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  1. Bruce Sutherland

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    Sparrow50 boaters getting lazy - possibly but with more short handed racing going on then keeping watch is but one of the things you have to do. Or else you just do what the French seem do and put SOLO sailor on their AIS and plough or sleep on. That's a YES to a transponder from here.
  2. wess top down furler works for me we have 3 kites - A2 in a snuffer.... HATE the snuffer but the kite is cool for sailing deep if it seems the way to go - sometimes in light winds you get on a wave train better deeper, A3 on furler and then a small A3 that is in a turtle that we use as emergency kite ie everything else is fecked up or if it is really windy and we letter box drop it we drag the tack over when we go deeper than 150 but as always it is a matter of VMG. Our cat weighs about 5 tonne so are not really in the lightweight trimaran flyer category
  3. Bruce Sutherland

    Asymspin Furling-bottom up

    Multi Thom On our multihulls - F27 and then Dazcat 11.5 our screachers have had captive torsion ropes sewn in the luff and our kites have just had the torsion rope but not captive in the luff. One of the screachers had a home made torsion rope when we bought the boat. It worked but you had to sail deeper than with a proper torsion rope. I guess it could be the same thing with a kite but may not be as much of an issue if you go down to furl? When you rig the kites incorrectly for our top down furler and tie the head and tack to the torsion rope rather than just the head only and furl them then they do furl bottom up like a screacher. They do not always furl nicely and you can nearly have a heart attack doing it. Got that T shirt in muppetry....
  4. Bruce Sutherland

    Best sailcloth for a large cruising multihull?

    Soma We have Technique Voile Sails - some form of laminate from South Africa - came in a price point below Doyle and North ..... shape good second time round and when they finally put enough reinforcing on they are lasting well - they may do the spec which was 5 years / 25000 miles. That seems to be an moot point with sailmakers. They forget that a 50 foot multi hull sailor is typically a sail abuser and that we do not have 12 crew who will carefully flake the main and put the jib to bed nicely oh and that yes we do reef down wind if we have to. We have ended up putting on shed loads of lightskin on the main to stop the low friction rings used for reefing points killing the sail both when reefed and when in the stack pack and wear points where the sail hits the lazyjacks . And that brings me to the next pain - suggest you make sure that the bags are big enough. Stack packs are fine if the main comes down nicely but it doesn't always and when there are just two of you are you are tired then it gets forced into bed. You have not started the how do I get the gaff batten in the stack pack thread - look forward to that one and yes there are amazingly complicated solutions on the marjet but climbing and tieing it on is simpler Bruce
  5. Bruce Sutherland

    Will Oxley book and software other than Expedition

    George Just buy pay the money and buy Expedition you know you want to and you know it makes sense !!!! The support that we have had is stunningly brilliant. The only comparison to the help that Campbell Field and Will give that I have ever experienced and not just in boats.......was the late Ian Farrier of Farrier Tri-marans. I regularly have stupid errors -- normally at the start of the season as I have forgotten how to do something or wiped a driver or other idiot user error and they just sort it out. The latest version has some dead good tweaks - we like the user wind input a lot as no matter how much money we seem to give to weather forecast sites their output does not seem to reflect what we have across the deck this year. Maybe its because we are sailing in foreign climes in Scotland.
  6. Bruce Sutherland

    Slipping Spinlock XA Clutches - Worth fixing?

    we have 14 of these "museum" pieces on our 40 foot cat. We have a 16m carbon masts and can sail at > 23 knots I am sure your boat will be absolutely fine - if you are going 8mm then there are 8mm jaws..... we use them for all running rigging other than for main and jib halyard
  7. Bruce Sutherland

    Over (way too) Easy

    Excellent recovery of the situation and well done Ian Farrier provided "blow over" data for his original designs - from memory our F 27 was over 20 knots full and main and jib sheeted in at 90 degrees and whilst things have moved on since the F 27 and F24 the basic tenants are likely to remain the same so I would be really interested in the pitch pole as at first sight it seem amazing. Kind regards Bruce
  8. Bruce Sutherland

    Over the horizon

    Hi Nils Obviously a Dazcat if you can find one...... but an Eric le Rouge Freydis may be worth a look - it is the grown up Azuli. And whilst they dont have boards the Azuli is not slow for a 38 foot cruiser - there is one that does MOCRA races called Addonante so you can have a look at her TCF compared to others Dazcat 1150 1.218, Dazcat 1195 1.176, Grainger 27 Tri 1.241. Dazcat 1495 1.25 Azuli 1.118 . We offered on a Freydis before we bought the Dazcat. But whatever you get will be a compromise so enjoy choosing........
  9. Bruce Sutherland

    Multi 50 specs/payload

    I asked at Millbrook and people said she was being used which is great. Beautiful boat.
  10. Bruce Sutherland

    Multi 50 specs/payload

    eeumm - that looks very nice.... bit like war dance on growth hormone...
  11. Bruce Sutherland

    Round Britain and Ireland Two Handed race 2018

    Hi Grant as we are at the nervous stage about what we have bitten off .......great to hear your words KR To update Wombats post there are 6 multis racing Bittersharp - TS42 -- standard TS42 no modifications The Edge - Irens Tri 40 Then the 4 Dazcats Hissy Fit D1495 Suenos D1195 plus stretch stern job to D ???? Bare Neceseties D1150 but apparently we are 1190 even though we have 1150 on the Hull -- good tactic when paying for berths! And Belladona D10 There will be a YB tracker Bruce
  12. Bruce Sutherland

    EPIRB, SART & PLB update 2018

    volvo lifejacket apparently coming out in UK in Sep. If you email Splinlock and ask nicely they may even give a discount for early interest or that is what they told me......
  13. Bruce Sutherland

    Transat Tri - Kelsall 38

    TF is quite quick and seems to rate well on her MOCRA handicap. Her sails were OK and previous owners did a lot of work on her. There are definitely people who post here who know the boat and know about boat building........... so you may be lucky and get the information you want.
  14. Bruce Sutherland

    pics: 2018 Doublehanded Farallones race

    Same question as LionIsland - the F27 with the kite pole? Does it help. It is obviously more fun to sail hot angles but does the pole get you there quicker on a DDW route not that it looked very DDW in the photo?
  15. Bruce Sutherland

    Round Britain and Ireland Two Handed race 2018

    Doesn't the new orange mast top make you go even faster boys....