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  1. Mozzy Sails

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    Boats clear astern are the keep clear boat. As soon as you got overlap to windward he could luff as high as he wants. They defended their position on the course completely within the rules, and even told you the best strategy to avoid getting tangled up. When you finally take their advice it turns out fine and you sail through to leeward. If you want to roll slower boats then go past with enough space and speed that they won't be affected sufficiently to bother luffing. Or... you know just sail your proper course and go through to leeward...
  2. Mozzy Sails

    Hold Down strap

    chinchilla fur
  3. Mozzy Sails

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    It's rarely that simple, though, is it? Or do you sail somewhere with no gusts or increases in pressure? If a boat comes from windward in a gust you don't have, then they will close the gap on you. If it's near the end of the race, you may want to get in to a luffing match to defend that position, but often the best strategy is to avoid that at all cost. You can do that early by taking up a higher course / position, so the boat behind is clear of your intentions. But sometimes it's not bad idea to spell it out to them verbally.
  4. Mozzy Sails

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    Proper course isn't a rule by itself! The guy ahead of you wasn't shouting rules at you, fake or otherwise. He was trying to avoid a luffing match which could be costly for both of you. FYI every boat on the course has a proper course, it's the course they would sail in the absence of other boats. Telling a boat to sail their proper course isn't yelling fake rules. It's a lot different to calling starboard when you're a port boat etc. But if he did really tell another boat to go home because they're rubbish, then he does sound like a bit of dick. But from how you described that situation, it seems like he was just trying to do you a favour.
  5. Mozzy Sails

    RS800 Video

    Another video, this time on setting up off-boom sheeting for the crew on the RS800. The class previously only allowed deck sheeting with a cleat, and the crew wasn't allowed to play the main. The aim was to keep the class competitive for those with smaller crews. But in 2017 the class allowed off-boom sheeting with the crew taking the sheet. With ever more youth sailors being used to this way of sailing from 29er and 49er it made sense to allow it. But to keep sheet loads low and keep the class accessible for smaller crews it was decided to make a 3:1 purchase mandatory in the system. The 3:1 system has quite a lot of sheet to move, and with open deck and no nets on the racks the sheet can easily was out the boat. Travelling at speed it becomes very difficult to pull the sheets back and an even play the sheets. This video shows how we set up our off-boom sheeting with elastic take up to make the long sheets manageable. The system should be transferable to most skiff type boats with the idea stolen from what the top 49er crews are using. The class doesn't allow split strops on the bridle, just to keep things simple, this video shows the single adjustable splice we use to change bridle height; the same used on most 29ers. I hope you enjoy
  6. Mozzy Sails

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    You should know every boat has a proper course. Sure, in terms of the rules for some it doesn't matter. The point is, a sailor will pre-empt a boat attempting to role them by sailing a higher course, to keep their breeze clear for longer, and ensure a boat behind has to sail a longer course around them. If an overlap is made they then might even luff. This is why a fleet of reaching boats arc so far above the rhumb line. A good sailor may luff or sail high early, to make it clear they will defend their position if needs be. But they might also emplore a boat behind to sail their proper course, so the two don't have to sail the arc and can instead sail the rhumb line and extend on the fleet behind.
  7. Mozzy Sails

    49er learning curve

    I'm sure you can get some outdated designs which are suitably cheap and fun to blast about on. Cruise about mid-fleet and get a feel for the class at the bigger events. But, if we're being honest, in terms of a racing boat value, the 14 isn't in the same league as 800s or 49ers.
  8. Mozzy Sails

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    In fast dinghys or short courses or s high stsndard fleet then a port tack start is the second best starting tactic after winning an end, regardless of gaving to duck. Watch a bit of the 49er, especially medal races. That Merlin isn't really a port tack start. Just a great start at the correct end. Obviously not the risk of a port approach which is the difficult bit. Those boats on his hip need to get a transit.
  9. Mozzy Sails

    49er learning curve

    I'd do away with the split mainsheet. More hassle than it's worth. It's redundant as soon as the sheet is off the centreline (which it often is) and even in lighter winds they constantly get twisted and off-center. It's better in light winds, but with adjustable strops you can get 95% as good. @swedishswimmingteam I think your elastic across the back and through the block on the bridle needs to be a lot tighter. It will make a huge difference keeping the extensions in the boat. That and it not getting tangled with the split strops! But, great videos show some fantastic progression! It's great to see stories like this. I sailed a 49er back in 2005-2007 and there was a pretty decent UK circuit with good attendances outside the national rankers. Unfortunately the new hull and rig killed that off. At the end of the day, it's a very difficult boat for weekend warrior to sail and you're always going to get a spanking by the pros, but that was always countered by a regular supply of decent priced second hand kit from the top guys... and that the boat was just great to sail. Unfortunately the new kit was beyond many financially and is loads quicker. I think it was the right thing for the class, but a definite side effect was killing the UK amateur fleet. Some years on with cheaper new stuff that may change. I'e got a mate who never managed to sell his after the devaluation in 2008, he's just started rigging it up at the club this summer. It will be awesome to blast about in, a real pleasure to sail!
  10. Mozzy Sails

    Racing/family dinghy

    RS200, got the fun of the 29er, but you can take novice crews out with you, and even do some racing with them.
  11. Mozzy Sails

    29er ocean sailing

    For sure you can. 29ers have pretty bouyant bows. Swell isn't actually too much of an issue for skiffs, longer period waves in good water depths aren't as steep for the same height. Plus, as they're long the boat can fully fit on one wave, and not have that awkward situation where a wave on your stern is pushing the bow into the back of the wave in front. Launching would be difficult if you're doing that into surf though. Seen the photos of the 49ers in the Japan?
  12. Mozzy Sails

    RS800 Video

    I've promised the class a few videos on how we took our 10 year old boat, sorted it's systems and got her championship winning standard. The aim of these videos is to inspire those thinking of trying out the class to get involved. Or those who have a boat but need a bit of guidance to get it sorted and out racing. As the videos are aimed to encourage other in to the class, then I guess it makes sense to post them here, for those outside the class racing who are interested in the boat. Maybe I should have started a new thread, as this is getting a bit stale, but I don't want to cram up the whole subforum and equally it seems a few people return to this thread to watch the videos. First video below is about what to look out for when buying a used RS800 and some of the first jobs you're likely to want to do. I'm going to follow up with a few videos on the control systems. These are quite specific to the RS800, but there might be stuff in there for other sailing boat too.
  13. Mozzy Sails

    shit show (front page)

    Not read these forums much?
  14. Mozzy Sails

    shit show (front page)

    Original video was posted on facebook. Was poor quality. It then was taken down a few hours later and also disappeared from eh front page (hence post up thread). Then this very low quality MP4 was put back on the front page. Seems to be from the same angle to me, with the same audio, but just much much worse resolution. Still, you can get the idea.
  15. Mozzy Sails

    Moth Developement

    I have no expertise at all, so ignore this if you will. But when I look at the deck sweepers, it just looks like a smaller rig for higher winds. But instead of just losing sail area (like a n2 skiff rig) they use sail area to create a fairing around the boom and reduce drag on what would otherwise be exposed spares.