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  1. T sailor

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    Good luck! Tough call on whether to move forward. I just bought a boat about a month ago. Right now, I don’t have any regrets but that could change if we fall into a deep recession that impacts my income dramatically. Right now my business looks steady (we are considered essential and have a healthy backlog), but we lag about 18 months behind major fallout events. This boat is also part of a 10 year plan so as long as I can pay the upkeep, I don’t see a dramatic difference in resale way down the line. Maybe I am being optimistic, but I think the gloom and doom is being a bit overplayed.
  2. T sailor

    the world doesn't stop

    Thanks for posting that. Not a whole lot to discuss right now about it. Might be interesting to check back in 2 months and see what they are doing/planning. Would be interesting to hear from some other companies about how they are dealing or plan to deal with the impact of this.
  3. T sailor

    Need a rigger in RI

    Thanks for all the replies. Yeah, I had talked to BSI as well. Ended up with Phip at Rig Pro. I have an older harken furler that complicates the forestay replacement and they seemed well prepared to handle it. In the end, I might be paying a little more but then again their expertise might make them quicker and maybe cheaper. Thanks for all the suggestions and I am sure NER could have handled it, but rig pro had the discontinued part in stock so that made the decision easy. cheers, T
  4. T sailor

    J-120 Questions

    Thanks Longy, I thought they would fit (with a shoe horn) but wasn't quite sure and the boat is 400 miles away. I think the trysail can be run on the existing track with Antal slides. I didn't realize that the slides where not that big of a deal to drop from the track and allow the trysail to be inserted. I was envisioning ball bearings going everywhere. Guess I was over thinking it... I"m sure i'll have other questions as I get into things more. thanks. T
  5. T sailor

    J-120 Questions

    I like the idea of doing 3 reefs and then the dyneema stay for the try. I would like to hear if anyone has actually used that system successfully.
  6. T sailor

    J-120 Questions

    THanks. The rigger is suggesting using a dyneema stay or going whole hog and doing a track (they have an engineer to design the track/attachment). I like the idea of just dropping the main and putting the trysail on the existing track although the boat has an antal track so not sure how to best do that. That Harken switch track looks pretty slick now. Right now the plan is to be fully crewed. For shorthanded the sailmakers are suggesting a third reef as they feel it will be much easier to reef then set a tri. I am really just curious if any of the 120's put a separate track on or if they all are doing the dyneema thing, or something else.
  7. T sailor

    J-120 Questions

    So I just bought a 120 and have a couple questions as I am planning some of the work: 1. Storm trysail track: the boat will eventually do a Bermuda race so need to sort out a trysail track. I want to do it now as I the rig is out of the boat and we are doing a mast refit. I am leaning towards a dedicated track. What have others done? Track type? Attachment to the carbon mast? I am talking to a rigger as well but wanted to get other opinions. 2. Can you fit group 31 batteries in the box forward of the engine? Looks tight but they may fit? I would hate to buy the batteries and learn they can't quite squeeze in there. I am sure I'll have more questions as I progress down the worklist but these are the first 2. Thanks, T
  8. T sailor


    Slightly off topic, but is it possible to drive the new ink display without a sailmon processor I.e. Can it be connected directly to the n2k network?
  9. T sailor

    Three J/99's to be in the PNW by summer!

    So are you downsizing?? Tried to PM you about some 120 stuff but couldn't get it to go through.
  10. T sailor

    ORC vs PHRF, how do they compare?

    I think you should look at the PHRF numbers for the flaws. A modern 40' that rates 90! Powered up in breeze, that boat should beat that rating pretty easily. In those conditions, 75 is probably a better rating. But in 8 knots, 90 may be spot on. I think the issues in the results are from the PHRF ratings, not ORC.
  11. T sailor

    Need a rigger in RI

    Thanks guys, I think I need to plan on replacement. Still need some ideas on who to call...
  12. T sailor

    Need a rigger in RI

    Thanks, Trying to find someone who will be kind to my wallet. Actually need some rigging advice. 18 year old rod rigging on a boat that was primarily raced inshore moderately for it's life. New program includes some offshore racing so trying to decide what is necessary for the rods? visual inspection, dye test and reheading or just go whole hog and replace it all. Obviously the conservative approach is to just suck it up and replace it all, but part of me feels like it should be fine. I guess the issue is that to do the full x-ray or die penetrating tests, I think I will be at 75% of the cost to do new rods, so probably not worth trying to save a couple bucks. any opinions?
  13. T sailor

    Need a rigger in RI

    Anyone have any recommendations for a rigger around Newport? Need some rod work done and maybe a full replacement. Rig Pro is the obvious choice but who else?
  14. T sailor

    Caliber 40 LRC with previous lightning strike

    I wouldn't write the boat off, but I would get all the info of the damage. I considered a lightening damaged boat and ultimately moved on after seeing the extent of the hull damage. For me, my gut said I could not trust the boat, even after repairs. I think it is a personal decision. If you gather all the info and your feel like it is not a big deal, then press on. boats get hit by lightening all the time. Sometimes it is no big deal, and others it can total the boat.
  15. T sailor

    Aerodyne 38

    a Holby build would be nice, but the Quest is a little too small for our program. J120 is the next best thing I think.