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  1. Prop guards for coach boats

    Will you haven't said where you are from. The power drop off generally depends on how dense the vanes are at the from. Our current guards (no brand on them) has horizontal vanes about 40 mm apart. Supposedly this causes about a 7% reduction in power. However, we are probably going to fit with guards with a smaller vane distance about 23 mm, which supposedly has a 25% power decrease. Probably the Pro Eng ones listed in the SLSA document. Several other manufacturers have stopped making them. http://www.progeng.com.au/propeller-guards The Mid Coast Marine (MCM) models appear to be no longer available due to insolvency. There is also Norweld who supposedly supply to the Australian Navy http://www.norweldaluminium.com.au/propellers/#prettyPhoto[postimages]/2 We find that the prop guards help to avoid stone/log/branch strike as well. +1 to Foxy's lanyard comments
  2. Tragic youth sailing accident

    Unless we are using them the next day definitely, we always flush. We have just ordered 2 Suzuki 30hp 4 stroke and they come with a hose attachment point. From memory it think most of the Suzuki 4 strokes, all the way down to 9.5, come with the hose attachment. that way we can do away with the muffs and fuel mixing. We can give the hose to a scout and say plug it in and clean the motor, without having to start it and worry about an prop accidentally turning. Plus it makes them easir to flush every day.
  3. Tragic youth sailing accident

    This is terrible, the family of the sailor but also for the coach. I think the coach will live with the internal guilt for as long as the family grieves. People and organisations need to take note of yet another bad accident and do something about their local circumstances, both by things like guards and also training and SOP. Having said that, being hit by a metal or plastic guard or the the shaft of the engine could be equally deadly. Scouting in NSW requires props guards on Scout owned boats (after similar incidents) but I worry about family owned ones which turn up to events. At our boats shed we also don't let people sit on the buoyancy tubes on the Zodiacs anymore and they also need to be holding onto a rope or fitting at all times, due to a similar incident years ago, fortunately not fatal. At the investigation Zodiac apparently came out and said that people shouldn't be sitting on the buoyancy tubes, despite what all their advertising shows, and basically blamed the driver.
  4. Traffic at the Mark

    Did he learn from Ainslie or teach him?
  5. RS Neo

    Any idea on Australian pricing?
  6. Open Bic Australia

    Yep Duncan has it. Volunteering gives you the right to try and make change. I'm not involved in the class, but I love the boat. However, I have known several families who have been involved and I think the worst I have heard is that the Bic reps can be a little pushy at trying to sell boats. Shock horror a salesman who is pushy.
  7. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Is now a good time to ask the inevitable "why don't they let multi hulls into the 2017 STH?"
  8. Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

    Happy Summer Solstice !! And we already have the babes in bikinis
  9. TOPPER SPORT 16 ??

    Yep dogwatch and Seasailor are right. I'm surprised Topper don't have design plans or a manual on file somewhere. And I have found their customer service to be pretty good in the past when I wanted imagery. Of course that was imagery for a potential sponsor for 5 boats, so there was maybe a sale in the future but .... Craig Whitworth unsuccessfully went through his old files for us once, when we were looking for a manual for a Miller & Whitworth Swinger. Of course, that boat was built before Bob Miller changed his name to Ben Lexen. So its not that surprising he couldn't find it.
  10. TOPPER SPORT 16 ??

    Have you tried contacting Topper https://www.toppersailboats.com/
  11. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma......

    +1 But you you forgot the bit where you have multi companies and foundations in a Double Dutch Irish sandwich to hide what you are doing.
  12. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma......

    If the original meeting did not vote to affirm key provisions to satisfy requirements and ensure continuous operation and this is a requirement of the meeting, then it could be argued that the meeting was not held in a valid legal manner. Therefore anything decided at that meeting is equally invalid and the meeting has to be held again in its entirety, including announcement, proxies, elections etc And while you are arranging this new meeting, announce a motion to change the constitution to allow Extraordinary General Meetings to avoid having to go through the rigmarole again.
  13. A few years ago, new trains were introduced to Sydney and they had incredible air-con problems due to poorly design control modules. An electrical engineer I know was contracted to fix the problem, because apparently it wasn't covered by any sort of warranty. So he designs a new module to replace the old one, take the old old out and plug in the new one type thing. However, he was told to redesign it to use the existing modules in conjunction with the new module, because someone didn't want to admit the module need to be replaced and they had made a mistake. However, adding an upgrade to the existing module, well that's an improvement, even if it is 8 times the price of just replacing it. The engineer, despite his incredulity, was happy to do it and make more money.
  14. Zumwalt, LCS, F-35. I think I see a pattern. If you haven't seen The Pentagon Wars you should. Still one of my favourite movies/TV shows about government bureaucratic ineptitude and arse covering. Based on the book of the same name about the Bradley fighting vehicle, written by one of the officers who was fighting against the bullshit.
  15. Dinghy Launch Dock ideas

    Maybe have a hinged section at the water end. When its not in use, fold it up and out of the water. When you need it, unfold into the water and give yourself a nice long ramp under the water. As it doesn't stay in the water it wont grow slippery.