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  1. Adhesive Recommendations

    plexus MA 310 is very sticky........
  2. Is Idiocy a Crime?

    Is there a certain irony in this front page SA report? It does seem to be that if you read the report and a posted comment that perhaps the RNLI went out to rescue the boat when the weather was bad and that the RNLI apparently seemed relatively relaxed as to the second rescue for mechanical issues on what was a relatively calm day? Where is the parse counting, grammatical hyperbole and truth seeking journalistic excellence we expect from SA?
  3. Musto LPX for offshore racing

    Its also heavier and more abrasion resistant in our experience so if you sail boats where you spend time on you knees not your ass like an F 27 may be worth looking at - 3 sets of MPX trousers in 9 years - 1 jacket which is now very ragged
  4. TS42

    Earth BM the TS42 in this years fastnet was a stretched version and so different to the other one that has raced under MOCRA in RORC races
  5. Fast tri 35tf, canting rig, foil assist or t-rudder

    Hei Hei Seagull If our "fat" dazcats can nearly do 24 knots then I think try harder is the phrase...........? Where in OsloFjord does she live and once you have worked out how to sail her do come and do Fastnet Hilsen Bruce
  6. Battery capacity with EFOY 210 Fuel Cell?

    Bimmer there is one of the plymouth multihulls who has " made" his own Li system - 3 of the other Dazcats have had multimarine install proprietary ones. Am investigating..........
  7. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    We did rock to plym in 26 hours.. great fun batting through irc 1 and playing with class 40's
  8. decent foul weather gear for women

    Thanks Norbow Girl - with your comments not sure how much offshore you really do if hairstyle is a worry - its the 0200 put on for your watch on a 2 handed basis that is the question and can you do it on your own? We have just got the gill XS and I can put it on... so we are down to the HL le sexy light stuff which is generously sized for ladies or the musto hpx xs whihc is correctly sized ... but a smock! NB we are looking at UK discounters - the kit is generally 50% lower than RRP
  9. decent foul weather gear for women

    Alison curently has musto mpx ladies trousers with the drop seat. She rates the drop seat. We have managed to wear out a lot of trousers - we had an F27 tri and must have spent too much time on our knees. Musto were very good the first time on warranty... but not the second or 3rd time..... We are currently evaluating most of wetsuit outlet - uk discounters small stock - musto hpx smock xs , gill OC1 XS jacket and HL Offshore Elite - the latter is very light and comfortable but the size 10 is enormous so we are waiting for a size 8. The hpx smock is brilliant but getting long hair through the neck seal was given the thumbs down!
  10. decent foul weather gear for women

    what waterproof kit is worn by female offshore sailors please? Looks like Musto HPX does XS and HH Aegir but not seeing much else? And serious question from someone with no hair... how easy are dry smocks to put on if you have long hair. The neck seals are bad enough for me
  11. Race Replays

    xx brilliant thanks
  12. we had our ass wiped

    Following on from the Schioning thread this is footage from the RWYC Triangle sponsored by Pantaenius with two Dazcat 1495 ripping from Plymouth to Falmouth UK April 29. Little quarter between Simon Baker's Hissy Fit and Nigel Passmore's Appolo. Hissy carrying full main and A3 most of the way Appolo went for three sail reaching with a slab in Gusty 18 to 25 Knots - the rest of us were left for dead...... Bif got his revenge for the Saltash SC club spring series once they went offshore (ish)
  13. Trailer Winch F27

    so what should I buy to tow an F27.... not seen a tow thread for a very long time...... and it was not trolling it must be a genuine US and Aus truck thing.....
  14. Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Heh JDMuys I think you will be impressed at the factory. We seriously thought about getting one but stayed mulithull. Enjoy....
  15. 2017 Heineken Results - Offshore Multihulls

    So lat 21 - I am well aware that the SI can be adjusted - my query is if you sail with more crew than are needed on a multi when you use electric winches than how do you do manage when you cant use them?