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  1. WestCoast

    RS500 Single-hand?

    Yeah, you can singlehanded a 500. I tell customers - if you have normal crew, and occasionally they are not available - then sure, singelhand it. But, as others here have mentioned - if you are primarily looking for a singlehanded boat, there are a few others to consider. Remember, there are two types of sailplans on the 500. XL (most common, with mylar sails and a roachy main) and S (dacron sails, smaller and white in color). Most customers will use the S sails in medium + breeze and as long as they are 180lbs or more, it's not a handful. XL sails are more powered up and in big breeze, single handing, you will have trouble, so be careful over 12kts or so in that config.
  2. I have no reason to believe it’s true either, actually. I’ve been in contact with every one of the potential new builders, and, unless they are lying to me, none of them have any new tooling. In fact, I don’t believe the new tooling has all been built yet. — Let’s SAY it was all built already hull and deck molds all - maybe in a geographically convenient place like... the UK. Ok, great, that’s done. And magically in February it was airfreighted (super cheap way to get molds places) to all the builders around the world who were marked as ‘approved’ (who, of course, haven’t signed contracts yet, but, let’s ignore that). Then, yes, I am sure once they got their shipment via airfreight in 7 days..., they instantly built all the supporting jigs and tools that same week, and are already ready to produce boats in a few weeks! Unfortunately - this is fantasy land stuff - and completely at odds with any facts I have been told or know. — Listen guys, we’re desperate for a solution to the woes of all this too. I promise, we want to supply sailors worldwide with the gear they are used to buying from WCS. This has been what we’re good at for years. It’s what we do - and have an entire staff built around accomplishing... But, if you think 7 builders, are going to be ready to supply new boats, in a few weeks - that’s just.... I mean, I have no words. My best estimate would be Q3 2020 for anyone to have new boats, approved, finished and in condition that the market might want to buy them. If someone put a gun to my head, I would say Q4 2020 or Q1 2021 for any of that to be stabilized. And yes, meanwhile, strangely, PSA get’s the world to themselves.
  3. It would sure appear that way.
  4. For what it’s worth, as someone who has sold maybe 200+ composite top sections to customers so far.... They are certainly lighter than AL ones. There is simply no objective way to say otherwise. I’ve personally weighed dozens of composite sections, against a sample of aluminum sections from various eras. Yes, AL top sections change weights regularly... But, every composite top section was around .5 pounds less than AL ones. Happy to be proven wrong with someone who has measured more than I personally have, but it’s what I do for a living. (well, I’m retired in December... but, still) — I’m not a good enough sailor personally to educate everyone on how the comp. mast bends vs. al... but in my experience, it was different (especially with the MkII sail). I would say it felt more ‘springy’ - but, again, not an Olympic Laser sailor or anything like that. Just a guy who’s sold the equipment and raced it for 15 years.
  5. WestCoast

