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  1. Greyhound37

    Hey any Annapolis area sailors

    Are you delivering Marae by chance? Alloy 108?
  2. Greyhound37

    Hey any Annapolis area sailors

    Monday after 19:00 you will have 25kt+ from the NW south of the Potomac. Offshore is very angry water.
  3. Greyhound37

    Aground in New Jersey

    Anchored off shore? Anchoring and oceans do not mix in my experience. Maybe he was thinking of Alex on Guadalupe?
  4. Greyhound37

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    PHRF obviously has considered a lot of variables, boat data, conditions and performance to establish accurate ratings cuz we are winning often. I luv phrf. hey my boat builder helps them assign ratings. What could be wrong with that.
  5. Greyhound37

    Oyster 66 rig damaged in west palm beach

    front looks good. Bow deck not so much. Hydraulic oil ya know
  6. Any info on what happened to this Oyster 66. rig was cut away above the gooseneck. Stern Sat domes were damaged and the arch crushed. Tangled with bridge in current?
  7. Greyhound37

    This should end well

    oars come out the bottom windows maybe. Or maybe it has 6 outboards like todays trends. That bow does not look effective in light air but with no rig it should not matter much
  8. Greyhound37


    The Chesapeake Bay only has two 88's racing that I am aware of and the second one does not compete in local distance. Not sure if its North or Quantum. I had North first but the main drove me to drink so now I am all Quantum.
  9. Greyhound37


    BTW 8 88's signed up for Charleston Race week 5 months out. Impressive. That will be my first one design race in any boat.
  10. Greyhound37


    Fortunately there aren't many of the bearing cars. 4 if memory serves. We use the 4" section of track that came with the boat to remove the cars, invert and tape.
  11. Greyhound37

    Charleston Race Week 2019

    5 months to go before the event and there are 52 boats registered and 8 J-88's. I am thinking this event is going to be sweet.
  12. I have a Musto jacket that was dry for many years. Now the water runs through it pretty quickly. Any tricks to renew the water proofing? Hate to through it out. If I can treat it and use it for a back up.
  13. Greyhound37

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    maybe it depends on the boat but I was disappointed with the North design of the sails and immediately replaced them with Quantum. now I am on my second set of Q for this boat
  14. Greyhound37

    Joy of Silent Motion

    must have been light air, 10 knots or less reaching
  15. Greyhound37

    rules of expenses for boat owner and crew

    Yes, obsessed with racing