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  1. Jackdaw

    Bareboat Charter Company recommendation for Greece

    @Tharsheblows, the times I've sailed by it, there have always been boats anchored just west of the 'Black Beach' at the SW corner of Thira. There is a road and a resort there, and I assume taxi service. The downside is that is no good for any breeze that has a southerly component, so you might have to draw straws to see who gets left behind. Unless you feel VERY confident in the forecast.
  2. Jackdaw

    How Big Is Your Shaft?

    Beneteau First 260 - 4500lb displacement - dual rudder/single tiller. 1.75 inch diameter round teak.
  3. Jackdaw

    Cowes Shower Spy

    The 'Posh' fears headlines would place the paper in May of 2007
  4. Jackdaw

    Life with a deep(ish) keel in Miami

    Hey CC that's handy stuff. What was your air draft? I assume? that that route could be all ICW. Re the keel draft and cruising, I had a similar experience when I had the deep keel 367 at 7.25. People said race sure, but you'll never cruise it well in the Apostle Islands, all the docks are too shoal. But it did just fine. You just set your expectations to what you can do, and get on with it.
  5. Jackdaw

    Life with a deep(ish) keel in Miami

    Good points. Upon refection the primary use will be cruising. While we have lots of cold crew that have eagerly 'signed up' to come down, the reality is that when its time to press the button to charge the airline tickets that will probaly thin out. As for Miami proper, the only things that have us focused there is 1) My company's HQ is right at the mouth of the Miami river (work crash pad) and we have 2 relatives that we love downtown. But those are not reason enough to rule out being father afield if the cost/benefit tips it that way.
  6. Jackdaw

    Life with a deep(ish) keel in Miami

    That helps thanks, Bowchow also mentioned a ball, based on usage might make more sense. If we wanted we could use money saved to get a transient slip when desired on trips down. We do have (non-sailing) rellies in the area; a 25ish nephew who would be willing to go check on things.
  7. Jackdaw

    Life with a deep(ish) keel in Miami

    Thx, nice chat, lots of insight.
  8. Looking at keeping a 2nd boat in Miami, to be used mostly as winter getaway and three season base for local racing and week-long adventures. Was thinking shoal keel at first, but wondered what it was really like to keep a 6-foot draft boat (think shoal 36.7) in the area. I know whole areas of the bay are out-of-bounds, but it can't be a total deal-breaker. What do the local boats do, and where do they stay? I'm sadly assuming that docking it at a premium with all the damage from the storms. Any local knowledge?
  9. Jackdaw

    Bavaria in administration

    Indeed. The First 38 was one well built boat, and a touch fucker. Many of them converted to full on cruisers and have done laps. The 36.7 I owned was a nicely designed boat, but you could see the 'process efficiencies' help keep costs down but effect quality both in the long and short term. In the short term it was hard to argue with the value for money. I bet it took more hours to build my old First 235 then it took them to throw a 367 together.
  10. Jackdaw

    What's happened to the C&C 30?

    I heard you can make a small fortune in the boatbuilding business.... I just don't like the way the plan starts.
  11. Jackdaw

    What's happened to the C&C 30?

    Word is that two C&C 30s are heading to Bayfield WI, the Apostles Island Station of WYC. The guy who owns the local charter company bought them. Not sure of his plans as he campaigns a Sunfast 3600, but I'm assuming he got a real good deal on them. Anyone want to rent the old TPI factory space? $4.25.sft.yr http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/373-Market-St-Warren-RI/8483185/
  12. Jackdaw

    Pier View (Cowes) closing. End of an era

    Times were tough. http://www.iwcp.co.uk/news/16185920._Heartbroken__owner_thanks_customers_after_calling_last_orders_at_the_Pier_View_pub__Cowes/?ref=fbshr
  13. Jackdaw

    Steep Ramp Anarchy

    Lake Canyon Yacht Club near San Antonio has got the most bitchingly steep ramp for boats on the planet. They actually write safety instructions how to use it Into their SIs. This is a the flat part, after it pitches up its hard to walk.
  14. Jackdaw

    Best Tablet based race app for tactician

    Astra ESA-Regatta looks decent. The app is free if you use their WiFi-gateway, US$79 if you use someone elses. http://www.astrayacht.com/wp/en/esa-regatta/
  15. Jackdaw

    Bavaria in administration

    Yep. I guess my bigger point was that there is no magic formula for building boats, they are very labor and material intensive. So more expensive ones are going to be 'better', better techniques, better materials, better parts. They pick the niche they are in. VAG makes decent entry level cars called VWs, up market they have Audi. Top rung and its Lambo. All have sound engineering. The only time I've got an issue with them is when they end up not being what you expected (Oyster?), or they try and sell them selves as more than they are (McGregor).