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  1. Greyhound37


    The J-88 continues to be an effective PHRF tool. Annapolis YC race to Solomons 1st in A-2 and 5th in fleet of 60 boats. It helps to have downwind conditions and reaching :-) 4 races, 3 firsts and one second to the Donovan 26 is a downwind 15-23 kts. Very fun platform
  2. Greyhound37

    Solomons Weekend 2018

    We have a van departing Zahnisers 17:00 for AYC with room.
  3. Need two crew bow/mast J-88 this Saturday!
  4. Greyhound37


    I would duck into Little Creek just inside the Bay Bridge Tunnel. Good stop for fuel and supplies, deep and quick in ad out . 64' air draft and high water you better stay away from the waterway.
  5. Greyhound37


    Make sure you have enough fuel to leave Coinjock, exit outside at Morehead City and come in Winyah Bay to Georgetown. Skip all the waterway issues and storm affected areas. After Mathew went through Jacksonville area all the fuel docks were out of power or fuel from St Simons to well South of Jacksonville.
  6. Saturday 9/22 Thomas Point to the Patuxent River. Looks like 9-14 from the N +/-
  7. Greyhound37

    Thompson 35 (38')

    Have not seen a boat with straight out spreaders and running backs in decades. Maybe you could race vintage classes
  8. Greyhound37

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

  9. Greyhound37


    J-88 Hornet did the Annapolis to Oxford race 9.8 23 knots from the NE decreasing to 15-20 24 boats in A-2 we finished second. GP-26 was first by 14 minutes. He was hitting 20+knots. We were 12-14 with a max of 16.5 in the gusts. Great event! Photo is the start hoist and trim going on
  10. Greyhound37


    Jabins has all three travel lifts running non stop hauling boats. Floating docks were full of boats waiting to be hauled
  11. Greyhound37

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    Spinsheet posted photos of the start of the race. Some good shots. Too bad they did not capture the GP-26 throwing a rooster tail wake crossing the start with six people holding on to the backstay. :-)
  12. Greyhound37


    All the predicted paths for Florence suggest pushing water up the Chesapeake just like Isabel. I cannot find any weather people warning this event is likely. Reports are flooding in the lower bay Crisfield over the Hampton Roads. We are flooded in Annapolis this morning and yesterday closing Compromise Street and the area around the city Dock dockmasters office. Would not take much rain and south wind to bring the water over the bulkheads. The AYC docks were underwater yesterday morning.
  13. Greyhound37

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    Woops we did not correct to third. Finished 2nd. Nass plugged in the wrong rating for the J-109 that was 12 minutes behind us. Todays sail was wet but a fun ride until about 1:00 or so and the wind was 17 gusting to 25. We were reaching into the Severn at 8 knots with no main and a 80%. Wet to the bone
  14. Greyhound37

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    Mikes GP26 hit 20.8 knots for an easy win. Hornet spent a lot of time in the 12-16 knot range for 2nd, corrected to third. Not looking forward to todays return trip. Rain, cool and blowing like hell.
  15. Greyhound37

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    We are bringing Hornet back Sunday. 15-25 from the east will be a quick ride. Now that the Narrows is deep enough for the short cut its an easy return.