    rs aero

    The Zest is a plastic boat for kids to learn to sail - but if you wish to compare it to an Aero - ok.... The Zest was one of the most popular club boats launched in my memory (our company has been selling dinghies for 15 years now). RS replaced a dozen or so rudder units for clubs that got Zests due to an issue in manufacturing that caused a weak spot and some failures in the field. Not ideal, but, issue identified and issue fixed at no cost to customers. Just like the handful of original Aeros that had transom issues (I think it was 3 total out of 2000+ so far). Anyway, 2019 saw 400+ new Aeros sold into the market. Pretty damn impressive for a new singlehander if you ask anyone. It’s happening. It’s really happening.
  6. I promise, it's not been easy to build the stock we have here, and it runs out frequently as less and less companies stock Laser parts. We don't have an ETA for a number of items that are on order with manufacturers, so, hopefully, as always the answer is 'shortly'. Not ideal, but we work on it daily.
  7. For some facts: In stock currently here: 68x Laser Standard Hyde Mk II sails 23x Laser Radial sails We've got 3x 2020 HIN Lasers left, and will have another container of Lasers on order shortly. (Manufacturer: LP UK) -- For North American demand.... it's dismal at the moment. If 1200 Lasers were sold in the world in 2019, I would imagine 120-150 were sold in North America. Any of the potential builders I talk to that have the distribution networks, staff and experience... none of them are seeing dollar signs here. The start-up costs, the constant fighting in the class, the uncertainty over rigs, names and all that.... It's a *big* hill to climb to justify the time, money, energy and effort - with a very very uncertain ROI. I won't defend LaserPerformance here a lot, they have brought a lot of this on themselves - no question. But, the fragmented nature of multiple new rigs (complete carbon rigs with new sails, not the carbon radial lower)... name changes, sail name changes.... The Laser class hasn't made itself by being cutting edge and modern. It's been steady, inexpensive and largely unchanged. What is happening now, is like watching a bad breakup. I believe too much damage has been done on both sides - it's going to be impossible for whoever comes out of this the 'victor' to have what they had 10 years ago....
  8. It's how boats come packaged when they are brand new. The drain plug is tied/zip-tied to the aft of the hiking strap.
  9. For some context... We routinely have 100+ new boats in stock here (we sell around 400 sailboats a year). Our goal is to turn inventory 4x, so, that's about right. Seasonally, our biggest month for boat invoicing is usually May for deliveries to clubs. There is little 'seasonality' to Laser purchasing, and it is largely dependent for us on when we bring in a container of boats or if we have 'event boats'. I am not aware if PSA is bringing any boats in for stock to the US. That would require a cash outlay from Ryan of a decent chunk of money. Maybe he is able to do that, but I would imagine he is much more trying to presell a container at a time to the families he coaches and sees on the youth racing circuit. And, while we're at it, yes, PSA will be trying to expand into North America. But, uhm, what makes people think there aren't builders targeting the Oceania market to sell a lot of boats down there at lower prices than PSA charges? I think no one really understands yet what is going to happen. But, people who think PSA is going to 'rescue' North America, don't understand how this will likely play out. I personally don't see a lot of smart money running to start building Lasers. The low cost leaders will be into it... but, what incentive do the best builders have to join the fray when it's going to be a bloodbath of people trying to build better and faster boats, or cheaper ones by the container load? I see a lot of people sitting on the sidelines for the next year to wait out what happens..... We will continue to sell Lasers here, personally, but, with the new model, it's going to be tough to see local support for the boat grow, or small companies get back involved selling more boats. This will be the big guys trying to hustle their boats out there by any means necessary. Turf war - not a 'grow the sport' effort. Class needs a 'grow the sport' mentality - as there are very compelling and competing products out there compared to even 10 years earlier.... -- For the person asking about RS Aeros - I'd estimate close to 400 in North America now. There are over 200 on just the West Coast, and over 40 in Seattle alone. Many other parts of the country are playing catch up, but Texas, Florida, and the East Coast have strong groups of the boats. It is already an internationally recognized class with some 100+ boats are Worlds each year.
  10. WestCoast

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    I'm done responding to you, I'm sorry. Again, you are factually wrong on every level, again. I can't keep wasting time correcting you over and over and over again. This is a simple warning to anyone who reads this thread - SCANAS has less than zero idea what he is talking about, who is involved, how the supply chain works, how builders are appointed, or how any of this occurred. None. I haven't heard a single opinion be remotely correct. "Was Matt’s order their first delivery of 420’s? " I am usually not so public here, especially with criticism, but, this is just unbelievable. - goooddddd mate, you are just so far off the mark.... -- It's like me asking you if you have a pet kangaroo "I heard everyone in Australia has one!" "You say 'no George, we don't'" And I just spend the rest of a thread saying 'everyone has kangaroos, I saw it on television!!! I heard a guy say it is true' You're just so wrong on every level, please please please stop posting in this thread.
  11. WestCoast

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    Yeah, this is not even remotely how it works. Again, I'm not picking on you, but it's soooo frustrating to see such bad information parroted as fact - especially when shared publicly by people. You had every single aspect of the facts of the story entirely wrong. And I just wish those posts could get deleted or redacted or something. A lot of people were affected by this, and some of us are still hoping Matt makes good. So, it's just such a disservice to sailors everywhere to have unfounded, false information being repeated over and over.
  12. WestCoast

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    Ok ok, you're clearly trolling. Two points for you, you win the internet today! Just to be clear: Everything you said in your post was factually incorrect. Seriously. Not a single thing you said was remotely accurate. - You got the responsible party wrong. - You made up some margin number which is wildly wrong. - You got the remedy wrong. - You got the comparison wrong. - You actually even got the rumors mixed up - which I didn't think was even a thing. I realize you don't live in the US, and you don't own a dinghy business, nor do you understand what went on here... So, why open your mouth? People read these forums, good people, sailors and families impacted by this. Why just spread lies and misinformation for no good reason? Do you feel good about it?
  13. WestCoast

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    Uh, sir, with all due respect: Your reply is not only void of anything that could remotely be considered factually accurate. But it's so horribly ignorant and incorrect, anyone on this forum with an an IQ over 30 will assume you are trolling. If you are, good for you. You win. If you aren't trolling........ I'd suggest you not post on the internet ever again (particularly about dinghy sailing, manufacturer and resale, and maybe more broadly, just sailing in general). This is just the most factually ignorant comment I've seen in .... years......
  14. WestCoast

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Drone footage from the same day.
  15. WestCoast

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Two boat testing in the Bay with 21s last week. Breeze on, ebb tide - they ate it all up. Grins everywhere.