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  1. Greyhound37

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    Wavelength 24 it is! You are correct. PHRF of 160 ish she should be a scooter off the wind in a breeze.
  2. Greyhound37

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    not sure on the running backs. looks much smaller than 30, 25 is about right. Hot looking boat with a very flat bottom and wide aft for the older design
  3. Greyhound37

    MJM Powerboats. New ownership?

    The waiting list for most MJM models is pretty long. I owned one of their 34's (entry MJM model) and was a crazy nice boat. Outstanding in the ocean. Held its value unlike any other toy
  4. Greyhound37

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    looks like a Kirby profile. trailer is in nice shape. little bubble bath and off you go bottom is awesome
  5. Henderson 30 Short Bus sold off the classifieds and the owner towed it up and gave it to the new owner to cross into Canada. Paperwork has to be 105% but otherwise worked fine
  6. Greyhound37

    Has the Proverbial Shoe (prices) Dropped Yet?

    The market for boats and most everything else was stunned for 20 or 30 days then things broke loose. Values up slightly and supply down. Sales are close to strong.
  7. Greyhound37

    Surveyor in Hampton, VA area

    Ron @ Bay Harbor has 15 boats for sale on yachtworld so the owners will be pissed if he retired. He is still racing like a mad man
  8. Greyhound37

    Surveyor in Hampton, VA area

    contact Ron at Bayharbor yacht brokerage in Hampton. He is a straight shooter and can give you good direction for your type of boat
  9. Greyhound37

    Racing 2020? Who Are We Kidding?

    Sorry looked like a steel or aluminum frame in the photo
  10. Greyhound37

    Racing 2020? Who Are We Kidding?

    damn that is an old girl! once ya get her moving she will be good on the flats and gently rolling
  11. Sniffing around for a point to point sport boat under 100K and More Trouble 11S blew my skirt up.

    Original owner has given her a good home. The last 2 boats (this one) have double spreader rigs and runners unlike the earlier boats.

    Trouble has the inboard rudders and inboard diesel which has been replaced with a 2 or 3 year old Yanmar and saildrive.

    Sails are good practice sails. The boat is a bit heavy with a load of batteries, 3 cyl diesel and saildrive. -18 rating there

    I can buy it for $60 but I need to get it home. Sure seems like a ball of  fun 


    Appreciate it


  12. Greyhound37

    Most egregious cheats?

    So not sure it was cheating or accepted by the rating board but... When I was racing a New York 36 there was one here that was way faster than our old girl which was pretty dialed in. One day at the yard I noticed the fast NY36 hauled. Deep Keel deeper custom rudder carbon rig and bulkheads I was told We rated the same
  13. Greyhound37

    Anarchists, and lucky drunks and fisherman

    I think they will be disappointed at the light air performance. Rating should be good though.
  14. Greyhound37

    C&C 30OD values today

    Valid Point. I have been in the boat business since 1977. The biggest shock was 2008 when we watched top drawer $1M boats value fall 35% in 90 days. Everyone was selling and back then the pay offs were high. The buyers in 2008-2011 were people over 55 who made their money years ago and were ready to take advantage of the opportunity to buy cheap and go cruising . This is not just about money this time. Social distancing, masks... This time we are looking at dismantling the way you use and enjoy your boats in addition to a financial shock. This could be very ugly for a lot of people. The few boat shoppers who are active have a wait and see attitude for sure. I just ran my powerboat up from SE Florida. Very spooky running 600 miles on the near outside and saw 5 pleasure craft. Unfortunately the fundamentals of what is happening now is going to impact the middle and lower class income people immediately. The rich and super rich will adapt. So here is the only bright spot in the sale of toys as I see it. People over 65 (like me) think hell I may be dead in 5 years. Or worse in a home slobbering down the front... The clock is ticking.
  15. Greyhound37

    15 minutes of fame

    Interesting and well done. Thanks