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  1. I mistyped. http://www.hisse-et-oh.com/articles/1233-erik-lerouge-50-ans-de-voile You might not know him but I didn't know Bob before coming here. Lerouge is a legend here for his 1980s catamarans which were really ahead of their time. It is as much about me as it is about Bob, once of my very first interaction with Bob, I pointed out nicely that he was mistaken about stuff that he had written about bending moments in rudder stocks ( that was structure 101), instead of admitting he started calling me names. I make my livelihood designing structures which seem to stand up the test of time and it is the wrong topic to bullshit me on. You can't expect respect from others and be arrogant at the same time. The boat out of its lines was quite funny and I couldn't resist the temptation, Bob had been going on and on for months how he could make super precise weight studies, was bragging in all threads about the launch and suddenly went very quiet.... Some time ago I actually offered him to stop the bickering, he refused and keep making disparaging remarks about me, what goes around comes around...
  2. I forgot when was the last time you showed a shred of respect....
  3. I think that you are a bit naïve. Whether it is the bikini girls who spend time and money to upload sailing videos so that you can watch them for free or google who build data centres so that you can have free e-mail, they don't do it just for you, they might not charge you but they expect something to (eventually) happen in return. There is nothing wrong with this, nevertheless you can comment negatively on the girl tits or on google services as long as you want and it won't stop them doing it because they are not actually doing it for you. In a similar way, Bob would be stupid to stop posting his photos, there is absolutely no risk that he does this. It is also not true that others architect won't chime in, for instance Erik Lerouge has contributed a lot on Hisse-et-ho.com
  4. Bob is everywhere on SA advertising his work for free, a little picture will not change this one way or the other, he will always show what he wants us to see.
  5. I prefer cheese to kool-aid.
  6. Yes, well summed up. I would think also that for most of us, a multi is outside our comfort zone simply because we aren't used to sail them. Most people are quite conservative and - even if they won't admit it - don't like going out of their comfort zone. I am a monohull sailor and I sail beach cats sometimes. For all these reasons the only times where I would want a multihull is : a beach cat to zip across the bay and take part in the occasional raid. a 26 feet wharram or equivalent to go sailing in shallow water where others don't go. I would keep it disassembled in my backyard most of the time and on a mooring the rest of the time a floating house to cruise along the tropics. I think that even just for the not rolling at anchor bit, the catamaran is worth it. the 2 first options doesn't interest many (lack of comfort) and for the 3rd one you need to have a consequent budget that few can afford.
  7. I think that has happened a long time ago.
  8. In Brittany beach cats are relatively popular. We don't have that many dinghy sailors, so the proportion of cats is quite high as the coastal raids still attract people.
  9. People not used to it IME tend to try to squeeze themselves through the hatch in one go as if it was a door whereas it works very well if you treat it as a big manhole. Obviously, that's not a boatshow friendly set up. As an aside you would benefit from getting a Brit to explain to you how to do sarcasm, they are very good at it. Don't ask me how I know this.
  10. Caption it...
  11. On some 1960s French boats too, you need to get the hang of it to go down (feet first) but it is a very sensible design on a small boat with low freeboard as it let you go down easily and safely in bad weather.
  12. You love shooting the messenger don't you?
  13. No, that's just balancing. I read all the character assassination crap in CA this morning, it made me sick and I just decided that I should keep the mob busy elsewhere. For the time being it is rather successful as they have spent a fair amount of time typing long winded posts. I am such a snowflake, I think that even proa fans and steel boat builders deserve some respect. Any caption to contribute? I met some Swedes and I know for a fact that you have some sense of humour over there.
  14. I think that you need to attend some anger management sessions.
  15. Hey, this is called sailing anarchy, not scratch Bob Perry's back. Don't worry for him, he's a big boy, he will shift some weight forward and upload a photo of the boat floating in her lines pretending that he lost his camera on launch day or something!
  16. I prefer "Who stored his helium balloons in the forepeak ?"
  17. Starck is definitely not known for his modestly sized ego!
  18. Well I drew it quickly in CAD, you were right and I was wrong when I stated earlier : When the boat gets heavier for a certain change in trim the centre of bouyancy moves less than when it is lighter, hence my way of thinking was wrong. Anyway thank you for taking the time to explain it clearly to me. Oh well, I need to find the recipe for humble pie.
  19. 1) The actual CG and the actual CF are aligned vertically when the boat is floating. That is purely geometric thus a certain angle in pitch off the designed trim corresponds to a certain longitudinal displacement of the CG. Pure geometry. 2) Thus whether the boat is light or heavy, you need to bring forward the CG the same distance for a certain correction in pitch. 3) To move the CG forward by one inch of something that weights 10 000 lbs takes 10 times more weight than to move the CG forward by one inch of something that weights 1 000 lbs if everything is equal elsewhere. 4) The heavier the boat, the harder to bring the CG in the right place longitudinally, you move it by the same distance for the same change in trim but because the boat is heavier, it is harder to shift the CG When you say "The amount of ballast to change trim is dependant on the area and shape of the waterplane and the delta. That is unrelated to displacement.", that is wrong, in reality it is "The longitudinal CG shift to change trim is dependant on the area and shape of the waterplane and the delta. That is unrelated to displacement." If you are still not convinced, climb aboard a heavy boat by the bow then a light boat of similar length and feel which one is going to pitch more.
  20. But it is not about ppi. The CG needs to be above the CF, at the moment it is too far aft. You can't change the CF while keeping the boat in trim as that's directly linked to the geometry of the hull so if you want to correct it with extra weight in the bow as you were suggesting the weigth in the bow is proportional to the weight (displacement) of the boat. it is so easy that you don't even need a paper to suss out the relation. If you note delta the distance by which you want to move the CG forward, L the distance from the chain locker to the new CG, D the displacement of the boat, you get chain weight = delta / L * D Obviously it makes more sense to shift everything forward but I was replying to your claim that chain and anchor will trim the boat.
  21. Well it is when you need to shift the cog forward by adding weight. The extra mass quantity needed is proportional to the initial mass. If you don't trust me on this one do the maths by calculating the lever arms around where you want the cog to be.
  22. That's not a ULDB. I hope that there is more than 2 anchors and their chains missing.
  23. Marc P.G. Berthier. is quite good also.
  24. Sensible advice...