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  1. Oscar Whitbread

    Super foilers for sale

    Curios, you make a fair point about the audience not relating to the sport. Take golf for example, to me its a fucking boring sport to watch on TV, but I can relate when I see a good shot because I have picked up a golf club so I will tend to watch it for 10 minutes or so and appreciate how shit I really am at golf. Same with any sport that is relatively cheap and easy to get into. Any Joe Public can pick up a golf club, tennis racquet, kick a football, ride a bike, go swimming, surfing, hit a ball with a bat etc and have some idea and appreciate what the pro's are doing on TV. I'm sure most people here have tried all of those sports at some stage in their life so they can relate to it and understand what it takes to be at that pro level. But Joe Public can't relate to sailing at all because most will have never set foot on a boat in their lives. Even those who sail regularly struggle to relate to anything foiling because its not even close to anything they experience on a Saturday afternoon. There are no sails going up and down, no close boat on boat racing, no rounding marks 3 or 4 deep or carnage at the gybe mark etc. Sure they may appreciate the raw speed and the skill it takes to stay on foils, but thats about it. My parents who have been around boats for 60+ years watched one of the Super Foiler races live in the flesh and they both commented how boring it was, banging corners, fall off the foils and they were fucked, no close racing, no close mark roundings, absolute daylight between the next boat on the track etc.
  2. Oscar Whitbread

    Don’t mess with the flu

    Man I hear you there, 7 years ago when my daughter was in daycare she was constantly bringing germs home and sharing them with my wife and I. Just as we'd get over one and feel ok we'd get hit again and it was a vicious cycle that wore us all down. I'd go to my local clinic who would tell me to go home, take a week off work and rest, sometimes giving me antibiotics. This went on for roughly 6 months, until I demanded to the doc that I wanted a blood test as I was thinking I may have glandular fever or something. They were reluctant to send me but I insisted, I had normal flu symptoms but couldn't totally kick it over those few months. I went for a blood test lunchtime Friday and at 7pm that night I got a phone call from the doc in a panic saying you need to get yourself to hospital right now. I had septic pneumonia... spent 8 days in hospital and a month off work. It took me months to recover, I lost 12 kg's and went from being a fit 30 year old to a frail 80 year old man. I became a hermit avoiding people to try and stay healthy over the following 12 months. Docs in hospital said if I hadn't walked in the door that Friday night I'd have most likely been dead by Sunday. When I think back, my downfall was not having a regular GP, every time I'd front up to the clinic I'd see a different doctor who'd just look at me and say go home and rest, just another guy with flu symptoms out of the many they had probably seen that day. It was me insisting on a blood test that most likely saved my ass.
  3. Oscar Whitbread

    Anyone here ever returned a looted antiquity?

    That's cool, nice to see items returned to families that would mean little to anyone else. I imagine this must be a pretty common scenario when wars ended and it must have been a looting free for all. My grandfather passed away recently and he had a Japanese sword, binoculars & periscope which he told my mother was taken from a deceased soldier. While cleaning out his house, my parents and I agreed that it would be cool to return these to that soldiers family. But in reality how the hell would you find the owner for mass produced items like these? There must be millions of items like this stuffed away in peoples homes around the world. If anything when I look at the stains and scars on them its an eerie reminder that war sucks.
  4. Fuck me, the guy is 90. Nice work old timer, you've still go it. Prop that guy up at the corner of the bar, buy him a beer and you might actually learn something, chances are he's been there done that and got the t-shirt to prove it. Jesus, at 90 I'll be lucky if I can still walk to the end of the driveway to get the morning paper without pissing my pants.
  5. Oscar Whitbread

