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  1. PabloAU

    Oracle Team USA

    apologies if it is posted previosly - out of the horses mouth... Kev Shoebridge
  2. PabloAU

    Oracle Team USA

    3 hrs to go - anyone seen the fat lady?
  3. PabloAU

    Oracle Team USA

    Jimmy see's the light.......
  4. PabloAU

    How to watch live races?
  5. PabloAU

    Team UK

    God I hope not..... Bart was seriously one of the good guys - dont want a repeat in an actual race thanks.......
  6. PabloAU

    Team UK

    Thanks guys - didn't think I had drunk too much of the sponsors product tonight...... I seriously fear a repeat of 1980 / 87...... However OR proved miracles can happen
  7. PabloAU

    Oracle Team USA

    OR is bloody quick, have replayed the SBTJ & Artemis repays multiple times...... OR is a rocket...... I think also Sir Ben needs some yellow paint to apply to their boat..... cant be that bad can it???
  8. PabloAU

    Team UK

    Not bashing Team BAR, however they cannot be this far off the pace unless Sand bagging Wrong direction design wise I struggle with the fact that Ben is a damned good sailor, this has to be one of the better resourced A/C challenges from the UK in over 60 years...... WTF??? Man I dont get it.... BAR has always seemed quick but unstable, too narrow a "groove" perhaps? BAR taking lessons from Adrian Newey at RBR???