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  1. bloodshot

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    at least in the US, burial at sea of cremains must take place outside the 3 mile line and only on "ocean waters" at least 600 feet deep. It must then be reported to the EPA within 30 days of burial.
  2. bloodshot

    New foulies?

    NIKWAX TX Direct works well as does the NIKWAX wash in DWR application. I don't find it lasts more than a season though.
  3. bloodshot

    Line Honors folded?

    these drop ship chandleries are the absolute worst. i once ordered a spray top listed as "in stock" with no notice that its actually shipping from a warehouse multiple states away and would take 3 months to arrive.
  4. bloodshot

    so what is it

    I mean, this might be out of left field..but.....Soling?
  5. bloodshot

    Hand Bearing Compasses

    so it seems like the Weems & Plath is the go-to puck-style compass based on my observations. Is it "better" than the Plastimo? Should I consider something else?
  6. bloodshot

  7. bloodshot

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    awesome! and thanks for making the Venu compatible. Will try it out ASAP.
  8. Cedar Point YC in Western LIS looks to have solid Vanguard 15, Thistle, laser and Lightning fleets this summer
  9. bloodshot

    Which is the J boat that few like?

    except for the fact that the 109 more or less can't completely outsail a J35 which is 20 years her junior, I've never heard much hate about the 109. Personally, they are my favorite racer/cruiser J boat going.
  10. good update here: kudos to Peter Cronin (former Mudrat) for rendering assistance
  11. bloodshot

    Which is the J boat that few like?

    problem with the J34 is that it took 10 people on the rail to go slower than a J35 or a J29. just painful all around.
  12. bloodshot

    Which is the J boat that few like?

    did they chop up the J41 to make the J39? the J34C is weird....almost looks like an Cal from a distance
  13. bloodshot

    Which is the J boat that few like?

    prolly J34. The j41 at least won the overall SORC
  14. bloodshot

    Draft Racing Rules 2021-2024 are out

    the RC may now score a boat that does not complete the course as NSC (did not sail the course) without a hearing rather than protesting
  15. bloodshot

    Mast Climber

    a climbing ascender? probably something like this