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  1. Apparently ( http://maritime.abou...onnage1969.html ) the definition is:
  2. How can the value simultaneously be in tonnes and be unitless?
  3. He'd be fine as long as they have room for his carving supplies. And sprouts, cheese and the dragon mask. Well, at least he could make himself useful if they needed the hull Bondo'd. He could direct one of the other crew how to do it.
  4. Though most don't find his paintings of value -- hence the perennial lack of funds -- perhaps the gods of the mice might like them. I suppose it's an outside shot.
  5. Btw, Harpoon, about how many times would you guess you've said "goodbye" on this thread?
  6. While you weren't saying anyone did, no one did blame him for that. It could have been a good idea however for him to have done some work maintaining the boat during the three year drift. What else was taking up his time? A rusted out Slinky, an amusing clock, and a collection of three Hustler magazines from the 70s? The unwillingness to work to pay for it, and the sponging off of others to obtain the funds though, he has been criticized for.
  7. I suppose I have to spell it out for you: That is how the boat looked (past tense.) It is not how it looks (present tense) or ever will look again (future tense.) You wrote "looks." How the boat looked (not "looks") thirty or more years ago, and will never look like again, is a moot point. The way that it looks would never get into a coffee table book, to say the least. Unless the book were "Assorted Sea Trash" or some other such title. I understand that your ignorant and, frankly, nasty self has too little class to thank me for explaining this difference in meaning for you, so I won't be waiting for it.
  8. You have your verb tense quite wrong. I really have no interest in gazing at "rependent" photos of any kind, let alone pics of a cement pig. Actually, if it's true you haven't been drunk in decades, that's quite unfortunate. At least if you were drunk while posting, as appears to be the case from content and "style," then there could be other hours of the day in which you are functioning better. If not drunk, then what we see here is your normal condition, and that would be truly sad. I really was giving you the benefit of the doubt there.
  9. I give him credit for renovating his home on a shoe-string budget and continuing to live his "adventurous" life-style. But a thirty-some-odd-year-old boat with a ferro-cement hull on a rusted skeleten cannot be insured, let alone sold for an "enormous sum." This post, as much as anything you have written, betrays your ignorance of all things nautical. The boat is worth little or nothing, except for to him, and there's nothing wrong with that. Replacing the wood interior and deck will no doubt improve Anne's looks and his and his family's quality of life, but as far as resale value, the renovation is like putting lipstick on a pig. get back to me when or if he sells her beercan as you may be 'crushed' by the sale. a 70' (longer w/ bowsprit) Schooner which made a little bit of sailing history, has appeared in beautiful yachts spreads in coffee table books, Can you back up the "beautiful yachts spreads in coffee table books" claim, or have you simply drunk too much again?
  10. Actually, it's a FerraLite (Fer-A-Lite?) boat, allegedly a very strong and impervious composite when properly constructed. Thank you! Not only for correcting the misinformation I put out by mistake (always a great thing to have screwups not stay out there) but for the informative lead. The Fer-A-Lite is pretty interesting: http://www.fer-a-lit...onstruction.PDF Not that I would do it myself, I don't think, but pretty interesting. It seems unlikely (just as personal opinion) to be actually impervious to water, given decades of time, but it makes sense it would be much more resistant than ferrocement.
  11. I guess the key phrase may be "when properly constructed."
  12. While you have been criticized for this statement, actually "enormous" is relative and therefore you could well be correct. Since working a job is apparently against Reid's concept of life, or is just too onerous for him or whatever the situation is, even say tree fiddy might be an "enormous sum" for him. It surely is about all that an interally-rusting, cracking-open old ferrocement boat could be "worth" on the market.
  13. What would his motivation or reason then be for saying that the ship will be put back into commerce, when it's widely known that it will not be? It would seem to me that if he knows it will not be, the only thing is he accomplishing by falsely saying that it will be is making himself appear a fool or blowhard.
  14. Well, once the good counselor learns that, then he won't have the need to be so angry anymore and will perhaps withdraw the suit. Or at least he will be left only with the, according to him, lesser anger about people dying unnecessarily from Schettino's actions and (perhaps) complicity by the cruise line in delaying abandoning ship. Small potatoes compared to his bigger-though-incorrect concern about refloating.
  15. Oh, well then you are doing a fine job of reflecting on us... However, if they will have you, I would suggest keeping company with other people as well, rather than just us.