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  1. AvidSailor

    World Sailing Needs Some Competition

    TBH it would proabably be easier to read the entire RRS cover to cover ten times than it would be to make a new organization in opposition to US sailing. Also there’s already ASA which most people tend to avoid in favour for US sailing so it seems the majority are already speaking and they prefer a sensible level of bureaucracy in the sport.
  2. AvidSailor


  3. AvidSailor

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    Cruised a bit at 13-14 knts boat speed while delivering a j88, had A2 and jib out but was fun. I can't be certain about the speed because the speedo had gotten messed up. boat felt surprisingly in control granted the owner had an eye on me the entire time, made for an 11/10 experience. Felt very different from doing the same speed in a dinghy.
  4. AvidSailor

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Actually in the United States where I'm from the majority of sailors race PHRF, which should never be in the Olympics. I'm simply looking at the trajectory of the sport and noticing that more kids are sailing high performance skiffs and doublehanders, and are also enthusiastic for kiting and windsurfing racing. If we want the sport of sailing to survive then the sport should change with the times.
  5. AvidSailor

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Contrary to this, and probably most people's opinions on this page, I think there would be lots to gain by just dropping the single handed dinghy classes all together, what other types of boats can you sail that have constant uncontrollable leeward mast bend and rotate in a hole instead of nearly all other dinghies, sport boats and keel boats where the mast is stepped and supported by shrouds? Single handed sailing should sill have a spot in the Olympics, but it should be for windsurfers and kiters, not slow dinghies that are constricted by hull speed and the same principle rig characteristics of a sunfish. so, potentially: Men's foiling kite class Women's foiling kite class Men's foiling windsurfing class Women's foiling windsurfing class Men's 49er Women's 49er fx Men's 470 Women's 470 mixed foiling Nacra 17 (with different foils that are easier to control) mixed Elliot 6m match racing (I'll just leave this here because I don't see why this part of the sport gets the attention it deserves) Also, it's important to include both kiters and windsurfers because of the very different infrastructure needs to support either, kiters need long stretches of beach to set their kites whereas windsurfers can hop off a dock with their rig. This is an important distinction that will keep kiting from supplanting windsurfing in the future.
  6. AvidSailor

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    420's and fj's ARE fast and fun, I am constantly shocked in this forum that the consensus seems to be that boats that have served their purpose for being the official gear of junior sailing for decades are constantly bashed (I mean of course the c420 and fj). Train your sailors in the same boats that they will compete in when they travel. for the price of six performance doubleheaders ie: rs somethings, 29ers, i420's you can buy ten c420s or fj's. As a sailing coach your goal should be to get as many players on your team on the water as often as possible. Your sailors will learn a lot more, have more fun, and make more friends with a fleet of 10 fj's than a smaller fleet of something else. If your sailors get good then 420's and fj's will be what they sail in college anyways so your really just hurting them if you have them practice in anything else. in addition; at the risk of sounding preachy I'm vehemently opposed to moving high school and college sailing to more expensive boats because this will only mean less people can sail, if we want sailing as a sport to survive, we need fleets made of affordable and dependable boats, not easily breakable expensive boats that are harder to sail with performance, it doesn't help you much that you own a fleet of fast planning dinghies if its harder for you to coach basic boat handling in them.
  7. AvidSailor

    i touch myself

    You're absolutely correct that we should have an aversion to allowing victimhood culture into the sport, however, it seems to me that, most young sailors who are moving up in the sport start in dinghies and learn to sail in classes where girls and guys sail competitively and beat one another regularly. I think what should be done is that owners really have to take charge on larger boats that people should just be treated equally. The reality that isn't discussed much IMO is that completely fair, even handed people can still be called a-holes. But if everyone on a boat together can agree to stick to a moral compass it would be much easier to avoid the cringe-worthy situations discussed in this thread.
  8. AvidSailor

    rs aero

    does anyone know the LOA of this boat?