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  1. bloodshot

    Cancelling a Race for High Winds: No limits in SI's

    I'm pretty sure anyone laughing off liability wouldn't trade places with the trustees of the Fairhope Yacht Club on Mobile Bay.
  2. bloodshot

    Melges 24 solo mods

    there was an Elliot 650 on Rhode Island craigslist a few days back. wonder if that's still available
  3. bloodshot

    J 36 mast rake

    the only thing I know about J36 tuning is you want to be mindful with the jumper strut tuning as it influences mast bend and where the bend occurs. How that is best accomplished, I have no idea.
  4. bloodshot

    Best Racing Rules of Sailing simulator?

    misread the post...ugh
  5. bloodshot

    Gill gloves - sizes

    This. Every Gill glove I've seen rips at the thumb joint area. I have the Ronstan sticky race gloves and won't go back to Gill. I also still use the hardware store gloves as well
  6. bloodshot

    Retrofit a spinnaker retrieval line?

    yeah , as said above, go outside the shrouds and under the boom. I think if you had a J22/J24 sliding bag (like here: on wires, that might help the access issue a bit as well.
  7. bloodshot

    Retrofit a spinnaker retrieval line?

    why not hoist/douse in companionway?
  8. bloodshot

    Political & off-topic posts have ruined this site

    my cat's breath smells like cat food!
  9. bloodshot

    Dinghy Life Jacket / Vest

    the Zhik flotation aid is very good and low profile. the new Zhik USCG PFD is a little thicker and is "longer" by a bit. It would be worth trying on both over some soty of outerwear to see what you prefer.
  10. bloodshot

    Demographics of your local Race Committee

    My thought was to get results for "most" of the volunteers. I'm sure many people could click all the boxes, but statistically, i'm not sure it helps.
  11. bloodshot

    Local Fleet Health

    Mudheads in Noank have 6 Melges 24s and 5 Vipers for Wednesday nights currently. Both classes have some top notch sailors in them. Across the way, Fishers Island YC has some J70s but they don't really intermingle with the Mudheads at all...seems like mostly a weekend thing for them
  12. bloodshot

    Demographics of your local Race Committee

    I also have been seeing less clubs being able to run their own races (mostly annual regattas and such) from their own membership; basically hiring out PROs for their events. Not sure it happens a lot, but I've heard of a few instances. And even the other sailing website has made mention of the increasingly difficult steps to getting and maintaining certifications. As for our area, we get a few racers volunteering throughout the summer, but its mostly non-racers/former racers manning the slots.
  13. Running an informal study of RC demographics trying to learn what other clubs and circuits are facing in terms of RC volunteerism and/or turnover. My eyeballs tell me a lot of places are facing an unpleasant near future as volunteers retire from the RC roles. Thanks. EDIT: rejiggered the ages for clarity
  14. bloodshot

    Volunteering is fun and rewarding

    looking to get certified as a PRO this coming year. Our local club's RC is definitely aging out and even though I'm still in relatively prime years as a sailor, I feel the need to step up and start giving back somehow.