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  1. Oh man that so describes my situation right now . lol
  2. That was a project my Son and I worked on 8 years ago 1968 912. We went through everything, rebuilt the engine with larger cylinders and a street cam to increase the fun factor. It needs a tune up and valves adjusted before I get back to work.
  3. The first of the year I ordered a stitch and glue dinghy from CLC. It’s been keeping me busy this last week.
  4. Off Watch

    Random PicThread

    A big Thank you to Hotbot. This is the first spot I go to when I get online, and now that I am practicing social distancing its even more important. Not sure if something like Patreon is a possibility but willing to send a couple of bucks to your favorite charity to support my best entertainment on the web.
  5. Off Watch

    Random PicThread

    That was shot from the Boy Scout Camp which I went to in the late 1960s
  6. Off Watch

    If You Love dogs......

  7. Off Watch

    Random PicThread

    One of the best, gone way too soon!
  8. Off Watch

    Random PicThread

    What can I say, I have been in the Appliance business since the 1970s. Used to have a Maytag and Kitchenaid store.
  9. Off Watch

    Random PicThread

    I can't believe it! That's a 1970s Kitchenaid Supurba dishwasher. Those things were built like tanks and just won't die.
  10. Off Watch

    Random PicThread

    That is just so wrong. On flat tappet air cooled engines you need a oil that has zinc and phosphorous in it.
  11. Off Watch

    Random PicThread

    Its hard to express how much this thread has meant to me over the last 9 years but its the first place I go to when I get on the computer in the morning. I have spent hours going down worm holes researching photos, lots of nostalgic memories and of course great tits. Thank You!!!
  12. Off Watch

    Building new water tank

    I am leaning more toward the flexible tanks. I am wondering how they would do in rough conditions since (I am assuming) they don't have baffles. The area is wedged shaped and gets narrower forward under the cabin sole. I would worry about the mass of the water surging forward as we decelerated at the bottom of a wave and pushing the cabin sole up.
  13. Off Watch

    Building new water tank

    The original tank was around 50 gal.
  14. Off Watch

    Building new water tank

    Where would I find more info on building PVC tanks?