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  1. Trying to keep the front from falling off...?
  2. Yes, Silverrudder is THE project for this season. Looking forward to it. See you in Svendborg!
  3. I'm using the light wind settings here on the lake if I expect no more than about 10 kts of TWS. This coming season I'll try to go even a little lower. The standard tension has proven very good in the adriatic between 10 and 25 kts in low to moderate waves.
  4. Hi guys I can help with rigg tune. Attached find the basic settings for most normal wind strengths and a very light wind / no waves setting. Disregard the two columns on the far right ( they concern only my boat SUI 15). The second page is about forestay length (sorry in german only). Basically the forestay should be the length form the top of the Jib halyard + 111 cm (that is 43.7 inches for the metrically challenged), measured all the way down to the deck in front of the mast and at the bow, respectively. I've been using these now for tow seasons (both on our lake on and the adriatic) and they seem to work well (got them form Tit Plevnik, who probably has the most experience with the boat in many different conditions so far). Hope this helps. P.S. Don't think I needed to make any changes to the setup (not fotos, sorry) Rigg tune SSC 27 .pdf
  5. While searching for answers to exactly the question posted above I stumbled across this thread. Since I have the exact setup the OP asked about, I will give my 5 cents, even though the thread has gone cold by now. My setup: Instrumentation: B&G NMEA 2000 network with 2 x Triton displays and since last fall (only just installed and used once, not setup thoroughly) a Vulcan 7 plotter. Speed, depth, wind and GPS/compass ZG 100 are all B&G transducers. VHF V50 (with AIS) works beautifully with the Vulcan plotter. No issues there. AP: because of the good reviews for the RM EV-200 AP (EV-1, ACU-200, Linear drive, I70 instrument) I went for RM instead of B&G for the AP last year. Price and the possibility to remote control AP (S-100), which B&G at the time didn't offer (now they do) also played a role in that decision. AP control is entirely through i70 and remote. Communication between B&G and RM for data is no problem (e.g. I am using the data from EV-1 now for course, pitch and heel, while before I used ZG-100. The latter now provides only GPS data at 10 hz). And the AP control unit (i.e. i70 interface) recognizes all the wind and heading data from the B&G network without a problem. I have not tried to send waypoints from Vulcan to i70 yet. AFAIK it is not possible to control the AP through a B&G interface (Triton or Vulcan). The B&G network recognizes no AP in the system. I have not had time yet to go in depth (perhaps wiring the ACU 200 differently could change things). The OP was "wondering if I'll be able to talk to AP from wireless devices (iPad)". With the B&G Vulcan you can use an iOS App to mirror the plotter on an iPad and all adjustments made on the iPad will be immediately implemented on the Vulcan. However B&G explicitly prohibits control of the autopilot from the wireless device (this functionality is the only plotter function not mirrored), apparently for security reasons (so this will also not likely be implemented in the near future). So even if we could get the Vulcan to operate the RM AP it would not work via wireless. RM vs B&G AP: I have not been using the AP for a long time and still am learning to use it when single handing. I can say the RM Evo AP is very easy to setup and calibrate. It does a very good job in heading as well as in wind vane mode upwind, also in rather big waves. So the EV-1 / ACU-200 combo seems to be really doing well. B&G has added a remote control unit and for sailors the B&G Triton AP has better wind vane options (different settings for tacking and gybing: it seems you can define tack and gybe angles relative to TWS and choose between AWA and TWA separately ect.). The RM Evo only knows auto tack to a predefined angle and you have to tell it in the setup whether to use TWA or AWA, which it then uses for up and down wind. So for some sailing specific functionality (especially manoevering) the B&G Triton AP may outperform the RM EV-200. I will look further into controlling the ACU-200 through my B&G gear and will update if I find something.
