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  1. Really exciting to see this happening in the USA! This is really what we need more of here.
  2. Looper: Nothing has changed on the US side for Duty. In addition, I believe all dealers (ourselves anyway), just eat the duty charge and don’t pass it on to customers as a line item. Cost of doing business for us.
  3. Sorry if my reply wasn’t 100% specific. Yes, this duty change has nothing to do with the US. CETA and the corresponding change in Duty applies to UK built boats sold to Canada only. **There is still a 1.5% duty for UK built boats sold in the USA.
  4. Yes, all UK built boats (RS, LaserPerofrance, Ovington, Topper and whatever else) no longer pay a 9.5% duty on import. Good news for the builders, but obviously a one off law change, not exchange rate related. Good news for all UK builders.
  5. RS 21 - Fugly or just a different genre

    ^^ maybe you're right, maybe I am on the 'looks' part. But, I raced FJs in HS/College, and clubs out here have Lido 14s, Capris and etc. Out there you've got Jet 14s, 420s, Sonar, Ideal 18s, J/24s...., and all sorts of boats that are quite ugly. I would be shocked if any club ever, EVER considered that in buying choice. Noisy board members and committee members? Sure. But actual buying decision... no way. If it does the job, and works reliably, then, it seems to get the nod. -- RS is already taking feedback from inital customers and tweaking things. So, I imagine Boat #2 will see some clean up and changes as it goes. 4 folks already looking on the West Coast to get them, and the boat won't be here for 6 months..... So, it seems to be rolling already. Time will tell
  6. RS 21 - Fugly or just a different genre

    For the record, the majority of our customers buy boats they have never sailed, and often never seen in person. That's the reality of the global supply of sailboats (at least the smaller ones) - in North America. Of the ~400 sailboats we sold in 2017, I'd imagine we did less than 20 specific boat demos. It just isn't needed for most people, nor is seeing the boat in person. The majority of customers work with a company they trust, and that company helps them get the right sailboat. Anyway, I personally think the boat is sexy as hell, since I've seen it during the design phase and will be buying one and selling them. I've never heard of an airline not buying a plane, or a sailing school or customer not buying a boat, because it was 'ugly'. That's just not something I've ever come across in the years of selling the sailboats we sell.
  7. RS 21 - Fugly or just a different genre

    I can’t debate your subjective view on the looks of a boat that has never been on the water. Because Charlie’s doesn’t work at RS anymore and the lead marketing lady had a baby, you’re claiming the company has changed drastically... That’s quite a reach, even for an anonymous Internet forum. I’ve been dealing with the RS team on a deep professional level for almost a decade. They have never been more focused or capable or successful as they are right now. They are rolling big time. They aren’t perfect, but they continue to grow very rapidly worldwide, so I’m not sure anyone else shares your concerns about a sales person staff change (the marketing lady is still there, even after kid) in a year in a company of 30, where all the main people and ownership are still present and working hard... — That said, this is RS 21 #1, and I’m sure the team will clean up things as they move to Boat 2 and build out the template for production boats. I’ve already heard a number of changes and clean up things that will happen to Boat 2 as they move into serial production in April. — I come to these forums to try to add some context to people who read it. This boat has never sailed, never even been in the water, and no one on this forum has sailed it either. And yet it’s already gotten half a years worth of orders after a single show. Sure, it’s not for everyone. Sure, it’s probably not the perfect boat that everyone would crave on a random forum. But, it’s a very modern club racing keelboat, with a carbon mast, clever setup, ~$15k less than a J/70 and, it’s built in the United Kingdom (not China). Those are the things that have my attention at the moment - not how much non-skid is on the very first prototype out of the mold.
  8. RS 21 - Fugly or just a different genre

    I’m biased (sort of I guess) - but I like it a lot. We have never sold keelboats before, and we are planning to get one for our shop . We plan to do a full US West Coast demo tour with the boat, and have a number of inquires already. Motor: It’s completely optional. Just like any motor on any boat. Just more cleverly integrated and doesn’t have an ICE option. I don’t how anyone can see this as anything but really awesome design. No motor hanging off the transom... all that... Hoop/Stantons/Footrails - shrug, not sure what the worry is. The RS guys know the deal with design and where to put these things. I don’t have any ability to judge until I sail the thing. RS/GBR803 comments - Not quite sure how close to the sources you are on anything, but you seem quite wide of the mark on all claims. RS management team hasn’t changed any, in many years. Martin is working part time sure, but, the ownership is the same as it has been, and the staff has just grown. A couple staff come and go, but the core team of Jon/Alex/Riki/Richard/Richard/Andy etc etc etc. All still there. RS Quest - a smashing success, we’ve sold almost 100 of them on the west coast. 600 sold in 2 years or so. Sold 5 today. One of the most popular boat we’ve ever handled. RS Aero - 1200 sold in 2 years or something. We’ve sold 125 on the west coast, Worlds had almost 100 boats in it, with top Laser sailors in it. RS Zest - Just launched, (this year, few months ago), 400+ sold PRE-launch. RS Neo - Probably the only boat that hasn’t just exploded, but, sales are steady and it uses the Quba hull RS Cat 14/16 - Haven’t had huge sales in the US, but the 14 just launched. Seems they are growing sales yearly. RS is easily the fastest growing brand in the dinghy world, selling 2000+ sailboats a year. Is the 21 perfect? Dunno, it’s never seen water anywhere in the world. But the design team, the build team and all are seasoned, experienced and really smart. We have had a lot of inquires on the 21, price point is low, it’s a reliable worldwide builder.... I’ll go to the UK in May to sail it, so I’m reserving judgment till then.... but it looks like a modern 21’ boat for clubs, club racing and people who don’t want to get a J/70. So, not sure what the cynicism is about. RS doesn’t build the same boats everyone else builds. It’s not a Precision or Catalina, or even J boat. Certainly not for everyone, no doubt. But, there is a reason the brand is growing all over the world, quickly.
  9. prism

