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  1. Teak Deck Replacement

    The key is, as mentioned by Moon, is whether the deck has been screw-fastened or glued, and the thickness of the teak. (Leaving the issue of a potentially squishy deck aside!) If its 1/2" teak it should be sandable. 1/4". out of luck. Some screws may become exposed and will need to be removed and replaced with shorter ones. I will also need regrooving and caulking. A big job, but not as much as a complete replacement.
  2. painting over gel coat - questions/concerns

    Perfection is easier to use than Awlgrip, adheres fine over epoxy and epoxy paint. Here's a good instruction manual: http://www.ptwatercraft.com/ptwatercraft/Rolling_Perfection_by_Russell_Brown.html Time to get to work on the fishing boat!
  3. painting over gel coat - questions/concerns

    A good Awlgrip job will last 10+ years. Not easy to apply, so if are not confident of your painting skills get it done professionally. If you want to save $$ do the prep work yourself - been said before, its 90% of the effort (cost). Other 2-pack systems, such as Perfection are almost as good and a bit easier to apply, but still only a job for an experienced painter. Do you have a dinghy to practise on?
  4. Mast or boom furling?

    +1 Full battens, sufficient controls to shape the sail, plus all the reasons above.
  5. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    Allen key screws are just as bad as phillips to remove when old and corroded in.The edges of the socket get smooth and the key slips - you end up with a nice round hole..... I've several of them on the boat (Lewmar traveller track) that I cannot remove. I'll just have to drill them out one day. I'm ignoring them for now - maybe they'll go away!
  6. My newest project

    First year physics at uni, we had HP desktop calculators/computers to help run experiments; they had nixie tubes. Forgot all about them! Can't remember the HP product number. The (rich) nerds had HP35s, I had a slide rule - much easier than log tables.......
  7. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    The tyranny of distance strikes again. I get lots of high-value, relatively light stuff from o/s, mainly the US, where its usually 30-50% cheaper than in Oz. Unfortunately screws are heavy in bulk and you tend to need only a few more immediately to finish a project.....
  8. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    Yeah, but in the real world, how many of them can you get in 316 in a full range? (Certainly not here in Oz!) (I like the raised c/s, especially for cleats, etc.)
  9. My newest project

    Just installed an HP21 app on my cell phone. Now I can use it as a calculator......
  10. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    Not easy to get a full range of JIS screws (wood and machine), especially here in Oz! I don't want to be mixing different screws around the boat..... (Yeah, phillips screws are made for fastening, not unfastening!)
  11. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    Just bought a set of gunsmith drivers. Much better than standard cheapest!
  12. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    +1 I prefer a brace over an impact driver if there's room. If the head is OK it will get most screws out and you have good control over what you are doing. (Not easy to find the correct bits tho'.)
  13. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    Just about any screw will go in (eventually) - its getting them out, corroded and with stripped heads - that's the problem.
  14. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    My next boat won't have any bloody phillips head screws on them - I'm sick of trying to remove seized up ones with mangled heads. I'll gladly use slot-head screws everywhere. Look much better, (cabinet makers use them exclusively) and slots can usually be easily repaired. A good set of drivers helps. Hex heads wear just as easily as phillips ones, and there's a very limited range of square heads (screws) here in Oz. Look ugly too. Rant over