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  1. No matter how thin the pancake, there's always two sides..... I've been through US immigration/customs literally hundreds of times over the years, including a couple this year, and have had positive or neutral experiences almost every time. Only once did I encounter an overly officious agent but the right attitude got me through w/o a problem. Not saying others' experiences may differ.....
  2. First vid for the Zombie thread...........
  3. Had a subtle problem with my (newish) genset recently. Started and ran fine for about an hour, then shut off - problem was reduced water flow due to partial blockage of the thru-hull. New diesels have an exhaust temp sensor for emissions control, it was this that was shutting it down. Engine temp was OK, just a bit high Not the problem here tho', assuming the engine is about the same vintage as the boat.....
  4. Is it now working OK since the mechanic's work? If not, assuming its not overheating or low oil pressure (check gauges!), its either air- or fuel-related - diesels are simple, in theory. If it runs OK for a while, more likely fuel. Start at the tank and check for blockages (filters?) or air leaks. May be a subtle problem.......
  5. No, it hasn't started.
  6. Ahh! Never sailed there.
  7. WLIS??
  8. Sailed on one out of MDR in the 80s - solid boats.
  9. I think it might be a case of 'be careful what you wish for'......
  10. Does it make the pole lighter too?
  11. No wonder its luck has run out, the horseshoe is upside down.....
  12. Ah, the good old days - Bell Labs!
  13. All they need now is some wind - I thought 18 footers didn't get out of bed for under double digits!
  14. Depending on the design, they can rattle annoyingly. There are some with a small plastic pin to stop the noise. (Got them all the way up my mast, v easy to go aloft....)
  15. Yeah we're back in the 70s again: platform shoes, impeachable presidents,.......