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  1. Sunset Strip

    DNA A Class Catamaran Classic conversion

    The cases on this boat where moved forward 50mm. The boards are now fitted and marked. Going to go sailing and try it out, if it's all good will chop them off. Thanks for the replies, it's been very helpful.
  2. Sunset Strip

    DNA A Class Catamaran Classic conversion

    Have found out that the original DNA boards were 1.2 metres with a radius of 1.2. Projected 690mm under the hull. The longer boards where 1.3 metres with a radius of 1.45. 790 under the hull. The exploder boards I have are 1.45 metres with a radius of 1.245. Drawing the radius of the old DNA. Boards and the exploder boards on the ground shows they are pretty much the same in curve. The only way to get them to fit without cutting would be to move the bottom slot outboard and move the top inboard. Or leave the slot at the bottom and move the top slot In a bit. This would be pretty close to the original boards, then cut the top of the board off about 150 mm. Or as sonofagun suggests move the top out a bit and get more curve in under the hulls. This is the easiest solution without cutting holes in the bottom of the boat.
  3. Sunset Strip

    DNA A Class Catamaran Classic conversion

    The curve of the exploder c boards must have a greater radius. Does anyone have a standard DNA curved board. Could you please measure the chord distance, the length of board and distance from the chord line to the board at the greatest distance and the position along the chord line the measurement was taken.
  4. Sunset Strip

    DNA A Class Catamaran Classic conversion

    The board slots have been moved out from centreline. Installed the boards today. Moved the slider as far in board as the case allowed. With the board fully inserted it is less than 75 cm to centreline. The boards are quite long, much longer than the J's. Only way I can see to make 75 cm to centreline, without major mods is to raise the boards up to get 75 cm and chop the top of the board off. This would make them about the same length as the J's. Thanks for the replies.
  5. I have a DNA A Class that has been converted to use J Boards. I have some Exploder C Boards and want to convert it back to a Classic. Has anyone else done this? How do you get the board rake angles correct? Any tips and methods appreciated.
  6. Sunset Strip

    2017/18 Australian A Class Championships

    What platform was Scott Anderson on? Any new classics racing?
  7. Sunset Strip

    A Class new YSA Yardsticks

    Thanks WetnWild. I realise that this boat or myself would never win an A Class Event. I just sail at Club level on YS. I'll let you know if I decide to sell.
  8. Sunset Strip

    A Class new YSA Yardsticks

    Thanks WetnWild. This has finished my stock Flyer 1's competitiveness at Club Level. ys of 70 was about right. Flyer 1 for sale by the look of things.
  9. Sunset Strip

    A Class new YSA Yardsticks

    The new updated VYC Yardstick version October 2015, puts all A Class boats in Australia, Flyer 1,2, Tool all straight boards boats from that era and DNA Curved boards all on the same Yardstick of 67.5. Which I believe hasn't really achieved the allowance of outdated designs at Club Racing Level. The VYC rating they did in September 2015 was probably a bit more realistic as it made allowances for these older designs. Not sure why they changed it after one month. I sent the VYC a letter asking for their reason's for the change. But no answer.
  10. Sunset Strip

    A Class new YSA Yardsticks

    One year on and the VYC has decided that Flyer's with straight parallel boards designed in around 1998 have the same VYC Yardstick Rating of 67.5 as a new boat with C Boards. So A Class development has not happened in 17 years according to the VYC. Opinions?
  11. Sunset Strip

    A Class new YSA Yardsticks

    We are using the new VYC yardstick rating for A Class at our Club as we have several different vintage designs. DNA,Flyer,mk4,mk3. The yardstick gives everyone a crack at winning at a Club level. It is not to replace the development or to be used at World Titles. It is a great way for people to get into the Class at a resonable cost and go sailing an A. We all have one thing in common, that A on the sail. No matter what vintage you sail they are great boats. As Sonofabitch says you can upgrade to a newer model and the devopment allows this to happen. Our Club is using rating's 71.5 for mk4 and below. 70 for Flyer,Tools straight boards, canted straight as well. 67.5 for DNA, or boats with curved boards. No Flying boats yet.
  12. Sunset Strip

    A Class new YSA Yardsticks

    It is great the VYC has rated the A Class in different yardstick categories. Wanted to know which designs fit where as it seems a little confusing as it is worded.
  13. Sunset Strip

    A Class new YSA Yardsticks

    Could someone please explain the new ysa yardsticks and where the different A designs fit for Club racing? Wasn't the Flyer 1 a pre 2004 design and originally had low aspect foils? Flyer 2 has straight boards but they are canted so doesn't fit the 70 yardstick? 20142015 cat yardsticks.pdf