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    Live in southern Ontario in summer, spring and fall cruising BC coast, winter somewhere warm, usually Mexico.
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    old spiced rum, older whiskey, pretty girls, my GOB.

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  1. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Sailing to Desolation Sound in a Nor'Westerly

    Missed you in Winter Cove Ish.
  2. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Sailing to Desolation Sound in a Nor'Westerly

    Just got back from a month on Quailo out of Port Sidney, surprisingly busy in the gulf islands even without all the American boats. Like some body said above, nice that not as many wake making power boats. Saw more Police Patrol boats checking on registrations than usual. Beautiful weather, all in all a good cruise.
  3. usedtobeoldestsailor


    Wait for awhile, great Grandson is even more fun.
  4. usedtobeoldestsailor

    What to read?

    If you liked Horatio, read Patrick OBrian's series of historical novels.
  5. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    Two brief stories. When in the Caribbean a few years ago, we did a complete rig overhaul in the BVI. Then left for the Windward islands, broke a chainplate inside the deck and a stay went flying, managed to get turned around and headed back to St. Martens on the opposite tack, cruise ship coming towards me still 5 miles away on collision course, tried to call on VHF, no answer, explained I was under jury rig, blind transmission, still no answer or indication he might change course just a few degrees to miss us. Scared the bejeesus out of us, very close pass and much rock and roll in his wake. We didn't lose the mast. Second story. When cruise ships were first allowed in to "a nameless island' they used to turn the town water off so they could fill the ship with town water. Curse
  6. usedtobeoldestsailor

    DC-3 Bush pilots with Big Chops

    My wife and I are both retired pilots, did a lot of far Northern flying on all of the old classics, including DC3. Loved it, never got rich that way but sure had a lot of fun.
  7. usedtobeoldestsailor

    DC-3 Bush pilots with Big Chops

  8. usedtobeoldestsailor

    What’s your favorite anchorage’s ( pic’s)

    My west coast boat in Montague Marine park. Great hiking (sauntering). My Fresh water boat at our farm in Ontario, great spot for looking at old lake schooners on the bottom.
  9. usedtobeoldestsailor

    "BucketLust" - beware

    I cruised the BVI's in the early 80s and 90s so am disturbed to see this as we have just booked 2 weeks bareboat there. Maybe gonna regret that, hope some of our old hidey holes are still not to crowded.
  10. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Personal Pics Thread?

    Me just a few years ago----------I wish
  11. usedtobeoldestsailor

    Windward from Luperon; gentlemen don't, Island Packet, etc.

    We did it using both the offshore, out to 66 and tack south, and island hopping as per the thorny path. The island hopping is uncomfortable along the North coast of Hispaniola but very doable, and as a bonus Samana, is a great place to anchor for a few days or as we did for a few months, lots of friendly people, good and cheap bars and restaurants, and plenty of things to see and do. Rent a small motorcycle and go for a tour in the mountains. Loved it there.
  12. usedtobeoldestsailor

    What's The Attraction To Sheltered Cockpits?

    At 75 yrs, with too many melanomas removed, and liking to stay warm and dry, I love my full cockpit enclosure.
  13. usedtobeoldestsailor

    What was the sailing moment you will remember forever?

    First boat, left Comox, great sail down channel between Denman Island and Vancouver Island, overnight in Deep Bay, out in Strait to go home with no forcast, 30 Knots wind out there, Yikes, both afraid to go on foredeck to wrestle down big genoa. Stood on cockpit side and hung on, boat took us home.
  14. usedtobeoldestsailor

    what is it?

    20 kn. sb.