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  1. Capri 25 stories

    Maybe. But the pit person stands and works there in W/L races. In this case, the boat went all the way over and was perfectly happy turtled. It was only when the crew tried to right it, the boat 'burped' and promptly headed straight to the bottom.
  2. Capri 25 stories

    We've got a fleet of them. I avoid being near them at all cost when going downwind in any breeze. We lose one once in a while. Like last year. Sink a boat and you get your name on an infamous trophy at WYC. This guy should not feel too bad, Joel Ronning (J/70 world and US champ) drove one to the bottom once. Funny thing is, both were brought up from 80 feet of water the next day, and didn't miss a race. More here https://imgur.com/a/NtJHC
  3. Lewmar EVO vs. Ocean

    Good to know. I hear that pitch from a Lewmar rep and assumed that they were pre-installed. Now someone has to open the can and set them up. Still a work saver, but not as much.
  4. Lewmar EVO vs. Ocean

    The Evo winches were created to allow boat builders to have a ONE-PERSON install, without having to take the winch apart. Huge time saver. Ocean winches need loose bolts to be inserted after the drum off is taken off, and then held while the nuts are added and turned. That takes two people. Evo winches have captive studs.
  5. Bareboat Charter in the Baltic. . .tips?

    Even better. I keep mine with my ICC. You never know...
  6. Bareboat Charter in the Baltic. . .tips?

    If you need a VHF license, as an American get an FCC Restricted Radiotelephone License. Every place I’ve been will take it. It’s 70 bucks, there’s no test, and it never expires. A good thing to have.
  7. Old man in shit box goes sailing in cold place

    Dylan I feel your pain. I fled Minneapolis to spend a week in Barcelona at MWC, and promptly got snowed on. My friends in Brum say you're calling it the 'The Beast from the East'. In the USA we call it the Polar Vortex.
  8. PHRF and the Parasailor

    I can’t image why that would make your spin-PHRF rating any worse, or better. It’s a spinnaker, with a hole in it. I’ve flown those before, just before they went to the doctor.
  9. Bareboat Charter Company recommendation for Greece

    I do the same.. I'm in Spain right at the moment and for US$10/day Verizon extends my unlimited US coverage to Europe. Its not a great deal for a month, but for a week its fine. TMOB has so-called free unlimited in Europe, but its 3G and VERY SLOW. They do have a 4G up-charge option. Greece treats the water between the islands like it was land. The phone networks work EVERYWHERE in the Cyclades, even open water. In Greece try and attach to the Cosmote network, by far the best 4G coverage. Their 3Gig data SIM is not a bad deal for iPads. You can find these everywhere in shops, but bring your passport if you go and buy one. But I usually just leave my US SIM in. I'm lazy. Re iSailor make sure you get the EagleRay charting; as there are two options. The other one is OK but has nowhere near the ports and marina detail. Every morning over coffee, if you have cell or WiFi coverage take a minute and refresh your 3-day off-line GRIB. That way you will always have fresh wind/precip data even if you get to some hole in the wireless network. Re Santrorini you have to go. You can try and get your Caldera fix at Milos, but its nowhere near the same. Not like this.
  10. Bareboat Charter Company recommendation for Greece

    I would use iSailor. Not only does it use the vastly superior Eagle Ray charting for the region, it offers both real-time (online) and 72-hour off-line forecast GRIB weather. Makes figuring out where to go to avoid the blow (or find it) easy. It's a subscription, but they use the highly regarded THEYR service. Also has internet-based AIS. I didn't that that would be of much help, but as there is 4G internet service pretty much every were it was surprisingly handy.
  11. Bareboat Charter Company recommendation for Greece

    Yea the trick at Santorini is you are ALL IN if you go there. I suggest jumping off from someplace very early and getting over as soon as you can. And loiter like a vulture over any likely spot. Well its hard to pick a BAD spot.... that's I suppose part of the attraction. May will be a great month to sail, but the water might be cool for many tastes. Scooters are available to rent everywhere, and taxis will come anywhere. So I suggest looking into secondary ports at Islands. At Paros try Marpissa for instance. Very nice little harbor.
  12. Bareboat Charter Company recommendation for Greece

    Well first, entering the caldera under sail is a bucket-list kinda thing. So for sure try. Now the bad news. The only 'marina' on Thira is on the SE corner of the island, at Vlikadha. Small and crazy busy to start off, it's pretty much been taken over by local cats doing day trips. You might get in but mooring-wise it's worse then Hydra. And that's saying something. Expect to raft up med-moor style, a real treat. Last time I was there was in the off-season (March) and we got the last open slot. Even then local boats wintering there were using ALL the slime-lines. If there is no room at the inn, then I'd try anchoring at Oia. Its only of the only shallow area inside the caldera (if you can call 10-15m shallow). There is a dock for dinghy, but you face a blistering climb up the face to the town. The rewards however are great, including a great view and a very cold beer.
  13. We try to stay in as long as we can. Our club encourages it. Usually we make it to Thanksgiving, and in Minnesota that's saying something. Our weekly foray over to the bar on the other side of the lake usually involves some snow. If we wait a week too long, we're met with this.
  14. Bareboat Charter Company recommendation for Greece

    Once you get over the visual effect created by the lack of wood, you'll find that the Pogo's interiors are very comfortable. And VERY roomy. Any while they look daunting, the boats are immensely stable with a very straightforward rig.
  15. Thanks for the tips and advice. We've mostly settled on a boat, 6"1' of draft. Thoughts on that; and where it might keep us out of?