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  1. Thanks Raymarine

    Praise where praise is due.... Raymarine UK service department have played an absloute blinder. We managed to break the SD card door of our chartplotter and they have sent us not one but two free parts to mend it. Obviously on SA people normally just kick but brilliant service, well done and thanks
  2. Hey Bruce, I hope this letter from Darryl helps? George 

    1. Bruce Sutherland

      Bruce Sutherland

      Brilliant  thanks - but sounds a bit of a mess for them.

      Have you got an email for Daryl please - the link is just to the Pontos site?

      We will see what they have got but bit of a tricky dilema - do you fit an expensive winch that you may not be able to get spares for.....

  3. Hello Bruce,


    I apologise for not answering your email by return and the news is not good.


    Pontos as financed by friends and family plus a high level of bank debt needed to finance the development and industrialization of our winches. Unfortunately, because the sailing industry is too “niche” and because of our high level of debt  we have been unable to attract an institutional investor to help us support the very high cost of holding inventory.


    We have been working since February on a merger with another French company and the deal was supposed to complete last week. However, we were totally unaware that the other company was in the process of being sold to a 3rd party via an LBO. To cut matters short although the new owner wants to buy Pontos the banker who is financing the LBO debt has refused to take on board the Pontos debt and so the merger deal has ended. We are obliged to declare ourselves bankrupt.


    The good news is that our winches have a solid reputation in the market place. For example in the recent Transat Jacques Vabre boats fully equipped with Pontos winches took 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th place. Quite an accomplishement in not even 4 years on the market.


    We know that the French company I mentioned above will make an offer for our assets (now there is no debt), and I fully expect other players to make a bid. I am not sure of the timing, but remain optimistic that production will recommence by next spring.


    Given the situation I understand that you may wish wait and see the outcome. If you wish to proceed I can see what inventory is available in the retail network to help you out. What size Trimmers were you interested in ?





    Darryl Spurling


    7 rue du Mottais

    35400 Saint Malo,










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    Envoyé : dimanche 3 décembre 2017 02:59
    À : Contact
    Objet : [Pontos] Message from contact form [no_sync]






    Customer e-mail address: sailingrp@gmail.com

    Customer message: Hello Darryl,

    It has been awhile. I found this question on Sailing Anarchy which I found disturbing. Please read below.

    Warmest Regards,


    Bruce Sutherland
    Bruce Sutherland
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    Report post #1
    Posted yesterday at 01:00 AM
    Can anyone shed any light please as there is normally someone who knows out there?

    We are thinking about 2 pontos trimmer winches but have been told by the UK dealer that Pontos has been bought and that there are none.......

    So does anyone know what is going on and when there will be some? 

    Many thanks 

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  4. Pontos Winch

    Thanks George.
  5. Pontos Winch

    Thanks Alex
  6. Pontos Winch

    Can anyone shed any light please as there is normally someone who knows out there? We are thinking about 2 pontos trimmer winches but have been told by the UK dealer that Pontos has been bought and that there are none....... So does anyone know what is going on and when there will be some? Many thanks
  7. ARC 2017

    Soma that TS42 is a stretch job -- have a look at the MOCRA rating - there is another one doing the RORC transat so you can see - Guyader did Fastnet this year - perhaps a bit like the Outremer 40 going on 45 or light ?
  8. Rushour on its roof.

    Its certainly bigger than an F27! Our one was built for Simon Baker one of the owners and is a boatbuilders boat - no headlining doors or any unecessary stuff - thats why we renamed her Bare Necessities - 23 knots with shower, carbon table, double beds and twin diesels. We have had her for 4 seasons and done about 12000 miles inc - 2 Fastnets, 1 Round Ireland plus 2 Armen - if you sailed powered then you need to have hands on sheets - we are happier deep - 130 + degrees then we fly kites 2 handed up to 25 knots - at 20 knots and no reef then we would have hands on trav, main and jib - we and Simon have had her on her ear but have always managed to dump something - normally trav or head sail.
  9. Rushour on its roof.

    Wess CBGB knows what he is doing - he has a very very large version of an F27 and races her two handed..... on our 11.5 cat when fully crewed and racing like a tit we will hold main trav jib / screach / kite sheet when racing two handed would go for trav and headsail - we dont normally double header as we dont have a wide enough slot
  10. Heh ED and Clean I know we all love the VOR -- and we ALL wish that lord foils had never been allowed to post here or anywhere else but here is some better news that we can all help with? If people like Sam on her TJV trip on Inniatives Couer on face book then their Charity gets 2 Euro -- about 2 bucks - for every click....... you can raise a lot of money of you push SA behind it..... In case others dont know what I am talking about Sam Davies who skippered SCA in the last Volvo is doing the Transat Jaques Vabre in an Imoca 60 - and yes there are no US entries - but whose fault is that? Hope you can help? And in SA speak if not why not? Thanks Bruce
  11. Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    Sailronin - OP here - after the slime we get very fine weed that sticks to the hull. We go in in March and by late May as the water warms weed starts to form. We always use at least two coats - always sanded back each year etc hence the frustration. NB most boats are really bad this year and we are waiting for a similar boat that has been copper botted to be hauled to see what she is like.
  12. We have just hauled out - we do about 3000 miles a year, can sometimes go quite fast ( Dazcat 1150) and generally scrub every 4 to 6 weeks or before a race. Boat lives on a mooring in tidal water up a large river in the UK. The chosen paint this year was Nautix A3 - nice to put on smooth surface and we used white so easy to see the growth when cleaning....... but lots of barnacles and weed by end of season. It definitely ablated Year before was Shogun Emperor - may have had a bad batch - like tar to put on - rough finish needed sanding before going in and did not really kill much. Enough said about that as it did not seem to ablate much either and horrible to remove Year before was International VC - OK ish to paint - bit watery - did not really kill much and decided to go back to Nautix... but it was too cold in the UK to put it on so ended up using the Shogun as it had won best in test with PBO magazine..... Year before was Nautix A4 - to die for to paint on - oh the finish - but did not really kill much Having just spent the weekend staring up at the boats bottom and sanding the hulls just wondering if anyone has any super ideas for next years expensive not very killing paintwork exercise?
  13. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    What information do the boats get this time? There was talk about blocking AIS but I guess where they are that would be a tadge stupid?
  14. Adhesive Recommendations

    plexus MA 310 is very sticky........
  15. Is Idiocy a Crime?

    Is there a certain irony in this front page SA report? It does seem to be that if you read the report and a posted comment that perhaps the RNLI went out to rescue the boat when the weather was bad and that the RNLI apparently seemed relatively relaxed as to the second rescue for mechanical issues on what was a relatively calm day? Where is the parse counting, grammatical hyperbole and truth seeking journalistic excellence we expect from SA?