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  1. T sailor

    ORC optimization

    So, does this mean that ORR is on the way out?
  2. T sailor

    Re-entry after sabbatical

    Yes, it seems there are lots of different perspectives. I think it would be pretty transformative for my kids. I am not too worried about COVID as we would depart until July and not leave the US until spring 2022.
  3. T sailor

    Re-entry after sabbatical

    Thanks guys. Good things to consider. I guess I should give a little more info about myself. Mid Forties, been in the same career for 21 years. 2 kids - 6.5 and 9 years old. I work in an industry that doesn’t have a lot of time off and my current employ has no overlap in our management so even when I am off, I am still working. It feels as I have moved up, this has only gotten worse so I am starting to consider a real break.
  4. T sailor

    Re-entry after sabbatical

    So, contemplating taking some extended time off. Would probably do a combo of sailing and RV’ing. Biggest constraint is the prospect of coming back to the workforce and the impact to my career. I am currently well employed and well compensated for my work. For those who have done it, how did it work out coming back?
  5. T sailor

    Force 10 oven fix

    So my boat has an older (1998) Force 10 2 burner oven/range. All the burners work except the oven. Not sure how to diagnose or fix. Any tips? It does not seem to be getting gas to the burner. The burner for the broiler works just not the one at the bottom of the oven.
  6. T sailor

    J120 second bilge pump

    Thanks Heron, Do you still have your boat?
  7. T sailor

    J/111 twin tackline sprit end

    Thanks. That sounds simple. The remote tackline trip seems like a good opportunity for things to get screwed.
  8. T sailor

    J/111 twin tackline sprit end

    Blur, Do you put the peeling stop at the inboard end of the pole or tacked somewhere else? I am guessing the operation is something like this for the tackline: Hoist new kite inside old tacked to a strop at the bow. blow the tack of the old kite (use a martingale to blow the tack shackle) retrieve tackline from pole end using martingale line and attach to new kite. Release the strop from the new kite and grind the tackline down. thanks, T
  9. T sailor

    Tack wraps around the bowsprit

    These are all interesting. Is anyone running 2 tack lines to do peels?
  10. T sailor

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    Cool boat! good story too
  11. T sailor

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    Tell us more about the skinny French girl you picked up? I mean boat. Either way sounds like a cool trip but the boat sounds intriguing.
  12. T sailor

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    A 120 is a great boat, but unless your plans are offshore 2H racing, I think there are better boats out there. It is alot of boat to double hand for 20-30 mile races. Going to Bermuda you are right that it would be hard to find a better big boat around that price point. You would also be hard pressed to get one well setup with decent sails for under $125K much less under $100K. Trust me, I bought a cheaper one over the winter and by the time i am done i will be into it for $140K. Now I am going to have a good boat with new sails and electronics (the way I want it) but shit adds up quick with a 40'er. I like the J/100, 92 or 105 options for what he is considering. Fig 2 is an interesting boat and worthy of consideration, but I think it would take a while to get up to speed with it and be competitive.
  13. T sailor

    J120 second bilge pump

    Thanks Stu, I was hung up on trying to permanently mount the inlet hose in the bilge. If I don’t have to do that it makes things much simpler.
  14. T sailor

    J120 second bilge pump

    Ok. That helps. I could Y into the outlet for the main pump discharge and mount the pump in the garage with a moveable inlet hose.