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  1. Mozzy Sails

    INEOS Team GB

    Interesting points from the chat for me and what I think is most relevant here: - Taking INEOS out of the question Matt ranks the other AC teams as ENTZ, American Magic, then Luna Rossa (good straight line, struggle with manoeuvres). ENTZ done most sailing and all other teams catching up. - F50 like a big dinghy where grinding role is more like an additional trimmer. Constantly look up at wing and back to primary trimmer. On the AC75 it's more part of 'band of brothers' working in a grinding pit ensuring the oil systems are charged. - Ben's success in one design and SailGP is great and demonstrates they have the sailing team to win, so pushes pressure on to design team to match. - Top grinders are putting out 200 watts over 2 hours. Shorter duration like 10-20 minutes more like 300-400. Impressive numbers, but you can see why a decent cyclist would out match them (in previous cup). Going from rowing it was a struggle to get the strength in the arms to apply his aerobic capacity. Arms going to jelly before his HR was maxed out.
  2. Mozzy Sails

    SailGP 2020

    Cross post from the INEOS thread in AC anarchy... podcast / web chat thing with Matt Gotrel Direct youtube link
  3. Mozzy Sails

    INEOS Team GB

    I've been doing a series of lighthearted 'boat chat' to fill the time in lockdown. This week I spoke to Matt Gotrel, who has had a fascinating journey through sport. A talented 49er crew, who dropped out to attend Uni. At which point he was spotted by the rowing club and things soon snowballed until he found himself winning an Olympic gold in the Men's 8 at the Rio Games. That would be enough for most sportsmen, and it seemed that was as Matt took up a job as an engineer at Rolls Royce. However, recently he's been pulled back in to sailing by some old 49er friends, and once again Matt's talent has seen things snowball where he's found himself as a top grinder on the GBR Sail GP F50 and now aboard the AC75 for Team INEOS. One of the few people in the sport to have sailed both the latest F50 and an AC75. The target audience is really RS800 sailors or people familiar with the boat through my channel, so there's a decent amount of in chat about UK classes and personalities. But, it might be of interest to some anarchists from a SailGP / AC point of view. Grab a coffee, it's quite long... Edit: apologies for repetitively calling the AC75 a '72'.
  4. Mozzy Sails

    Who's missing the terrible bar chat from your sail club?

    The best bit of the video is the dog trying to place a stone down for me to throw and not understanding why I'm talking to a camera! He's not allowed stones, so he obviously took advantage of me not paying attention to pick one up!
  5. Mozzy Sails

    Who's missing the terrible bar chat from your sail club?

    Not sure I understand? Anyway, another 'chat', this time going through the 'bimbles' on our skiff. Some useful stuff in there, especially for other trapeze boats.
  6. Mozzy Sails

    Who's missing the terrible bar chat from your sail club?

    Today's terrible boat chat is with 2016 Olympian, top 49erFX coach and (most importantly) an RS800 National Champion: Alain Sign. Part 1: pathway to crewing skiffs, 49er days and the transition to coach Part 2 to follow on YouTube, covering Rio 2016, future sailing plans, plus Alain's 9er picks for the 9er medals in Tokyo (anyone guess his favourites?) Thanks to Dylan Fletcher who's 49er footage I've stolen!
  7. Mozzy Sails

    Who's missing the terrible bar chat from your sail club?

    Yeah, not really the same. I was trying to come up with a format which would allow more people to join in the conversation, rather than pre-record. But, although several of the video conferencing apps are good for meetings and 1:1, they don't replicate a 'mingling' social gathering very well. Still, we're pretty lucky we have as much technology available as we do, just imagine if this had happened 10 or 15 years ago when we were all on dial up!
  8. To fill the void, I've been taking my terrible chat online. Here's the first 'chat', more coming as the weeks in isolation go by... This week I'm talking with Rob Gullen and Tom Partington about how they found their way in to the RS800. Rob has a wealth of experience sailing pretty much everything from team racing in fireflies, a 470 campaign, to success in the hugely competitive UK RS200 fleet. Last year Rob claimed a bronze medal at his first RS800 National Championships, surely a sailing career defining moment! Tom came to sailing late, but skiff sailing is in the family. In 2018 Tom claimed the International 14 World Championships in San Francisco crewing for his Dad, Andy. Then backed that up by winning the RS800 European Championships with wife Frances out in Italy at Lake Garda. Anyone else using digital means to get their crap chat fix? I guess having this forum is a pretty good start
  9. Mozzy Sails

