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  1. Panoramix

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Only in the US conservative bubble climate change is a hoax because it doesn't line up with their dogma. We don't need fucking political interference on a thread discussing ocean racing.
  2. May be "she asked for it her perfect legs were much smoother than the bull rail" could be tried. You never know you can always hope that the male judge had a row with his wife the day before and is really grumpy with the opposite sex.
  3. Sure, I understand, paying wages so low that people can't live on them is the next best thing after slavery. Life is so hard for them now that rich people are expected to treat decently other human beings.
  4. Panoramix


    I think some were using butcher gloves to protect their hands from props.
  5. Panoramix

    My newest project

    Why do you need the fore and aft moorings? There seems to be enough space for a boat per buoy. Is it a tide issue? Here we only do it in narrow places. The tide ranges are big there (40ish feet on a spring tide) and there isn't much water left at low tide hence the fore and aft moorings, during the summer there are rafts of half a dozen boats! It works but it is a pain to be the first to catch the buoys with side winds, current is quite strong but more or less lined up with the line of buoys!
  6. I am sure that you are just too modest. We have a design for our scavenged pipes cleats. i wonder if anybody could come up with an origami design.
  7. Panoramix

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    The solution (that feels right to me) they found can be seen there : IMHO, the boat was either underdesigned around the chainplates or the bulkhead was already damaged. Apart from this, I like this boat, Rob Humphreys tend to design boats I like... Big waves happen, although it was nowhere as big, I've experienced one in the bay of Biscay which was probably twice the size of the others big waves, seeing a hole like this in the deck after being pounded by one must be nerve racking...
  8. I believe that we need a go fund me page to buy enough coach screws and cleats to screw to all Canadians bull rails. We might need to convince Twoleged to lend us some tits for a video by Dylan, apparently that's how the economy tick nowadays. If despite the tits and the witty prose we don't raise enough dosh, we can reinvite our former origami boat expert and ask him to weld together scavenged bits of tubes to fabrticate cleats for a Canuck dollar.
  9. Panoramix

    Bolt-on external ballast keels

    Yes but cardboard is on the structural list for some applications :
  10. Panoramix

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I know but I couldn't resist...
  11. Panoramix

    Figaro solo

    I don't think that the boats are that demanding, for instance minis are probably more demanding, I think that it is just the sailors who are just insanely good. If the figaro was reversing to IOR boats they would probably have the kite up in 40 knots of wind dipping alternatively the pole and the boom assuming that's the fastest way they could find to get these boats to move downwind. The level is also much higher than it was 30 years ago.
  12. Panoramix

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I believe that you should apologise to an Irish lady I get my coat...
  13. Panoramix

    Bolt-on external ballast keels

    There is also the keel trunk / socket option, sadly not common and mostly used for lifting keel boats, that can be made very robust.
  14. Note sure that the height to beam ratio was much better than for a nauticat! OK, it wasn't anywhere close to the stern!
  15. Although I don't think I would want to sail one, I can see why some people like them. I did my national service 10 or 15 metres above sea level and seriously, you get used to it even if it is true that you "travel" a lot.