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  1. bloodshot

    Best Sailing Knife

    can anyone lead me to a good sheath for my small myerchin folder? I'd prefer to avoid the Myerchin sheath as is failed pretty quickly with not that much wear and tear.
  2. bloodshot

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    not for nothing, but I can't wear these fancy thick cotton hats anymore, especially not in the heat of summer.
  3. bloodshot

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    there was a time in the early 2000s when it was very easy to get them. They since scaled back on their sponsorship so they're a little more rare. I have a bunch but ever since my well-loved 1991 BIRW hat went overboard, I lost the appetite for em.
  4. bloodshot

    J 70 PHRF

    no direct experience myself, but as observed from another class on the course, in the light, they don't seem to compete against the Vipers and Melges 24s
  5. bloodshot

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    no idea how reliable this website is, but...
  6. bloodshot

    Death at Cowes week.

    sounds like a MOB...feet got tangled in mainsheet
  7. bloodshot

    Interesting Craigslist Find
  8. bloodshot

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Honestly, its something I've been meaning to test out, both with and without boots on.
  9. bloodshot

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Definitely that, and anytime I'm ducking something or maneuvering anywhere outside the cockpit. I wish govt approval was as much concerned with maneuverability as it is in flotation.
  10. bloodshot

    PFD Upgrade Time

    exactly, but... I have the Zhik buoyancy aid and a Gill side zip USCG approved vest and I will not wear the Gill when mobility is required. I get the back piece of foam caught on lifelines way too much to totally feel like I can make some kind of move if things go pear shaped.
  11. bloodshot

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Reading all this reconfirms my belief that for inshore W/L racing that inflatables are NOT the way to go inasmuch as I would think most people go OB due to an accident (and likely being rendered unconscious or disabled) rather than via water coming over the boat in the dark. I'd much rather trust my life in those instances to at least a buoyancy aid than an inflatable.
  12. bloodshot

    PFD Upgrade Time

    i like the concept of the Mustang. I'd be game to check it out when I need to replace my Zhik.
  13. bloodshot

    J105 NAs coming up

    Isn't the rule that UP TO 400 lbs can go over the keel but anything above that has to be spread around the hull? I seem to recall reading about some pre-SCRIMP boats needing to add way more than 400.
  14. bloodshot

    PFD Upgrade Time