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  1. Same hose for manual and electric bilge pump?

    Or have the two hoses join at the thru hull. If both are sloping down (which they should be) they can't backflow.
  2. Bedding primary ans secondary winches

    How to use butyl tape: http://www.pbase.com/mainecruising/rebedding_hardware
  3. The big swinging dick problem

    I prefer the no reply response. (Seems it's becoming popular in DC too.....)
  4. The big swinging dick problem

    Yeah, I lived in France for a while (long time ago!) and did my best to learn the local slang (there is/was a great book "Merde et Merde Encore" which was very helpful) but I rarely used it - had a hard enough time mastering the official language.....
  5. The big swinging dick problem

    You're only just scratching the surface: ambo, servo, the list goes on......
  6. The big swinging dick problem

    The US isn't immune - cookies? And in the current discussion - guys (for all genders) and dolls. Dolls? Good way of objectifying women (I know its now a bit archaic but then so are many of the current crop of perpetrators.)
  7. The big swinging dick problem

    It's essentially fairly simple. Some actions are against the law; rape, groping, etc can be several things, but always assault, which is unlawful. (Attitudes and social acceptance do change over time. 30 years ago drink-driving was often accepted, much less so now. 150 years ago, other things, such as dueling were common and accepted by some. Not now.) One shouldn't employ, applaud or otherwise encourage people who break the law. End of sermon.
  8. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Your renderings are getting better every day!
  9. My newest project

    Good to see your dogs are every bit as well trained as ours is.....
  10. Dumb as a Stump

    Thick as a fucking plank!
  11. Stainless vs Aluminum - the struggle is real...

    Don't think that's changed much even now, just no longer on the surface. Same elsewhere in EU - France and Germany too; they just hide it a bit more.
  12. Important to keep the punch normal to the stud (and vice). Only saying that it was a bit easier than a hammer. I'm blaming my technique before the snap brand, but will go there soon.......
  13. Stainless vs Aluminum - the struggle is real...

    Great Britain is the largest island in the British Isles. Also went to school there for a bit. Main memories were that they were crap at footy (rugby) and the syllabus was firmly stuck in the last (19th then) century......
  14. Best & Brightest II - Rick Perry Redux

    Coming back from Hammo one year we went through a storm that would have got rid of every bedbug on the boat. Certainly got rid of a couple of eurotrash crew when we finally made it into Roslyn Bay........
  15. I have the same problem with hammering the mortar/pestle, my success ratio is not great. Just tried putting them in my vice - slow, more or less even pressure, works much better than hammering. Ok for the occasional snap replacement, I'd get the hand-held press if doing lots.