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  1. Hillary Grand Jury Has Been Empanelled

    For starters: 1. Executive Order 13526 2. 18 U.S.C Sec. 793 (f) 3. Section 1236.22 of the Federal Records Act 4. The Freedom of Information Act
  2. Hillary Grand Jury Has Been Empanelled

    Kinda sounds like nobody bothered to look at the C-SPAN interview. Granted, di Genova worked for an R administration, but the guy seems to know what he's talking about. He explains why the "retroactive classification" argument is a red herring, why Hil had a responsibility to protect classified info, how she and the State Dept violated the Freedom of Info Act, the difference between her use of a private email server and Powell, Rice, and Albright's private email accounts, etc. One interesting point he makes is, her IT guy has been granted immunity. Most likely statutory immunity. He gives a good explanation of the difference between statutory and letter immunity. If the IT guy got statutory immunity, it very likely means a grand jury is already empaneled and issuing subpoenas.
  3. Hillary Grand Jury Has Been Empanelled

    C-SPAN, Washington Journal last Friday. Guys, here's some good information. A rational discussion of the Clinton e-mail case that goes beyond network sound bites. I recommend you check this out, at least until they open up the phone lines. They address most of the issues brought up in this thread. http://www.c-span.org/video/?406228-4/washington-journal-joseph-digenova-hillary-clintons-emails BTW, how do you embed ?
  4. DeLay: FBI 'Ready to Indict' Hillary

    I wonder what the status of her clearance is today. She's already coped to WAY more than enough to get a clearance cancelled.
  5. F1 2016

    K Mags brings it. Hope he gets a ride.
  6. Dry Ice in the Eski

    Rail Meat is spot on. Dry ice is too cold for a normal plastic esky. Carbon dioxide is ice at -109.3 deg F , -78.5 C. It will make the wimpy plastic of a normal esky so brittle, it cracks under the load of frozen stuff. I used to work in very hot desert environments. Here's what worked for me. Lay down an inch or two of water ice on the bottom of the esky. On top of that, lay your chunks or slabs of dry ice. Don't let the DI touch the sides of the chest. Lay another layer of water ice on top of the DI. Chipped ice works great. It fills in around the DI and makes a smooth surface. In about 10 hours, the chipped ice will be frozen into a solid slab by the DI. Since the DI isn't in contact with the esky, no harm, no foul. Wrapping blankets or sleeping bags around the esky will make the whole thing last even longer. The thick styrofoam eskys work great. http://www.nueskes.com/ sends me their awesome apple wood smoked bacon in them. DI won't bother them a bit. However, you loose usable space compared to a regular recreational esky. I could tell horror stories about what happens when Mountain Dew and lunch meat is left in a esky for too long. Suffice to say that Mountain Dew will eat through it's own can in less that a week. Best of luck on the Vic-Maui
  7. Knockdown - 1998 Sydney Hobart account

    Martin Dugard is the dude who writes Bill O'Reilly's various "killing" books.
  8. One side has their Koch bros. Other side has their Soros and Bloomberg's. Same diff.
  9. So planking fixed climate change ???!! Wow... didn't see that one coming.
  10. Retirement Account Distribution Strategy

    Hi PB Can you redirect funds from the under performing part of the portfolio to the good performing part, either before or after taking a distribution ? Also, will capitol losses help your tax situation ? PS: I'm no good at investing. Just picked up a couple fancy terms from using Turbo Tax.
  11. Settled Science

    The term "settled science" is rhetoric. It comes from a place where politics and economics commingle. Rhetoric has no place in science.
  12. Close... I think the actual line was, "Frankly, at this point, what difference does it make".... referring to how one of her ambassadors and three security guys got killed.

    Boat doesn't look that messed up. I bet it's still somewhere in the environment. Go The PainMaker !