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  1. Jackdaw

    Why skippers fail in PHRF, it's not the boat

    That. Your PHRF 'rating' is a single number attempting to fairly rate your boat in all courses, all breezes, all conditions. Some places try to use other numbers (point to point etc) but AFAICT they are all bullshit. So you sail knowing that. On our boat we hold our own until it's below 7 knots. Our RC will run W/Ls down to 4, where we get HAMMERED. So these days we lose the race but win the party. But we got the most comfortable boat in the fleet, and I've got the sexiest maintrimmer/fiance at the club. Perhaps the world. So we're winners.
  2. Jackdaw

    'Bulking' a halyard... best practices?

    After looking at both methods, it's seems clear that the 'add core; method is best for slipping clutches and I've done it twice with great success. But there is a question. The added bulk diameter seems to shorten the cover more than the original core, and that length difference makes it impossible to pull all of the exposed core back into the cover. Every time I do it, I get a small loop (1 inch or so) of core then cannot be pulled in, no matter how carefully I milk. The last time, I was very careful to pin the cover to the core just outside of the working area, but with the same result. I have to resort to pulling the cover forward from the end and milking the extra all the way to the bulk, a real PITA. Am I missing something?
  3. Jackdaw

    Tacktick/Micronet questions

    Everything is wireless, except the hull transmitter, which is wired to thru-hull transducers. Micronet is a hubless network; every device is both a listener and talker, and listens and talks to every other device on the network. There is no 'server'. Setups bought in one go come pre-configured to all function on a local 'micronet'. If they were not or don't, there is a published procedure to being them all into very close proximity and create a new micronet Correct re the T122.
  4. Was was 12 and growing up in the Upper Peninsula when the Fritz when down. It used to come through the Portage Lake shipping canal all the time, so us kids knew her well. My parents had the LP; with his full beard and rough complexion, Gord looked like an old man to me at the time. A few years back someone casually mentioned that he was no longer alive, and it cleanly snuck past my BullShit meter. Glad to hear he's still on the right side of the grass.
  5. Holy shit! I'm been misinformed.
  6. That will prove amazingly difficult.
  7. Well 'The Boss' had her way with the Catalina over the winter.... this is all that is left.
  8. Jackdaw

    'Bulking' a halyard... best practices?

    For sure. The whole problem actually started with a change in halyard cordage; slightly smaller diameter and I think the cam was ‘grooved’ for the older one. But the clutch in question is the middle of a STX triple, with a STX single right next to it, and the companionway slider on the other side. Changing the cam(s) will involve a serious tear-up. But it’s on the list.
  9. Jackdaw

    'Bulking' a halyard... best practices?

    I agree with you; I can see no advantage to bulk under. Burying the ends of 'cover over' eliminates the only potential problem with that route; ie the smoothing of the transitions so they do not get snagged.
  10. Jackdaw

    Best Place to Live for a Sailor in the USA

    No argument there. It’s my home club, and I live five minutes away. Love the place, love the town.No argument there. It’s my home club, and I live five minutes away. Love the place, love the town.
  11. Jackdaw

    Best Place to Live for a Sailor in the USA

    Wayzata is great because the club and the people are great. The lake is a shallow weedy mess; a series of bays overrun with 50 foot powerboats and wakesurfers.
  12. Jackdaw

    'Bulking' a halyard... best practices?

    Yep I do that, that's why I'm still marveling about why this technique did not occur to me. When you are using it to cover the tail of a length of Amsteel, you bury the cover on the running end. The trick I missed was to bury/feed the halyard into the cover, leaving buryable ends on both sides.
  13. Jackdaw

    'Bulking' a halyard... best practices?

    That’s brilliant thanks. And so obvious once you see it. Not sure how I missed it, I thought I’ve seen every single one of those premium ropes videos. Thanks again.
  14. Jackdaw

    'Bulking' a halyard... best practices?

    Clever. Is there a technique to this? I’ve already ordered the cover (all of a buck) from APS as part of a bigger order. I’m not opposed to abandoning that route if a better solution exists. Several riggers pointed in in the direction of the cover method, so I started there.
  15. I'm planning on adding a 2 foot section of Yale 'Cover Only' to the clutch point of our spin halyard to bulk it up. Twice it has slipped in the clutch in big puff, and much fuckuppery ensued. Is there any best practices to: 1) secure the ends to the underlying halyard? 2) smooth the ends so they enter and exit clutches, mast exits, etc clean? 3) secure the length to minimize any slipping along the length?