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  1. RS700 Fleets in NA?

    New 700 in SF Bay this year... Total though, I’d guess less than 10 in NA at the moment.
  2. rs aero

    Aero things are happening all over, it's pretty exciting. Sold another 7 or 8 Aeros to California in the last two weeks. -- 5 Aeros already registered for Totally Dinghy at Richmond Yacht Club.
  3. ancient tasar

    Our website.
  4. Hobie Adventure Island and Triak Questions

    We sell both boats, and consider them pretty different. The Hobie AI is just the perfect cruising platform. Mirage Drive is amazing and you can fish and do all that sort of stuff on it. Tons of accessories made by Hobie, it's really a great recreational platform. Triak is more adventurous. A lot lighter, and foot steering, with built in spinnaker. Our experience is it points higher than the AI/TI (but not like 10 degrees higher). Paddles easier, but, doesn't have the mirage drive feature. Triak includes a shipping crate, so they are easy to move around the country or the world. Pricing is fairly similar, Triak is a bit more expensive due to lower production quantities and of course being made of fiberglass compared to plastic. Both great boats, just different mission profiles for our customers.
  5. RS Neo

  6. RS Neo

  7. RS Neo

    This is definitely not competition for the Aero. It's a boat for some recreational sailing and blasting around/beaching/leaving outside all summer to just have fun on. -- Rigged up it's not too shabby looking. I doubt any racers are going to get fired up about it. But, if you were evaluating a Sunfish/Pico/Quba/Bravo for recreational sailing, you'll have to give this a look now too.
  8. Celebirty Sloop

    I usually scoff at a lot of the old designs. Thistles, Jet14s, C-15s, Lidos, all that stuff. But, damn, something about that photo is just sexy. It surely makes the boat look way cooler than it is. Not bad at all.
  9. RS Neo

    Got our first Neo in today, I'll upload some pictures when it's rigged up
  10. rs aero

    Saw that on a 2015, happened when a customer capsized and either fell on, or held onto the tiller end. Huge lever arm, so ripped it out. Pretty easy fix. RS changed the layup I think in 2016 with a bit more carbon there. Only seen one myself, but heard of one other with that issue (the above one).
  11. Shopping for a used Aero

    Boat with the soft spots on deck is sold, one more used Aero will go on site in a day or so.
  12. Shopping for a used Aero

    ^^^ Our first one is in a container about 2 weeks out, intro price is $4995, and imagine it will be +$1000 nicely equipped.
  13. RS Feva VS Pixel

    Feva Worlds will be in Florida April 2018. Imagine there will be 60-80 Fevas available for sale after the event at discounted prices. So far this year, we've sold around 20 Fevas to racing programs out here. It's growing nice and steadily.
  14. Another RS700 will shortly be blasting around SF Bay.
  15. West Coast RS Aero 2017

    sorry, Go For The Gold is this weekend, I get confused http://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=event&eid=1388
  16. West Coast RS Aero 2017

    Had 8 at ABYC last weekend. Looks like 9-10 Aeros on the water this coming weekend at LYSA
  17. West Coast RS Aero 2017

    5 Aeros signed up for Memorial Day at ABYC already. Marc Jacobi is flying out to sail the event and do an informal clinic too.
  18. West Coast RS Aero 2017

    What? We've got a custom trailer with 8 Aeros/dollies/covers and all rigs. It's going to be driving to events to create an 'instant regatta' Why? Everyone has heard of the boat by now, but we've got lots of people on the fence with the 'where are the fleets' excuse. So, we're going to take the boats to them. We've got almost 30 people looking to get into the fleet, now it's time to show the boat off to these folks. When / Where? See the list below. Who Anyone interested in seeing the Aero is welcome! The Goal? Show people what an amazing boat the Aero is, and get them involved and talking to owners about the boat. WEST COAST AERO TOUR LYSA / Lake Yosemite - May 20/21 Memorial Day / ABYC - May 27/28 Go For The Gold / Scotts Flatt Lake - June 3/4 Summer Sailstice / Encinal YC - June 24 Pacific Coast Championships - August 18-20 **more dates to be announced** Sounds fun, what now??! Have a friend who wants to get a ride? Know some folks that are looking for the next boat? It's super easy - just reserve a boat for the event you want online! Charter Boat Reservations $150 covers everything for the entire weekend - everything included someone needs to get on the water.
  19. West Coast RS Aero 2017

