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  1. Oz Scout Sailor

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    The problem here is there are 2 main construction methods: the generations old, traditional method involving intense, physical human labor and sweat and the newer microscopic injection or "infusion" if you like. Both involve the mixing of a two part product. Note that against the usual OHS/WHS outcomes, the wearing of PPE in the traditional method actually almost guarantees the failure of construction of a kid. Unfortunately, while the modern injection method ensures mixing of the 2 parts, due to the innate variable nature of all the 2 parts and the current molding environments, neither method is assured of a perfect product. For these reasons NO KIDS COME WITH A WARRANTY. There are no refunds or returns. However, there are both private and government organisations to help shape a kid to a more desirable performance. Importantly, it has been determined that a better result is achieved when the 2 parent parts come from 2 different brands/factories. In fact in many localities, it is illegal to produce kids from 2 parent parts of the same brand or factory, due to likely negative outcomes. This is different to other 2 part products such as polyester and epoxy, where consistency of brands is desirable. Other methods to scientifically, predetermine attributes of the kids are generally, currently considered unethical or even illegal. However, pseudo-science , old wives tales and hokum are usually considered acceptable and amusing.
  2. Oz Scout Sailor

    Pine sap removal

    So you pour the lighter fluid on the Laser, burn the Laser, thus removing the problem?
  3. Oz Scout Sailor

    Laser 2

    Hi Mike Not really sure on the years and it may depend on country of manufacture. I believe that ours is a very early Oz build, with the 1 piece mast and no spinnaker chute. It is pretty easier to inspect. Go to the inspection hatches at the front of the cockpit (assuming they are there) open them up. if you reach around just under the mast seat(?) fitting, you should feel the structural support which should run from the deck to the keel along the forward peak of the cockpit. For ours it was wood with a dodgy layer of glass over the top and it was just flaking in my hand. Also there was a clear smell of wood rot. I can't find any good pics but this newer L2 below shows the Spin chute on the left and the hatch ion the right. You need to check right in the middle. behind the saddle support the hiking straps. We were able to replace the timber and she sails great. We did have a leader who was a wooden shipwright and could do amazing this with wood, This might be time to page someone like the Gouv.
  4. Oz Scout Sailor

    Laser 2

    Mike J they are a much under-rated boated and a lot of fun even if you don't fly the spinnaker. I know Bethwaite didn't like his own design but its a great boat. There are a number of scout groups who love them and are starting to collect mini fleets here in NSW. Just be careful if its an early series. They had a wooden internal frame under the mast and if it goes then the mast will go straight thru. We discovered the rot just before it got too weak. Not sure if/when they sort it out. Parts are just parts, nothing you can't sort out. I think the only weird part its the diamond spreader set up but that is doable.
  5. Oz Scout Sailor

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    At our scout boat shed we have "a feet in the water, pfd on" policy. We don't really have space to swim, so not generally an issue, however, the kids do love just floating about in a PFD. So do I. Yes I'm lazy. Yes I'm OK with that. Key here is we say it applies to all ages. Adults and older youth helpers set the example for the younger kids. Also important to note outside our "staff" group, most kids who come to the shed have little boating experience. Scouts don't believe in bubble wrap. In fact part of the Water Safety/Activities badge is being able to swim with clothes on and be able to take them off in the water. However, when boating, PFDs get worn.
  6. Oz Scout Sailor

    Best way to put Laser deck up for repair work

    According to the Oxford English dictionary: gunnel1 NOUN An elongated laterally compressed fish with a dorsal fin that runs along most of the back and reduced or absent pelvic fins. It occurs in cool inshore waters of the northern hemisphere. Family Pholidae: two genera and several species Although I understand if you believe Oxford's a dump and prefer one of the other great universities: Cambridge or Hull
  7. Oz Scout Sailor

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    Guys that motor needs to be at the next Sydney boat show or the Wooden Boat festival. I know many of the restorers or Wooden boat builders would love to see that in there.
  8. At one stage coffee was on the IARC list as probably causing cancer. I notice that is has been down graded to only possible now. I blame Big Coffee for that. Corruption and lobby groups must be involved. I mean how would California survive without coffee. The science behind the IARC (WHO) lists, which most other list are being based off, is they give no indication on the levels of exposure which cause the cancer: do you need 1 milligram of exposure or do you need to take a bath in it once a week for several years for cancer to occur. They are heavily criticized within the scientific community for this by several major national science bodies and by other research groups within WHO, their own parent organisation. DDT is listed as probable carcinogenic but i think most DDT related deaths were actually related to the toxicity of the poison and net effects on the body and not proven to be directly linked to DDT related cancer.
  9. Oz Scout Sailor

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    Actually it won't be good for advertisers if we all stop reading it and skip straight to the forum. Less readers, less clicks, less money. Total FAIL is correct.
  10. Oz Scout Sailor

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    Yep any page that tries to force me to log in with facefuck is heading towards losing my attention.
  11. Oz Scout Sailor

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Unfortunately, now I think the RC probably needs to investigate just to maintain the integrity of the race. It would be nice if racing could finish without these sorts of incidents. As I am a dinghy sailor who doesn't need AIS, perhaps someone more knowledgeable can answer this for me: Do the Class B transceivers that they are carrying act as a black box type recorder? if so it should be relatively easy for the committee to download a record of the events . You never know maybe it turns out that Black Jack has the faulty unit and not WOXI
  12. Oz Scout Sailor

    Sea Rescue in the Azores Goes Very Wrong!

    So its not just Sea Shepherd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4lk68wKfZM
  13. Oz Scout Sailor

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Is now a good time to ask the inevitable "why don't they let multi hulls into the 2017 STH?"
  14. Oz Scout Sailor

    TOPPER SPORT 16 ??

    Yep dogwatch and Seasailor are right. I'm surprised Topper don't have design plans or a manual on file somewhere. And I have found their customer service to be pretty good in the past when I wanted imagery. Of course that was imagery for a potential sponsor for 5 boats, so there was maybe a sale in the future but .... Craig Whitworth unsuccessfully went through his old files for us once, when we were looking for a manual for a Miller & Whitworth Swinger. Of course, that boat was built before Bob Miller changed his name to Ben Lexen. So its not that surprising he couldn't find it.
  15. Oz Scout Sailor

    TOPPER SPORT 16 ??

    Have you tried contacting Topper https://www.toppersailboats.com/