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  1. Jackdaw

    Lake Ponchartrain Possible Sailing Death

    If its one knot gusting to two, we'll all swim without dropping anchor. But as others note, always with a horseshoe attached to a floating line drifting with us. Or the lifesling.
  2. Jackdaw

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Nice clarification; thanks.
  3. Jackdaw

    New Free TOD Calculations App for Android

    Most people can do ToD calculations in their head. ToT would be much more interesting, and useful.
  4. Jackdaw

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Don't think this has been brought up yet. I head today that Spinlock is phasing out the Hammar sensors. A friend was looking for a particular 5D model and his vendor of choice did not have it available. The vendor called spinlock/distro and was told that story. Not confirmed of course but an interesting tidbit.
  5. Jackdaw

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    Fair enough. Its a costly tweak on a daysailor. While it will lighten the boat and strengthen the rig, the performance advantage will be small and will likely be lost on you. And yes carbon spars need to be maintained and protected from UV.
  6. Jackdaw

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    If you don't know, the answer is NO.
  7. Jackdaw

    New Genoa needed for Catalina 27 Tall Rig

    Don't over buy. Get a quality cross cut dacron. Tri-radial construction is expensive. Laminates add cost with limited performance gains on your boat, and are less durable. If you're not buying local meaning a sail maker is not going to measure and sail with you when it arrives, go with a Asian outfit with a US sales office like Precision Sails.
  8. Jackdaw

    Books to get started on the Pacific?

    +1 for Cornell. I feel smarter just owning it. For the 'feel' of the deal, you might want to add: Racing Through Paradise: A Pacific Passage by William F. Buckley. Whatever you thought of his politics, the man loved life, sailing and could write.
  9. Jackdaw

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    I have a First 260, the older version of the 25s with a traditional spar. A 1996 built in France, It’s a real hoot. We race it well, and cruise it well. Sticky in the light, but with a little breeze (like yesterday) she gets around just fine.
  10. Jackdaw

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Happened to sail by a pro photographer yesterday.
  11. Jackdaw

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Downwind with an all-lady crew.
  12. Or spectra-cored Endura braid.
  13. Jackdaw

    Protesting other fleets

    At WYC we'll often have 120 boats out in 7 fleets. It can get choppy. Boats everywhere, meeting boats from other fleets everywhere. There ARE cross-fleet protests, but rare. Usually for pure dick-head moves that demand justice, or if you think you might get redress for a total cock-up not of your doing.
  14. Jackdaw

    What boat is this?

    Everything aft of the backstays looks added on.
  15. Jackdaw

    Salvage advise appreciated

    In-fucking-deed. There is a two dollar google chrome app that sucks all your photobucket images down in one go. Best 8 quarters I've ever spent, worth it to get away from that steaming shithole of a website.