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  1. Foiling cats and match racing

    I thought it was as boring as batshit
  2. Floating vs sinking is always bandied about, but given the number of monos out there the number that sink seems extremely small. It is also not that difficult to build in sufficient buoyancy in a mono to float even if swamped or even holed so catastrophic keel failures aside, floating vs sinking is not necessarily valid. If you compare flipping a cat to a rollover on a mono, I dare say that the mono comes out of it better in most instances. Of course, if you have a heavy cruising mono with no watertight compartments, the risk goes up a notch.
  3. Probably why he is dying...
  4. Cruising Queensland? Watch out for the lizards.

    I'll see your beetroot and raise you fucking pickles or gerkins. Best way known to ruin a good burger. not even cockroaches eat them!
  5. VOR 2017-18

    With absolute no knowledge of what it really going on, an announcement like that sounds like a "difference of opinion" at CEO/board level.
  6. .

  7. I dunno, that Rapido 60 seems to have a fair bit of room.
  8. AC36 Auckland NZ

    You ever think this is getting a bit out of hand? This is a frigging boat race of limited interest to 99.9% of the world, not the Olympics. Time to go back to boats you can moor off the yacht club...
  9. and they all like to anchor up in the same frigging spots
  10. Continuing Obstruction

  11. Melbourne Osaka 2018

    WOXI doublehanded??
  12. I had not heard that there were missing sailors, so I retract this comment as inappropriate.
  13. Seems like the John McCain was hit up the rear. What was the name of the tanker? - the Donald Trump?

    All of the above sounds like perfectly reasonable SA behaviour. More seriously, your short summary of the rules up thread should be widely circulated with one addition: You cannot run another boat aground or into anything

    And just what was the significance of the pickle??