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  1. 3am on the big island to your left so WTF you complaining about? Not that I have any intention of getting up at that time to watch. Ahh Foxtel playback - gotta love it! Also means I can fast forward through the ETNZ races
  2. To answer my own question, the challenge and skill is one component, but really, it is the connection between the competitors and the viewers that grow crowds. It is not just spectacle, people want to follow someone or some team. Until you get that in sailing, or the AC in particular, it will only ever have novelty value, not a strong fan base. Very hard to consistently make money on novelty value only. I also think that too many races can be a turn off, not a turn on. they are so short as to be a lottery and so many different things going on that you lose all continuity. Unless you are already knowledgeable beforehand, it just becomes a blur. Long races allows even those with no background knowledge to get a feel for the contest and the drama and emotionally invest in a team. They have got this so wrong. It needs to be big, massive boats with crews and characters and commentators who can make them human. Speed and flash technology are WAY down the list in my opinion.
  3. If speed and short attention time are everything, why do both golf and professional cycling out-rate sailing? There seems to be plenty of latent capacity out there to absorb slowly unfolding drama
  4. I gave up following the AC closely quite a while ago, but dipping my toe back in, I see bunches of cyclists or pairs of grinders doing nothing all day but continually grinding to power the rigs. FFS I know people wanted to avoid engines on board, but isn't the current situation just a little absurd.? Either have engines or eliminate stored power. Why pretend? I think it just looks ridiculous and to my mind not really what sailing is all about. You may as well race in triremes - at least then we could get some good clashing of oars or ramming.
  5. so, were the boats in foiling configuration for this race, or is that still development mode only?
  6. The other thing people tend to underestimate is the extent of the overlaps that might exist. The overlap line is an extension from your transom, so that if you are sailing lower than the boat below you, you are often overlapped much more often than you think because of the angle of your transom. Ina typical start situation, where a boat is travelling down the line before turning up, most boats that could ever get near them will already be overlapped with them. It is only when the boat turns up onto the wind that it may break these overlaps.
  7. IF you don't hear it, you will smell it!
  8. Deja Vu all over again?
  9. One thing people generally forget is that for inventions like DSS, the patent is only part of the story. there is a lot of know-how surrounding the patent and as much as anything, this is what the licence fee is for. Challenging patents is also a very expensive exercise. The decision becomes a commercial one. You either pay the patent holder or take your chances and develop your own solution and see if you get sued or not.
  10. are the insurers ready?
  11. The notion of mark-room 'expiring' while the entitled boat is still in the zone has been reintroduced in the 2017 rules, after having had a holiday since the 2009 rewrite introducing the 3 hull length zone. We need to look carefully at the words in the new rules, and can't rely on our recollections of old cases, although these might prove helpful. Green (G) was overlapped inside Blue ( when the first of them reached that zone, so B was required to give G mark-room (rule 18.2( b )), (as well as keeping clear as the windward boat (rule 11)). The mark-room G was entitled to was room to leave the mark on the required side. Also, (a) room to sail to the mark when her proper course is to sail close to it, and ( room to round the mark as necessary to sail the course. (Definitions: mark-room). Once G had been given that mark-room, her entitlement to mark-room in accordance with rule 18.2( b ) and © ceased to apply (rule 18.2( d )). That is to say, once G had left the mark on the required side and it was no longer necessary for her to continue rounding it to sail the course, her entitlement to mark-room under under rules 18.2 ( b ) and ( c ) ceased. In other words, her entitlement (under rules 18.2( b ), and ( c )) to mark-room, ceased when she no longer needed it. The entitlement may cease before the mark becomes clear astern. Note that even though an entitlement to mark-room under rule 18.2( b ) and ( c ) may have ceased it may still be possible for a fresh entitlement to mark room for an inside overlapped boat to arise under rule 18.2( a ). In the diagram, G will have rounded the mark as necessary to sail the course when her heading clears, by a minimum prudent margin, the SW corner of the obstruction, that is, somewhere between position 2 and position 3. That's the time when G's entitlement to mark-room ceases. Not sure I agree with this. R28 defines what "sailing the course" means. I would argue that G has rounded mark as necessary to sail the course as soon as she has rounded on the correct side so that the string requirement of 28(2) is satisfied. I don't think the entitlement to mark room under 18.2(a) continues beyond the room necessary to satisfy this. G's entitlement to mark-room certainly did not cease when she gybed around position 2: mark-room includes room to gybe as necessary, and applies before and after the gybe if necessary. G's entitlement to mark-room is not affected by any entitlement that B may have gained to room to pass the obstruction under rule 19. Rules 18 and 19 operate independently of one another. Neither rule takes precedence over the other. It might be possible that the gap between the mark and the obstruction was so narrow that there was insufficient space for B to give G mark-room and for G to give B room to pass the obstruction, then B would break rule 18 and G would break rule 19. That would be very bad race management and hopefully a protest committee would, on valid request, give both boats redress. Once G gybed, B became the right of way boat, even though she owed G mark-room. B is not required to anticipate that G will not keep clear and will not give G room at the obstruction (Case 27). Nobodies obligations or entitlements are affected by whether they placed themselves in a position where they could, or could not later do something. Thanks for the opportunity to discuss this rules change. I've been wondering how it would work out.
  12. And to complete the story, people should be clear that all you get as the boat asking for room is room to tack and keep clear of the other boat in a seamanlike manner. You do not get right of way and specifically, it does NOT entitle you to tack and sail blithely away from the obstruction on a port tack. Once you have tacked you are obliged to keep clear in the usual way of any starboard boat, which can often mean a significant duck, or even a tack back onto port (case 101).
  13. You don't need the bells and whistles, just good sized digits. a way of identifying what is being displayed (3 alpha chars), day/night mode and a way of controlling from a RPI or similar. The rest is best kept separate as the quality stuff is getting cheaper and cheaper due to the drone technology.
  14. The other area that is difficult is the displays. Tablet displays just don't cut it in sunlight. There are particular requirements (sunlight, low power, day/night, waterproof, etc) that makes it difficult to replicate with a home build. The main suppliers have got it right using customised LCD displays. IF anyone decided to launch a set of low-cost generic displays fed by NMEA or something similar that allowed remote control of the displays, that would be a game changer.
  15. Was a 2boat length circle at time of incident (2004)