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  1. Burning Man

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Good. Maybe some culling of the idiot elk herd is in order.
  2. Burning Man

    The color of their skin...

    I don't deny that has been true in many previous cases wrt to dog. But what was not on the level in this case? He posted a news article with the school admins exact quotes. I didn't see any spin there. If you go to the GBH news source - the DW printed it pretty much verbatim.
  3. Burning Man

    The color of their skin...

    No, not JUST the pandemic. Yes, she later amended those statements to make is seem like it was ALL the pandemic and nothing to to with "racial equity". Not buying it. She had a lot to say about racist policies until she learned her statements were going to cause a shitstorm and she is trying to take it back.
  4. Burning Man

    Too many nuts, or too many guns?

    Says the guy who's only experience "hunting" has been swiping right on Grinder.
  5. Burning Man

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Because presumably the people that buy the gunz, pass their BGCs and lock up their gunz - would also have the key to those gunz and the ammo locker. Unless you can show me stats that the vast majority of Self-Murder involves getting their hands on guns they do not own or have normal access to - I'm betting self-murder is unaffected much by BGCs, mandatory locks, ammo removed, guns locked while traveling to the range, etc. In fact I am unaware of ANY case ever in the history of self-murder where the self murderer got a gun, took it in his/her car and headed to the range to go practice and then stopped halfway and shot themselves. Again, presumably the person who is traveling to the range with a locked gun in the car and ammo locked away in a separate box in the trunk is going to have the keys to both lock boxes should the urge to self-murderate on the way to the range overcomes them.
  6. Burning Man

    The color of their skin...

    You forgot "AND ASIANS"...... Just saying.
  7. Burning Man

    Too many nuts, or too many guns?

    Cull them with what??? Since you can't easily get gunz to shoot them, I presume you're going to throw spears at them. Right? Can you even get within spear distance of a roo?
  8. Burning Man

    Kashoggi report

    Meli, no one here knows WTF you're talking about most days.
  9. Burning Man

    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    trump who???
  10. Burning Man

    The color of their skin...

    Here Sol, here's the original story from GBH - not the dailywire. The words of the actual adminstrators is not BS. https://www.wgbh.org/news/education/2021/02/26/citing-racial-inequities-boston-public-schools-suspend-advanced-learning-classes So rather than step back and take an objective look at why there were only 30% black and brown kids in the program, Lorna just decided that it is obviously racist and the program should end - thereby depriving those kids who were doing well in the classes of that extra push to excel. Had they allowed the program to continue while they took a good hard look at the program to see if they could do better to encourage minority students to apply - they just took the virtue signal knee jerk path of least resistance and shit-canned it for everyone.
  11. Burning Man

    The color of their skin...

    FTFY. And I have long said that this is not a skin color problem - but a class problem. Poor people are discriminated against compared to well off folk. It's been that way since we crawled out of the ooze and stood upright - and it will likely be that way to some degree for as long as humans exist as a species. But I digress...... BD, you are presumably an educator. What is your take on this? Do you think it's the right thing to penalize students who are performing above grade standard in order to impose some vision of "racial equity"? Because in my mind - this is exactly what they are doing in Boston. Some virtue signalling SJW probably looked at the stats, in light of all this "equity" push and said the numbers look bad. So lets take all the whites and asians and the few blacks and latinos out of advanced classes and our stats will look better. "See..... look how equitable we are!" And all the white school administrators are patting themselves on the backs around the teachers lounge talking about how they just slayed the racist beast. But they didn't SOLve anything, they just dumbed everything down to the lowest common denominator and made everyone suck equally. Social and racial equity at it's finest.
  12. Burning Man

    The color of their skin...

    Well, given that I don't listen to ANY RWNJ media sources (unless you consider NPR to be a RW media source) - I'm not sure where you're getting that. I am going by THE ACTUAL WORDS of the educators in the article. Are you suggesting they were misquoted? And I'm sorry, but I don't buy in the slightest that fixing the students that suck has to involve holding back those students that are performing above average. That's a total non-starter. It is not racist policies that allows for exceptional performing students to take advanced classes - especially when those classes are open to the entire school district and there are slots unfilled. No offense to Dog, but that dog won't hunt.
  13. Burning Man

    The color of their skin...

    You're glossing over the point here, sol. If it were YOUR kid who was thriving in that school's advanced placement classes and got yanked - would you be so sanguine about it? I feel especially bad for the minority students who did get into the class and are now being told that they have to sit it out because not enough of their own kind could hack it or bothered to apply. The rest of your post is blah blah blah that is non-germane to the subject. We're not talking about aggrieved whites being pissed off at REL statues being torn down. We're talking about parents - white, asian, black AND brown - who now have to explain to their kids why they are going to be held back in order for the rest of the poor performers to "catch up".
  14. Burning Man

    Too many nuts, or too many guns?

    I love wolves. I have one of my own....
  15. Burning Man

    Kashoggi report

    I don't completely disagree with you. But things like this are never black & white. Out of curiosity, what would you have liked him to do instead? Game this out to the end of whatever "Actions" you want him to take.