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  1. Prior owner

    I can't believe how incompetent the guy I used to be was.......
  2. CAT 1 Hatchboard security

    We have 2 barrel bolts on the inside with ~1" holes through the wash board, close enough to open the bolts from outside, plus a piece of line tied to an eye strap on the wash board, which can be tied to the handhold next to the companionway. Simple, easy. Passed cat 1 audit no probs.
  3. Radar reflector

    Radar reflectors are for compliance, not to help being seen.....
  4. Battle of Darwin : 19 February 1942

    That attitude lasted quite a bit longer here in Oz. Well into the 70s and 80s many of my parent's generation wouldn't buy a Japanese car. The Japanese population in Sydney was very small until the 90s. The Pacific war was very personal for us!
  5. Battle of Darwin : 19 February 1942

    My mother was a RAAF radio operator at Richmond Air Force Base on duty then and was the first person in Sydney to receive the news of the bombing. Because she kept her head, didn't panic and passed the news on up the chain, she got a medal!
  6. Hawespipes - Louis Sauzedde

    Epoxying in a fitting that is subject to high impact loads. Hmm.......... (Why doesn't he just grind off the lip from the nut so he could turn it?)
  7. PSS Dripless Shaft Seals: Pros/Cons/Experiences?

    Thread a few months ago on this topic: Anything further on Manecraft vs PSS?
  8. Awlwood? Anybody use that can review?

    Any good standard epoxy to wet everything, then fill gaps/delaminations with thickened epoxy, as thick as you can manage to not get gaps & bubbles. It's not structural so whatever filler is handy will do.
  9. Awlwood? Anybody use that can review?

    If you have unglued areas you must fix them! Get as much epoxy as you can into them - a syringe may be useful, and weight them down. (Vacuum bagging would be good.....) Seal all edges with epoxy too.
  10. Cockpit refuses to drain....

    Easy enough to install flapper valves on the thru-hulls to stop inwards flow.
  11. NEED HELP !!!

    Certainly do.
  12. flex couple tranny to prop shaft

    Pushing a boat along with a length of firehose - how long is a piece of firehose?
  13. The issue for me is whether the DST800 gives accurate, clean data. I should get a good data point from my mate's boat; the installation is being done by a very good guy.
  14. Oyster Yachts gone bust

    Not uncommon for a new boat to be surveyed prior to acceptance, same idea as for used ones - find any defects.