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  1. Jackdaw

    How many lines are on your boat?

    I wanted to not respond because you counted your freeking DOCK lines, but here goes: Into the cockpit. Beneteau First 260, rigged for both asym and (mostly) sym kites Genoa furling Asym tack line Twing Port Twing Starboard Kite Downhaul Port Kite Downhaul Starboard Frac Kite Halyard Full hoist kite Halyard Genoa Halyard Main Outhaul Main Cunningham Vang Port Vang Starboard Main Halyard Reef 1 Reef 2 Backstay port Backstay starboard Mainsheet 1 Mainsheet 2 Traveler Port Traveler Starboard So 22 in in a 24 foot boat? Seems about right,
  2. Jackdaw

    Bente 39 splashed

    The shit brown I can leave, but the overall design I dig. The integrated dodger makes tons of sense in most places, if you can keep it cool in the sun. AC and GenSet? I've been on a Pogo 12.50 many times and if this is close to that performance-wise its a winner,
  3. Surprised its not about O'day. You really wanna find soft wood, find an O'day.
  4. Jackdaw

    Catalina acknowledges the inevitable

    Totally agree with you re buying new boats. My only point was that if there is not sufficient innovation in the a new boat, the price differential between new and a comparable used is often so great that even someone who would normally think 'new' thinks twice. I think Catalina wanted to create that level of innovation in the 275, but their conservative nature held them back.
  5. Jackdaw

    Catalina acknowledges the inevitable

    I totally agree with the wife gets a vote. But I think the ‘wife’ would take a look at the 275, look at a used Hunter 270 for $15,000 and say ‘let’s get that one’. It’s less than a quarter of the cost, it has twice the interior volume, I can stand up downstairs, and it’s more comfortable and almost as fast. What am I missing?
  6. Jackdaw

    Catalina acknowledges the inevitable

    All true. Every product (and company) is a series of compromises. If you fully know and accept them, then you're happy with the choices you make, and then don't get bent when someone points out the obvious. I think the 275 is a decent looking boat made by a respected but very conservative company. The choices they made kill the boat in my mind. If I buy a boat designed in this century that I can't stand up or sleep comfortably in, it better plane like a motherfucker. The 275 PHRF rates what; 160? I guessing it would not break hull speed if you sailed off the edge of the earth.
  7. Jackdaw

    Catalina acknowledges the inevitable

    Totally get that. And I'm in the product development game, so I know that products are bets you make with your company's future. Lots at stake. Real world consequences if you blow it. But still, this IS Sailing Anarchy, we're supposed to talk about things like this here. If its a turd, we call it a turd. Tough place to have thin skin, in particular if you got a soft spot for a boat like the 275.
  8. Jackdaw

    Catalina acknowledges the inevitable

    Well let's see.... Catalina decides to try and get into the sport boat market in 2013... why not. Sport boats are hot. Plenty of designers with quality CVs in the sportboat arena, but Catalina decides to go with Gerry Douglas, their in-house man best known for his sturdy but ultra conservative masthead cruisers. But hey, he designed the Capri 25. First pix of the boat look sorta OK, and the displacement is listed as an also OK 4000lbs. But the boat shows up at NapTown at 5000! Holy shit what a miss. Kinda throws off the SA/D and other ratios. And the polars. But wait, they never ran a VPP. For a 2013 boat the design was trapped in the early 90s. Plumb bow, but the knuckle is submerged. Waterline runs to the transom, making a heavy boat even stickier in light airs. The sharkfin keel would have been a subtle upgrade for the j/24 in 1990. Or you can have a wing. Thats even heavier. The rig is ridiculously forward, making a tiny fore-triangle that robs the boat of sail area. The boat from day 1 is supposedly all about asyms, but instead of a integrated prod or a remote retractable pole, an aftermarket aluminum pole is clipped to the foredeck, requiring a crew-member to go foreword every time it needs to go in or out. How'd I do?
  9. Jackdaw

    Catalina acknowledges the inevitable

    Im not sure what point you’re trying to make.
  10. Jackdaw

    Catalina acknowledges the inevitable

    I thought the real news here was that they are still trying to sell that 5000 pound turd.
  11. Jackdaw

    No flag, no foul!

    That’s what RRS#2 was born for. Throw a DNE at them. Our PC will add that to a protest at their discression if they feel the situation warrents.
  12. Jackdaw

    Hacking raceQs

    Why would you even look at RaceQs?? Is it not normal protocol for a boat taking its own time to note the boats that finishes before and after it? What is a 'good sized' fleet doing taking its own time on boats? How serious can this be?
  13. If you are not flying from a pole, some fleets will get cranky if you tack it too far in front of your forestay. Most will give you 12-16 inches as a practical matter to keep you from tearing off your bow pulpit.
  14. Epic first post. Must be a sock.
  15. Jackdaw

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    Cheers, I’ll pass that on.. I keep in touch with a bunch of them.