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  1. Jackdaw

    Air-cooled Outboard

    Late to the party Amigo, but another vote for the Honda 2.x. 1/2 the cost 2x the autonomous range, the slight weight difference will only matter in world class programs, which neither of us have to worry about! While slightly fiddly, I like the gradual slip into brokenness OBs have, unlike the dual 'works great or dead' modes of the Torqueedo that weirds me out.
  2. Jackdaw


    That can happen if there is either no GPS fix, or the device is not connected to the app. If it is still acting up after fixing these things, send me an email at support AT vakaros.com and I'll sort you out.
  3. Jackdaw

    B&G H3000 instrument covers

    You are one classy canuck, my friend!
  4. Jackdaw


    Huge props to Eric Doyle and Payson Infelise who CRUSHED the Star MidWinters, taking 6 bullets in 7 races. Asked about the Vakaros Atlas that informed their every call, they said 'WE LOVE IT'.
  5. Jackdaw


    OK, time to put some words into action. A drop of both Atlas FW and the two Connect apps is up and live for all users. Update your app from your store, and then download the 5.1 beta to your device and activate. What's in the release: Vakaros Atlas Release Notes [stable] v0.5.1 Atlas Firmware NEW FUNCTIONALITY Support for configuration profiles. Added the following configuration options for each profile: Support for time zone offsets. 24/12 hour time. Allow users to set an initial rotation offset to compensate for mounting orientation. Set default number of minutes in sequence. Enable/disable countdown sounds. Bow offset - offset the DTL by the distance from Atlas to the bow using true heading. Display true or magnetic heading. Heading (HDG) dampening slider. Speed over Ground (SOG) dampening slider. Course over Ground (COG) dampening slider. Heel dampening slider. Trim dampening slider. Graphical Start Line is starting screen #2 by default. Updated line setup page with graphic line overlay. Updated angles screen. Setting angles now estimates average upwind speed (used for TTL). Added Time-To-Line (TTL) estimation on start screen #2 Sync button syncs to 1 minute when timer has less than 1 minute left. Added 10Hz telemetry logging to internal flash (waiting on support from mobile app). App LIVE screen acts as a repeater for key boat data. CHANGED Adjusted dampening defaults. FIXED Improvements to Bluetooth performance. Improvements to internal timing performance. This is just the beginning. Expect another drop in a month.
  6. Jackdaw


    MUCH MUCH MUCH sooner. Really. The release wheels are turning.
  7. Jackdaw


    Without getting too deep into the release specifics, I can tell you: 1) Its part of the UI work I spoke of in an earlier post 2) My #1 priority is to work through our SW and FW backlog So stay tuned, and feel free to send me a direct email so I can keep you apprised of details.
  8. Jackdaw

    Reasons to lose a protest

    Someone piss in your breakfast cereal? I've actually never lost a protest. yep 100%.Because I know how they are won, and how they are lost. And when I'm wrong I spin. I'm just reporting what I've seen, and served on. International judges, perfectly OK to see protests dismissed on technicalities. Merits? LOL.
  9. Jackdaw

    Reasons to lose a protest

    You missed my point in post #11. The largest % of protests (AFAICT) are lost BEFORE the hearing starts, because of black&white procedural rules that allow a protest to be heard are not followed. Before any facts are heard, (as you know) these are checked. Miss one, and the protest is lost. Then it's beer time. There is zero value in playing out a scenario that can't be ruled on. If you play in an area where that is not true then OK, but you must not hear many protests.
  10. Jackdaw

    Cruising boats that plane

    Indeed, as you stretch from 30 to 40 feet LOA, the related dimensions grow allow for much more volume and carry.
  11. Jackdaw


    Hey all, while I'm going to be a regular here reporting on our progress, keeping pace with every post, twist and turn would be a full time job. If you have a direct comment, question, or somethings that needs to be addressed, contact me directly or even better use the form at https://www.vakaros.com/contact The form is integrated into our support system, and lets me share and track it internally. Clay
  12. Jackdaw


    Ummm. something's not right here. Contact me via the support email on the site (or at my direct email (clay AT vakaros)) and we'll sort this.
  13. Jackdaw


    I'm always very careful with what I say! Sorry a little slap happy this evening; Jodi and I drove straight through from Dallas to Minneapolis today. This after escaping an ice storm around Austin yesterday that confounded about a billion texan drivers. To your question, there are other differences. We use an Anti-reflective coating (similar to what is found on the crystals of high-end watches) instead of an etching. The side by side comparisons are obvious. As to other differences, being that we were to market first, maybe that's a better question for the other side?
  14. Jackdaw


    We hand-tuned the individual characters (in particular the digits) to look as good as possible. The results are of course subjective.
  15. Jackdaw


    I don’t want to overcommit to timelines, but you are correct, it’s very important to us (as we have stated) and it’s related to the configurable UI.