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    Ben Lexcens designs

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    Ben Lexcens designs

    was that the plug for the M & W 32 mould ?
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    Ben Lexcens designs

    =. Mates help mates
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    Ben Lexcens designs

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    Ben Lexcens designs

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    Ben Lexcens designs

    All that shit was challenged at the timeCourts, protests, N Y Y C, etc You need to look at total picture,What was required for schnackenberg and others to be a part of the campaign. Now you try re writing the result bookI thought, at the end of it all, that it was won on the water.After Packer and Co. ,They had learned to deal with and manage the off - water bullshit by 1983.You carry on .......Your call........after almost 30 years?............. you born then ? If I remember correctly, there were not too many test tanks available back in the day.......... And, yes, they had to meet ( and meet the legal challenges. ). Regarding nationality requirements at the time.I am also aware of what had been done before by Scheel and Van der Stadt
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    Ben Lexcens designs

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    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Кугар Posted 05 June 2012 - 07:43 PM dbo, on 05 June 2012 - 07:03 PM, said: Anyone know how you pronounce or spell "Cougar" in Russian? пума interestingly the words Puma & Cougar are of the same cat ... noone of the cashed up hungry hole variety!