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  1. T sailor

    Bottom job costs

    Thanks. Good info!
  2. T sailor

    Bottom job costs

    i am trying to ascertain costs for all the work needed to try to optimize my time/dollars. I never considered myself wealthy. Just budgeting, saving to try to make the dream happen. But I do realize I am privileged just to be in a position to be contemplating this dream. Thanks for the input. Cheers, T
  3. T sailor

    Bottom job costs

    Thanks Gouv, appreciate all the info. I always enjoy how much you are willing to share on these forums.
  4. T sailor

    Bottom job costs

    OK, so to be more specific, current bottom is ok, not top end racing finish, but ok for club racing. I would want to strip it to change paint and maybe get it a little smoother. Not Grand Prix. In my mind I was thinking $3-5k but wasn't sure if that was in the ball park or not. Was hoping to get feedback from someone who has had something similar done.
  5. T sailor

    Bottom job costs

    Anyone have any recent price points on having bottom paint professionally stripped and redone? 38' r/c in the Annapolis area. Looking at boats now and need to try to figure out what to budget for a bottom job.
  6. T sailor

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Any update on the findings of this? I heard a rumor that the fishing boat captain is being cleared of any fault. It is a rumor but still?
  7. T sailor

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    I think if you go back and evaluate results for lots of races, you will find that a modestly proportioned C/r type does quite well in distance races. I am looking for a C/R type boat for truly mixed use and it seems you are almost at a disadvantage with the latest and greatest designs. Moderate beam and displacement with a long Lwl seems to be the most consistent for winning on handicap (regardless of the rule). Look at how well Cal 40's do or Carina for example. People like to rag on J-120's but they are moderatly proportioned by today's standards and do quite well. Every dog has its day but middle of the road designs seem to achieve the best averages.
  8. T sailor

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    Sam, i20's were built in half molds and then glued together. The deck plates gave access to bond the bulkheads. I can't remember if they were taped, but I definitely know the hills were seamed down the middle. How many F20c's are there in the US? Maybe 15 or so. I just don't see that as a good boat for the race given the rarity of it and how pricey it is. I am sure the OA is tossing it out there as that the handful of them in the US are being sailed by the distance racing stalwarts in Florida. You could have a whole spare F18 plus the race boat for the cost of on f20c. Maybe Performance can turn out a batch at a discount for the race but commitments would need to be made now. The biggest issue I see with two classes is that you are diluting the racing. I think one class will make for the best racing and give the highest chance for success. Given the number of good F18's available and the ability to source spare parts more readily I think it makes more sense. I would also guess that a good percentage of participants will be buying a boat specific for the event so reducing that cost should help. My $.02.
  9. T sailor

    what is it?

    So, ED, what color was it painted? Whisper gray? Also, what else did you do to it? I like reading about your projects and would like to hear more about this one.
  10. T sailor

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    Good summary Sam! Well written. I look forward to seeing the new boat!
  11. T sailor

    what was it?

    I think it is a hopped up Carl Schumacher design. Maybe a flush deck express 27 or Sonoma 30.
  12. T sailor

    Asym's on boats designed for symetrical kites

    Thanks Nirie. Where do you sail out of?
  13. T sailor

    Asym's on boats designed for symetrical kites

    I hear ya on how easy the asym's can be. What I am concerned with is that the boat is too heavy t create enough apparent to make the asym's very effective. Ideally I want to do some short handed racing with the boat but don't want to beat my head against the wall. Btw, I love your taste in boats Kim!
  14. So I am starting my boat search in earnest and am curious about the advantages or disadvantages on different kite setups. A little about my plans: coastal cruising and a little racing for a family of 4 (two girls 3 and 5 now). I grew up sailing and want to get a keel boat to do some family sailing with. Already do small boat sailing with the kids that they seem to enjoy. I am a racer at heart so performance is high on the priority list. Right now, tge J/40 is pretty high on my list for meeting my requirements of space, performance and ease of sailing. My biggest issue with the boat is getting it setup to run the kite single handed. I would consider adding a bowsprit and going to asym's but my gut says I probably will be frustrated with the end result. I am intimidated by the thought of gybing the symmetrical single handed. I suppose I could snuff it, gybe and reset, but am not wild about that exercise. I would enjoy your input. cheers, T
  15. T sailor

    Inland Waterway Bridge Clearance

    There are some shorter bridges that you will need to plan around. Might be as easy as jumping outside for a bit. You may also get lucky with water levels as they may help. I went in a bridge charted at 64' just behind a Hylas 46 that had a 64'-6" clearance. Fortunately tide was low so they had 18" to spare, but definitely caused some pucker factor. check the charts, check the tides and be ready to come up with an alternate route.