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  1. What's that, the Royal Beaver YC?
  2. Fleetwood

    What Size Prop?

    If the vibration is your major symptom I'd be looking at your drivetrain for problems well before thinking the prop has "wear". As you say, cutlass bearing, poor alignment,.......
  3. Fleetwood

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I want to know what it ended up as............
  4. Fleetwood

    What Size Prop?

    Google Propcalc, it is a good place to start and to get an understanding of tradeoffs.
  5. Fleetwood

    sourcing long brass bolts

    Threaded rod plus a bit of simple blacksmithing.
  6. Fleetwood

    Fixing a Pad Eye to the deck with no access below

    How thick is the deck there? The West System manual gives data on pull strength of machine screws embedded in epoxy plugs, comparable with through-bolted screws. Need deck thickness greater than screw depth. Cut a largeish hole (size of pad-eye?), insert a metal backing plate cut in two so that each piece fits through the hole and extends beyond it, pre-drilled to mate to the pad-eye screws, epoxy the plates in place (hold with temporary screws, etc). Fill gap with thickened epoxy, mount pad-eye. Practise first.
  7. Fleetwood

    The Zombie Fleet

    Particularly like the last pic - ships of the desert........
  8. Fleetwood

    Leisurefurl Boom Failure - Any Suggestions?

    The standard Leisurefurl mandril is undersized, according to my rigger, and my experience. Crash gybe with vang on too hard and the mandril bowed so much that the sail couldn't be furled. Rigger replaced it with a greater wall thickness mandril, problem solved (+ strict instructions to the crew - ease the vang before gybing!) This should also solve your problem giving more meat for threading the screws (+ Duralac).
  9. Those hyfield-type levers are great for removable staysails. Had one on my previous boat. Used to be made by ABI, no longer in business. Definitely an item to obtain and store away if you ever come across one at a used parts shop, etc.
  10. Fleetwood

    James Cook - 250th Pacific Voyage Anniversary Calendar

    Can I put that on my epitaph?
  11. Fleetwood

    James Cook - 250th Pacific Voyage Anniversary Calendar

    As you say, Dampier appears to have been more of an explorer/travel writer and a reluctant pirate at best. "A Pirate of Exquisite Mind" was a good bio, written several years ago.
  12. Fleetwood

    Occasional/special tools for club to share

    Hand tools are essentially free; they generally pay for themselves in their first use. Power tools take a bit longer; stationary tools, not so much.
  13. Yeah, we had a good storm a few weeks ago, first real rain in months. Just about everything got wet.