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    Time to impeach?

    If Beto says 5,000 were at his rally (we all know there weren't 5,000), then there were more democrats at Trump's rally than Beto's.
  2. Aren't guns illegal in Mexico? Build that wall!
  3. shubrook

    Time to impeach?

    Brad Parscale: Incredible data from last night’s Dallas rally: 53,985 voters identified 12% have not voted in the last 4 elections 21.4% Democrat 11% Latino
  4. Shit, I could get paid for this? Where do I send the invoice?
  5. shubrook

    IF Trump becomes the Furror

    how can you not love this guy?
  6. shubrook

    IF Trump becomes the Furror

    Bake my cake, though...
  7. shubrook

    IF Trump becomes the Furror

    I'm not really sure what that means. Here's one of my favorite youtubers (Jogersprave), who has formed a union in Germany to fight against YT demonetization:
  8. shubrook

    IF Trump becomes the Furror

    Alas, I did: Youtube.
  9. You do suck. The first step is admitting you have a problem.
  10. shubrook

    A troubling theory on Turkey from Romney

    Who gives a flying fuck what the mormon prick thinks? That's really funny. Like really, really funny. I guess President Trump is a Russian, Chinese Ukrainian, Turkish stooge now.
  11. The term 'consipracy theory' was coined by the CIA. Everything I've listed is really well documented. If you are ignorant of it, change your search engine from google to duckduckgo (that would be point #7).
  12. Sure it does. The West was dying a slow death of corruption and organized crime. It's the sort of institutional rot that doesn't require or even encourage a competent villain: it just rewards lowering the bar an inch at a time. The uniparty thought it had a stranglehold on the Democrats, Republicans and the news Media. They had no need to be good. Now they are fucked. Americans have had enough, so we have started raising the bar.
  13. I'm verry sorry, I don't speak your cute dialect. There are no sharks in parks here.
  14. because of the cartel's redeeming quality: they suck donkey dick. Buckets and buckets of donkey dick.
  15. Things President Trump has exposed: The new 3/5ths compromise, where illegal aliens work for slave wages, cannot vote (they vote all the time), but are still counted in the census, disenfranchising Americans in Republican states. The widespread sale of public office. For example, Pelosi steered a multi billion dollar railway to her husband that never got built. Biden steered construction towards his son and all the high profile democrats (plus Romney) have family members on the boards of energy companies. Obama just got the world's biggest book deal ($65 million) after steering $300 million to the publisher for "common core". The organized economic exploitation of America by the ruling class. One buffon was so confident that this was the new normal he proclaimed "What magic wand does he have, those jobs are not coming back!". Turns out he was really wrong. International co-operation between America, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand to spy on each other's citizens (Five Eyes). A british spy manufactured a document that was used by the FBI to obtain a warrant on an American, and the FBI knew it was manufactured. Rampant pedophilia all across the country. Under President Trump, arrests for pedophilia and human trafficking have skyrocketed. Last week, Paul Peterson (former elected official who was friends with Romney, McCain and Flake) was arrested for the literal sale of babies from the maldives. There was another huge bust this week, too. The deliberate colonization of America with the intent to destabalize our democracy. Obama intentionally settled Somalis in Minneapolis in an attempt to create a Democrat safe district. I thank God every day that Trump is our president. If Hillary had won, it would have been the end of Western Civilization. Trump has breathed another 50 years of life into us, at least. If my grandchildren are going to live in freedom, we have a lot more fighitng to do.
  16. As to why a Muslim country was ever allowed into NATO? Sure, but I understand why people consider communists a serious threat. The question I ask myself the most: How the fuck did you guys become the pro-war party? How many conflicts has Trump Started? How many has he ended? President Trump is a peace maker.
  17. Yes, Hilarious. You are all in hysterics over a completely false narrative. What happens in the senate? They suck each other's dicks, same as always. What happens in Turkey? Deus Vult. The nukes have been there for decades. Weird how you're just worrying about them now, eh? Give peace a chance, wont you? Everything is going to be alright.