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  1. 40% always seems to be about the right number of who actually show up. I can't believe they really thought they were going to get more than the 3. At least they are all decent challengers.
  2. pusslicker


    Don't forget netball in your mastery of obscure world sports.
  3. pusslicker


    Why do you fucking kiwis suck so bad? You are all such a grim lot.
  4. I am not getting how this is suddenly ok. The Kiwi's on here go on and on about Softbank and Oracle, but now that they are doing it it is suddenly fine. That limp dick SClarke is constantly on here puffing up S + S for what reason?
  5. pusslicker

    Team NZ

    That's basically the only guys that can play American Football. The rugby guys are way too small and slow. They would break down fast if they had the talent to play.
  6. pusslicker

    Team NZ

    Thanks for the concise recap. Can you put an NFL one up as well?
  7. pusslicker

    Team NYYC

    Would have been more appropriate if they would have left the part in that song about lasting for 2 minutes though.
  8. pusslicker

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Slipped out of your snaggletooth accent?
  9. pusslicker

    Team NYYC

    From a video of it being towed. The only thing that jackoff sclarke consistently gets right is being wrong so you can just assume the opposite of what he says is true.
  10. pusslicker

    Team NZ

    What the fuck does Airbus have to do with AM? It's just a sticker on the hull and some sponsorship money.
  11. pusslicker

    Team NYYC

    Maybe you should take some of your own advice, buttfuck.
  12. pusslicker

    Team NYYC

    Why can't it be both?
  13. pusslicker


    I guess a Kiwi would know about that.
  14. pusslicker

    Team NYYC

    Is there a foil limit this time?
  15. pusslicker

    Team NZ

    Entz were going for the stadium racing thing of the last few cups. I doubt they will change it now. They knew the boats would be fast from the beginning. Oracle in SF at least thought the boats wouldn't be foiling and so the races would have been longer.