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Hydraulic Gorillas make such a massive difference, those 6 guys are now trimmers and drivers, everyone is so much fresher which makes changing gears that much easier. I did Hobart one year with pedestal grinders and the following year with hydraulic and the difference was daylight. Both races had similar running conditions. With the pedestal I was totally spent, had nothing left in the tank at the finish where as with the hydraulic package everything felt so much easier because you weren't totally fucked and dragging your knuckles down the deck. You can trim so much more aggressively without burning out your crew mates. In saying that it was way more satisfying finishing on the pedestal boat because I was totally fucked and I felt like I'd given it everything I had.
  6. Yep, I normally sleep in the smock too, works great on boats that are just as wet down below as above. Plus as you said, you are ready to roll if you need to be on deck in a hurry for any reason. I don't find it an issue doubling up waterproof layers and having it affect the "breathability" aspect. At some point you are still going to drown in your own sweat no matter what you are wearing and base layers these days are so good at keeping you warm even if you are soaking wet. If possible find gear that you can physically try on or ask if you can try other crewmates gear for size. Zip it all up, jump around, stand up, sit down, smash out a few windmills and squats, look like a complete fucktard. Nothing worse than a jacket that is slighly too big or too small, or the hood adjustment sucks or the collar is too tall or too short etc. Find whats comfortable for you and then by all means hit up ebay or whatever to screw the best deal.
  7. I like to take both a dinghy smock and jacket when I'm offshore. I find it to be a good compromise for those watches where you can be sweating your ass off one minute and freezing cold the next all while trying to stay dry. A dinghy smock takes up little room in your bag but can be real handy to keep the water out. I quite often wear it underneath my jacket, that way I can ditch the jacket if I'm dancing on the foredeck working up a sweat. Then when the party is over I throw the jacket back over the top so I can hide in shame behind the collar and hood. Preferably a different colour so the owner doesn't recognise it was me that created the monumental clusterfuck on the foredeck.
  8. Oscar Whitbread

    Asian female driver

    Love the timing of this thread. Was walking to the post office this morning and waiting at the lights to cross the road at a dual lane 4 way intersection. On coming traffic to me were facing a green light and all of a sudden this car just slows down and stops in the intersection facing the green light. The driver just sits there staring at the lights with cars happily streaming past in the next lane. I started to take a bit more interest thinking this is going to end in a rear end collision so I look to the driver to see if they are having any mechanical issue thinking I can offer to push them off the road if need be. Just as I'm contemplating stepping off the footpath the car takes off through the intersection. It was like they were totally bamboozled by what to do at the intersection. Get a closer look at the driver as they go by, Asian female driver. It takes all types and ages. I hate to think how many near misses my half blind grandfather used to cause when he'd drive the 5 minute trip to our house. He could just see enough to be dangerous. He never drove at night or in the wet and always took the same route but man did our whole family breathe a sigh of relief when the stubborn old fuck decided it was time to sell the car. The deciding factor was he'd hit the side of the garage a few times which was way better than finding someone smeared across his front bumper. But I suspect there was probably a lot more he wasn't telling us... He was also racist as fuck and would have loved this thread.
  9. Oscar Whitbread

    stay the course?

    I agree with adding more crew numbers to the inshore races. I think being under staffed makes them take less risks. Why not grab some of the shore crew and throw them in the mix.
  10. Oscar Whitbread

    Jury Duty

    I have never been called up but my wife has a couple of times. The most recent was for a child sex abuse case. Every night when she walked in the door at home she looked like death, it was not a pleasant week. She said it was the most horrendous experience having to sit there listening to the details. The judge gave all the jurors a 10 year exemption from having to serve again. It did seem to affect my wife for week or so afterwards, nothing major but I could tell it was bugging her. I think she has made the conscious effort to completely erase that week from her life. I felt really sorry for her, if I don't like the movie I get up and leave.
  11. Oscar Whitbread

    Chicken Chute

    Fuck me, you'd need to fold those fuckers with an axe to get them back down below.
  12. Oscar Whitbread

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Kialoa broke their boom on Wednesday arvo so will be down on some major horsepower in the light stuff. Would love to see some photos of the old girls plowing through the piss when the breeze was on though.
  13. Oscar Whitbread

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I think I've said this in previous Hobart posts, but what is everyone's thought on a "penalty box" outside the heads specifically for the Hobart? Oats most likely had the room and time to do turns where they were but it can be a complete shit fight if you have to do it inside the harbour. It really is pretty tight when you are hemmed in by the spectator fleet and it's not that easy to get out of the way to lay down some circle work. It would also give the brains trust a little more time to think it over as there is a heap going on just trying to get outside cleanly in the first place. Same deal with OCS? I think a couple of boats had to head back which can be a nightmare. Once safely outside send them north to a penalty box to do turns?
  14. Oscar Whitbread

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Maybe they want to keep it running to see who gets to the Customs House first for official piss and punch on ceremony?
  15. Oscar Whitbread

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Fuck he's starting to struggle, think its past his bedtime. Feel sorry for the chick hosting, she knows more than he does. Digging his Astor t-shirt from the 1924 collection. Just shut the fuck up you crusty old piss wreak