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  1. Too much front brake? You haven't lived until you've done an endo riding your treadlie home from the pub.
  2. Going the VPN route is about the only option aside from signing your life away for pay tv or moving to Antarctica. Great way to win over fans America's Cup. I'd happily fork out some dollars to watch it live via the AC website or APP but I can't. I have no interest at all in signing up to Foxtel in Australia for shit I don't need or want. And once we start talking about VPN and location blockers and all that shit, to be honest I start to lose interest in the America's Cup and no longer care. I managed to follow the Volvo Ocean Race around the fucking globe from the comfort of my desk chair for free, yet I'm struggling to find a way to watch a couple of races around an island for a month... In the last few weeks I've gone from "cool the cup is starting" to "it's all to hard and I don't give a fuck anymore"
  3. Volvo Ocean Race - Life at The Extreme... heel... Fuck, it would take me half an hour trying to scale the cabin to get into a windward bunk. Is it also a way to stop shit breaking in that you can only load up the V65 to a certain point until it just falls over? Max cant on the V70's had ram's blowing up and ripping out everywhere. So did Farr say we'll let you stack everything including the kitchen sink, give you less weight in your bulb but with a touch of lift as a trade off and go your hardest at ripping out the bottom of the boat?
  4. I'm with you on that, it's a pretty good way to learn. "Man I fucked that up, won't do that again" Got to find out where the limits are. So if a boat does go tits up and has to be re-righted by the chase boat, can they continue racing if no broken bits? Good practice for everyone involved, the Cup might be won by who gets back on their feet the quickest!!!
  5. Maybe Geelong will turn full circle and all the rockstar wannabe's will get sick of the price gouging and vote with their feet. Then the club will be forced to wheel the Lions Caravan in through the side gate, throw a local band in the corner and pay them in booze, fuck off all their marketing staff and hangers on, sell piss from the bar at reasonable prices, passage race Saturday & Olympic course Sunday with 3 divisions only and be done with it...
  6. Slingsby posted on his Instagram account 4 days ago a photo of himself and Matt Cassidy in hospital beds. Maybe his back issues are starting to give him grief and going the cycling option takes the pressure off his back from grinding?
  7. My UPS guy is great. I have his mobile number. A couple of times I've had to call him to have a package picked up or dropped off in a hurry. He's always smiling, cooperative and courteous. Had him and his Christmas helper over for our Christmas party! I always go out of my way to help the courier that delivers to the place I work at. Small things like offering a drink or food, putting the trolley back on the truck, or showing him porn on the reception PC goes a long way. I always give him the heads up if I've just placed a large order and to expect more boxes than usual. Rain, hail or shine I always make the effort to run outside to lend a hand unloading stuff off the truck. I can easily sit on my ass in my warm dry office while it pisses rain on him but I choose not to and he appreciates that. When I need to call in a favour he doesn't hesitate and he has got me out of the shit on more than one occasion. It definitely works both ways.
  8. They are anchor points to assist the tow truck crew when they come out on course to clean up the mess...
  9. What rules are they running for that? Are they allowed to finish without the same number of crew? I can't imagine wheeling one of these things around to retrieve a crew member would be easy, I would assume for safety they would rather a chase boat collect them anyway. Sounds like it would be race over in any event.
  10. My fear is the current cup is going to be decided by a catastrophic failure with a million carbon bits raining down on the course or because one of the boats turns turtle or a crew member gets g-forced off the face of the earth in a high speed turn. I want to see it won by a team who shows great racing tactics and superior sail handling skills with sails actually going up/down throughout the race. I want to see sail changes and mark rounding clusterfucks in a fuckton of wind and waves. I want to see boats forcing their opponent into a penalty and engaging with each other. As a sailor this is what is missing for me as I can relate to that. Sure the flat out speed is spectacular but it kind of feels like I'm watching F1 waiting for someone to stuff it into a concrete wall.
  11. But fuck me AIS made for some boring racing at times. I want to see boats take a balls out flyer away from the fleet. AIS makes it like watching sheep in a paddock.
  12. Mapfre has dropped their rig in testing, bummer. I can't remember off hand, but how many spare tubes did Bicey say they keep? I guess this is where the boatyard concept comes in real handy. What's the rule on sails if they've trashed a couple dropping the rig? Would they be testing with old sails from the last race? From their website At 17:15hrs local time this Thursday afternoon while the team was sailing about seven nautical miles SW of the island of Ons (Pontevedra) near their home base in around 25 knots of wind and four meter high waves the VO65 MAPFRE’s mast broke below the first spreader. “There was a crash and then the rig started to fall to starboard,” reported Pablo Arrarte, MAPFRE’s watch captain who was sailing as skipper of the boat during this period of testing. “We were sailing on quite a comfortable reach with waves also from the same direction and so at the moment we do not know why it has broken. We will have to analyse the data and the damaged parts in order to draw a conclusion.” The crew have not suffered any injuries and after fully checking for any collateral damage to other parts of the boat it took around two hours of intense work to secure the boat and recover the broken parts of the mast and the sails. The team’s emergency protocol was activated immediately and for safety reasons, Salvamento Marítimo [Maritime Rescue] was notified. They monitored the Spanish VO65 and when the crew had secured the boat the emergency services were duly informed that the crew were heading back to Sanxenxo under their own means. We will keep you posted!
  13. “Fucking Fucker’s Fucked” after asking the onboard sailmaker about damage to a kite. Bravo sir, managed to put a sentence together with only the word Fuck, and summed up the situation perfectly, no more words required.
  14. I was racing in the Cruising Div and we saw our fleet dwindle from 28 starters on Saturday down to 11 starters by Tuesday... But looking across the 3 Cruising Div fleets the trend looked about the same, everyone raced Sat & Sun but then started to piss off home Mon & Tues. So does the event scale back to passage race Saturday, maybe 2 races on Sunday and that be it? The bulk of the cruising fleet who make up most of the entries voted that way. Are events too long in general? A big Saturday night with the place jumping is way better than 4 days of everyone fucking off home by 9pm. I'd probably spend more coin on one big bender Saturday night than stringing it across 4 days of half assed piss drinking. And what band wouldn't want to play in front of a heap of people instead of 4 nights of a few soaks rolling around on the grass. Is the fleet split across too many divisions? I think the noise at the presentation was because everyone was bored from going through a million divisional results. Should there just be a passage race entry? Bring back team racing?
  15. Like 1945 with Goretex. I'd like to do it one day ala Sean Langman style, grab a bunch of mates, a nice heavy old shitter, actual real food and compulsory happy hour, everyone drives. Sure a carbon coffin win at all extremes is also fun, but I also get where Mr Langman is coming from. The added bonus is pissing off the hot shots if you come home two days later with a fuckton of breeze up the clacker and they can only sit there sweating rum bullets.