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  1. T sailor

    B&G Nemesis

    I keep wondering why someone can’t make a decent mast display like this for a reasonable price. A Vulcan 9 is only around $1000 so to me it seems like they should be able to do a screen display that size for around the same money. Is it that much more complicated?
  2. T sailor

    Westerbeke exhaust

    A little update: so I cleaned out the Heat exchanger and that got rid of 80% of the steam. None at low rpms, and a little at 80% throttle. Still getting some soot at WOT. I’ll look into the exhaust riser next and then ask a mechanic about cleaning the injectors. Thanks all for the help
  3. T sailor

    AIS Transponders

    I have the vesper and like it. I don’t use all the functionality of it but it is pretty user friendly and does the job.
  4. T sailor

    Westerbeke exhaust

    Thanks guys. I did a new raw water impeller and that helped alittle, but my guess is that there is clogs in the heatX. I will start there and then check the rest of the exhaust. If that doesn’t do it then it will be injectors at which point I’ll call in the pros as that seems above my threshold of what I can deal with. I read something that if there is too much back pressure it can cause incomplete combustion leading to soot in the exhaust. Hopefully it is as simple as cleaning some junk out....
  5. T sailor

    Westerbeke exhaust

    So, having some concerns with my engine - Westerbeke 42b. At normal operating rpms (2500) I get a little bit of steam in the exhaust. I suspect it is due to the heat exchanger having some obstruction (probably old impeller blades). Seems easy enough to fix, but at WOT I am getting some black smoke and the water coming out looks dirty. What could be causing that? I don’t know much about engines so any guidance or ideas would be appreciated before I bring in the pros.
  6. T sailor

    What would you do with extreme compass accuracy?

    I was going to add an H5000 processor and go to an analog paddlewheel but I'm not sure that will get any better. Maybe with the added calibration ability in H5K we can get closer but I am a bit discouraged hearing from people that it is so difficult to achieve. T
  7. T sailor

    What would you do with extreme compass accuracy?

    We have the same issue. It always seems off. We end doing a quick cal for the weekend races but it never seems to be consistent. I remove it and keep it clean, but no mas....
  8. T sailor

    Storm jib vs. Heavy weather jib

    Thanks, as I had suspected. Now, what fabric are people using for the heavy weather jib? My thought is something woven, especially since the sail will live in a bag and only get used a handful of times.
  9. So, I am going through getting my boat setup for offshore racing and wanted to get a consensus on Storm jib vs. Heavy weather jib. At one time I thought the SER's qualified that a storm jib could count as a heavy weather jib but don't see that in the latest edition. So, that begs the question, can a Storm jib qualify as your heavy weather jib or do you need two separate sails? Thanks T
  10. T sailor

    Experiences with Quantum membrane skins?

    From my experience, the 3Di option is 30% more than a Q M5 with liteskin. 3di is great, but it comes at a pretty high entry price.
  11. T sailor

    SA Retro Review Santana 30/30 GP

    I think these boat reviews are some of the best content SA has put out. Probably just cause I love boat porn but super fun to watch, and well put together. Need more!
  12. T sailor

    Dimension Polyant Aramid Sport

    From my recent experience, GPL is about the same price as a membrane string sail, maybe a hair less but close enough that most sailmakers will push you to a membrane string sail. CArbon sport is about 20% less than GPL and Aramid sport was actually more than carbon sport. Most likely due to volume pricing on CS material vs special run of the Aramid sport. There are lots of variables that factor into sail prices but these examples are from the same sailmaker so there is a somewhat apples to apples comparison.
  13. T sailor

    -100K race cruise boat Andrewa 38

    I think she did not like the keel trunk in the cabin. The cockpit did not feel very secure to her and overall the boat needed some serious cleanup. The bikge was full of water and looked like a science experiment. None of these are real show stoppers but I really wanted an Asym boat and she did not get the warm and fuzzies so we moved on. I ended up getting a J120. She likes that but is pushing me to add some comforts. We have really just been racing it which she is enjoying but won’t call it our boat till I get the comforts added (it is still my boat right now).
  14. T sailor

    -100K race cruise boat Andrewa 38

    Not hydraulic. Used an industrial winch. Seemed a little odd to me. Since my wife vetoed the boat in short order I didn’t get into it too closely.
  15. T sailor

    -100K race cruise boat Andrewa 38

    I looked at this boat last summer. It is not a bad boat, but kind of bland. Most of the equipment is original and in need of replacement. My wife noped it in about 5 minutes and I wasn’t wild about it so we moved on. I think the initial build quality looked good just all the bits that attach to it are looking tired. The lifting keel arrangement is kinda funky. With some cleaning up and a little investment it could be a good cruiser. For racing it would need some bigger investment to make competitive again.