% (153 out of 30 000) of signatories had a background in Climatology or atmospheric sciences, all the others were from different fields! And you can't know how many of those had a PhD, see for yourself there : http://www.petitionproject.org/qualifications_of_signers.php It's a bit like if I was asking my hairdresser to mend my car. This thread was supposed to be about science. Pretty sure that this was politically motivated, with half of the population of the USA voting for a party that has been anti-science for a long time now, it mustn't be that hard to find 30 000 people to sign such a petition.
  12. Ramming Speed! Tall Ship Docking Adventures

    They could at least have tried some damage control by getting out the fenders.
  13. That will buff right out

    It depends what is your time worth, you need to be young or lack opportunities in life for it to work.
  14. SCIENCE!

    So what is inconsistent with global warming in what you say?
  15. SCIENCE!

    The science is there, it's just the dogmatic politicians who can't understand it.