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  1. Fleetwood

    "Culus Nauticus" (nautical a**hole)

    Never had the benefit of a religious education.....
  2. Fleetwood

    I'd like to thank the previous owner for...

    No one makes fine furniture any more?
  3. Fleetwood

    I'd like to thank the previous owner for...

    Ever seen a piece of fine furniture put together with Phillips screws? Slotted heads were invented for a reason.....
  4. Fleetwood

    Some Assembly Required...

    Interesting times we're in, when you can't even give away beautiful antique furniture, let alone perfectly serviceable, well-made ordinary stuff which we see at the side of the road for council cleanup. Yet people go and buy Ikea stuff which lasts a few years at most..... All well and good to drive tech as hard as we can in industrial and consumer machines and electronics (where I (used to) make a living) but domestic furniture? Its not that hard to make, and fix, we've been doing it for a long time. Making boats by hand, now that's a bit trickier...
  5. Fleetwood

    My Big Mushy Boat Listing - Selling a Boat in Motion

    The difference is that with start-ups its OPM, with boats its your own!
  6. Fleetwood

    My Big Mushy Boat Listing - Selling a Boat in Motion

    Or the other axiom about start-ups; make your very best estimate, then twice as much, twice as long and half the return. Same rule for selling (and building) boats.....
  7. Fleetwood

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    Inside to outside, top to bottom. Working out the order to paint is often the trickiest problem!
  8. Fleetwood

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    The retarder is what you smell most. Its a good canary.....
  9. Fleetwood

    My Big Mushy Boat Listing - Selling a Boat in Motion

    I ended up getting about 40% of what I initially thought was a reasonable starting price..... Don't know for sure but I think the buyer paid about $50K to ship it to EU, deck cargo (so mast up).
  10. Fleetwood

    My Big Mushy Boat Listing - Selling a Boat in Motion

    Don't know about NZ but selling proper blue-water cruising boats on Oz appears to be very difficult, if my experience is anything to go by. I sold mine a couple of years ago after a very long time on the market, at a very low price. It was in "bristol" condition. Eventually sold it to a European buyer. who shipped it back there. The main reasons seem to be the reduced number of local sailors who want to go offshore cruising, i.e. small market, and a significant supply of NA cruisers who don't want to keep cruising through Asia & Indian Ocean, so try to sell their boats here, plenty of supply. Looking out over our local bay, I can see a couple of them right now . ( I bought mine from one of them in 2002 - market more buoyant then...) I'd suggest doing your sums for several options, including sailing and shipping her back to the US, with a very sharp pencil. (FWIW, I reckon that HR53 advertised would be lucky to fetch half that asking price locally.)
  11. Fleetwood

    Varnishing in Cold Weather

    You could try Alwood MA ( a much longer lasting varnish than most others anyway), which is moisture-cured, OK to 4degC, or International Perfection Plus varnish (2-pack). Not sure you'll get anything to work below freezing.....
  12. Fleetwood

    Your fav apps for wind and weather forecast?

    First question, which part of the world are you in? Our sites in Oz may not be suitable..........
  13. Fleetwood


    Seems to me that they are still pretty good - forecast for last weekend was gale warning and 50-200mm rain IIRC, we got 30kts gusting into the 50s at North Head and about 150mm rain at our house at Pittwater. Spot on. Marine forecast for late this week shows 25-30kts on the N coast, about right for the end of a cyclone and what the synoptic chart suggests. I always look at Seabreeze and Willyweather to get other's analysis of BOM data as well. They're showing 15 kt southerly for tomorrow's twilights at 5pm, weakening to SE about 7pm. Let's see how well they do.
  14. Fleetwood

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    Choose a product and learn to use it, how it behaves with different application methods, amounts of reducer, etc in different environments. Most paint and varnish systems seem to be pretty good these days but they all need practice to get the best from them. I tend to use Perfection because its easy to get and I'm used to it.
  15. Fleetwood

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    Rolling (only) with a good foam roller, using lots of retarder and sanding thoroughly between coats can give a finish almost as good as spraying, certainly good enough for spars, and as you say only needing a proper cartridge mask.