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  1. WestCoast

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    Ok ok, you're clearly trolling. Two points for you, you win the internet today! Just to be clear: Everything you said in your post was factually incorrect. Seriously. Not a single thing you said was remotely accurate. - You got the responsible party wrong. - You made up some margin number which is wildly wrong. - You got the remedy wrong. - You got the comparison wrong. - You actually even got the rumors mixed up - which I didn't think was even a thing. I realize you don't live in the US, and you don't own a dinghy business, nor do you understand what went on here... So, why open your mouth? People read these forums, good people, sailors and families impacted by this. Why just spread lies and misinformation for no good reason? Do you feel good about it?
  2. WestCoast

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    Uh, sir, with all due respect: Your reply is not only void of anything that could remotely be considered factually accurate. But it's so horribly ignorant and incorrect, anyone on this forum with an an IQ over 30 will assume you are trolling. If you are, good for you. You win. If you aren't trolling........ I'd suggest you not post on the internet ever again (particularly about dinghy sailing, manufacturer and resale, and maybe more broadly, just sailing in general). This is just the most factually ignorant comment I've seen in .... years......
  3. WestCoast

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Drone footage from the same day.
  4. WestCoast

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Two boat testing in the Bay with 21s last week. Breeze on, ebb tide - they ate it all up. Grins everywhere.
  5. We bring in containers of boats from the UK and ship them to British Columbia. Need a lot of paperwork and a good broker, but, we ship piles of boats into Canada like this each year. What is your main question. Logistics? Paperwork? Costs?
  6. lol, thanks Wess. Over the years, I've tried to keep my contributions here largely non-commercial, not specific to our business. But, we're rushing to fill the void It's the key focus for our staff meetings every week now - getting the information, know how, inventory in stock, online and usable for everyone. We're working on it long hours here. Hope to show off the results of our expanded catalog in 4-6 weeks
  7. I posted in the other thread, but, this is not a glamorous business. Our store has been focused on dinghy hardware, line, parts, boats and accessories for 14 years. We've got 12 staff who all want to get paid (and they deserve it). Rent is $100k a year for an 8000SF warehouse. We tie up around $1M in inventory here (that we need to turn over every 90 days to make this operation work). It's not easy. That said, there are some specialty retailers left. Some of us have been fortunate to grow year after year. Service still exists, customers still want to talk to knowledgeable staff. We are personally doubling down on the area that APS is vacating (we were already doing so anyway, so, no change in strategy for us). I won't pimp our company here, but, of the few sailing specific stores left in the US... I think there are some good options still. Some might surprise with the selection and service and staff levels.
  8. WestCoast

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    Even though they've been one of our competitors, I've had great respect for the business Kyle built. This is a hard industry, no question, and I'm sure Kyle thought long and hard about the most profitable way forward for his business. For what it's worth, I've gotten a lot of messages of support from our customers. We've offered to Kyle and his team to purchase the majority, or just all, of their dinghy parts. I haven't heard back yet, but this is a standing offer for me to get on a plane with a blank check and buy that from them. We're also trying to communicate with them that any of their staff that are going to be displaced, should apply here, as we could make homes for them. Finally, we were already in the middle of it, but we're doubling down on our catalog expansion, building out a full custom rig department, and massively expanding our hardware stock here to serve sportboat and keelboat customers. We had a staff meeting yesterday, and we're going to focus fully on finishing that project over the next month or two so we can support sailors with the hardware, line and parts they need. - George
  9. I wish they were all sold tillerman! Lots of interested, but many of the 20 boats still available.
  10. Not correct, sorry. See my reply above.
  11. We ordered a full container (20) Lasers from the ISAF Youth Worlds in Poland. They are currently in-transit to our warehouse. 'Event Boats' like these, are typically our most popular boats we sell all year because of the discounts and gear included. FYI, we *generally* do this sort of thing annually. Nothing new or particularly noteworthy about it again this year.
  12. WestCoast

    Opti charters on the West Coast?

    Not that I know of, and I don't know why anyone would start now. The east coast has a greater density of sailors, much shorter distances to travel, and wealthy families willing to throw unlimited money at charters / charter services. Throw in growing sales tax / nexus awareness (when a company charters boats in another state, they are now obligated to report sales tax. Most don't, and they open exposure to years of back taxes and penalties). Out here, there are growing fleets of RS Teras and other boats that don't play that game as much. There are some families, but a lot are much more chill about sailing. Most companies that do charter have slowly been realizing it's not only not profitable, but also not worth the hassle. You're seeing less companies do it when they factor in their opportunity cost of doing almost anything else.
  13. WestCoast

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Just did a conference call with the RS team, here are some rough notes: 75 RS21s sold Worldwide in ~11 months 19 RS21s sold into North America already. (Lakewood Yacht Club in Texas ordered a fleet of 12 this month) Winter 2020 Tour / Event Schedule is being planned now, should be expanded over first years. A deep collaboration with US Sailing is hopefully going to be announced soon. SailGP collaboration is being worked on. Match Racing tour is being worked on as well. -- We're doing demos in Montana, and Idaho the next few weeks, then back to the Bay Area to have 6 boats racing, then probably up to Seattle and Vancouver before heading South to San Diego for the Winter.
  14. This was the salient point of the entire interview. I think myself and a number of other people are under the impression that WS can NOT move the deadline. That it is hard and fast. Yet, apparently some people are of the exact opposite mind. No matter what side you are on, it's going to be a pretty awkward situation to set a deadline, and then change it to accommodate one side. Not sure how the EU anti-trust type folks will see that sort of preferred action. I guess we will know in 36 hours how it all shakes out. We live in some pretty interesting times in this industry.....
  15. WestCoast

    Laser Sails

    ^^^ I would second what others have said. If you have a local dealer still, they will often have piles of class legal race sails you can buy for $100-$200. I know we have , uh, a lot that sit in the back that we give away to customers or sell on the cheap. -- We have been selling a ton of the Rooster Replica sails indeed too. I don't know how many, but I saw 3 or 4 go out the door just yesterday. Steve is obviously one of the best Laser sailors, so not a total surprise, it seems to be a very high quality replica sails.