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    Racing...sailboat racing...racing sailboats...sailing on a sailboat while racing....you get the picture.
  1. That is EXACTLY what is happening!! I'm not on the bow to see it and by the time it's done and I notice it, we're trying to trim the genoa and everything is trapped. We'll hit that issue hard this week. thanks.

  2. I will be at the beach next week starting Tues 24th thru the weekend so maybe that first week in august we can get out for a litle.

  3. your spin pole has a bridle correct? That may be most of the issue. The pole I have has a fitting on the pole itself and is very easy. Most likely on the douse, the bowman is forgetting to free the downhaul and not putting the pole under the jib sheet. There are ways around all this, but with your setup, there are more steps for the bow guy to remember.

  4. That's our biggest issue on the leeward roundings...shit gets tangled and tangled bad. I can understand it happening once or twice but it seems to happen consistently with one bow guy. That's why he's at mast for the summer.

    I take Ian back to his mom on the 27th. Maybe we can get together on the water with my mast guy (wannbe bow)

  5. I have turned into a bow maniac...love it up there and the set up I have is pretty much flawless on tangling shit up and makes for easy manuevers. the biggest thing is the bowman needs to know how long he needs to do his work before a move. A good trimmer also makes a good bowman to help with gybes on the kite. If you are around, we could shoot the breeze one afternoon and look at the setup

  6. Two college kids are headed back to SC but I get Yusuf back in August. Sailing better but still not hitting the starts the way I need to. I'll let you know if we go out to practice. Interested in how you guys are working the bow. Need to show one of my guys how to keep things neat and efficient up there.

  7. We're coming together. I dropped Jenn last night and sailed with two college kids and two guys who are probably going to work out well. One is all about cross sheeting and was working it pretty well last night. He had never flown a kite in his life and flew it better than Jenn ever does. Much less drama on the boat, too. Still need a pit/tactics guy. Have one who may come out.

  8. Whats up there good buddy? How was last night? How is your crew doing? If you go out for a practice or anytype sail one day and need a crew, let me know and would like to sail with ya again sometime. Cheers, see you around

  9. You have a spot on SWAG just about any time you want it. Glad to know that Nick's comment was seen as at least a little out of line. Pete's a great guy and I learn alot sailing against him (and the others)...hell..it's just Thursday nights, right?!!

  10. Thought that was you. Nice comment and totally agree to you on my post. As you and I both know, we want to get better. It was a little out of line for what Nick said, but we all talked about it at the boat dock and Pete was happy to have you out racing. You and I both know thats the best way to get good. I hope to share some of this knowledge with you if I can sail with you again.

  11. J35 Anarchist

    Not yet...out of town all of next week so it will be at least early May.
  12. J35 Anarchist

    So..every bit of the running rigging will need replacing. She apparently took a "T-bone" hit at some point but the patch seems to have been done properly. Balto plate is in "fair" condition....haven't seen the sail inventory....intrigued. More to follow.
  13. J35 Anarchist

    Any info on Scot Free would be appreciated. I've crewed on Deck Works (J30) and raced my own J 24 for the past year and a half. Divorce was final yesterday and I think I deserve a new boat.... Scot free, is that a blue boat? I think the owner of Windependent was racing it as a loaner while his boat was laid up for a while last year. Mark did pretty well with the boat, but apparently it needs some upgrades to some of the deck gear and running rigging. Yes..Scot Free is the blue boat. I'm supposed to go take a look at her next week. Sounds like Frequent Flyer might be on the market as well. More to follow....
  14. J35 Anarchist

    Hah! I do know the rules and I have the requisite documents ready to post. However, they are on my phone and I am currently logged on to a Gov't computer so there will be a slight delay!
  15. J35 Anarchist

    Any info on Scot Free would be appreciated. I've crewed on Deck Works (J30) and raced my own J 24 for the past year and a half. Divorce was final yesterday and I think I deserve a new boat....