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  1. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    Yesterday they reported in Ouest France that the VOR was in talks with the IMOCA class for the next race to be on IMOCAs. Credible? https://www.ouest-france.fr/sport/voile/volvo-ocean-race/voile-la-volvo-ocean-race-bientot-courue-sur-60-pieds-imoca-5548537
  2. VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    Yes, this is how figaro sailors are supposed to behave! I think that they lacked flair in the first part of the race and I now cross my fingers hoping that they keep on with the good work! With the doldrums ahead, many things will happen in the coming days. I find that these North / South legs are the most interesting to follow as they cross weather system rather than going along with them.
  3. I agree about the cockpit being high, I think I could live with it. My point was more about showing the kind of boat you are more likely to see when you go North. AFAIK Nauticats definitely aren't racing boats but still can plod along at a steady pace. Sure there is windage but there is also ballast and a big diesel!
  4. Even during the summer in those places the weather can become crappy very quickly and I wouldn't trust a Sense to sail these areas. This one will let you "sail behind glass"
  5. Just bought my first boat what have I done!

    On a boat this size, a scull oar is the most reliable way of propelling the boat without sails.
  6. Here you have to show to the authorities that your boat is seaworthy, precisely to avoid unnecessary rescues. That's probably too illiberal for the USA but then you have to accept that dumb people will sail inappropriate boats. It would be terrible if we were to start letting people drown. Historically to compete in the first Mini Transat (which was starting from Falmouth), you had to break the French law. Boats were leaving France at night to avoid being arrested.
  7. At sea you owe people in distress rescue as long as you don't endanger your own crew. During the world wars ennemy ships were even saving foes. We don't need the bean counters to put an end to this "Good Samaritan" tradition. One day you might be the poor sod who needs assistance.
  8. Route du Rhum 2018

    The entry list has been published. 122 entrants. 5 Ultimes, 24 IMOCAS and 50 class 40, that should be an interesting one to follow...
  9. Competitive One Design ocean racers

    There aren't many true OD with a big enough fleet to offer actual OD racing which are offshore racer. Around here a few spring to mind: Sigma 38, First 31.7 and 36.7, J 105, sun fast 32 and 36. All these had fleets and were able to win IRC races. JPK are not one design, each boat is tailored.
  10. How are We Perceived?

    Bicycles and roads existed before motor cars. I've cycled thousands of miles on the road and I am still alive. I even sometimes cycle on the road whereas there is a cyclepath nearby if said cyclepath was designed by an idiot who doesn't understand flthat cyclists also need to go from A to B in a timely manner. That's legal. Cyclists sometimes block cars behind on purpose (Google primary position ) but tthat's because we know that in some drivers mind we are as thin as paper and we don't let these people endanger our life with some hazardous overtaking.
  11. Banque Populaire IX

  12. The French

    Not just French, there is also a Brit! Our eternal enemies on the high seas.
  13. Nearly missed it, we need some kind of feature to tell use when the drivel stops! Ragtime is definitely one of the coolest ever boat. I think that's a shame that hey removed the tiller, it must have been something helming her with a tiller doing 20 knots!
  14. Banque Populaire IX

    Armel said that he got surprised by a wind gust. From what he said, it is more a matter of not being able to depower quick enough from the bunk.
  15. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    Here, you go never listen to the "can't be done" crowd.
  16. 1976 Dufour 24 - Anyone know about this boat

    never sailed one, but Dufour of this era had a good reputation.
  17. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    The variable pitch option is certainly not the easiest way forward but foils weren't the easy way forward either. May be it isn't practical, may be somebody will come up with a viable way. But that's exactly why I am keen to see them completely ban "stored energy" or to be precise "energy stored before the start", this will be interesting to follow and at the end the chances are that some form of innovation will come out of it.
  18. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    You assume that they use an off the shelf hydrogenerator but I don't think that they will. This piece of kit will be such an important part of success that I am pretty sure that they will come up with bespoke solutions to minimise drag and maximise energy production. They have the technical ability to do development, may be somebody will come up with a variable pitch solution to adjust drag and production or integrate it in the rudder.
  19. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    You are completely right about the CO2 being the main culprit, I got carried away writing about the consequences...
  20. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    True that while underway there is some kinetic energy in the boat but presumably sometimes soon after the finish line you stop the boat and the kinetic energy is gone. A sailing boat hasn't got energy to overcome friction, there is just some wind/wave energy which is transformed into heat through friction. The boat doesn't "have" or store the energy in between (unless you have special arrangement such as a hydrogenerator transforming wind energy into electricity that is then stored into the boat batteries before being released through an electric motor). Diesel is a special rule as you authorise auxiliary power just for some things (for IMOCAs why should you allow it for canting the keel but not for winches) Hydrogenerator is simpler, you shall propel and power the boat just with wind, waves and sun and you can store some of this energy.
  21. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    A boat doesn't extract energy from the environment, that would be against the conservation of energy law as to respect this basic law the boat would need to store or beam this energy somewhere. A sailing boat just uses wind, wave and sun to overcome friction which then transfer back most of this energy as heat in the air and the water. I said most of this energy to take into account marginal stuff like navigation lights and radiowaves which are emitted by the boat. On the other hand a diesel engine release in the environment energy that was stored for million of years under our feet. The consequences aren't the same. Beyond the sponsorship aspect for the skippers it must be better to sail without having to rely on a noisy, smelly an unreliable piece of kit even if they will sail a tad slower.
  22. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    In the grand scheme of things, the few thousands litres they will save won't matter but the teams will do applied research that may well be useful in the future for applications useful for everybody. Multiplast use their expertise gained on race boats for stuff ranging from airplanes to wind turbines.
  23. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    That might be true in Trumpland but most of the sponsorship money comes from Europe and China where firms need to appear to be doing something for the environment. After Volswagen, everybody is running away from diesel engines. IMOCA is an owner class and the owners need to find sponsors.
  24. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    I think that it is actually safer, a narrower boat is more stable at high heel angles (tend to start somewhere beyond 45º) than a wide one and will be less likely to stay inverted.
  25. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    There was some talking that thanks to foils boats will become narrower as they won't need as much hull stability. So may be we will see narrower boats with 2 sets of foils. A set of foil with lot of extra Righting moment optimised for reaching and the VG and a set optimised for all round use for the VOR.