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  1. shubrook

    The Rotten Stink Goes Deep at Justice

    It's hard to tell from the tiny picture, but it looks like a painting of some historical figure. Couldn't say who, though. Either that or he's a serious LARP'er
  2. shubrook

    The Rotten Stink Goes Deep at Justice

    Which part triggers you most? The White part or the Nationalist part? Was the information in the blog post incorrect? Update: OMG it wasn't even a fake racial slur. "Kritarchy" is a greek word for a government ruled by judges.
  3. shubrook


    What's really weird is this part: ...what did they need a boat for then? If they found a boat building workshop from 8,000 years ago, that's probably pretty close to where the coastline was 8,000 years ago.
  4. shubrook


    Do a quick search for the word "Gut" and you find it twice - both of them in the goddamned title. Then, if you read the actual article, you find that the President said exactly the opposite of what the title claims he said. Those two Johnny boys (never heard of them) want to reform SS and medicare because of some impending crisis (never heard of that, either, but there's articles on it back from 2011). This is fake news.
  5. shubrook

    Debating President Trump

    Damn that's a lot of ways to attack him from the right. You almost make him sound like some sort of centrist from NYC.
  6. shubrook

    Are You Tired Of Winning?

    "If you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention." is a stupid meme. Sometimes you've gotta fight stupid with stupid.
  7. shubrook

    Are You Tired Of Winning?

    "Why is there a bad taste in my mouth after I read the daily news?"
  8. shubrook

    Are You Tired Of Winning?

    Nope, not tired of winning. God Emperor just keeps keeping promises.
  9. Root has described Obama as a "Marxist, anti-American, anti-Israel, globalist, middle class-hating, Muslim sympathizer". He also claimed that Obama was gay, called him "Bathhouse Barry" and said that he had info from Obama's "friends in Chicago" about Obama's "sordid past". During the white supremacist Unite the Right rally, Root falsely claimed that the white supremacist James Alex Fields Jr. who killed Heather Heyer was "such B.S. Probably paid actors & infiltrators hired by Soros. No conservative I’ve ever met commits violence. EVER." And the best one: Root argued that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is motivated by "penis envy", because "Mueller’s is smaller than Trump’s." No wonder President Nutzo likes the kind words. Mueller has an uglier wife, too.
  10. Pretty sure this guy has an IQ greater than 101