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  1. Teak deck..how difficult to strip off

    Strip it off is one thing. I had it professionally done a few years back where the teak deck was replaced. I got a lovely new teak deck, sadly the gel-coat is covered with grinding and sanding marks from when the old teak was removed. From one UK most known and rewarded boatyards, I did expect more. Got angry everytime I look at the 50K teak deck. I pointed this out during and after the work was completed, without any response from the yard. My advice: take your time, don't rush the stripping of the old teak deck. If someone is doing it for you: hold a large part of the cost back until the job is complete. It is really expensive to rectify any damage done.
  2. Sailing in England

    I agree with Dogwatch, ½ a day is too short of charter. Drive to Lymington and take the ferry to Yarmouth. If you can drive or take the bus to the Needles. You can get bus passes where you can jump on and off the bus. Needles is a must! There are companies in Lymington that offer day trips by boats. There are a few hotels, B&B and pubs that offer a bed for the night both in Lymington and in Yarmouth. The sailing conditions in the Solent is not for new beginners. Be safe, good luck.
  3. Sailing in England

    I am sailing most weekends in the Solent on my own yacht. More than happy to give some advice . There are plenty of charter companies in the Solent. Looking at your traveling plans, I got the impression that you want everything, but is short of time? I would drop Southampton and charter a yacht out of Hamble. There is no need for a car, take train to Southampton Airport and take a taxi to the charter company in the Hamble. Sailing with a family I can strongly recommend Fairview and Hamble School of Yachting. I have used both of them several times, great companies with good boats and great location. http://www.fairviewsailing.co.uk/Bareboat-Charter http://www.hamble.co.uk/solent-yacht-charter There are lots of regattas and other stuff going on in the Solent. I assume you are a good sailor that can handle strong tides and at times lots of traffic? Before you book you should check what’s going on locally. Both the above charter companies will help you. Or these two websites might be a good start. https://www.visitisleofwight.co.uk/ http://www.rorc.org/ Where would I sail for a few days: From Hamble to Cowes on Isle of Wight is quickly a ½ day sail. Cowes is the heart of sailing. Personally, I prefer Yarmouth on west side of Isle of Wight, just before the Needles. Yarmouth is a very nice village with history back to 1700. Cowes are nice too, more modern, lots of shops and stuff. From Yarmouth, I would sail to Studland Bay, and spend a night on anchor at Old Harry. On the way out you will pass the Needles. You need to time the tides, in other words you need know how to handle a yacht. On the way back you sail from Studland Bay to Hamble between four-six hours. Good luck. PM me if you need more…..
  4. Watermaker for double-handed boat

    Jack, I got the AC version taking power from my Struder Xtender XTM 2000. It is a good setup, but it draw just under 35 amp when running. I got plans to replace and upgrade the alternator. Not got around to that jet. It brings me into the next project. Replace the engine! Sodastream got offices and distributes world-wide. They sell the replacement cylinders at places I have never been. I find that one cylinder last for six months or more. Can easily stock up with few cylinders.
  5. Bye Bye to AGM

    My Rolls AMG batteries are now 6 years. The boat is used every second weekend, plus a month now and then. The batteries just like new. According to the log book, they take and hold charge as new.
  6. Watermaker for double-handed boat

    Our watermaker Dessalator D60 has never missed a tick! After 5 years, we have never had an issue. 90% of our water consumed the last 5 years has been ”home made”. - Produces 40-60 litre per hour. - Consume about 35 amp. - Filter replacement every 6 months at cost of £5. - Used minimum once per month. - When on-board, used most days for an hour or two. Use your watermaker as often as you can. Keep your tanks topped up at all times. Get a Sodastream maker. Homemade water and a soda maker is a perfect combination. Sodastreams cylinders are sold or exchanged world-wide. We got 5 SodaStream bottles on board for drinking water, excellent in the cockpit, and easy to keep in the fridge. Get watermaker professional installed. Don’t go for the cheap alternatives. Dessalator are one of the most expensive on the marked. 35 amp is high! Higher than what I expected. Keeping the batteries 70-95% changed is at times a problem. Working to get that resolved.
  7. Hand held vhf

  8. Where to install instruments?

    Keeping instruments below the winches, like the compass on the picture above will just give you trouble. - Different lines are always in the way. - The instrument get destroyed, by winch handles and more. - Your crew often get the gear stock to the instrument. Like straps to the life-jackets.
  9. What happend with www.marinecabinfans.com

    Reading some cruising mags from last year, they are still advertising, but web site, email and phone number is down. Shame, I wanted a few nice looking fans in oak.
  10. Hand held vhf

    If you are looking for a handheld to be used on one yacht, why not go for B&G VHF V50 or V90 with a wireless handset? Then you got better reception since you are using the main atrial and the benefit of a handheld. The intercom is very good for on/off watch crew. The helm or on watch crew easily talk to the off watch crew when needed.
  11. Where to install instruments?

    Above the companionway or on the mast below the boom is often the best place for your instruments. The instruments are then out of the way and partly protected from different impacts. Most important they are visible from the helm, cockpit or partly for those on the rail.
  12. Does anyone know what happened with marinecabinfans.com? They made some really nice cabin fans in wood, brass and stainless steel. Looking fare better then the plastic once the regular chandler is selling. Did they just go out of business or have someone taken them over? Thanks,
  13. Rebuild replace Volvo 2003T

    Got the same engine Volvo Penta 2003T anno 1989. Mine is still working like a Swiss clockwork. Got a good old class mechanic that keeps her alive. I think that is the key. I am religious with oil change and engine checks, not running her too hard, but allow the turbo to pick in now and then. It will sad to change her. My UK passed mechanic advised to to replace her before we go for long cruising trip. His advice is based on; parts are getting really expensive, and it might be question of time before a expensive component need replacing, second lack of qualified mechanics out in remote places. The engine has served me well! I think your answer is how good is the local Volvo mechanics? Where do you draw the line for replacement? 20% of new? A replacement Volvo D-40 got the same foot print.