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  1. All true, Laurent, but the diversity of the individual States of America is similar to that of Europe and the States that are generating the overall trend were, for the most part, late to the ball. Will Brazil overtake the US before the US overtakes Chile? It's a macabre contest which reveals the diversity of wealth, social responsibility, national authoritarianism and many diverse factors. Right now I am trying to understand to what degree the political venom seen in the US is a contributing negative factor
  2. When all is said and done the deaths per million is probably the best indicator of the real impact and the population density sets the challenge level. Americans cherish their liberty ( it’s why I live here) so we also have to suffer the consequences when the only way to really beat this enemy is total isolation for the incubation period. So the USA sits at #8 in real countries, #10 if you include two tiny, albeit self governing, tiny principalities, the media screams otherwise. The finger pointing and politicization are pretty despicable under the circumstances. Be responsible and take care, “I am from the government and here to help you” has always been one of the three monumental, sadly sometimes believable lies, don’t hold your breath for wisdom this time around.
  3. boardhead

    Broken Marstrom mast for free

    So it's 33' of 10" x 4" teardrop with around 1/8" wall, too light for the Gougeon or much else save a short lived, oversized beach cat. Not sure why all the enthusiasm for Marstrom, looking at the break the fiber orientation is screwed up and the layup looks questionable given the delamination. Depending upon the nature of the break the repair does not necessarily have to shorten the spar. This mast could be spliced back together and with some additional external longitudinal and hoop laminate start a new life on a heavier, more powerful platform but is it worth doing? Right now it's destined to become light, stiff, aerodynamic bimini supports!
  4. that's "tri" not "trip" - thanks again SpellCheck!!
  5. My trip has three tillers. One in each cockpit and the emergency one, inside, directly on the rudder head.
  6. boardhead

    Broken Marstrom mast for free

    I have a broken in half Marstrom spar also, it's around 35' long - seems like a lot of broken Marstroms.
  7. boardhead

    Older fast Aus multies

    Maybe a stupid question but 38 told is a lot - is the reverse bow mod the second bow extension/fining?
  8. boardhead

    Older fast Aus multies

    Did the upgrade include new reverse bows?
  9. boardhead

    Capsized tri off the UK

    Yeh - but the tri didn't capsize did it?
  10. Only time will tell.
  11. boardhead

    Capsized tri off the UK

    I guess that shot tells some of the story, busted aft beam at the starboard root. Cheap rebuild project ?
  12. boardhead

    Capsized tri off the UK

    Enough float in the lee ama to prevent capsize but sprit support cable hanging loose suggesting lee ama bow gone. Lee rigging mentioned so beams are there. Looks like major impact/failure of lee ama. A picture of the recovered boat would be nice so we can learn a lesson.
  13. boardhead

    new halyards

    Skateaway Design Inc. has a broad section of line, high and low tech running rigging also Dyneema standing rigging material, covers and hardware. Main focus on design and engineering of all things multihull.located on east coast.
  14. boardhead

    Dazcat puts out cool vids

    Those are some really sweet cats getting put through their paces. Dazcat has come a long way and offshore sailing performance has always been a focus, looks like they nailed it! We sailed multihulls out of the Yealm back in the early '70s so that backdrop brings back some memories. Saw a lot of game changing boats beating out of Plymouth Sound in OSTAR's, TWOSTAR's and RBR's. Thanks for posting patmo.