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    Live in southern Ontario in summer, spring and fall cruising BC coast, winter somewhere warm, usually Mexico.
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  1. usedtobeoldestsailor

    What was the sailing moment you will remember forever?

    First boat, left Comox, great sail down channel between Denman Island and Vancouver Island, overnight in Deep Bay, out in Strait to go home with no forcast, 30 Knots wind out there, Yikes, both afraid to go on foredeck to wrestle down big genoa. Stood on cockpit side and hung on, boat took us home.
  2. usedtobeoldestsailor

    what is it?

    20 kn. sb.
  3. usedtobeoldestsailor

    BUC Valu

    Sloop, hope you were lucky, as I was, and found one.
  4. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Stanford Sailing Coach indicted on entrance fraud scheme

    Same same everywhere, nothing is illegal until you get caught. Shame.
  5. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Stan Rogers?

    !5 knots, full sails, beam reach, Stan Rogers on the cockpit speakers. Doesn't get much better.
  6. usedtobeoldestsailor

    West Vancouver marinas getting pounded by wind!

    Yiiiiiiiiks, glad my boat is in a well patrolled yard.
  7. usedtobeoldestsailor

    sailor chick of the decade

    I have read all the way through this thread, and while I am still somewhat ambivalent about who to believe, let alone support, it has certainly made up my mind about some of the commentators. I do agree however that the fact that this is being discussed in a public forum is regrettable.
  8. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Beautiful boats

    be still my racing heart.
  9. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Flying Boats

    Sorry, didn't realize how old this thread was.
  10. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Flying Boats

    Haven't been back here in awhile, and just came back to look at the videos. Many questions. Yes the water bombers pick up water as they plane on the water, 1200 to 1400 Imp. gals in about 10 seconds. mixed with foam after it is loaded and when dropped it comes out with a coating effect on the trees and ground and lasts much longer than just water. The gross control movements the pilots are making in the vid are almost always necessary over the fire, thermals, and especially in mountains with some wind caused turbulence. The third guy in the middle seat might have been a check pilot, a Fire control bird dog officer, or just somebody along for the ride. We were never allowed to have more than essential crew, pilot and copilot, in the cockpit unless training or doing a check ride. My wife and I were both very experienced pilots before we started firebombing. Quite a few hours flying in the bush, the arctic, and etc. We both did not like to live in a city so only flew with smaller airline type operations and then only in the north and far north. We both really loved the north and the bush, and the people that went along with that lifestyle. Don't miss the flying much, but do miss the north and the bush at times.
  11. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Thank (most of) you

    A very happy New Year, following winds, and may you all be in Sailing Heaven before the devil knows you're dead.
  12. usedtobeoldestsailor

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    Canadian Sailcraft, would be great with some newer tech and materials, but I am biased, I own one. Hey Wap, being old old old is not something you are going to be able to get inoculated against.
  13. usedtobeoldestsailor

    22 boats lost in White Rock, BC Canada

    Yikes, scary video, my boat in the Philbrooks yard in Sidney, haven't heard anything so am assuming all OK. I hope all those boats damaged/wrecked were insured and wish the best for them.
  14. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Woman without Patreon account goes sailing in cold place

    Great read and good on her.
  15. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Flying Boats

    My wife and I both flew air tankers, Canso, CL215, CL415, Grumman Tracker, Convair 580A for 30 yrs. Great career, gave us lots of sailing time in our winter in warmer climes. We promised to quit when it wasn't fun any more, retired in 2008 and don't miss it at all. When conditions are right it is actually a lot of fun, when they are not, terrifying.