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  1. Panoramix

    Thread to Divert J6,Panoramix and poor ProA

    Show me a 33 footer designed in the early 70s with a hull as modern as this one, comfortable and roomy enough to be sailed round the world, fast enough to win RORC races, seaworthy enough for ordinary people to round the cape horn with that looks better than this one and I will start to believe you. At the time people were designing boats like this one : It might look better than a Romanée to the purist but it is nowhere as fast, in following seas the Romanée will be much safer and much roomier inside, that matters to liveaboards. In the 70s some people were still drawing long keelers. So evaluating a Romanée by looking at the roof shape is just completely missing the point, it isn't a yacht designed to look good but a boat designed to carry its crew safely and swiftly to distant shores. Just another gratuitous image because I like the boat : That's definitely more my style, just looking at it, make me think about crossing the celtic sea to enjoy a pint of stout or the bay of Biscay to eat some tapas...
  2. Panoramix

    Thread to Divert J6,Panoramix and poor ProA

    It might be unattractive to the untrained eye but I won't blame the designer for trying and succeeding in designing a good cruising boat. Some people even won RORC races with these.
  3. Panoramix

    Coolboats to admire

    It is all about maximum waterline length and minimum weight and windage.
  4. Panoramix

    Thread to Divert J6,Panoramix and poor ProA

    For me cruising is all about being at sea and going to places you wouldn't drive to. Sure ugly boats aren't better but when it's all about aesthetics, you end with a yacht which is only good for showing off at the yacht club. The fat ass and the roof are here for a reason. The designer sailed an awful lot with his family, he knew how to design a functional boat.
  5. Panoramix

    Coolboats to admire

    Poper racing boats can kill you. If you stay in the way of any IMOCA traveller during a gybe, obviously it won't end up well for you. They all spend ages tweaking their boats before they become manageable. Look at Beyou's boat... eventually it will be fully functional. I've no idea whether it would have won races but I am sure that any of the racing teams in Brittany would have made it work after some time with proper funding.
  6. Not saying that you are going to break it but truss rafters are not supposed to work like this. f it was my house I would have reinforced it or at least checked how much it can take. A bit of OSB between the 2 chords to stop tehm buckling would do wonders to reinforce it for very little money and a bit of DIY time.
  7. I hope that you don't hang really heavy stuff from this poor truss rafter!
  8. Panoramix

    Coolboats to admire

    At least it was innovative, I remember we were intrigued by it in France wondering whether the concept would work or not. It's a shame that the boat wasn't prepared properly, the guy abandonned for lack of budget, the real shame was that at the end we didn't get a clue from the racing how bad / good an idea it was. May be that was better for him as this was the year Autissier capsized, it was an "annus horribili" and very few finished. The IMOCA class nearly died afterward. IMHO that's a cool boat, you can be cool with an agricultural look! Sophisticated is posh not cool.
  9. Panoramix

    Route du Rhum 2018

    I wear crocs, I didn't know it was offensive to the fashion police.
  10. Panoramix

    Coolboats to admire

    Top job Bull city. It's nice that you show the process.
  11. Panoramix

    Thread to Divert J6,Panoramix and poor ProA

    It is called a Romanée, it was considered the ultimate cruiser in the 70s a cousin of my dad survived 50 knots of wind in the bay of Biscay on one of those. Nevertheless it wasn't the first one with more modern lines The trend toward fat sterns started during the 1960s with plywood boats, here is a plywood one by Harlé again but designed earlier (1966 according to Wikipedia) : Very safe and predictable boats, I would cross the bay of Biscay (or the Celtic sea to visit 2legged) on one of those. TBH even if I started sailing in the 80s I haven't sailed many boats with classic sterns. I've been the bowman of a Mauric First 30 for a seaon or two and the breezy downwind legs were scaring me!
  12. Panoramix

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    The cultural shock would have killed us.
  13. Panoramix

    Thread to Divert J6,Panoramix and poor ProA

    That would be more my style : Designed by Philippe Harlé in 1972. Very safe, very well behaved and fast for its time.
  14. Panoramix

    Thread to Divert J6,Panoramix and poor ProA

    I didn't see BP here...