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    With it being a coastal race they may be out of live coverage range? Just a guess but I saw some live at the beginning of the race but only virtual for the last bit

    Yes - racing started today. First race abandoned after 2 legs due to lack of wind. 2nd start was a clean race with Q Racing winning, followed by Platoon and then Azzura
  3. How its called - 3 take aways

    Pretty sure those are times on each tack to layline. First number is probably the board they are currently on.
  4. KWRW - Platoon tp52

    Exactly - boats I'm on usually say time to burn or time to kill to the line or one end or the other. 'Early' must be their preferred term.

    so over early results in a black flag ? or not making the penalty turn ? There was one general and then the RC had the next start be black flag meaning if you're OCS you are DQ'd from race. 2nd race was also a general recall but Quantum was the only boat to cop a DQ from the race which seems odd. I can understand them perhaps blocking the view of pin for the RC but at this level surely there is an RC boat at the pin to help in those instances

    I am curious about the explanation of giving Q a black flag but no one else on a general recall...................Quantum was definitely over, but I'm guessing it doesn't take only one for a general.
  7. In my selfish little world I'm glad they're still competing - looking forward to going to Italy and Croatia twice this season to sail in some spots I wouldn't otherwise have a chance to see. Oh, and Go Plenty!
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    BUMP And new content! http://www.foundrymusic.com/media/displaym...mber_18748.html
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    Bumpy http://dailyniner.com/index.php?page=galle...ch_gallery=1274
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    In case y'all want to see the rest of her...........I'm sure you don't, but just in case http://attuworld.com/shay_laren_loves_her_wii p.s. you're welcome