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  1. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Why would the DNC choose a guy that isn't even a member of their club? Of course they were going to pick Hillary as they had every right to do.
  2. Oracle Team USA

    Jesus fucking Christ. You Kiwi's won the fucking thing this time yet you go on about the cup before. What a whiny, arrogant pile of shit you Kiwi's are. You fuckers are just like trump supporters in the US. You won. Get over it.
  3. Dennis Conner 1988 catamaran win video?

    I made torrents for these two races a few years ago and posted the links here. I have no idea if the torrents are still going, but I doubt it. I am on vacation now, but can re torrent them next weekend when I get home.
  4. Just half a knot? Isn't that like 5%? Based on those numbers above alone ENTZ fucking crushed Oracle.
  5. Weather Conditions for the Match

    You guys can sure dish it, but can't take it. Who cares anyway? It is a bunch of banter about some boring races that are going your way. Just have a laugh and enjoy this one.
  6. Oracle Team USA

    The boat in 2013 always looked fast, but was being sailed poorly and they had a large scope to improve very quickly. Everything is baked in for these boats. This cup is over.
  7. Love seeing how Entz has this one won again already. Will make the choke just that much sweeter. Why do you fuckwits do this every fucking time?
  8. Race Replays

    Thanks for the torrents Rudder!!!
  9. Team NZ

    Ah. Thanks. That makes more sense now. I have just been watching the races piecemeal from the torrents and haven't taken in the strengths and weaknesses of the teams yet.
  10. Team NZ

    What's the thinking behind picking BAR? Wouldn't it have been better to take out Artemis before they have a chance to get better. They were looking better by the end of RR2 and a week long scrap with Japan would give them a chance in the LV finals. I just don't get that move.
  11. Team NZ

    Just watched the race a few minutes ago and popped in here to see the Kiwi excuse machine in action. Never disappointed by you fuckwits.
  12. Team NZ

    Damn. Oracle looks like they have a ton of speed on the kiwi's. Looks like they were just toying with them. Of course the kiwis are still sandbagging.
  13. How to watch live races?

    I am seeing it at 2000 gmt.
  14. How to watch live races?

  15. How to watch live races?

    So don't watch it then assface or learn how to use a computer.