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  1. This is going to take awhile

    This spot down in the bottom corner is still very pleasant!
  2. Craigslist - Not mocking

    I'd tension up that forestay just a bit.......
  3. I'm at peace with Honkers; can we still get Trump impeached?
  4. The recycling house of cards collapses.

    As various voices in the wilderness have been saying for (at least 40 by my count) years, the best form of energy/waste/conservation is not to buy the stuff in the first place. If you don't buy it then you don't need the energy & materials to make it, nor to dispose of it. Buy fewer things of good quality. They last. Now I sound like some long-haired, sandal-wearing alternate..........
  5. New White Brightside yellowing

    Yellowing of enamels in the bilge areas is well-known; I guess this is just an extreme example of it. Maybe next time I'm painting white enamel I'll do a test.....
  6. What's Australian for "Polysulfide Sealant"?

    I've never found a polysulphide sealant here in Oz; a Sika product is probably your best bet. Whitworths has a good range, at reasonable (for Oz) prices.
  7. The Best Case for No Collusion

    It's not the collusion that will get him but the cover-up - plus all the other interesting Trump activities the FBI, Special Prosecutor, NY Attorney, etc will dig up in the course of their work. Keep the courts and media busy for years.....
  8. Radar on a small boat

    +1, I find AIS to be more useful (where we sail) than radar for offshore collision avoidance.
  9. New White Brightside yellowing

    Is the underside of the hatch degrading and dropping stuff (moisture, solvent) on the new paint? What does Interlux say - their tech people generally know their stuff.
  10. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    Now about that electric motor thingy........
  11. Be carefull with Yanmar !!!

    We've had a few Yanmar engines - been bulletproof, buying another soon. Our local service is good. Don't know much about their saildrives but if it went astern when in fwd it sounds like a (very) faulty installation problem, not maintenance.
  12. I have a question for those with boom furling

    That's a good conservative number.
  13. I have a question for those with boom furling

    Leisurefurl on a Mason 44.Don't know the weight accurately but too heavy for one to lift easily so 60-100kg probably. (Heavier gauge mandril install after a crash gybe bent the original one.)
  14. Vacuum Bagging wet core area to pull moisture out?

    Wasn't familiar with Gast pumps, which look as though they are more process gas pumps than high vacuum pumps.( I use an old Edwards 2-stage vane pump ( salvaged from an earlier life in high vacuum technology) for my vac bagging, easily gets to 0.01 atm, open the ballast to keep water out of the oil. Trap is a good idea to keep epoxy out of the pump tho'!)
  15. White epoxy filler

    West Systems make a white pigment paste (#501) that will whiten just about any mix.