    With the Laser class very recently allowing digitizal compasses, I think you’re going to see a lot of Laser sailors with Prisms on their boat. Granted, I’m biased since we sell their stuff... but Velocitek is a proven supplier, with excellent support and warranty policy. They stand behind their stuff, and that is a huge thing with electronics on salty boats. There are a couple other compasses on the market, and many products are good for customers. But, Velocitek is great to work with, and I think the Prism is going to be the class leader in the market, very quickly.
  10. I wouldn’t expect the USD price to change much, despite fluctuations in GBP or any other currency., These days, many (most?) of the manufactures utilize US Dollars in significant portions of their bill of materials. RS takes USD from people like ourselves, and keeps it in USD to pay suppliers in USD in many situations. So, currency risk is hedged a bit for US customers (ie, the price won’t change a ton despite the various strengths of USD currency compared to others). This makes a typically very stable boat price. Good, since you aren’t ever ‘missing out’ but can also be a negative if you are expecting a 20% reduction in the price of your Aero because of what currency exchange rates have done. That’s how a majority of the dinghy import business works these days, in the US anyway.
  11. what's it for?

    I can confirm my pricing is correct. Already got a handful of inquiries for boats on the West Coast. There won't be a huge options list, but common accessories (expected pricing): Custom Trailer: ~$3500-$4000 Retractable Torquedo: $2200-$2400 20+ sold at the boat show already there, so, it's certainly getting some attention.
  12. what's it for?

    Expected 2018 USD Pricing: Dacron sails, no spin - $32,950 Mylar sails and spin - $36,870 -- Add freight, prep and whatever accessories for a total. These are not 100% official yet, but I got them from on high - so expect them to be within 1-2% for 2018.
  13. what's it for?

    ^^^ If you're talking 'landed, prepped, race sails, motor and trailer' - might be close, but otherwise, that's off the mark. I expect the base version to be significantly less than that in USD. Dave - I don't know the final number, we expect to hear that in a week or so. At the risk of putting my foot in my mouth, I won't say the final price I've been told informally.
  14. what's it for?

    We are going to bring these in on the West Coast actually. RS has their stuff together right now and is rolling.
  15. RS700 Fleets in NA?

    New 700 in SF Bay this year... Total though, I’d guess less than 10 in NA at the moment.
  16. rs aero

    Aero things are happening all over, it's pretty exciting. Sold another 7 or 8 Aeros to California in the last two weeks. -- 5 Aeros already registered for Totally Dinghy at Richmond Yacht Club.
  17. ancient tasar

    Our website.
  18. Hobie Adventure Island and Triak Questions

    We sell both boats, and consider them pretty different. The Hobie AI is just the perfect cruising platform. Mirage Drive is amazing and you can fish and do all that sort of stuff on it. Tons of accessories made by Hobie, it's really a great recreational platform. Triak is more adventurous. A lot lighter, and foot steering, with built in spinnaker. Our experience is it points higher than the AI/TI (but not like 10 degrees higher). Paddles easier, but, doesn't have the mirage drive feature. Triak includes a shipping crate, so they are easy to move around the country or the world. Pricing is fairly similar, Triak is a bit more expensive due to lower production quantities and of course being made of fiberglass compared to plastic. Both great boats, just different mission profiles for our customers.
  19. RS Neo

  20. RS Neo

  21. RS Neo

    This is definitely not competition for the Aero. It's a boat for some recreational sailing and blasting around/beaching/leaving outside all summer to just have fun on. -- Rigged up it's not too shabby looking. I doubt any racers are going to get fired up about it. But, if you were evaluating a Sunfish/Pico/Quba/Bravo for recreational sailing, you'll have to give this a look now too.
  22. Celebirty Sloop

    I usually scoff at a lot of the old designs. Thistles, Jet14s, C-15s, Lidos, all that stuff. But, damn, something about that photo is just sexy. It surely makes the boat look way cooler than it is. Not bad at all.
  23. RS Neo

    Got our first Neo in today, I'll upload some pictures when it's rigged up
  24. rs aero

    Saw that on a 2015, happened when a customer capsized and either fell on, or held onto the tiller end. Huge lever arm, so ripped it out. Pretty easy fix. RS changed the layup I think in 2016 with a bit more carbon there. Only seen one myself, but heard of one other with that issue (the above one).
  25. Shopping for a used Aero

    Boat with the soft spots on deck is sold, one more used Aero will go on site in a day or so.