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  1. Facts? We doan need no stink'n facts! If you want posts with no BS, you're in the wrong place entirely. Cruisers & Sailing Forums And just so you know, confused is the proper state for posting here, so get over it and Harden the Fuck UP. .
  2. Tom, Makes me proud to be a Californicator and a San Franciscoian. But I will point out that some pretty incredible idiots have come from other places. I'd like to think we have a monopoly on pure, concentrated dumb sauce, it's what makes living here really rewarding, but Reid The Cheese Man? Pretty nutsoid. Anyone who could put together a video like Void-Ho is someone that should be institutionalize with extreme prejudice. Rimus? Not even sure how this guy is alive. I always thought drifting around the ocean was fairly dangerous, especially to the incompetent, but I guess not. There was also that idiot who bought some wooden POS boat down in Florida and got all bent out of shape when everyone here pointed out he was obviously an idiot with a POS wooden boat. He hit the upper corner the Anger Issues vs. Cheap-scape vs. Dickwad chart. Not DefCon Ried-Level 5, but pretty fun for a few days. I'm sure there are many more I can't remember. I think our (CA/SF) only real claim to fame is just how far "out there" our locals are. HR and The Tin Man are monumental examples of just how far the lack of skill will take a well motivated, delusional fool (It appears to be about 150 miles offshore for the record). It makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Florida needs to step up their game. The raw material is certainly there. Florida has the highest Git-R-Done Retard Ratio of any state, bar none. With all the water access and heavy drug use it seems like you guys should be putting out a Reid a month. I came close to driving across the state to see that Dirty30 guy. He was in full meltdown when MR CLEAN ruined the fun by calming him down. Oh well. I must say, if anything like the FH materializes in my area, I'll do a much better job covering it than our San Fran anarchists did. At one point in this thread, I was threatening to drive one of my dinghies all the way to California just so we could get a boat on the scene. We all mourn the apparent loss of lilmurray, but that should not have meant all on-scene reporting stopped. They make Kevlar gloves, you know! I see that you're quite the man of action, almost doing the things that you criticize others for not doing. There's a good chance that the folks in the Bay Area have better things to spend their time doing than catering to the curiosity of people that are bored with counting geckos and wondering which foot taps to a 2 string banjo! That's mighty bold for a one-eyed fat man, newbie. Show us some tits and hush the fuck up. All the banjos in Florida have three strings, but we'll give you three steps, mister, if we don't see you no more.
  3. Speaking of Dirty30, anyone know where the Sea Witch is now? Has it been turned into a Viking funeral barge yet? Has it moved yet? Has it sunk? Inquiring minds want to know. Where is Dirty posting now? I think Clean owes us an investigative report on that one since he's the one who took all the zest out of Dirty's life and pushed him out of that thread.
  4. Paying passengers on an uninspected vessel with an unlicensed operator? Does the CG know? Maybe HotRod has hit the big time at last.
  5. SPOILER ALERT!!! HotRod becomes gainfully employed building Rainmaker II. He keeps the job so far under budget he can work in Flyin' Hawaiin II along side. The job is profitable enough to fund his retirement to The Big Island and live happily ever after with his devoted crew.
  6. And maybe some ping pong balls?
  7. jwaldron

    Coolboats to admire

    You have permission to take them down on your boat as soon as your check clears.
  8. I'd suggest you steer clear of mirrors, mate. And about those lawyers: just remember: Dick: The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers. Cade: Nay, that I mean to do. Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4, scene 2, 71–78 These were (wannabe) conspirators planning the overthrow of the government. You can look it up for yourself; don't take my word for it. A little Shakespeare can be the start of something good.
  9. HotRod didn't "accept the consequences of his choices." He accepted rescue by the Coasties instead.
  10. Who knows a boat in the area I can charter to go out to salvage FH? Opportunity of a lifetime! No! Wait! It's the Gunboat I meant.
  11. Poor Judd! Glad all okay.
  12. Oronoco was the last to see HR and Mom alive. We'd better bring him in for questioning. As a person of interest, of course. If we make him a suspect, he'll lawyer up and we won't get anywhere. And the lawyer will start demanding that we show a body or two.
  13. The gunk covers the birds' feathers, affecting their ability to insulate themselves, and they eventually succumb to hypothermia and freeze to death. Really? In San Francisco Bay?? Um, you obviously have never been in SF Bay, Nicht Wahr? Water temp is high 40s to low 50s all year round. You can succumb to hypothermia right quick be ye beast or man. One can die of hypothermia in 75° water. But one cannot "freeze to death". I am being too literal right? This is SA, not CF right? I was just pointing out poor journalism. Hypothermia, freezing, who the Hell cares? The important thing is that all of SF missed the pump out as a sign of preparations to get underway and now the SF sailors have lost HotRod and FH and we don't know where they've sailed. We need to keep our attention on the important things, folks. We need to organize a left coast SA SAR mission. Well, the Rescue part can wait until we know Grandma is in trouble, but the Search part needs to get on with it. We need input.
  14. If he brings beer and tits, I'd say he could keep his nuts. And the explanation needs to be credible, not just reasonable.
  15. Folks have been asking about FH waste handling. It seems HotRod may have finally pumped out the FH holding tank: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/01/23/mysterious-gray-gunk-killing-hundreds-birds-in-san-francisco-area/