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  1. Greyhound37

    What was it?

    Judging by those recent photos the boat has been moved from the highway end of the yard. Makes me think she has changed hands.
  2. Greyhound37

    What was it?

    I asked the yard if she was for sale or if the owner would consider a reasonable offer and they said absolutely not. That was 6 years ago. Apparently people stop by and ask all the time. Yes no rudder and no tarp on the house. Jack stands as I recall.
  3. Greyhound37

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    In the first 8 hours of the race the Farr 30 OD had a comfortable lead. In that super light air I would have thought the GP26 would be right there with him. The Dehler 30 OD debut was unimpressive.
  4. 90 miles in 3-8 knot winds and look at the to finishers. J-105, J-35 surprising. Italia Yachts 9.98first overall. Some very capable boats in that list that I would have expected to excel in that light air RESULTS HERE
  5. Greyhound37

    J/88 top batten hooking on backstay

    My 88's North main top batten was at an angle that matched up perfectly with the back stay. That batten pocket seam was a royal pain in the ass getting hung up often with or without the flicker. North said pull down on the boom. Bullshit. The new Quantum main worked like a charm. zero issues. I had Quantum modify the North batten so I could use it for practice. Problem solved.
  6. Greyhound37

    Chesapeake racing recovery

    We were north bound in our power boat as the Solomons boats were racing south. Good mix of boats with reasonable air at that point anyway. 2 Navy 44's out playing off the Severn when we passed mid day.
  7. Greyhound37

    Marion, SC Beneteau Plant Sold

    Group Beneteau is considering closing four of its 16 sites as it looks to scale back production and cut costs. As a result of the covid-19 pandemic, the organisation predicts its sailing and inboard motorboat segments could see a similar contraction in volumes to the 2008-2009 financial crisis which would not be offset by dayboating market growth. An option the Group is consulting on is closing, selling or temporarily shutting down four of its 16 sites – one in the US, one in Slovenia and two in France. Operations at three sites – Italy, France and Poland - could be scaled down. For the Boat division globally, the measures would lead to job cuts for staff assigned directly to production, resulting in a reduction in the workforce by 300 to 840 people. Workforce reduction With regard to indirect production, product development and support services staff, the cuts being considered would result in a reduction in the workforce by 380 to 460 people for the division. In August, the Group approved a change to its financial year-end date to December 31 2020. Financial elements will be published on October 27 2020 that will include information on the end of the Group’s summer season. The Group has confirmed that business for the period from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020, and particularly the last quarter, came in slightly better than it had previously forecast. The same is true for the net cash position at August 31, 2020. A total of 18 new models have been announced for 2021.
  8. Greyhound37

    -100K race cruise boat Andrewa 38

    OK you convinced me this boat is not the right tool for the job. Tripp 41 California is a long haul for a 9' draft on a truck.
  9. Greyhound37

    -100K race cruise boat Andrewa 38

    It has a carbon rig and they did not list that unless i missed it. She looks heavy.
  10. Andrews 38 in MD Carbon rig, PHRF 69 could be a fun ride
  11. Greyhound37

    New Jersey to Little Creek, VA, deep draft

    7' draft NJ to Little Creek? 15 to 25 foot draft ships do it hourly so I think you will be ok. Download Navionics to your phone and have peek. You are adding about 70 miles to your trip going through the Chesapeake. Pick a weather window and go. 140 miles maybe +/- Does the boat have an A sail and small jib? 20 hours at 7 knots.
  12. Greyhound37

    Bikini, Boats, Friday, and Fire

    Watching the gal fueling the boat it appears that area is an unlikely spot for the fuel fill. Did she pump fuel into a rod holder or sun shade receptacle filling the bilge with gas?
  13. Greyhound37

    Annapolis Boat Shows Cancelled

    Are you assuming the lack of boat shows equals less sales? No so. The industry's need for shows is less and less. The boat shows are profit generating social events.
  14. Greyhound37

    In the slings at Norwalk Cove

    Aluminum damage is very easy to replace and cheap too
  15. Greyhound37

    Annapolis Boat Shows Cancelled

    The Annapolis Capital has has several articles and opinions regarding the economic impact. We are not cancelling the 2018 show. This is 2020 where large percentage of people will not travel, displays will be down and more locals will stay away than attend. I wonder if the show owners would have lost money had the show happened? One thing certain the economic impact would be 1/3 of previous years at best.