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  1. That would be nice. It is certainly nice that Hugo Boss is giving a good budget to Alex. I fear that for many foreign skippers, the VG is a bit like the America's cup for French skippers : winning is a far away prospect because they aren't quite good enough -> ROI for sponsors isn't great -> there is never enough money to have a credible entry -> people never get quite good enough at it -> winning is a far away prospect etc...
  2. Trouble with the vg is that it isn't truly international yet. Only two brits have been real foreign contenders.
  3. 6.50 regularly cross the bay of Biscay or the Celtic sea racing.
  4. Good starting point. I would add a rear cabin like those on ocean rowing boats and make sure that the cockpit can drain really fast. Roofs shapes would be optimised for upside down instability and watertight masts would be nice to have. A windvane, a few solar panels for the navigation lights and Bob is your uncle.
  5. Marine engines are unreliable and force you to carry fuel. Being engineless is certainly not for everybody and not for me but it can make sense as much as owning something as pointless as a boat can make sense. It is probably quite hard to find what he wants, tbh if I wanted to own such a boat I would build a chined plywood boat with a water ballast and make it as long as possible while within the target weight. Better keep the roof high to make it unstable upside down as these boats can get rolled easily.
  6. It's all relative. Square metres boats are the really skinny ones. I wouldn't call her wide either ;-) is rather skinny, skinny enough for her?
  7. Beautiful but not that skinny.
  8. I suppose that LLWLT is very close to what we have. Some of our datum are wrong (datums were established many moons ago with height errors), it doesn't really matter as tide tables integrate the error. The datum error tend to be so that the tide actually never goes below 0 except in a few places like Granville (nearby the Mont St Michel). The error is about 20cm, it is not as bad as it seems as max tides there are around 13m so you would be foolish not too have an healthy margin as the sea rises / lowers at a rate varying between 4m/hour and 1m/hour during a spring tide.
  9. Thanks, it makes sense now. May be it is because this is what I am used to but I find our system of the lowest possible tide more idiot proof. If you read a 4m sounding on the map and don't have time to calculate accurately water height, you know that there is at least 4m of water. When the Brits were still printing maps using imperial units with a different datum, it was quite dangerous for French boats used to the simplicity of metrics. I think that quite a few crabs got crushed by a French keel!!!
  10. You've lost me, what's the difference between mean lower low water and mean low water?
  11. I am not used to American charts (do you give soundings relatively to the lowest theoretical tide like we all seem to do in Europe now but not before as old British maps used to do it relatively to mean water height) but depending on the tide you can have a 4 feet sounding and say 8 feet of water. Also from the map, the bottom seems pretty flat so an echo sounder would have given plenty of warning assuming that the map is right. Here where we get 40 feet tides thus a 4 feet sounding is nearly always safe for a 5' draft boat assuming that the sea is calm.
  12. Relying solely on crowd-sourced information to navigate is just daft IMHO. The map was either wrong in which case I have some sympathy for him (we know that maps can be wrong and that we should use them with care but it is easy to get caught by this) or he didn't have one/couldn't read one/couldn't be bothered to navigate in which case he was just idiotic.
  13. If you can find a contessa 26 for 5000$, consider it. These are tough as nail and very seaworthy.
  14. I don't know this boat type in particular so can't give a definite advice but it seems reasonable. It is IOR era boat so might be squirelly dead downwind and not very stiff, but for your use it is probably adequate. 30 feet is already a nice size. If you just want to spend some time with the missus, 28 feet is big enough.
  15. As said Twolegged above, the most relevant figure to running costs is boat displacement (apart for dock fees). I would try to look around with an open mind and try to find something that displaces between 2000 and 4000kg with a cockpit and an inside just big enough for my needs. Being able to handle the boat easily is often underated and a 7 tons boat will feel like a bus compared to a 2 tons one. Big boats are good at covering long distances and weathering big seas but you don't need this on a lake.