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  1. Mozzy Sails

    INEOS Team GB

    Windward heel for take off at 36 seconds?
  2. Recent videos seem to have comments and chat disabled... did they get some sort of youtube strike? Or fall fowl of COPPA? Seems odd that they would be considered as 'made for kids'. But would also be off for the 18 footers to turn off comments themselves surely?
  3. Mozzy Sails

    Sunfish / Laser Innovations

    Even if you are racing on handicap, those handicaps are calculated assuming sunfishes sail as sunfishes and laser sail as lasers. So, if you modify the boat to make it faster, the handicap should really be modified also. I'm sure it will be an interesting project seeing what mods you an do and how this affects performance. Most of the modifications will have been known by the designers at the time as well, it's not like either boat was designed to be fastest around. The clever design of both really revolves around ease of sailing, simplicity, and being able to manufacture with consistency to a cost. Looking at the shapes of your foils and sails will certainly highlight areas for improvement. Most heavily restricted opens designs or loose one designs play around in this territory. The speed increase are modest, but significant in terms of fleet placing. However, I doubt they will be perceptible sailing around on your own. Not many people can tell the difference between 4.2 knots and 4.4 knots! And if recording speed data, any increases are lost in our hugely variable power supply! The easiest way to add speed is to add leverage, but not significantly increase weight (displacement). Trapeze, sliding seat, racks etc. All those will put more load on the boat though, so you'll probably find a material limit, where the structural reinforcement required outweighs the benefits of moving ballast further out. Plus there becomes a self restricting limit when you try t sail boats with huge leverage where moving about reacting to shifts and gust, tacks and gybes becomes a real issue! Even a simple trapeze can be of little benefit on a small tree lined pond. The next easiest gain is to reduce hull wave drag. So you can make it longer or change the shape of the hull. But easier is to reduce weight, to reduce displacement. Or, create foils that lift the hull, at least partially. Have fun!
  4. Mozzy Sails

    RS800 Video

    Balance the helm (thus reducing drag) / makes bearing off after tacks easier and getting out of irons easier /small reduction in drag. I guess you can say it depowers in the same way reefing depowers... but that's really the flip side of reducing drag. Reducing sail area is really effective when overpowered, but not so much because of the power lost, but because soft flapping sails (plus mast and rigging) are so very very draggy! However, a symmetrical foil shape naturally provides less lift as the angle of attack decreases which occurs when you go faster, so it naturally de-powers itself (like easing a sheet). Plus a symmetrical, ridged foil shape is no where near as draggy as a flapping sail. So, you shouldn't expect as a dramatic a speed jump from reducing your board by 20% versus reducing your sails area by 20%, but there will be a small decrease in drag. Where it is noticeable (in a straight line) is boat balance. One might ask, why, if the board provides less lift as the angle of attach reduces do we need to lift it to balance the rudder? Surely it is self regulating? Well, no, as the wind increases and you ease the sails, the front of the sails start to luff and therefore the centre of effort moves back. This makes the boat want to head up and you end up fighting it with the helm and that certainly is draggy. It's also hard to steer to accurately. Lifting the board re-balances this, not because the board is providing too much lift, but because the CoE in the sail has moved aft, thus unbalancing the helm. This is where most performance gains come from in my opinion, reducing the drag from weather helm and making steering more accurate. The cost is you side slip a bit more in the pre-start and lose a bit of slow speed control, but then are also less likely to get stuck head to wind, so, swings and roundabouts.
  5. Mozzy Sails

    RS800 Video

    Happy holidays Pretty nice over here considering the time of year! I hope you all made it out sailing over the winter break.
  6. Mozzy Sails

    iFLY15 - bullshit marketing?

