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  1. Fleetwood

    Internal leak??

    Maybe mine was defective out of the box; not the first time.....
  2. Fleetwood

    Internal leak??

    I had one that did this. IIRC this is a 'design feature'.
  3. Fleetwood

    Engine control anarchy

    Morse made those engine controls at least up to a few years ago but didn't advertise this - it wasn't on the website. I maneged to find one to replace a broken one on my previous boat. My current boat has a Vetus one: https://www.vetus.com/en/engines-and-around-the-engines/mechanical-engine-remote-controls/mando-distancia-mecanico-7876.html very nice. I might fit in your recess.
  4. Fleetwood

    Packing a Stuffing Box

    I made a tool which I found very useful, to push the packing uniformly back into the stuffing box. Get some PVC pipe about the diameter of the shaft (a little bigger), cut a piece about 50mm (2") long and slit it so it fits over the shaft. It will push the packing in uniformly; other approaches didn't work, at least for me.....
  5. Fleetwood

    Carbon fibre mast maintenance

    One (important) point, most 2-part marine paints are urethanes, not epoxies. There are epoxy (2-part) paints, generally used as undercoats (under 2-part urethanes, etc) or as interior(bilge) paints. Urethanes are tougher than epoxies, andUV stable, epoxies are more brittle and not UV stable. (My mast has an epoxy paint undercoat and Awlgrip topcoat.)
  6. Fleetwood

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Its in the noise now, essentially running about one fiftieth the US's on a per capita basis........ Makes one think, maybe?
  7. Fleetwood

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    COVID-19 in Australia 0 New cases (Jun 27) 613 Active cases 6924 Recovered 98 Deaths
  8. Fleetwood

    Saving An Old Tiller

    If using pawlonia (or WR cedar) absolutely needs to be a laminate with a stronger wood. How do I know this.....
  9. Fleetwood

    Vacuum Pump Oil, how careful to be with it?

    Vacuum pump oil (rotary vane pumps) is generally mineral oil, or occasionally silicone oil for specialised applications. Neither is great to be spreading about the workshop! Easiest solution is to port the exhaust outside, with some cheap flexible hose: vacuum hose, pool hose, etc. After the initial pumpdown the volume of air pumped is miniscule, so just about any hose will do. Much simpler than putting the pump o/s, as then you'll need much stronger hose to support itself under vacuum. (The pump may have an oil mist filter on the exhaust, remove it to install the hose.) If you are pumping humid air or lots of water vapour you should open the pump ballast, if fitted, to keep the oil clean.
  10. Fleetwood

    mast steps

    a. Things happen. Last time, mast had just been completely refurbished, we were offshore, a bit windy, and the radome mount fell off the mast, left dangling by the cable. I had to go up and cut it down (and save the radome). Rigger had installed the blind machine screws with Tefgel, which doesn't harden, and lubricates (use Duralac!) I'd also climbed the mast before leaving, all screws were tight. b. Never had a tangle with folding steps; the rigid triangular ones, another matter.........
  11. I lived and worked (legally)in LA for many years, owned a boat (plus cars) much of that time, no problems. I just registered it as usual. With a drivers licence and a SS no you can do just about anything you want. A "Documented vessel" is probably a different matter; same here in Oz, you must be a citizen to own an Australian Registered vessel (needed if you want to take it OS.)
  12. Fleetwood

    mast steps

    Another reason for mast steps. When I ascend using steps, the safety line is barely tensioned, but held secure! Certainly gives everyone a lot more confidence when offshore, especially in a blow.
  13. Fleetwood

    mast steps

    Replaced rigid (triangular) steps with folding ones on my previous boat, they were great. We modified them slightly with plastic pins in them to stop them rattling. The big advantage was that it was easy to go up the mast anytime, so I did, before any passage or whenever there might have been a problem up there. I'd use them again on a cruising boat.
  14. Fleetwood

    workshop heater ?

    Room temp (STP = 20degC) is fine, std hardener (West System's) will cure quite a bit quicker at 27C. If that's the ambient temp one has no choice! I prefer a warmer substrate as it won't outgas, maybe causing bubbles, and flows easier. YEMV.
  15. Fleetwood

    workshop heater ?

    Generally considered better to have the epoxy components at room temperature and warm the job, as the epoxy is laid on the job it warms, lowers viscosity and flows out evenly and enters cracks, etc better. Since the epoxy reaction is exothermic, warming epoxy can cause unexpected problems.....