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  1. T sailor

    Thinking about living aboard-what to get?

    Ah, who doesn’t love a what boat should I get thread. Need more info: are you working a 9-5 (or more like 7-6) in an office everyday or some other arrangement? Showering on the boat daily or using a bathhouse? Laundry? What is you day to day going to be like? do you have somewhere to go when it is 10 degrees and there is snow on deck? The smart answer to that is the Bahamas but maybe not feasible.
  2. T sailor

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    The SW 42 is an amazing boat, but atleast twice the OP’s budget. I think you would be hard pressed to get one under $200k. When I was shopping, I had dreamed of one of the competition 42’s (I think they built 2 of them), but sadly, it was wildly over my budget. Cal 40 would be in budget and Is a cool boat. Not super fast, but probably faster than some of jeanneau’s mentioned.
  3. T sailor

    J120 clutches

    Thanks for responding. We are going with constrictors for the Main, Jib and reef lines and traditional spinlocks for the kite halyards. Was looking for some feedback on the constrictors specifically on a boat like a 120, so thanks for replying. T
  4. More on the cruisey side, but a Morris 48? There is also 45 for sale in Seattle that I have always liked. Apogee 51 is in that same vein. Beyond that look for a Ker 50. Navy had one that was really nice. I also really like that Baltic 50 in The PNW.
  5. T sailor

    J/111 as a Multipurpose Boat?

    I think if you really are going to be mostly day sailing, a 111 makes alot of sense. Cruising a 111 on the other hand doesn't sound nearly as appealing - particularly with a wife and kids. I have spent a good bit of time on a 109 and now own a 120. If you are serious about a 109, I think the 120 is hands down a better boat and should be considered. Better mannered, more stable, faster and more comfortable. Probably 15-20% more in annual costs, but I think the extra few bucks are worth it. The 109 is maybe a little less intimidating but that is really the only thing that I think it has over a 120. That all being said, the 111 would be a bit more fun to day sail than either the 109 or 120.
  6. T sailor

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    I think that boat is a hurricane salvage job with an oddball keel. It’s been for sale for quite awhile. I wouldn’t really consider it to be comparable to other 120’s.
  7. T sailor

    J120 clutches

    My boat needs to upgrade all the clutches as they are all slipping. clutches there are a mix of XAS and XTS spinlocks. I am debating doing constrictors for the halyards and reef lines. I have done a search and seen both positives and negatives for these? Anyone have feedback here on what works for a 120? I also noticed that just about every 120 I have seen has two clutches for the main halyard? That is what I have now and it works OK (it actually seems to slip the least amount) but seems like a bandaid solution.
  8. T sailor

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    TL may be spot on here. This could work out or it likely could be an exercise in everyone being frustrated and PO'd... Might need to go the route of the guy in SoCal, who was in a similar conundrum (he just sold a First 405) and ended up getting a trawler. Obviously he was more willing to compromise in the effort to get everyone out on the boat together. How about a Grand Banks 36 and maybe a UFO on deck?
  9. T sailor

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    I've spent some time on one about 15 years ago. From what I recall, it is not very weatherly, and we did have an incident where we got turned sideways in a fairway and boat had some much windage and such a shallow keel, we could not get her to turn. That left a pretty sour taste in my mouth as I had never been on a boat that got stuck like that. It is pretty nice and comfy down below, especially for a 36'er. That is probably the best part about that boat. I value performance quite a bit and would never compromise that much for interior space. You might be able to get a Tartan 3500 in your budget. not as much space below, but a much better sailing boat. try to find one that is pre-epoxy. I still think a 36.7 is really tough to beat for what you want. My only gripe with them is the dark interior wood. other than that, nothing else will come close to the sailing performance and still have an accomodations plan that suits your family.
  10. T sailor

    Scooter Goes to the Dark Side

    Hey Ed, would be cool to see a more in depth profile of what you are doing to the boat. I wish you had done more of a deep dive on the SC33 and A4. The finished product looked great and it would have been cool to see more of how it got there. Get your boy Justin to do the video! I am doing a boat right now and like the inspiration.
  11. T sailor

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    The scrimp jboats are better about core issues. You can still get them if the core isn’t isolated but won’t be as prevalent as the non scrimp boats. Early 105s are non scrimp and could have more issues than the later boats. Good survey will reveal that
  12. T sailor

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    You may be able to get the one in Manaroneck for $75k but you will likely need to put $20k back into it right away. I considered that boat before I bought mine but decided the one I got was a better move. Anyway you slice it, a decent boat in decent shape and reasonably updated is going to be around $110k. Better boats are $120-130k and the best ones are around $145-150k. You can buy a cheaper one and put money into it or get one in better shape, but the bottom line is going to near the same. I bought a cheaper boat and am halfway through a $50k refit.
  13. T sailor

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    The 361 has a more traditional layout and slab reefing (two things I like). The 36.7 is probably the best suggestion on the list if you want a faster boat. It is much quicker than the Jeanneau’s. There isn’t much difference in interior quality between a Beneteau or Jeanneau. You should be able to get a decent one for $60k. Hard to beat that value.
  14. T sailor

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    I think you need to decide what elements are most important in terms of layout (euro or traditional), rig (in mast furling or slab reefing) and draft, then home in on boats. Personally in the class I like the jeanneau 35 and oceanis 361 but that is based on my preferences. If you want more performance An older first 375 could be a good boat or a J37. You could also look at j35c or 110 but they are not terribly big for that given loa.
  15. T sailor

    Schock 35 vs J/35 - Redux

    No, 35c is a completely different hull shape designed about 10 years after the 35/36. It was only a couple years into the cycle when the 105 came out so they slapped a sprit on it and called it the 110. Got replaced by the 109 which was developed with CHS and IRC in mind for the Euro market.