    A bit of hyperbole is to be expected. "great sail" "thrilling ride" "electric acceleration" "easy to handle" etc... But when it's mumbo jumbo bullshit being served up that is complete untruths, then it's damaging to the product and deserves to be called out. My main point was that it's a shame as from the replies in this thread seems to have some benefits, perhaps. I'm certainly not bitter about it, in the least.
  7. Mozzy Sails

    iFLY15 - bullshit marketing?

    check out this guy overtaking the power boat in zero wind made possible by apparent wind powering the iFLY mainsail... oh, wait, he doesn't have a mainsail...
  8. Mozzy Sails

    dutch ac entry

    I didn't see it. A few shots of the test boat though from 2018
  9. Mozzy Sails

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    looks like they they got the lift wrong on the new foil after the gybe. Raised up and dropped down. I reckon someone took a fall and couldn't get to their controls, or possibly caught in two minds as to whether to bear away below the power zones or head up above it. Seems like after they splash the helm is trying to bear off, but the rig loads up and with the heel they have the CoE well to leeward which is screwing them up to wind back in to the power zone. By the time they blow the sheets the clews of the main and jib are already being sheeting in by the water flow, and over they go. Pretty cool that is was quickly righted. Looks a lot safer than the cats with the high side not being quite so high. Beaten to a gybe by the American Magic and beaten to a tack by INEOS, finally ETNZ are first to a do spectacular manoeuvre.
  10. Mozzy Sails

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Is it still of concern? Well, they have the code, so as said above, no more excuses. Did it harm their progress? Probably. I guess the main thing was they got some straight line data to calibrate the model and feed in to boat 2 which had to be signed off around the same time. But I guess being able to try more manoeuvres would have been helpful for deck layout and logistics of moving about, who does what etc. Stuff that is hard to recreate in the sim with some of real life issues. But... this first boat has been set up deliberately so it's easy to play around with those things and I think they'll have until much later to sign off on some of those decisions. Long term it may be pretty inconsequential, and not worth the fuss. But, thought it worth pointing out for context of lack of manoeuvres which Weta was calling them out for.
  11. Mozzy Sails

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Yeah, no excuses now @Ex-yachtie . I'm not a fanboy and will be critical in equal measure. Just wanted to put the numbers for speeds quoted above and the manoeuvres in context, you know, for people who might be interested in speculating where the teams are and what the challenges they are facing. On here? It was in the old INEOS thread and I think its still in the foils comparison thread. In 'real life' I've heard it first hand, plus second hand a few times. Obviously outing sources is a sure way never to be told anything ever again! However, the way it was discussed, and that the rumour was on here too, suggests it's pretty open knowledge within the cup circles.
  12. Mozzy Sails

    INEOS Team GB

    Discussion in the previous thread about further INEOS purchases and partnerships (around the time first SailGP rumours started), one of which was described as being relevant to sailing ... F1 link up announced today... although a partnership not a purchase.
  13. Mozzy Sails

    ACWS - Portsmouth

    Will the teams want the boats that compete in the Portsmouth event to go to Aukland? I'd assume they'd keep them in Europe to finish off the summer then ship the actual cup boats to Auckland in November?
  14. Mozzy Sails

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    That's where my knowledge runs short. I think it's a pump / valve. But it wasn't clear if it was the whole part or a item within the part. It also wasn't clear whether the parts were failing completely, or just surpassing the warranted loads and therefore needed replacing / inspection. I don't think that's anything that hasn't been said in the foils thread though. It doesn't stop them doing manoeuvres, is just stops them doing them back to back and obviously costs a huge amount of time on the water with support crew getting on and off. ENTZ recognised the problem too and started working on updated code right away. The accusation is that ENTZ have held on doing 'beta testing' of that new code for longer than the other teams were happy with. And really, as a one design supplied part the other teams could have been privy to it's workings, like when they were brought on board with the structural issues with the foil arm. The new code turned up the day INEOS packed up. Perhaps a coincidence rather than malice from ETNZ. But either way, when comparing the frequency of manoeuvres between the teams we'll have a better like for like comparison once AM and INEOS are on the new code.
  15. Mozzy Sails

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    It's a valid response to Wetas point that despite high speed claims INEOS have limited publicly record manoeuvres... I'm just adding some balance to the discussion. We're here to discuss AC boats are we not? Unlike your reply... at least make an effort. Recycling a decade old meme in lieu of any actual counter argument or humour is pretty weak. Just another post to scroll past adding nothing. Save the space and down vote if it irks you so much.