    2020 JJ Giltinan 14-22 March

    JJ on Aukland harbour? Is that possible? Clearly with Tech2 on the same equipment as Honda there isn't a big jump in tech. I think Honda just sails so much better. It does feel like the aussies are very error prone. For a fleet that races each week you'd think they'd be more race sharp. Maybe not quite the week to week continuity in the teams? Is there a limit for time on the water, or is it just the practicality of getting three crew together to sail three days a week?
  10. Mozzy Sails


    anyone doing jello shots deserves to die. that's natural selection. But seriously, potentially, yes. I don't really know. But I can envisage a situation where the biggest danger to under 30s could really be hospitals overloaded and not the covid-19 disease directly. And if care workers and health professionals are shit scared of getting convid-19 because of fake news, to the extent they stay home in fear of catching it and the 'lasting impact on the respiratory system' then, well, that could be dangerous. On the other hand, if there is, in the future, some proper science that indicates lasting impacts, to an extent that we should change strategy, then the reporting of that, and dissemination of such important information may be impacted by this earlier fake news. Like, the boy who called wolf. So joking aside, idiots will share idiotic stuff. But if you can try and be responsible about what you share, then that will help. Everyone is just trying to get through this and figure this shit out.
  11. Mozzy Sails


    extrapolating results from a very small study, very soon after recovery (from covid), with patients of unspecified age and unspecified complications to the permanent health implications for 30 year olds who may have a mild covid-19 symptoms is dangerous in times like this. Just because the the articles sound sciencey, doesn't mean they are. It's one step away from the 50+ age group who spread copy and paste heath tip messages on facebook from trusted 'medical friends'.
  12. Mozzy Sails


    That's 2-3 out of 12 who were hospitalised. And the study was shorty after, so whilst there was damage, there is no indication it is certainly permanent. There's no info on how severe these patients symptoms were or their age etc. But most (all) of those hospitalised would be those with complications like pneumonia? It also doesn't say how lung capacity was measured pre-virus. So I don't see how that study can be in anyway extrapolated to conclude that 30 years olds with the virus and just the basic covid-19 symptons will suffer a 'viscous lasting impact on their respiratory system'. Of course, mambo says 'may'. And I don't want to downplay any of this. But, we can't really say much for sure about the long term effects.
  13. Mozzy Sails


    Source? I've heard there can be long lasting affects from pneumonia on the key 'complications'. But, isn't that true with most pneumonia?
  14. Mozzy Sails

    2020 JJ Giltinan 14-22 March Hard to see that 6 point lead being lost. Two races left maximum? Honda looked very quick today, several times they just scraped out a lane, squeezing out winning group.
  15. Mozzy Sails

    2020 JJ Giltinan 14-22 March

    In the 800 a bit of windward heel feels nice and balanced on the helm. Julian posted a few times saying it reduces tip losses or something. I'll leave him to explain. The downside is you have less weight through your feet, so balance gets a bit tricky. You also have to raise slightly higher on your trap to avoid getting washed away in the lulls (or be better at trimming). Most boats have a quite a bit of stability through buoyancy, so the further you heel to windward the less righting moment you have (centre of bouyancy moves out faster than the centre of gravity, so the boat will always bob back upright). That's static buoyancy so doesn't describe the lift from the hull shape passing through the water, but you might understand what I mean. I feel on a skiff the rigs are quite tall and the hulls less stable, so the weight of the rig over to windward seems to help sooner. Just a theory.