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  1. Hanne

    are darwin award applications still open?

    This one is eligible for the Steve Irwin medal as well. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/80465608/
  2. Hanne

    New Rambler

    Looks like spin-off from Oracle AC32 research.
  3. Hanne

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Great! Thank you! Tried a method a friend used to build his 18 ft skiff: stitching with thread to the ribbands. Estimated time of completion was June 2020. Called another freind/expert builder that said a few dabs of liquid nails has worked for him. That held the foam for about 12 hrs and then I heard the "pop. pop, pop, pop" fo the glue letting loose. Finally tried dabs of Gorilla glue - this is the ticket - fast and hodls like crazy. As I'm removing the ribbands now for the hull I'm finding it want's to rip out the foam - it holds that well. When removing the ribband if you ben it so it shears the glue bond you are less likely to rip out the foam. We're talking drop sized chunks which are quite easy to fill when you hot coat the foam prior to laminating. Up in the bow the foam was quite bent and ready to pop off the mold, so I used some heaters tand a heat gun to thermo-form the core.
  4. Hanne

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Hi Jim, looks great! How did you keep the foam in place on the mold prior to laminating?
  5. Hanne

    DC Designs

    How did you do the transition from the chine to rounded without breaking / splitting the plywood? Thanks Hannes
  6. Hanne

    DC Designs

    To me it looks like a variant on the self-tacking jib, copied fom rc-yachts. The forward red line would work like a vang.
  7. Hanne

    Swede 55

    Take a look at the BB10 (Boerresen 10m)