    We're at 100 Aeros on the west coast already. We'll be hitting a bunch of venues from Bay Area to SoCal this summer with 8x Aeros for charter and demo. Details coming along shortly.
  20. do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    I think statements like this are fairly backwords looking. (these notes are US specific) It's one data point, but, there are 30 RS Aeros in Seattle, and it basically completely replaced the Laser fleet for local racing. (There are still plenty of Lasers around there, but, the top guys for the most part all switched to the Aero) Also, what you will likely see (as much as US based sailors cringe at the idea, is a general acceptance over the next 3-5 years of Portsmouth or some handicapped racing of multiple designs. The dinghy market is simply too fragmented now, with too many options, too many companies importing boats for us to ever go back to the old One Design or Nothing way of life. We'll simply never get back to the days of a manufacturer selling 1000+ a year one design race boats in the US. The future (like it or not) will be mixed fleet racing with technology (likely your phone), doing real time handicapping. Then everyone can race whatever they want/suits them best, instead of all of us on the internet arguing which one design is best. It will happen, the groundwork is being laid now. If you think any of the prevalent 40+ old one design classes are safe, you are just not paying attention. As sailing grows, that will just be less important to most new folks. Lasers won't go away, and it's still a great boat with a great fleet. But if you write off the Melges 14, Aero, or whatever J boat, just because a lot of people sail Lasers now.... you don't understand what's happening in the marketplace.
  21. do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    There are ~30 Aeros in the Seattle area alone, and close to 100 on the west coast. Imagine that's why they didn't bother. (we're also far away from the rest of the world). That said, I've sailed the Melges 14, it's a pretty nice boat. Comfortable and roomy. I am sure they will sell 50-100 in the US, but, the market for a $9k singlehanded boat is fairly limited (trust me, I know, been there, attempted that). Even Aeros get up there in price when you add extra sails, lots of accessories. I am biased (sell lots of Aeros), my two main issues with the Melges 14 were a) sleeved sail? I can't for the life of me figure out how someone deals with that in big breeze. Lots of our customers struggle with the Laser mast in 15+ heavy. Now, I get it, the Aero is on the extreme end of light. But from a usability/car top/launching, every pound out of the boat helps. I liked sailing the Melges 14, and it's clear they know what they are doing, well balanced and fun...zero argument there. Limited to no dealers (that matters on a small boat, maybe not as much on a Melges 24), and a big lead from the competition. I can see them selling up to a 100 or so, but, it's a lot of coin, for a big dinghy. But, you never know, it says Melges on it, and that is worth something.
  22. Shipping Dinghys cross country

    29er to Worlds?
  23. new laser sail - availability

    Hi RobbieB, got a bunch of orders in over the weekend for sails, but, we'll be numbering them up today (Monday) and have it on the way to you. Thanks for your order. I try to not be commercial on DA, but, we've got the stock, and folks want it, so, wanted to let people know we've got lots (finally!)
  24. RS Aero 9 Sail - How to Buy Cheap?

    Whatever the laws are regarding protection of intellectual property in hulls, they have proven to work. You can't go out and buy a knock-off Laser hull. While Intensity has come in to sell cheap sails, neither they nor anyone else has come in to sell cheap Laser knock-off hulls. If it were legally permissible to do so, then I presume that market forces would have brought such a knock-off hull manufacturer to the market by now. Knock-off/replica/copy Laser hulls are available. They have been making them in China (and south America) for a few years now IIRC. Link?? None needed, Jeffers is completely correct. Been to one of the factories myself.
  25. RS Aero 9 Sail - How to Buy Cheap?

    'Entering the sport' is a bit vague, but I think I know what you mean. We've sold 80+ Aeros so far. Based on a quick scan of the customers, I'd recon about 25% are 'new' to dinghy sailing. That does *not* mean this is their first dinghy. But, they sailed 10,20,30 years ago, maybe as kids on a Hobie or something. Then had families, careers, etc. Nothing else excited them in the singlehanded, non-trap/non-spinnaker world, until the Aero. Again, 80 Aeros probably isn't a large enough sample size to say for sure, but it's a sizeable chunk that are getting an Aero to 'get back into the sport of sailing'.