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  1. Bruce Sutherland

    Round Britain and Ireland Two Handed race 2018

    Hi Grant as we are at the nervous stage about what we have bitten off .......great to hear your words KR To update Wombats post there are 6 multis racing Bittersharp - TS42 -- standard TS42 no modifications The Edge - Irens Tri 40 Then the 4 Dazcats Hissy Fit D1495 Suenos D1195 plus stretch stern job to D ???? Bare Neceseties D1150 but apparently we are 1190 even though we have 1150 on the Hull -- good tactic when paying for berths! And Belladona D10 There will be a YB tracker Bruce
  2. Bruce Sutherland

    EPIRB, SART & PLB update 2018

    volvo lifejacket apparently coming out in UK in Sep. If you email Splinlock and ask nicely they may even give a discount for early interest or that is what they told me......
  3. Bruce Sutherland

    Transat Tri - Kelsall 38

    TF is quite quick and seems to rate well on her MOCRA handicap. Her sails were OK and previous owners did a lot of work on her. There are definitely people who post here who know the boat and know about boat building........... so you may be lucky and get the information you want.
  4. Bruce Sutherland

    pics: 2018 Doublehanded Farallones race

    Same question as LionIsland - the F27 with the kite pole? Does it help. It is obviously more fun to sail hot angles but does the pole get you there quicker on a DDW route not that it looked very DDW in the photo?
  5. Bruce Sutherland

    Round Britain and Ireland Two Handed race 2018

    Doesn't the new orange mast top make you go even faster boys....
  6. Bruce Sutherland

    Caribbean 600

    Zonker most skippers I know drink beer when they finish sailing other than a limited few who prefer wine. Most will consume dark and stormies if they are poured........ More seriously I have been surprised at how much talk there has been about sheets not being held or at least in cam cleats as speeds increase. We have been quite close to being over on a number of occassions - too much sail in gust and last year first sail of the season very experienced guy on helm dipped a tri after racing on way home without letting out the trav and we were so close! All the comments about trying to free sheets when you are falling off the boat are true - need to add other people falling across the cockpit do get in the way..... Daz as in Cat does not post here but he has tales of "sleeping" with the sheet tail in his bunk rather than having it made off. Maybe its because its cold in the UK we try to stay the right side up. I know two who have not - Backlash II - Schioning 38 Cat - went over on maiden race with very very experienced crew - pitchpole and Meridian 30 foot tri went over at end of 1200 mile single handled crossing - skipper was probably asleep - we know him well!! One thing we have noticed with the Dazcats is that the bigger ones are more resistant to "moments" - Hissy Fit is certainly not immune and Apollo is simply trying to fly it seems and so when we trade crew the smaller boats do seem to need more care. So perhaps in Aus there are more people who sail multis and they simply do not appreciate when they are one that needs consideration to keep her the right side up? And Wess -- not enought money to ship out and back or time to sail -- and yes its going to snow again this weekend ... in Devon???
  7. Bruce Sutherland

    Caribbean 600

    Wess - honesty behind the bull and the no names .... you will be expecting manners next or maybe its all just fake news anyway? Rgds Bruce
  8. Bruce Sutherland

    Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    Heh Pukka If it works then 3 x cost would be worth it -- the stuff we are putting on currently is £130 for 2.5 litres so it cost us £260 a year.
  9. Bruce Sutherland

    2019 AZAB Race

    So how many are we potentially? Guroks New Toy aka Sponsors Boat... yes Strontium Dog .... no Cat .... no Tri that is in search of a new shed The Edge Cold Fusion Reloaded? Bare Necessities depending on RB and I who else ......????
  10. Bruce Sutherland

    Caribbean 600

    and trackday .... suggest you read ISAF spec regs about how quickly a liferaft should be released and then compare to reality and scrutineering......
  11. Bruce Sutherland

    Caribbean 600

    Any idea what has happened to Guyader G - the TS42.... and go Apollo........... and Dazzla what you lot probably dont know is that the skipper of Dazzla who is on board is a mere 86 years old......... they had a leak at the start....
  12. Bruce Sutherland

    Thanks Raymarine

    Praise where praise is due.... Raymarine UK service department have played an absloute blinder. We managed to break the SD card door of our chartplotter and they have sent us not one but two free parts to mend it. Obviously on SA people normally just kick but brilliant service, well done and thanks
  13. Hey Bruce, I hope this letter from Darryl helps? George 

    1. Bruce Sutherland

      Bruce Sutherland

      Brilliant  thanks - but sounds a bit of a mess for them.

      Have you got an email for Daryl please - the link is just to the Pontos site?

      We will see what they have got but bit of a tricky dilema - do you fit an expensive winch that you may not be able to get spares for.....

  14. Hello Bruce,


    I apologise for not answering your email by return and the news is not good.


    Pontos as financed by friends and family plus a high level of bank debt needed to finance the development and industrialization of our winches. Unfortunately, because the sailing industry is too “niche” and because of our high level of debt  we have been unable to attract an institutional investor to help us support the very high cost of holding inventory.


    We have been working since February on a merger with another French company and the deal was supposed to complete last week. However, we were totally unaware that the other company was in the process of being sold to a 3rd party via an LBO. To cut matters short although the new owner wants to buy Pontos the banker who is financing the LBO debt has refused to take on board the Pontos debt and so the merger deal has ended. We are obliged to declare ourselves bankrupt.


    The good news is that our winches have a solid reputation in the market place. For example in the recent Transat Jacques Vabre boats fully equipped with Pontos winches took 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th place. Quite an accomplishement in not even 4 years on the market.


    We know that the French company I mentioned above will make an offer for our assets (now there is no debt), and I fully expect other players to make a bid. I am not sure of the timing, but remain optimistic that production will recommence by next spring.


    Given the situation I understand that you may wish wait and see the outcome. If you wish to proceed I can see what inventory is available in the retail network to help you out. What size Trimmers were you interested in ?





    Darryl Spurling


    7 rue du Mottais

    35400 Saint Malo,









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    Customer e-mail address:

    Customer message: Hello Darryl,

    It has been awhile. I found this question on Sailing Anarchy which I found disturbing. Please read below.

    Warmest Regards,


    Bruce Sutherland
    Bruce Sutherland
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    Posted yesterday at 01:00 AM
    Can anyone shed any light please as there is normally someone who knows out there?

    We are thinking about 2 pontos trimmer winches but have been told by the UK dealer that Pontos has been bought and that there are none.......

    So does anyone know what is going on and when there will be some? 

    Many thanks 

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  15. Bruce Sutherland

    Pontos Winch

    Thanks George.