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  1. Fleetwood

    Will Putin allow congress to impeach?

    Entertaining enough whilst we're dodging the stray bullets........
  2. Fleetwood

    Taiwanese Opening Portlight Install

    Looks like a Manship portlight: http://www.manshipmarine.com/catalog3.html I had them on my previous boat - good quality, don't leak.
  3. Fleetwood

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    We call them override brakes in Oz, most small trailers have them. Simple but effective. Sweet boat. Trailer looks just fine, what could go wrong......
  4. Fleetwood

    You just can't make this stuff up...

    Don't they come with a manual?
  5. Fleetwood

    Mainsheet block to boom webbing material

    Line will point load the boom much more than webbing. May be a problem with carbon fibre depending on location.
  6. Fleetwood

    Awlwood? Anybody use that can review?

    Update on ageing tests. After 30 months full sun exposure, standard International Schooner (LHS) is badly bleached and starting to craze, Awlwood is only slightly bleached and surface is sound: h Case closed.
  7. Fleetwood

    Severe Hull Damage

    It fell off.
  8. Fleetwood

    Jib/genoa sheet problems

    +1 on cow hitch, used it for years on our 18' dinghy. Never slipped. Easy enough to untie (maybe with a marlinspike.)
  9. Fleetwood

    Bilge Pump Flow Rate

    Every bit helps but its the diameter which stuffs up the flow.
  10. Fleetwood

    Bilge Pump Flow Rate

    For laminar flow, resistance is proportional to the 4th power of radius (dia), and proportional to length. Even worse! Get as much large dia smooth pipe into your plumbing circuits as you can.
  11. Interlux recommends an epoxy primer over weathered gelcoat, etc followed by Perfection Undercoat, then Perfection. The purpose of the epoxy is to give a stable surface over the maybe porous gelcoat, and the undercoat when sanded will show (and cover) any minor imperfections. A previous 2-pack paint job, well-sanded, will be stable enough. I've painted Perfection over well-sanded but old Perfection, over gelcoat with Perfection Undercoat, and over plain epoxy, all with good results. No discernable difference in appearance or life.
  12. Fleetwood

    repainting oxidized molded non skid

    Painted the deck and moulded non-skid areas of our last boat with Awlgrip Oyster White and it worked just fine, kept its non-skid properties, so I suppose it depends on how thick the coating is (we did 2 coats, sprayed) and/or the mould patterns (ours was ~3mm flattened diamonds). It was the first area to show degradation - some bare spots began showing up after about 8 years, the smooth areas of the cabintop were still good after 10 years (boat has a full cover). Maybe wasn't prepped as well (can't sand in the moulding)?
  13. Fleetwood

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    That one's a champion! Rural Vic......
  14. Fleetwood

    Constrictor Clutch to Tension Babystay

    Don't throw out the highfield lever, big ones are hard to find these days.
  15. Fleetwood

    LED anchor light in existing light fitting...

    Make sure your LED bulb supplier certifies that it meets Colregs standards on luminance, etc - many don't. Otherwise you may find your insurance invalid - happened to a friend (after a collision.....)