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  1. I could see how that could work well, two comments 1) A Pursuit start is a workable idea, but in theory just moves the congregation from the start to the finish, and doesn't offer any relief to starting the large OD fleets we have. And while boats typically don't loiter at the finish, they will at the docks after. At WYC everyone comes back to the same marina. 2) Regarding the complication, we wanna be sensitive to that. Do you think that taking a snapshot of the finishing mark and sending it via a message is more complicated than finding a plotter screen with location and time on it, writing that down, and then typing it into an email and sending to the RC? While there is a fair amount of 'complexity' going on in the suggested progress, its all done by the machines.
  2. I hear you. But I think/hope that in these COVID times people will just be happy to get out on the water. Our normal thursday series races draw 100=130 boats. The number will be way off this year for lots of reasons. Part of the goal is to make it reasonable work for all involved. Last year I sailed in the Harvest Moon Regatta, hosted by the venerable Lakewood YC. It featured, for the first time, a self-timed finish on a VIRTUAL LINE. You had to take a picture of your plotter screen showing both location and time to the second. That was kinda crazy, and no one complained.
  3. I agree for sure. But that's the deal with a self-timed race... to note and record the time, someone has to do something.
  4. That's cool and good to know! Two slight downsides: 1) It requires a separate download (Although I get that's it s free) 2) Taking a single handed screenshot on many phones is hard when sailing, often requiring two hands to pull off.
  5. Does iNavx show seconds? Last time I looked it didn't. No rabbit starts because of the optics of boats gathering on the water. Our YC has a very high level of visibility in the community, (both on and off the water) and we want to be better and cleaner than the rules ask. So a starting window works and looks better.
  6. yea thanks Its just two button presses on the phone for the boat. The actual picture does not really even matter. Then you send them. The process of looking at them is simple for the RC, and it eliminates: Tons of possible transcription errors Having to find a clock (or app) with GPS seconds. Potential for people to be 'less that Corinthian'
  7. Like most clubs, we are looking into ways to race while social distancing, and self-timed races will probably factor. Getting good time can be difficult, not just from a verification perspective, but simply having accurate GPS time with seconds displayed. Here is what we are thinking: All boats should take an photo of one of the starting marks when starting, and of one of the finishing marks when finishing. Then send them Both to the official scorer via SMS or email. All mobile phone images contain meta-data (EXIF) that contains photo, time, and location data. The official scorer will use an app like EXIF Viewer Lite to view the image meta-data that includes GPS time to the second, as well as location and direction of image taken. If locations are reasonably close, those times are good. Looks like this in the app.
  8. Jackdaw


    The MAX is cool, but I'm one boat short to be able to take advantage of it. Selling it here for what I paid for it; a $300 savings on new. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/sailmon-max-brand-new-in-box-2/
  9. Jackdaw


    Menus and some questions answered.
  10. Jackdaw


    Good info! It accidentally spent the winter with batteries in, and the parasitic draw drained them to that point.
  11. Jackdaw


    MAX came yesterday. Was going to take it for a test sail today, but there is no wind. So made a test video in the garden. Forgive the production values, I was not looking for an Oscar in Direction or Cinemaphotography. Any questions ask.
  12. Jackdaw

    Tides Marine Mast Track System

    My failure. That air gap is between the external sail slide track and the mast slot. My track ‘rattles’ a bit, I assume it is due to a less than exact fit on the groove.
  13. Jackdaw

    Tides Marine Mast Track System

    To clarify my last comment; mine failed after 15 years of hard use. It owed me nothing at that point, a good service life. I wanted to point out that that particular failure is very hard to see in a rig inspection unless you are looking for it.
  14. Jackdaw

    Tides Marine Mast Track System

    This is truly a thing. I noticed mine failing when I was looking at the rig through binocs and noticed a small 'air gap' between the external track and the part in the mast slot, between the head and top batten. Not good at all. The exterior track had some weathering but overall looked OK. As I pulled the old track down, the inner part pulled away in about 80% of its length.
  15. Jackdaw


    Well mine shipped and will be here on Thursday. I'll post some pics and impressions then.