  6. Seascape 24, little sister of the SSC 27
  7. Seascape is lauching their new sportboat, the Seascape 24 in Düsseldorf. She will not only be taking up the space between their previous boats the SSC 18 and the SSC 27 in terms of lenght but also in terms of concept. It will be intersting to see what that means performance wise. Yacht magazine has the exclusive first look here http://www.yacht.de/del.icio.us/post?title=Yacht-Magazin&url1=http://www.yacht.de/yachten_jollen/neue_boote/seascape-bringt-eine-neue-24er/a103247.html(sorry, in German only). More to follow at www.thinkseascape.com
  8. Well Clean why so hostile? you started that by putting the Hancock piece on the FP where he is wining about starting a race through the bay of Biscay in fall. If you think this belongs in another thread, point me there. Otherwise all I was saying is, that the breakage we are seeing is not simply by unavoidable force of nature but a consequence of conscious decisions to push the boats to the limits and to sail an optimized route. Don't you think it is an interesting topic to look at how far we are willing to sacrifice prudent seamanship while racing in order to get an advantage. I am not saying it's necessarily bad, but it's a fact. And it is another fact that if you break your ride and drop out you don't finish the race, ergo you made some bad decisions.
  9. I respectfully disagree with Brian Hancock on his piece on the FP regarding boat breaking conditions in fall in the Bay of Biscay. Except perhaps for the Tris the breakage we are seeing this time around is due to the conscious decisions of the skippers to sail directly into the eye of a winter storm in the north atlantic ocean (some of them in very new boats and with new appendages, which have not gone through a whole lot of testing). In terms of weather routing the logical thing to do but hardly reflective of prudent seamanship. The only one of the cracks who seems to have taken this to heart it Alex Thompson. Isn't that exactly the essence of these races: it's not only about optimal weather routing but also about adequate gauging of crew resources and structural integrity of the platform, i.e. knowing best when to push and how hard? To finish first, first you have to finish, don't you? Tell me if I'm wrong.
  10. See here: http://silverrudder.com/en/results/2015-scoreboard Conditions were relatively rough at the start with winds 15-20 gusting to > 25 kts, so not all boats made it to the start (4 18s and 27s each DNC) In the Keelboat Mini class (18-25 ft, no handicap) the SSC 18 (the smallest boat by far in the field) came in at 4th, 5th and 16th out of 18 finishers (beat by a Mini 650 Pogo 2, a Melges 24 and a Platu 25). In the Keelboat Small class (25-30 ft, no handicap) the best SSC 27 came in 4th (sailed without an auto pilot!) after 21:47 hrs (25th boat home of >170 monohulls, beating most 30 to 40 footers and more than half of the >40 ft) , only 84 min behind the winner. The second SSC 27 made 11th out of 45 finishers. A third SSC 27 retired after running aground without damage during the start sequence.
  11. @bf childrenyou'd actually be surprised how well this setup works, both for shorthanded and fully crewed racing. shorthande,d helm sits further forward than in above pic, just behind the primary winch and has traveller and mainsheet under control, kite may be trimmed from just about any position in the cockpit. ortherwise the driver moves further back a leaves the space to a dedicated main trimme, which can also sit in front of the winch at the bulckhead. I think the cockpit layout is one of the things that set this boat apart from others, lot's of thought and tryout went into it. go sail the boat if you have the opportunity, i'm pretty sure you'll love it.
  12. Regarding ratings: Got the ORC Club rating for my Seascape 27 for 2014 : GPH 622.1 (like the Norwegian boat). For comparison ORC Club ratings 2014: Esse 850 611.8 Longtze 609.3 Dolphin 81 619.9 Melges 24 628.2 Platu 25 671.9 J 70 673.1
  13. got a little excited about the arrival of your new boat there, overserved ;-)) good for you! go have fun and tell us about it!
  14. The homepage at www.thinkseascape.com has been updated. Finally there is more than just a few pretty pics, but some more info such as specs etc. and a list of dealers. Interestingly, still no dealer for North America listed. Check it out!