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  1. Keel update - Possible WLYDO project?

    Nice work Proa... isn't grasshopper 3d great? however there are a few things to keep in mind when design a ballast keel. -Pure lead is never used in keels. It is to soft for the application, most designers or keel manufactures will add 3% antimony to strenghthen the lead which in turn will decrease the density of the ballast compaire to pure lead. -It is also important to remember when tooling for a lead casting to account for 'contraction' as the lead cools in the mold/casting. this is typicaly 1%-2%.
  2. Origami Boat Thread

    But you removed the part that did make me mad, the part where you throw shit all over me, the part where you belittle me, the part that makes you look like a bully.
  3. Origami Boat Thread

    why did you edit your post bob, realized you were wrong?
  4. Origami Boat Thread

    After launching, Icon sailed to Australia, cruised there awhile, did the Sidney-Hobart, cruised around Tasmania, back up to Sidney, shipped to Seattle, did the transpac, then cruised to Midway with scientist on board (only way to get a permit to go there) then sailed back to Seattle. For some that are geographically challenged Hawaii and Midway are in the North Pacific. I'm pretty sure Jimmy was not on the trip NZ to Seattle it would of been a long swim. I don't need to call anyone, but before you post shit on line you might want to check your facts bob. As Proa insuniated a few days ago you could alway blame in on early onset of Alzheimer's....
  5. Origami Boat Thread

    For the record icon never sailed from nz to Seattle or cruised the South Pacific. Now we know we can't trust What either BS or bob say.
  6. 5th Annual Spike Memorial Sail In

    There is a rumor Brent might show up.
  7. standing in the companionway is.....

    Who's the asshole in this picture of Frankie?
  8. My newest project

    Ha, ha. That is clever. Like your sea chest just wondering what your dump sheet looks like. Dump chest.
  9. My newest project

    How did you know I was bald.
  10. My newest project

    Pete I worked for bob for over 7 years as his engineer. I have design a multitude of sea chest on big commercial vessel in the past 5 years. I don't comment often on the forum, but When I do I would expect a more gracious reply. If I'm told to HTFU that is exactly what I'll do. Ben
  11. My newest project

    Have fun at the Yard today.
  12. My newest project

    im cool. Just trying to share with you what I think is a bad concept. From your responses it's obvious you don't want to listen. Build you dump chest, I bet it's pulled out of the boat after 6 month when the interior starts to smell like a dead man fart.
  13. My newest project

    Seems to me your the one that forgot to take you extra dose of HTFU this morning.
  14. My newest project

    Back tracking bob? You've been commenting on how great you sea chest and dump chest are for the better part of a week. Dismissing people's comments regarding their locations and such. Now all of a sudden you have tied lips. You sound more and more like a politician.